AOC Using The Term "Menstruating People" Shows She's Against Women & Who She's Really Stands For In Congress : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about eoc's use of the word menstruating people now thanks to

the c in lgbt you know the transgenders there is this um war on women you know what it means to be a woman because apparently now a man who says he's a woman is not a woman so what about the original women what about them and the leftists are now you know along with their um craziness of trying to do all kinds of weird stuff with language which is a strategy because you see when you change the language together with the movement you are changing the the mindset and you are creating a world where everybody accepts a new way of thinking it's a new world order that is being introduced that is why you see that changing language you know and you can see in um the book that you know very popular book the phrase a new speak you know is used in that um george well book you know newspeak the the changing of a language to have you know to to actually push for allegiance you know and you know it shows the dominance of your way of thinking it is the replacement of an existing culture with another culture you know now aoc is you know one of the people that the left has seemed to push as the leader or you know one of the leaders of the so-called people of color like if white people don't have color european people you know don't have color you know this this craziness where you group everybody into all these groups and you know it's like whether they like it or not this is your belief this is what is for you and every other thing you know you you since you are you have the skin color you have to have this belief i have to go for this political party you have to stand for this if you are if you are not that means that you have self hits you hate yourself or you are a bigot or you know one kind of this word you know and this creation of leaders of different um races of people who nobody appointed you know someone said you know when they were talking about um you know for for example there are people who look at um or who looked at obama as a leader of um and those are people who love to use the word black you know a leader of black people you know i won't even go into the the issue of calling people black you know just look into the dictionary and you see like you shouldn't call anybody black black is an insult and a racial slow you know don't call anybody black it's it means darkness it's it means um death it means unwanted it means evil that is the meaning of the word black you know but that aside why is it that africans or people of um of a particular skin tone have to have these people who are appointed leaders who are called leaders of the community or of this group of people who is the leader of white people why is obama the leader of that skin people who is the leader of europeans or people of european descent why are all these people that are playing themselves leaders of the african-american community why is there no leader of the european community because them they are free they are not people who have enslaved minds like they are trying to create among african americans that is why they have um this idea of leaders you know this is the how can you be a leader of irish you can be the leader of a nation but not the leader of eures

any case why is aoc one of these so-called leaders pushing the the term menstruating people and you see this is the problem with um leftists and how they hit each other and they and you know this should show you that if you are on the left you are standing on the wrong side i am amazed that some christians who are actually leftists i'm amazed by using the term menstruating people and you know by buying into the idea that you know of transsexuals you know and all these transsexual women are women so if a man says that he's a woman a man or a man has surgery and you know um takes all the hormones and gets breast implants and all of that he's now a woman so now that you are doing that now what happens to original women so now you are now trying to differentiate and say oh these are menstruating people and this one are not mistreating people keep in mind that it's also on the same level there are some people who are now saying many many streets because now in that case they are actually referring to people who are born women who now identify as men so by doing that you know they are now seeing men men streets the person was born a man but now identifies as a woman you know so i mean the person or sorry a person was born a woman but not identifies as a man so the person is still coming straight but you know because the reality of my person is still a woman but it seems the person says they might so you now automatically say that men come in straight so all this kind of um craziness and the the uses of this of things like that menstruating people you know it is so stupid and why do you want to bring attention to that kind of thing you know menstruation and stuff like that it's like urination or you know physics you know or defecation you know all those kinds of things why are you going to why do you want to use that now to to to be what you want to use to identify people imagine someone identifying you with your urine or somebody identify people with them the kind of fica mata that they put out when they use the toilets or they kind of or let us say sweat because i know there are some people who say ah why i can't bring my menstruation with the freeze frequent matter this is all craziness and also why is this being pushed and oh you know all of this this is the same thing that's boom that's actually led to them saying that people who are born milch can perform in female sports

we need to be careful about all this and i'm i'm talking i'm talking specifically for those of you who are you know primarily in the world people who are blind you know you need to understand what is going on i need to rethink your uh your allegiances i would like you to give your life to christ become a christian and stand for righteousness and stand for what is right because we are you know getting deeper and deeper towards the rapture we are getting deeper and deeper towards the tribulation you know they you know with each passing day we draw closer today to those days you know and you don't want to be left behind you know if you are listening to me or for some reason you still get left behind because of your stubbornness

well when that time comes i i hope you you still remember the word on you know for the bible that is to be around because i know all the digital bible will be wiped out you know unless you create an independent um container that is that will that cannot be hacked so that the bible can continue you guys can read and still learn and all of that but that is a topic for another day in any case people need to open their eyes we need to have um politicians and representatives who stand for those who represent us and push them into positions of power in every country blm is in different countries lgbt it's an ideology it's a political ideology and you can see how they are in every country any country that us goes to the u.s is now pushing for the lgbt flag to fly in the embassy beside the u.s flag no other country has done that every country should have its own flag full stop at the embassy it should not have its flag another flag that is colonization ideological colonization

that is what it is the same people who claim to be against colonization are the ones who are pushing it you know we need to be wise and we need to get all these things not just get it instead but we need to replace all these people and push our own movements and our own agenda because they would not stop and it is not enough to hold them back we you cannot just eliminate or take out darkness without bringing light into the picture you cannot take out darkness and see if everything will be okay you know it's impossible to take out darkness without the the introduction of light because darkness is just anywhere that light is absence so we have to push our own ideologies we need to push our own movements we need to push our own flag the flag of christianity you know the flag of zion the flag of christ you know the the flag of the church that needs to be pushed the ideologies of the church that needs to be pushed you know christianity has to be a political and an ideology ideological movements you know it is very important islam is doing the same everybody else uh pushing their own saying through politics and through all kinds of moves that is why they are protected you see that is why you you see um how many times can somebody disrespect islam even if there are 10 muslims in in a nation that has a population of 10 million nobody can insult muhammad in in that nation just because of the presence of 10 muslims

however christians can be 2 million 5 million 10 million in a nation of 50 million or 20 million and yet they will insult jesus every blessed day and the christians do nothing that needs to stop that that being said and i'm not saying that we should pick up guns and knives and all of that but we must take action you know and if it is it means that we will flood them like children we should bring them up line them up and float them our children and then we should jesus flocked the people that were buying us selling at the temple you know if we need to do that to bring out these people and flock them in public we need to but we should stop accepting getting beat upon and trampled upon by any and everybody that feels like it and then we see since ever since you know christians are the number one persecuted people who are being killed in mass and and the mainstream media keeps quiet about it how many christians have currently been killed in afghanistan and what does that show and what message does that say it now you know what does it do towards potential new converts they now see how realistic that if you convert to christianity this is what i await you you will probably get killed and there will be no america or no nation to send their troops to save you that being said check out for more




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