AOC Tells Teenage Girls How To illegally Commit Abortions In Texas Without Their Parents Knowing : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about a tweet from eoc that's alexandria ocasio-cortez she tweeted christian extremists are passing forced bet laws to intimidate and cut off abortion services including for victims of rape incest and child abuse while we fight back no you still have options pills can be mailed to your home discreetly now she's proposing breaking the law she's proposing breaking the law to ensure that people will still commit abortion we are taking pills understand that her use of the word christian extremists you know it is no longer talking about muslim extremists you know that has now been called islamophobia now is christian extremism this has always been their plan christianity has to become a political movement otherwise they will soon ban all the force just like everybody who is conservative they have invented the world far right but what is the difference between far right and normal rights you know what what is the model right you know what is moderate right node what does that mean you know it is used to demonize everybody on the right but we start with far rights now they are using christian extremists every christian will soon be labored an extremist this is their plan and this is what a congresswoman is treating and use what many people are liking and retweeting this is what they want for christianity if christianity does not become a political movement politics will be used to exterminate and persecute and torture christians as it was done before on an increasing level you know under nero such things will be brought back and amplified these people don't mind for more check out alfredo's vip



- AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez): Christian extremists are passing forced birth laws to intimidate & cut off abortion services - including for victims of rape, incest, & child abuse. While we fight back, know you still have options. Pills can be mailed to your home discreetly. Info here: *

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