AOC The Multi-Millionaire Socialist Wears Tax The Rich Dress To Virtue Signal At Met Gala : by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about aoc you know that's alexandria ocasio-cortex you know a champion for the leftists and for socialism and communism in america you know she went to the mets gala you know which and the cost of a ticket is thirty thousand dollars you know you'll see when the this is a democratic socialist actually calls herself you know and max lex you know no masks and you know she went to this party you know with a gown that at the back was painted on taxi the witch now this is an event for the rich she's going there to mingle and party with the rich and at the same time virtue signaling that is her form of justifying her being there and socializing of course you know in the current system of the world it's built in such a way that for you to so-called advance you have to rob shoulders with certain groups of people and you know climb that ladder or or send that letter of success that is how the world system is now that is not how the trust system is you know in christianity you climb the ladder that no bomb can bring you down from by following the word of god by obeying the word of god you know by obeying the instructions of god by doing what god tells you to do that is how you climb the ladder of success and success is measured differently it is not measured by the money you have in your bank accounts you see because god will provide all your needs according to his riches in glory that means that you are not looking at your bank accounts it does not say that god will provide for your storehouses according to his riches in glory it does not say that god will provide for your balance according to his riches and glory it does not say that god will provide for your bank account god will provide for your stuff for us he said god will provide for you so if you are looking at your store of wealth if you are looking at your banks if you are looking at your business if you are looking at your bank accounts as god providing for you you are looking at the wrong way god is the source the bank account is just the bank accounts and god will get that money to you he doesn't need to pass that money through you from your bank account or through your banks or through your storehouses or to your warehouses or to your businesses god will still get that money from me that is how he will provide for you he he will provide for you so that is something that is for every christian but of course you you get it by two things fit you know first of all is giving you know i'm giving this by faith you have to um follow the principles you have to be a giver you know god loves the sheer forgiver whatsoever amongst that shall also reap no don't be deceived god is not mocked so you have to be a giver and then you know by doing that you are setting up you are igniting a principle that must work you know so you have to be a giver and you also have to have faith and belief in the word of god believe that yes god is your provider i believe that you are joined every christ so you you do not lack and then distance would manifest in your life these things will you know be so it is not going to be dependent on your bank account and all of that if your bank account increases fine but whether or not it increases or not that is not what your eyes are on you know so um these are things you you have to understand now um to get to um what else is doing you know this virtual signal and what this um people like her are doing and they are pushing for this thing they don't see the hypocrisy of this whole thing you know they don't see the hypocrisy of it

she is exploiting people she is a pimp basically just like um our shots uncle you know beware of all these people who you know they say one thing they say they are fighting against these people oh these people are evil these people are devilish you know yes you see them mingling with them and doing all kinds of things with them and you know how much money do you think llc has you know from her netflix deals from you know other deals from her being aoc that platform we live in a damn age where popularity is monetized people being aware of your existence is monetized people knowing you exist people seeing you is monetized popularity has not been monetized than ever before in history popularity especially on the internet you know now has financial value so how much do you think you'll see is what you know i i would say how much do you think you will see generics she's by no means poor and her being a all white men are evil kind of female she's married to you know a wealthy um white suit this is very interesting a lot of all these people who are all white people are evil they either marry a white person or they can't live in a white neighborhood you know or sometimes they do boots it always happens but let's get to this idea of tax to reach first of all the rich already pay over 60 of the taxes in america and in many nations around the world so when you are saying tax the rich you are saying that this is why don't you ask yourself a question why is it that less than two percent of the population is paying for over 60 some cases 70 or 80 percent of the taxes and the entire revenue that the nation is receiving why don't you ask yourself how do we make other people the remaining 99 percent or the remaining 98 percent how do we make them productive why is it that we are taxing these people so much for everything and then you want to ask them for more taxes but you are living for the or 99 that are unproductive that are not bringing anything in yet in spite of all your increasing of the taxes of these two persons you know one percent in spite of your increasing their taxes they are still billionaires and they are still getting richer why don't you ask yourself why don't we make other people like them why don't we tell the rich to teach the pope what you know what is it you know let us teach the poor to start acting like the rhythm do the things that make the rich so productive that make the rich keep on increasing and making money you are taxing them more the more you are taxing them the more you are increasing the gap between the rich and the poor so you need to ask yourself the question why is it that these ones are so prosperous rather than attacking them for their prosperity and for their growth ask yourself this unproductive ones why don't we help them you see a lot of others from socialism and this um so-called charity and consent for the poor it's all about hatred for the rich and that is what's for socialism you are you are angry and you are hateful that this person has so much and at the end of the day the people who are doing all these things the revolutionaries in this movement of let us hate the rich in the process they become rich themselves but they don't trade with the world look at um for example the idea of robin hood robin hood is the world yes and the safest person in the woods of share would let us put ourselves in that um scenario you know in that um kind of um mythical scenario of iranhood stealing from the rich and given to the poor when somebody is stealing from rich mentions and given to the poor plus himself he is now the richest person he is now the safest person he has not created a business model that puts his business above all others

because now in that kind of situation of robin hood you see he's stealing from the rich he has the support of the so-called poor who are now eating they have created a business they have not they are putting in work they are putting in research because they have to research and study who they are going to steal from and make sure their security is this and all of that so they have created a business model out of making everybody poor out of stealing from the one that is productive you see it is like um some people are actually in the business of turning pro creating products or turning food you know you know walking the soil you know bringing out food you know making the economy productive then somebody else starts a business to steal from everyone that is making everything productive so what they are doing is actually they are destroying the entire economy and the entire you know society that is what they are doing that is what their business model is doing at the end of the day everybody will soon have nothing because the more you steal from that merchant you know let's say you steal everything he has what does he have now he has nothing you see so you cannot steal from him tomorrow again why don't you start your own matching business why don't you start your own farm why don't you start your own um thing that is productive you see that is the question that should be asked and that is what should be taught however another side of things that people need to understand about this um socialists i know this um democratic socialists as they call itself you know they want to make it um palatable you know socialism cannot be democratic because there is nobody that will willingly give away what they worked for for to to somebody who didn't work at all so that so socialism can never be democratic you know democracy has to be with you know um the will of the people what the people want the people who who walk for money don't want to give their money to the person who didn't work and stayed at home and wants to eat so sociality can never be democratic there's nothing democratic about it it doesn't matter how you paint something it doesn't make it different from what it is you know just like a lot of people want to paint abortion as women's rights you can call it women's rights all you want but it has nothing to do with women's rights it is mother it is mother of innocence it's a child sacrifice you know even the church of satan has you know adm has come out to defend and fight for abortion you know when it comes to take that you know the heart builder was passed but in any case um you have to understand that socialism leads to the worst case scenario of monarchy you know the worst kinds of monarchy that is because if you establish a situation where everybody is poor except one person who is controlling everything so it's kind of like the ideology of all men are created equal because some men are more equal than others there will be some men that are more equal than others and it's going to be the globalist the the the select few you know there are some people who think that um they are selected but they are pawns they will be forgotten you know in the plan and this isn't about them following evil or working for an evil organization you know there's no among thieves you are going to be left behind you you think that perhaps like by being a free missing when the new world order comes with benefits no it is only those at the very very top not even a freemasonry you'll be amazed that feminism is actually a small thing because you see there are different organizations that have been infiltrated so which one is at the top top top top that controls everything you don't see it but one thing is for sure those people have many many many billions so if you do not have many many many bills you are not a monk you are going to be under you see you are not going to be at the top of things when that's uh let us assume that our new world product comes and the the evil people are successful in bringing it so even in that case scenario you are not going to benefit you are probably going to be one of the people in a concentration camp you see so um you have to be mindful of distance you have to be wise you have to be smart you don't understand all these things that being said we must vote out people like aoc and we must fight against such ideologies how do you fight against lies with the truth we must prompt the truth out there you know via every medium of communication television reality tv shows movies cartoons comics music you know the media um news media prince media online media via every single thing you know truly school systems we must take back the schools and we must knock out socialism and you know all the stations of communism you know this stealing from the racial gain to the poor we must tell people the truth we must let people know that they reach our already super taxed and by increasing this is a strategy because you are not increasing the taxes of everybody in the world when you increase the taxes in a nation or let us say in a region what happens to the rich there they shift to another place and then what happens to that society it crumbles because they no longer have money and what happens to the young people there the young people who aspire for a better life who want to be able to provide for their families for their parents the young people who want to become rich they move to another state or another region where the tax is not heavy so they can grow why did america prosper so much on that trump because of the tax costs because of how much he cut taxes that is why america prospered now when you create a new america with high taxes understand that every nation is in competition with other nations every nation is a business you see a giant business every nation is a business and it's in competition with other nations it's a business that is in competition with other businesses so when you increase the taxes in your nation

there is no hope of anybody becoming rich and now you have created a system that leads all rich people to become poor and understand that people are rich because they are making financial decisions why is financial decisions so what is somebody who is making wise financial decisions do we move to another nation or move to another region where um they will not be taxed as much then what happens to that mission that nation becomes greater than your own and then they can exhaust the authority over your own and tell your nation they should do and it's whatever you know america has been the leader of the free world for so long but you can see with since that obama is is doing what it says that you know obama did and is still doing because he's still actively doing nonsense and when it seems that biting is completing you can see that it is a deliberate move to destroy america and every greatness when you look at all the fights against um the the image of what it means to be an america you know americans today don't know what that means you know all this hatred towards white people all this white man is evil oh let us replace every white character with an african character one asian character you know all these kinds of things all this war again oh let us bring down this statue it has the whites it's the statue of a white man let us bring it down all of that's going on in america it is an intentional thing to destroy you know the core of everything that makes america america everything that would would look like you know this might inspire america it is being destroyed but guess what it makes other nations great and those nations when they confess all country when they become the world leader what do you think they'll do look at china he's working with the taliban china does not care about the christians that are being killed in afghanistan china does not care about all the women that are being beaten the last time women went out to protest that they want to still be able to go to work now they are not going to go allow them to go to work all that all the education that they got all the schooling that they did when america was there it is all gone they are not going to have to start home the taliban is not allowed we may walk the taliban is not going to allow women to drive all the women who learned how to drive cars they not have to sit at home in afghanistan they went the women went to protest that they wanted their rights protected they want to still be able to walk and they got flocked and beaten that is it and china is working with them china does not care what china knows is that you know you you run your country however you want at the end of the day we have this deal on that deal and you give us this money that is all decay so that is the future of the world under a lot of other nations you know that is not what america would have allowed previously america would have said you know even if they were not invading they would have said look if you want us to work with you you have to meet this human rights um principle you have to do this you have to do that you know you have to be in line with certain human rights um um laws you have to allow women go to work if they want to work you have to allow women drive if they want to drive you see you have to allow allow this and allow that otherwise we are not going to do any business with you you know we are going to place um trade restrictions and all kinds of things on you you know and all those kinds of things helps kept keep some nations inside but look what um has happened with biden under trump trump refunded the u.s military which had been defunded ones were being forced and a lot of people who are investing in the um war in the military industrial complex when the ones that were getting paid the equipment of america was terrible it was getting outdated russia was getting more advanced even though russia does not want to show their strengths they were getting more advanced when it comes to the technology that they that the russian ministry had however the us which was not the case you see but under trump you know trump forced and pushed for his bill to make the american um military get funded and you know get a lot of weapons but now what has happened to all those weapons it has not been intentionally left behind in afghanistan it shows you this was intentional they want to they have brought america back to the states that it was they have brought america's military back to the state that it was when it was it was obama with you know with poor military equipment so that if a nation wants to hit on america it can't it wants to decrease the strength and the power and the ability of america and america's military this is something that people should look at and see wow you know it is not about republicans look at what george bush came out to do during this um past 9 11 you know this um 9 11 september 11 memorial george bush came out to insult all trump supporters and compare them with the taliban with the terrorists of 9 11 what kind of madness is that it shows you what he is about and it shows you what establishment republicans are establishment republicans and these democrats you see it is a corrupt system of evil people who do not care about the people so um we must be wise we must get into positions of authority let good men we know we must do that and we must drain this one because trump is on both sides this trump is on the republican side and it's on the democrat side the the swamp may be more pronounced on the democrats especially after trump you know but the trump is on both sides look at what biden did and he has not been impeached there has not been any call to impression nobody is talking about it everybody on the democrats side and the mainstream media news is happy imagine if this was under trump how those weapons have now been left for the taliban and interestingly reports have come out showing that the military bases that the american um military left for the afghanistan army not the taliban they disabled it they put out power so there was no electricity and it was and they plugged out all the computers and everything so even the ability you see for for them to put on lights normal lights was not there there was no ability to turn it back on why would you leave weapons behind why would you leave ammunitions behind then the afghanistan army that is supposed to fight against the taliban you now disable their ability to even put on electricity what were you planning this is intentional it is not like the taliban system with the american soldiers when they abide in this is intentional and this is a way to destabilize and destroy everything and president trump did with the abraham accord this goes to say that it is possible to bring um peace and a peaceful world where people live in peace but it is certain politicians and certainly evil people with nefarious insulin and um thoughts and plans that are compromising everything because they have their end goal of creating chaos here creating chaos here so that they will eliminate certain enemies and setting people so that they will eventually have a setting a platform to show up as the hero and rule the world that is what they want that being said check out for more God bless you



- Ted Cruz: Cost per Ticket: $30,000. Virtue signaling to your base while partying—without a mask—with the people you claim to hate: Priceless.

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