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Welcome to the 19th century, a time of industrialization, diplomacy, and discovery. Rich with technological innovations, conspiracies, and changing allegiances, this era presents the perfect setting for classic Anno gameplay. Anno 1800 provides players ample opportunity to prove their skills as a ruler as they create huge metropolises, plan efficient logistic networks, settle an exotic new continent, send out expeditions around the globe, and dominate their opponents by diplomacy, trade, or warfare.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the video game anno 1800 now this is a world builder game and it basically gives people the opportunity to participate in the industrial revolution and build their own scene and it you know has a lot of things from that time and that's what you know this is going to be educational and depending on the kind of futures that are put into it and how much research is done it's going to be a super learning opportunity because it's giving people you know especially young people the opportunity to think and try to you know create their own world if they were in that time you know like if they got into a time machine and went back to just before the industrial revolution could they take advantage of their knowledge and you know build something that's really advanced you know create the industrial revolution and you know be a boss a kingpin you know basically rule the whole thing and be the driving factor you know of the industrial revolution you know so um there is so much that goes into that and it's very helpful you know there's the kind of thing that kings and leaders think about you know true true kings and truly that's you know um not when it comes to the going back in time better than shaping the world you know and you know bringing forth change and transformative change with technology and things of that nature you know so this is very important and you know this would have been much more wonderful if we've done from a christian perspective because we as christians we have a mission to change this world to transform this world you know it's unfortunate that a lot of the scientific revolutions and innovations have not been um brought forth by men who

proclaimed god first or who held you know the gospel up high you know most of them were christians you know don't get me wrong a lot of innovators and a lot of scientists were christians many of them did not admit it some of them who admitted it history forgets or leaves out that path you know of when they were championing the cause of christ you know but that is why the story of history has to be told by christians three christians need to be charged of education in charge of libraries in charge of communication we must take control of the airways so that the right message will be there otherwise it would be children of darkness that we put for their darkness and that's will lead to more roon and more disaster for the world you know so that being said um if you like to start your own christian entertainment company video game company whatever you know like imagine if this actually focused on how you can bring forth positive change in the industrial revolution time and also change the hearts of men you know with the gospel because if you did that a lot of the wars will not be fought in a lot of the misunderstanding after the evils of socialism and communism would not be you know in a world where christ is in people's hearts people will not be thinking of stealing from the rich and giving to the point the name of equality and equity you know so um they'll rather be thinking of doing it to themselves of bringing out the best in them so believing that god has given them their own talents so they can become successful on their own surrounding asking how can i steal from direction and give to the poor that we ask how can i bring out what is to me how can i advance um what i have and give something to the world you know socialism only takes from those who are giving something to the world those who are doing something that are getting money from what they give to the world because that is how wealth is built by what you give to the world if you create something that the world needs the world will pay you back financially you'll reap financial results from it but when people bring um ideologies like socialism and capitalism you just rob from those who are productive and give to the unproductive so now you have incentivized on productivity on productivity have now been incentivized so there's no point to be productive and that is why such places are very important because now everybody now is support now everybody is now unproductive because what's the point of being productive you know it has now been desensified you know and is now being punished like why you reach you know they forget school you created this or you invented this for you started this business that is meeting so many people's needs for is providing for so many people and that is why you know you are rich because of the rewards from what you did you know rather than telling people you know you also could do the same and telling african americans a lot of people are pushing for the african the the rhetoric african-americans are poor you know that is who they are that they are under privilege that's become a brand you know a permanent brand a permanent stamp you know that is what the black lives matter a lot of all these socialists a number of all these crt criminals are trying to push on people so it's like oh they're african-american these who they are underprivileged you know this is who they are they cannot make it on their own they cannot do anything you know they're and the white man is forever privileged you know like they have redefined the meaning of racism to basically mean that all white people are racist you know being racist is based on your skin color and if you are not um white you are oppressed or and you're a minority no matter the if if if your your own race is multiplied like cockroaches or rabbits and then the white race is decreasing and in spite of the small families that they have you have people who are saying that because of global warming and all of that that it perhaps is unfair to bring children into the world that is why people a lot of white people are not even having children you know they are they are to to make matters worse they are they are having a lot of abortions they are not having children they want to believe in having children believe in having small families then to add to that there is the influx of the worst from different nations from northern countries i mean um countries that are um um considered third world and you know um east countries of the east you know countries that their educational system had been sabotaged you know and countries where they they have not they they don't have true true value um education they do not have true knowledge those are the kind of people that you know um especially the worst from those countries that are now being poured into canada the europe america and all of that you know people of different races the best from it is easier for a criminal in nigeria for example to get to america than an honest man it is easier for a criminal or a terrorist in afghanistan to get to america and stated permanently than an honest man they the legal ways of immigration uh clamps down so the people who would who are most likely going to stick to doing lego things when they approach in that country and the people who have the um potential upstairs who have the iq have have to face more stringent methods but the the the criminals that follow in the game means to go to europe and all of that you know the doors are open for them so you see all that kind of nonsense i know the whole reason why all this nonsense is even possible is because of so much neglect you know the church have neglected politics the church has neglected the position of influence the truths have neglected all these realities you know so um there are still people who are in this dance preaching all kinds of smiles anything that is happening in today's world so what relevance is there in the message you know if someone is in a piece that is full of snakes you know the snakes are still coming to attack the person you have a rope too true to the person what is the point of you standing there and rather preaching to the person if you are preaching to the person what gospel do you believe in you do not believe in the gospel what you should do then is to truly root for that person let that person climb back as fast as they can because time is of the essence before the snakes get to him you know that is that is um practical that is common sense that is what the bible would want look at peter when peter was sinking you know when peter walked on water and he started sinking in in the presence of jesus jesus did not bind and rebuke the water or they don't see how dare you water understand that he could talk to um inanimate objects he talked to trees you know even moses spoke to iraq at least moses was told to speak to iraq and he didn't you know he struck the rock but you see god has given us and he said if anyone say onto this mountain vida removes talk to it so he jesus who also spoke to the seas who's come the storm with his word could have talked to the sea stop letting peter sing but no jesus reached out and grabbed him that means that if that did not happen peter would have sunk so these are spiritual things you have to understand you know the spiritual does not neglect the practical understand that god created a practical and actually the practical is created from the spirituality this is the things that are not seen that created the things that are seen so you have to um understand that you cannot be um living in a world where you are so spiritually minded there is no ideally good then you are now canna you know you have you have created canality out of the guise of of spirituality you know that being said if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment industry richards who was on alfredo's vip we're looking forward to hearing from you if you haven't given your life to christ go to alfredo vip quickly salvation prayer link in the main menu a page of commander has the prayer of salvation so that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you

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