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Andy Ngo Now Has A Rainbow Flag In His Twitter Bio : by Alfred


MP3 Download Link:

Click Here To Download: Andy Ngo Now Has A Rainbow Flag In His Twitter Bio : American News Updates - by Alfred


Broadcast Notes:

- That is a form of him falling to the woke crowd.

- What Andy does is important because he uncovers the Truth that the mainstream media tries to hide.

- We need our own heroes and celebrities that are chosen by us, we cannot keep allowing folks that haven't grown among us and as chosen by us to show up and be heroes of our interests. They aren't cut from the same cloth with us. 

- We should not be surprised when such people switch slowly or rapidly.

- Remember how Ann Coulter went from In Trump We Trust to being a super Trump hater, when the other side is Joe Biden. 

- You can be the next Andy. But an Andy chosen from amongst us. I call on the Saints to 



- Andy Ngรด twitter page:

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