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The story of NFL MVP and Hall of Fame quarterback, Kurt Warner, who went from stocking shelves at a supermarket to becoming an American Football star.


Quick Credits:

Directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin

Writers: David Aaron Cohen, Jon Erwin, Jon Gunn

Actors: Zachary Levi, Anna Paquin, Dennis Quaid


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie american underdog now let me just read the official synopsis the story of nfl mvp and hall of fame quarterback kirkwana who went from stocking shelves at the supermarkets to becoming an american football star now

this is very interesting i've just seen the trailer uh you know it's starring shock you know the guy who um played the rule of shock in the series this is a family movie you know this is american football movie that actually reads just like a lot of christian movies that are on pure flicks you know have done and you know also within the same genre and quite frankly did it better but i guess with the smaller budgets but that being said you know um it's nice that they are making family movies you know and inspirational stories then again is based on a really individual's life you know i would like to know the god aspect of course when it is done via hollywood let us say there is a christianity aspect to it you know there's the god aspect to it you know um pastor you know his relationship with god and that's pulling him through and helping him out with you know the tough sports in the career in his career that kind of stuff doesn't come out in the movies that are presented by hollywood and it it bears the question why for example dr ben carson way back in the day i believe in the early 90s when his book um i think it was the first one gifted hands when it was to be published the big name publisher dropped him because he would not remove gold from it and this is way back then this is somebody's autobiography how can you be telling the person where you cannot put your your your feet and your beliefs in your autobiography it's going to show you the whole entire concept of propaganda and people pushing force rhetorics via the companies they want you know it is not new it has only gotten worse now you know how do you tell somebody like that's you know that dr brancassi you know if you don't remove god will drop your bets he ended up publishing his book with the christian publisher you know and left the god aspect there because you know um how is someone's autobiography original when that when that person lifts out what really inspired them and what's really changed their lives you know the the vital importance in the autobiography and it goes without saying there are a lot of documentaries out there that is all propaganda they remove anything that pushes for this certain recovery as a matter of fact there are causes in school there's causes in harvard that claim to be under journalism and in this new style of journalism you know it is a social justice journalism where it's like you have social responsibilities so if you're a journalist and an african-american kills other african-americans by covering that yeah not um being socially responsible you are aiding and abetting a rhetoric that will aid racism and you'll finish those african-americans that oh look at what they are doing so that is what the new journalists are being taught in school they actually thought to be agents of propaganda and it is disguised as being socially responsible believing in justice believing in equality don't use nice sounding names to close every evil thing they do just like abortion they call it women's rights you know like if the two could not be any more opposed to each other you see but um that being said it's very important that as christians you know we make our movies we push our movies movies like this ways that are better and make sure that people are not silenced as a matter of fact when it comes to um a bunch of people you know not just celebrities everybody has a story to sell you know also the autobiographies we should establish systems and that is something that i'll be doing with you know the aspect of alfred and friends that is for book publishing as well as the aspect of it that is for entertainment and you know creative movies and cartoons we need to go to people reach out to people everybody has a story to tell you know as long as it's a story that people want to hear it then becomes marketable and something that can be used to advance the gospel and to flood the atmosphere with word and information about god and that is something that needs to be done you know we we need to let god be number one in people's minds in business and in everything else in anything that concise him you know in all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths we should create a scenario where this is the reality of everybody in this world the world is trying to push for lgbt and leftism and crt any new evil thing they come up with they want it to be foremost in our minds they want it to guide our direction they want to guide our thoughts of everybody the same people who claim to be against colonization are kind of the worst type of colonial ethnic cleansing there is and any cleansing of ideologies any opposing ideology any new ideology they come up with they want everybody to buy into it and to hold first to it and to hate and to fight against anybody who refuses it we must be the ones who push our own ideology which is truth which is jesus for jesus truth you know the gospel must be pushed forth and it should be foremost in people's minds you know that is what we should do you know one person is going to win but one thing is for sure the person that doesn't get into the fight has already lost even before the fight began so if you are perhaps saying actually christian got all this sense why should a christian be concerned with putting god's face in people's minds why should people have to think about god's face the devil is making sure that he puts his will and his thoughts in people's minds that they think about doing things his way first that they think about not fooling or that they think about the parts that will lead to them being destroyed you know for the enemy's goal is to kill steal and destroy you know that being said if you are done you like to be a part of making christian movies you know movies not movies that are christian movies in the sense of this is the category no we are going after everything we are going to make vampire movies christian werewolf movies sports movies everything is of course obviously a minor spawn you know but even that we reach out to the people in this industry and perhaps make documentaries about racial to them and their testimonies of them coming out of that lifestyle and also putting out information that will prevent people from going into that lifestyle so that can actually be the creation of a new category or genre that's replaced that's previous genre and will address people and make people be strict things you know aligned right when it comes to their thoughts on sexuality and sexuality it has to be replaced by god's mind it has to be replaced by god's thoughts on the subjects you know that being said you know reach out to us in africa vip you know if you like to be a part of making movies you know or perhaps you want to start your movie company or your own entertainment company whether it's video game music whatever reach out to us in africa vip we're looking forward to hearing from you thank you and God bless you


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