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American Night : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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A neo-noir set in the New York City's corrupt contemporary art world where the art dealer John Kaplan and the ruthless head of New York's mafia, Michael Rubino, fight for money, art, power and love.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie american knights let me just read off short synopsis an art dealer and a ruthless new york mafia boss fight for money power and love now first of all this movie is named wrongly when you name a movie anything that name has to be reflective on the movie and it it actually clues people to the team it has to flow you've named the movie american knights and you've just made a simple movie that is basically about you know um a mafia boss trying to get back and ask painting that's you know um his his dad who was probably a mafia boss also you know um um

said that it was his you know that he promised it to him and you know was it ended up being stolen by an active and it ends up with an adidas all this um

stuff this is just a typical um setting for conflicts and it does not end the name american knights for you to say something like you know add a name like american knight you know america um the knight is not a amk and i j as in the kind of knight that um you see with the knight of code k n i j h t you know not that kind of knight as in normal knights [ __ ] ht knights that kind of nice so it should be something that is relatable to every american this is not and you are putting mafia um boss nonsense there is no existing meaningful mafia anything in america who are the richest people in the world take industry investors from wall street and all that so there's no um the mafia does not have any weight that it used to have back in the day if you want to make it look like this apart from the fact that you cannot name it american night perhaps you could name it chicago night or editing your own name something that has to reflect the mafia whatever you are trying to push you know you should put that in the title and it has to be set in probably the 50s or 30s you know and also the arts um well that is a new thing that has not been put into context in that um the movies made about gangsters in that era because when you look at loki luciano al capone and folks like that it is always about beer you know because of prohibition you know trying to make money from alcohol prostitution gambling casinos you know those kinds of things those where the those are the um what the subject matter is often about but when you bring it to the realms of art or perhaps trying to monetize sponsoring politicians you know yeah bringing something new to that same um genre of mafia and storylines but it should have been set there is it's been set in modern day um times it's crazy because first of all people don't come out with guns and shoots all over new york like they do in this movie you know it is so over the top it is crazy you know and there's really no mafia today you know the the so-called mafia you know today are underground a lot of the original mafia guys the ones who survived have all gone legit they are all doing one legitimate business for the other you know they they have no choice and what is dead that is illegal is its um heroin and those are just talks on the streets and all of that where is the money in that kind of thing compared to the tech industry so there's no um oh this guy's a boss because the mafia um whole thing it is not about gangster it is not about big money um you know these are people who don't mind you know doing like things for money and they have created their own set of rules so that is what that is so you cannot bring something like that and set it in modern day because there is no powerful mafia anything today the only way the the biggest heavy lifters who are the richest people the worldiest people tech guys silicon valley guys those who own major websites or major apps for are doing something mighty the tech industry the elo mosque the jeff bezos the bill gates you know those are the guys that have the money and you know they are trying to push up the idea of power and control our money it does not belong to any mafia anything keep in mind that cannibalism which is the the most primary indigo drug that was once sued how is now legal just like um beer um in the deal of the emmy mafia in the days of chicago you know um a capone era lucky luciano um those guys chicago beer was illegal so they were selling beer in illegally are making money off of selling beer in the galley and they control that markets from brewing brie and selling it illegally you know so that is how the mafia then made money but now when it comes to the biggest when it comes to drugs drugs the biggest seller seller for drugs is cannibalism weed that has been legalized in many states when it comes to prostitution prostitution is basically legalized not officially but it has been legalized in america because when you think about sugar baby websites sugar baby website is prostitution because you have a man paying money to a woman ultimately sexual favors you know even though they will say that well there is no prostitution because the man may just be giving her money and they meet and they talk bet it doesn't mean that there must be sex there is obviously sex otherwise that man will not be giving all that money so sugar baby websites is basically prostitution when it comes to um even tinder tinder is sort of prostitution and a lot of times it is exchange in most cases exchanging a meals for sex you know so when it comes to all those things when you look at even gambling now a lot of people anybody can go online and gamble there are so many sites even um integral countries in developing court look at nigeria there are so many websites like niger bets this bet that bet their gambling is now open so the key things that mafia organizations made money from are not profitable a lot of those things are now legal the most um the places where they would have made the most money from are now legal

you see when it comes to the prostitution the gambling the drugs weed is legal prostitution is legal via setting ups that masquerade as sugar baby and sugar daddy websites when it comes to the gambling down is so open anybody can gamble online via so if you want to make a movie like this you have to set it in the 50s or 40s or you know you you have to target that time period you cannot bring it now it doesn't make sense it's completely stupid because you know the the people who would still say they are mafia today never open up they they keep quiet and what is there for them to do you know is it for them to be channeling drugs from cartels in mexico you know those is now um those kinds of things are not only are they not profitable for the mafia you know the mafia has now when it comes to even the mafia and its illegal operations it has turned into administration of evil so it's just um paper work and book or kind of like a mother inc you know an organization for um having another organization or other organizations be the footsmen and then they pay taxes to them you know and even at that it's it's something that is dying it does not have power and it cannot be recognized and the day this anyone stands up and claims to be mafia there are all kinds of laws riku laws and all of that to go after that person and the entire family that the governments will use and go after that person so this is very um crazy you know but that being said the plot is typical you know the from if you like just shooting shooting shooting you know it brought back you know it is um

pouring money to an idea that could have been worked out much better keep in mind that if this story was actually done from a christian perspective it would have been much more better you know that being said make sure you check out for more God bless you



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