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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about you know youtube recently you know like two days ago my um account alfred when edited was you know giving you know another um violation regarding you know what i said about you know the works and you know kovid and all of that you know so youtube has stopped me from being able to upload any new videos for two weeks on alfred unedited however i'll be posting videos on alfred's hangouts which is also another youtube channel i have multiple youtube channels for this purpose so when they sensor or give me strikes on one i can use the other one so um if you are so interested that you um you you want to keep on using um youtube you can't do that but one sure way of always getting my videos is to go to alfredo's vip you know of course rumble does not send so i also post on rumble you know my handle days alfred online and i also post on b shoot as well the same handle you know alfredo knight so um make sure you um check out those platforms so that you will still get what's um i'm saying you know that being said you know things like this which is expected you know um youtube was saying that what i what i'm saying about the works and you know the virus goes against what the world health organization sees you know and they won't permit that that therefore it is misinformation yes how many times have the world health organization lied you know and what is it that i'm saying that is not factual this is the censorship this is the same thing that was done in nazi germany you know and this is how um that kind of nazi germany tourism um gets to be put in place by controlling speech by controlling people's ideologies you know by having a ministry of information controlling what kind of information is put out there controlling what people think you know manipulating people's views and ideologies you know that is what um

these people are doing you know it's clear at this point it's it's over clear you know and this is very dangerous it shows you how nefarious um these people are don't be surprised later when they start taking people to concentration camps don't take it as a stretch obviously they will give one kind of intelligent sounding reason like oh this person refused to take the work so they threaten their at risk of um spreading the virus and blah blah blah even though they themselves have opened their mouth to say that um the wax does not stop you from spreading the virus that you can still get it you know in spite of the fact that you have taken the wax so what is the point of the wax if you can still get it you can still get the virus and you can still spray the virus after taking the vac so what is the point of the wax it is not the facts so what is it really about and you have to understand you know this this thing that people are doing to um all cut their dna this is dangerous by the time you transform yourself into another creature something that has a different strain and a different genetic code from what um god true nature puts inside you it's a huge problem now your children you know are not are no longer 100 human they are not following a genetic pattern because you know this is the kind of research that all these people that believe in eugenics these people that want to create a world where nobody has disease nobody has um any what they call imperfection nobody is born with this infirmity or that infirmity so they want to control you know um genetics they want to control what people inherit they want to create a world where you know um in their mind that is what they they think they are aiming for of course this kind of thing comes when people don't believe in god then they start to think like if they are god and they want to change all of nature create a world where nobody can get sick that is their their mind that is what they they are telling themselves they are trying to do at least some of these the scientists among them that seem to have in their mind um um a good outcome so it's like and the end justifies the name so it's like let us change everybody's dna so that it would be at the end of the day it is no longer what it originally was you know and it is now more of a machine a normal automatron than a human being that is dead you know we have to be careful about this you know shall squabs and you know this wealthy people are telling you about transhumanism they are telling you about all their research all of this um informational eugenics is out there this obsession of trying to breed through bread a a generation of throw bread um humor humanoids you know this new set of humanity that they are trying to merge with machine and in their in their mind that they are creating a better world you know this is dangerous you know and this is what um the bible talks about when it says that it will be you know like it was in the door for noah that is how it should be again you know you need to um not be on that um

level you need you need to fight against what these people are doing and right now you know we can't so we should put our hole in it that being said check out for more if you want to join the investors club also um check that out thank you and god bless you


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