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Julie Davis writes bestselling children's books about unlocking your fears, but has yet to unlock her own. When her daughter is born, that trauma is brought to the fore, and with it, a crushing battle to survive.  

Quick Credits:

Director: Amy Koppelman

Writer: Amy Koppelman

Actors: Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Carpenter, Britt Robertson


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i like to talk about the movie a mouse full of air then just read the official synopsis julie davies writes best-selling children's books about unlocking your fears but has yet to unlock her own when her daughter is born that trauma is brought to the fore and with it a crushing battle to survive now i've just seen the trailer and based on what i understand from the trailer you know she is in a relationship with a guy who loves um apparently it's a father of the baby that she's taking care of and it will seem that she's a um a children's book writer who gets sick you know and for some reason she seems to be losing her senses for something of that sort bit she seems to be having lapses whereas you know she loses consciousness with reality or touch of reality and is overwhelmed by fear and all of that but that is also being um somewhat of an obstacle in her relationship that the guy is supportive based on what's made it into the trailer you know and you know the entire movie is about or it would seem it might be about making it sure that but that being said you see such movies that try to talk about faith are going through stuff they never do it well you know when they ignore christianity when they let out defeat aspects because when you leave out god how can you live our christianity from eating like this you know let's say the story was told from a christian perspective there is the aspect of divine healing the aspect of desiring healing there's the aspect of you know some people praying that you know them not getting you better later than receiving their healing or getting some kind of touch from god or some kind of relaxation you know something that's been retouched of course it has to be dividing healing at the end of the day you know not just a matter of finding a way to adjust centuries most people are adjusting to disease and sickness which the world does you know they they shut down um divine healing they shut down faith healing the whole idea of faith healing they shut it down but you know the same people that's when the other people from the world or from the um new age angle teach them or talk to them about manifesting they will believe in manifesting but manifesting is actually the message of faith you know manifesting is actually you know believing that you have received what you want to get that is the message of it did the aspect of sin you know see if any man sit on to this mountain you know be that be moved to hunt beyond that place you know better remove that castle into the sea you know he shall have whatever he says that means you believe it first in your hearts and then you receive this will happen that is the same concept of manifesting but it removes the jesus aspects it removes christianity from it it's interesting how the world keeps on stealing things from the walk from christianity they steal things from the word of god and they will remove the jesus from it and do it just like all this um business culture business question and life coach especially life because in life because he's a pastor without the christian anger without jesus without the bible that is what a life coach is it's a pastor a life coach is a pastor the same people who have um life coaches in so many famous people in the world like you know the tony robbins and the grand cardones and all of that nothing against this man but the same people who hates um churches and pastors and say oh all of these blah blah blah they're the same people who will pay thousands of dollars to go to an event where grant cardone is speaking or to buy a tape from anthony robbins and they want to criticize that how much money did you pay before i enter the church not saying but the the aspect of tithe offering is that not free will do they first did they put a gun at anybody did they say oh if you do not um give your tights will not render our services to you will put you in a part of the church where you won't hear the music you won't get part of this you won't be able to partake in this or that no you still get all the benefits and whatever you know you still get the same as everything that is in someone that bless you and helps you all the good advice you know all the counseling all the that the church has to offer you still get it whether or not you pay your tithes for your offer but in when it comes to you know the world system even the psychologists and psychiatrists that in front of you are charging you for for so called giving you advice and they don't even do that they just tell you whatever work thing that is passed down to them in their so-called educational system can imagine a psychologist and psychiatrist that says now that being a man or a woman you know gender is such as constructs that you know anybody can see a man or a woman you know all that kind of nonsense this is the same psychologist that people will go and pay money for harmonies psychiatrists and psychologists don't drive expensive cars but why doesn't anybody criticize them you see a pastor you know of all the hundreds of thousands and millions of pesos around the world you see only one or two or three or ten have private jets out of millions and because of that one you condemn everyone you don't even look at the fact that perhaps those planes were gifts or perhaps that person was always racial perhaps that person still invests and he has his own businesses on the side

you know you ignore that but all these psychologists and psychiatrists that have degrees especially from prestigious universities in their world how many of them don't have access to um private jets and you know if they want to at least on a subscription basis not all of them may be able to buy but all of them are surely able to buy and drive flashy cars but nobody ever criticizes them but the same world we want to criticize the past and the picture we say which is a different topic but in any case you know the hypocrisy of the world goes wrong to get back to um this movie you know

so much could have been done when it comes to the faith aspects with her dealing with this issue and there should have been more conflicts you know and also the impact of fear where those fear comes from that is not even exploited exploited that is something that that should be dealt with because the devil brings fear that is a good aspect that is a good way to you know introduce and teach people about fear and you know standing up against fear you know understanding you know the battle of the mind and all that so this is very important you know using christianity isn't the bible using the word of god to get rid of fear that is very important you know and the link between fear and sickness you know and also divine healing at the end of the day so all of this would have been amazing now also with the husband you know you know going the supportive routes you know they should they then they can put somebody that will be like a devil you know or represents that kind of thing and be like you know why are you staying there you know why you still there why are you in it why don't you just leave you know why are you putting up with all this what if the situation gets this is this one you know so he should have faced his own trouble but probably he does you know i've only seen the trailer not the entire movie but that being said um if you like to be a part of um changing the entertainment landscape because we will create the best movies we are going to create the best video games we are going to create the best cartoons and we are going to you know take over everything in such a way that anywhere you look you are going to see our productions in jesus name that being said go to alfred vip you know reach out to us who would like to work with you if you would like to invest with us reach out to us we are going to be happy to work with you thank you and God bless you



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