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The heiress to half of the Yakuza crime syndicate forges an uneasy alliance with an amnesiac stranger who believes an ancient sword binds their two fates. She must unleash war against the other half of the syndicate who wants her dead.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the movie yakuza princess let me just read the official synopsis the areas to half of the yakuza crime syndicate forges an uneasy alliance return a mesiac stranger who believes an ancient sword binds their two fates she must unleash war against the other half of the syndicates who once are dead you know this is quite typical it's interesting that when people create genres so when genres are created people tend to create the wrong set of guidelines of the genre you know or let me rephrase that people choose to pick the wrong things to be the guidelines for that genre you know that it must be in every walk of art every movie every comic every video game that is in that genre this and these elements must be day you know naturally there must be common elements that bind and define a genre but when those elements create a situation where the stories are predictable where the teams are predictable it becomes a problem because you did not pick or choose the right elements you know and that is actually part of the reason why a lot of times success is met when people mix two different genres you know people have formed genres in such a way that everything that comes within the genre is so similar and repetitive with everything else in that genre now first of all only from the name yakuza princess you knew it was about the accuser crime syndicate and of course um glorifying a crime family kind of like the godfather kind of thing you know um just like the godfather glorifies crime you know it's actually um the protagonist is a is a criminal you know and a criminal in a crime syndicate you know in this case she is the heiress to the to the yakuza crime syndicates you know but at least she's an add to half of it which is an interesting um situation but still basically you know the same thing and of course there's the journey of revenge so so killed her parents so she has to have revenge which is basically the theme of any chinese or japanese kung fu type movie you know it always has to be this guy killed this guy's parents so the whole movie is about revenge you know in the early chinese movies that will that were made you know of course this is um interestingly i think it was made in brazil but it's um starring japanese and it's about you know the yakuza so therefore japanese but in the early chinese movies the plot of all chinese movies was in the beginning the good guy's parents you know the one who the story centered on the protagonist of the story his parents get killed by a kung fu master somebody who knows kung fu and then the guy goes to shaolin to learn kung fu so he spends his entire life from childhood to adulthood training to learn kung fu so that he will kill the people who killed his parents using kung fu you know the common sense of even if you know one must take the part of revenge of course that is not the recommended part but i mean if it is that sim um serious why didn't he just buy a gun or just poison the the person who killed experience why must he also defeat them or kill the the person who killed the parents using kung fu but that is just basically the plot of pretty much every chinese movie and you can see um that repetitiveness in everything that has to do with you know once it's kung fu chinese you know or japanese and it's salt fighting and all of that it's all about revenge the theme is revenge and it's actually um promotes revenge because there's a gratification it's like the goal is gravitation there's never a learning lesson of letting go and moving on you know imagine living all your life would your parents have wanted that let's say you're a baby and your parents were killed by somebody would your parents want you to spend all your life from childhood to the age of like um 25 or 28 learning kung fu with the main purpose of going to kill that person what about your life you are not that is you have no purpose you have nothing else all you are doing is you are training you also you can learn how to fight and kill the person who kill your parents you know and um this is so repetitive and it is expected of course there is also um the fact of creators themselves and it's like this is what always works this is what the studios asked for this is what sells this is what works at the box office so let's just keep making the same thing you know so basically that is what this is you know i'm not sure i've seen some bias towards anything that tries to put a female in a position where she is unreasonably strong and stronger than the men and beating up the men you know um thanks to feminism you know of course these kinds of things were there but it was kind of like a sort of eye candy kind of thing you know where you had um female characters they were beating up men but it was so much realistic and you could respect certain things and setting limitations like um since movies cincharo truck movies you know you could see that the edge she had over men was her knowledge of kung fu and you know martial arts you know but when she met someone who matched her level of martial arts or was above she was at a disadvantage so this was um there was a practical side to it you know not when you make um

a movie where the female is just beating up all the guys from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie it gets um you know it is so sad and that is what this modern day feminism you know the influence of modern day feminism has it's like let's not show women break let's not show women vulnerable you know it's just like halloween has a rule that they do not allow autos if you are submitting your book let's say you're an auto and you want to be published by halloween most romance novels and this is not new this is something that it started years ago this is before the 90s you know probably in the 70s because just like the 10 modern woman a lot of people don't know but the concept of the modern woman is not new they have been 72 since the 60s if you watch ads advertisements in the 60s you will see that when they want to sell something they'll say this is for the modern woman like when it is something that um people especially women are not um really doing in society like when they want to promote smoking to women it's like oh the cigarettes for the modern woman and these are old ads so um the concept a lot of these concepts are not new you know but um harlequin and moscow are companies you know they had a principle a law you know that if you are submitting any story the woman cannot be a housewife you know she cannot start home she has to have a job or she has to be you know um in the workforce or you know working in an office and all of that so if you write a novel that you know even if it is um a novel that is based on a true life story you know because there are many of that those those kinds of novels and there are many movies that are based on true life events and they in the true life um biography you know the person that the story is based on the person is actually a housewife when you are writing the novel for the novel to be accepted that person has to have a job because that is what they wanted to promote and push you see you you can't change society by pushing a narrative when a narrative is dominant that is what we rule much of christianity you know in the era of judeo-christian values and that is why judeo-christian values did not last till now it was because it was based on peer pressure and society you know the catholic church and those who masterminded since back then put used to their christian values to carve the shape of civilization and society that is what they did and you you see the thing was that when you are doing that it is not in the heart it is not skin deep it is not in people's hearts so people are living by christian principles there are a lot of people who are doing christian things that they do not know that this thing is actually inherently christian and it originated from christianity you know like the concept of marriage a woman one woman you know or um moligami you know um just um relationship between just two people you know a man and a woman you know a lot of people don't know that that is actually just christianity you know that sin that's originated from christianity if there was no christianity you know if judeo-christian values never expanded that will never be a lot of people don't understand like a lot of the laws of the land came from christianity came from the ten commandments and that is why you know some people may not um put in their name in their countries you know in the us they they recognize the ten commandments and that is actually um the the foundational um govern governing laws obviously supreme court is built in america but in other nations the bible you know is also the blueprint for it and for those of you who do not know the bible is actually the blueprint of the quran you know the the quran was written you know after a lot of the books of the bible were written and you know muhammad you know used the bible to create what he created in the quran you know and this is a fact so these are things that most people don't know and they don't realize you know um so muhammad studied most many of the books in the bible you know and that was before he wrote the quran and you can see certain references and changes that he made you know in the quran referencing things that's where in the bible so um this is very important that people understand these things but in any case this movie uh what i'll say is that it's important for us christians to um take charge on authority you know it's important for us to be making the movies you know this movie would have been much better as a christian movie just like every other movie would be you know um there are a lot of angles and a lot of things to do with especially these revenge aspects you know this obsession because reverend doesn't lead anywhere you know if she ends up killing the person who kills her parents what does that make her it makes her mudra just like the person who killed her parents you know that is all that she has accomplished has she now pleased her parent by doing that and if her parents you know there's also the case of what did the parents do you know

like this circle continues and of course they when if he kills that person wouldn't that person have children what if those children want to now um spend their life you know trying to kill her then what of her own children so where does the circle end you know so um revenge is not um wise and it's not the way to go and there are a lot of different aspects and different things that could have been dealt with you know that would only be um a topic of conversation in a christian um um lens you know when things are century crystalline and you know um don't appropriately that being said if you like to be a part of what you plan to do

regarding taking over the entertainment industry movies video games and the rest of it go to alfred.vip we are looking forward to hearing from you and if you like to start your own movie studio on crystal movies to do your stats you know that's it just starts you know take the first step when you take the first step you will see that i can take another step when you take that second step you'll see that you can take another step when you take that tech step you will see that i can take another step and on and on and on just you know don't worry about how if god tells you how you should go about is good if um you are not informed as to how don't worry about that you know god is with you go ahead and do it you know increases our portion you know and taking this world with the gospel is our mandate thank you and god bless you

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