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Wild Indian : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Makwa, a young Anishinaabe boy, likes to escape his troubled life by playing with his friend Ted-O. One day, Makwa shockingly murders a schoolmate, and the two boys cover it up. Now as adults, the two men must come to terms with what happened.


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie wild indian let me just read the official description makwa a young anish shaboo boy likes to escape his troubled life by playing with his friend dead woo one day mark was shockingly modest his schoolmates and the two boys cover it up now as adults the two men must come to terms with what happened now this is a very interesting story and you know it's has the theme of you know forgiveness redemption you know um guilt you know um there's so much that could go into this the trailer begins with some um type of speech from you know someone who might be a preacher of some sorts bits you see one issue with when the world tells stories that have christian teams or teams that deal with god the problem is that they will tell it from a very worldly perspective and a downright disrespectful way for example the netflix you know the series on netflix let me just give two examples of um series on netflix um one is worry online now in worry online you know this is a movie that is based you know the the setting is based around the catholic church and this is supposed to be worry unknown but yet the entire movie starts with condemning the catholic church condemning the believing god condemning christianity and saying that christians like to have a monopoly on the idea of um resurrection you know when it comes to who gets to resurrect and all of that you know all kinds of crazy concepts you know and that you know um children in christian orphanages are not treated properly understand that charity and orphanages was started by christians you know specifically by the catholic church the whole idea of you know charity organizations is an invention of the catholic church before that it did not exist because you see under practical and human reasoning everyone looks out for themselves there's no reason for that but it was when that could be linked to this is a way for you to attain your sins with god and you know all those kinds of things you know that is actually one of the uh motivating factors behind charity of course now charity is mostly done by people who want to escape taxes and people who have ulterior motives so they use it to you know as a means to an end just like the united nations of course now with president trump gone you now see the riots in um south africa you know which is clearly foreign influenced there's no doubt about this then you see the return of the taliban the taliban that was destroyed but of course you see the us knows certain countries that sponsor terrorism because you know they know what they are doing because at the end of terrorism there's a lot of money to be made when you chase out a group of people from your land you know with terrorists and all of that the the group that is providing the weapons and the money that is not involved in the fighting they know what the outcome will be and then that is all free ground for them to take over so it is very clear and president trump put sanctions on countries that are known to fund terrorism president trump cornered a lot of nations that were known to support terrorism everybody is clear about that because especially when he did it look at what happened to terrorism in his reign he just sweden away you know for the first time we had um planes from israel flying over muslim nations that had never happened before but as burning came back this went back to noah because you know the whole shift and all the the laws and the measures that president trump put in place were taken out and the mainstream media never covered it they never covered how abiding went back on all of these things and how the outcome now is that this was returned like look at what happened with um israel you know the bombing started again under biden these people once woke and they have their um reasons for it you see so they know what's their dream but you know to um get back to um this um situation you see this movie like you know like i was saying like the warrior no movie and even um i believe it is um counts dracula the the version of khan dracula that is on netflix it starts with nones who don't believe in god

you know and you know for it's like for somebody to be good the person doesn't wouldn't believe in god like i've said it before in all movies parents are terrible there's no movie where the positive influence is the parents the mother is either terrible or the father is terrible even in cases where um they might put the mother in a good light you know thanks to feminism the mother is never the guiding force it is not like she has the advice or the wisdom that helps the child navigate the problems that they face it is always when the child disobeys the parents that things work out right for the child in all american movies parents are never put in a good light and people don't notice these things but these things help to shape society you know it helps to ch shape how people think because people now get accustomed to it you know you have to understand the influence of storytelling on the mind and this is um something you must realize because jesus himself he used parables he used stories so much he used parables so much many people did not hear anything else from jesus apart from stories free food and miracles

you know so storytelling is very very important and understand that before the western style of education where people go to school history was passed down via word of mouth stories morals were passed down via word of mouth stories the old fairy tales and folktales were told to children to teach them morals and that is why when you look at the early folktales and and fairy tales they had morals in them that was how children learn via stories the teaching was done true stories remember the people called jesus rabbi yes he was telling them parables

so somebody that was telling them parables is who they call tisha so that's time you you can see the strong relation between teaching with stories and of course you know that is why the devil who has always been here wants to use um hollywood to tell stories think about for example you back in school most of the things that you could remember your teacher say you know um the ones that really stand out well it says that the t-shirt thoughts with stories backing them up

concepts or ideas you know on on book knowledge on sense knowledge that teacher thoughts

also gave a story and the teacher illustrated it you know the literature they have physically um told jokes and all of that so those kinds of things stand cells and that is an effective method of teaching and that is why you know hollywood is about teaching and education but it is educational with nonsense now this um particular movie i do not like how you know what the pressure was saying it was wrong and you know um it actually does not put preachers or christianity in a good light now there are um native uh native americans in this movie of course you know because of wokeness so the casting now changes you know everybody now has two castes either african-american or native american primarily african-americans you know that is who they always want to attack cast but in this movie it centers on you know native americans and of course um this is very unfortunate the story could have gone a different way apparently you know it will seem this movie is um from australia you know this particular movie it's the same is from australia but of course hollywood you know basically rules all of western media and its networks and distribution channels you know uh old shrouds you know the world and they have a lot of influence on the stories like for example netflix netflix put setting guidelines in place in the name of inclusion and in the name of oh um source not to offend anybody you can't include this you can't include that and of course you know for certain studios they already have their in-house guidelines that is people know you know the distributors know um this studio is never going to put out this kind of content you know or they have made such kinds of agreements you see so that is why um you see a uniformity in certain things for example you can never watch an american movie that the russia erosion is putting a good light and you can go back you can go back and see movies from the 70s 80s 90s the 2000s till now there is not one movie that puts russia in a good light that was made in america or that is distributed by hollywood not so one it is not a coincidence but people don't observe distance you know so you can't tell me that there are not many russians in america and none of them have ever ventured into filmmaking or none of them have ever decided to write a story or even somebody that is known russian you know you cannot tell that the non-russian have not decided to write a story that features a russian character not even about the nation russia or the interaction between russia and america no we are not talking about that but i'm talking about a russian character somebody dies offroad that that came from russia you know it's in the movie you know the movie does not have anything to do with you know um the politics of russia and america you see that movie you know will puts the russian in a negative light of course you know there are few russian models who have natural lives as american you know or who i have from russia you know and you know the movie in the movie they are presented as american citizens however the character the actor or the actress that is playing that part is a russian that is not what i'm talking about i'm talking about a character where we know that in the movie the character you know is a is a native of russia you know and then that character is put in any good light it is never done you know so we must be mindful of this and this is why christians must you know take charge of the entertainment landscape you know it's very important that we do so if we do not do so you know the darkness will continue and you know it's not just with issues like this you know there is a bigger scheme that the devil is planning you know so be wise now if you like to be a part of what we plan to do to take over the entertainment industry reach out to us on you know if you like to start your own entertainment studio your own movie studio you know crystal movie studio christian video games studio christian music studios your status you know just start it don't worry about the how just take the first step when you take the first step you'll see that i can take a second and then he did and then he thought you know just just keep on going god is with you you know have faith take that first step of faith thank you and god bless you if you haven't given your life to christ also god's afraid of vip salvation prayer is there you know it's a very shampoo link is in the main menu click it and a page of command has a browser which you can see that print give your life to christ thank you and god bless you

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