Why Tom Macdonald Is Better Than & Would Be Remembered Above Eminem : Alfred Speaks


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 hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about why tom mcdonald is better and is going to be remembered more and much higher than eminem and the reason is quite simple you see what does eminem rap about same controversial things this is somebody that became famous for insulting his mom i'm saying that he's going to kill his his wife you know he just if jumble of cliches when you take away the shock factor now we have skill and talent with trap but what is he communicating and this is one key difference between biggie and super you know in as much as um to pack um lyrics um was not helpful he is a guy that promoted dog life but he sees certain things that address certain issues he spoke to people but bicky just rhymed big just had skills you know tobacco was more of a complete package but it's about the fact that he had a message you know the message may not have been the right message because the the message of dog life is not a good message it is not for the advantage of african americans or anybody that talk like message is not a good message but he had a message and he stood for people who did not have a voice even though he gave them the right kind of voice and said you know something that was not the best for them to hear but he stood for something now in the case of eminem and um mcdonough tom mcdonald what does eminem stand for just saying crazy stuff and now it has become expected the shock value has won away and now it's all about skill and of course um all that has on on his campus people who are afraid to say that you know he's the greatest rapper in life or you know he's number one when it comes to um rap and skills of course that's the position that tom mcdonald is going to take from him and i'm and i'm saying that for a reason because you know the establishment is against tom mcdonald he doesn't get promotion he doesn't get all that big um approval from the media from artists and all of that but his numbers don't lie in spite of the censorship he is where he is and at the end of the day the musicians or the artists that are remembered are the ones that was opposed by the establishment the people who who said what the people wanted to hear what was the voice of the people you know or what presented itself to be the voice of the people people like um bomali you know very establishment was against them at least in their time that is the situation with the eminem and the tom mcdonald said if tom mcdonald continues on his parents especially if he can make records that's you know a good song beyond the social um issues topics that he deals with if he can make music on that level that's you know also hits and you know um top top songs on different topics you know that um goes he would clearly be established him so far above eminent but as it is now people like eminem will be forgotten even now there are a lot of people because you know of eminem's race who do not want to give him his props

so what about then by tom mcdonald is in a place where you know he doesn't need props or um validation or upliftment from the black lives matter crowd or from white people from um the establishments hip-hop world you know those who call the shots you know he has put himself in a position where he's kind of like a voice and an important voice for white people you know that is how it would seem you know that is how he has presented himself it doesn't mean that he's actually that voice you know there is a part of tom mcdonald that is playing the fence which is dangerous in itself you know he's neither left or right he's trying to work the first but you know as god said if you're never hot no could i spit it out of my mouth that in itself that walking defense thing is a deception in itself but still todd mcdonald you know has put himself in that position however what i would do and you know what um has to be done is to put christians in positions where they are above both of these people when it comes to the music and in how they are remembered you know christians need to take the lead and take the charge you know to influence and really um control culture there are people who are against christian celebrities the very definition of a christian is is being popular

being the light of the world you cannot be the light of the world if you are not popular you cannot be the light of the world if you are not a greater light than the celebrities are because the celebrities are the ones who are shining the darkness of their foolishness to the world they are the ones who have the influence they are the ones that people are looking onto their ones that people are copying they are the ones that are influencing the youths the young people the children the celebrities are we need to replace that with the christians in different fields and you know in different worlds you know so that is why it's important for us to take over acting you know in the entertainment industry for the political world and everything and um education and the rest it's important that we christians take over all of that that being said you know i would like you to

go to alfredo's vip if you haven't given your life to christ clearly salvation prayer link in the main menu or enjoy that repair you come out that has a pro salvation you know thank you and god bless you



- Michael Knowles REACTS To "BRAINWASHED" Music Video by Tom Macdonald: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-ladjYWVe8

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