Why The Future Of A Nation Can Only Be Secure When The Church Rules The Nation & Calls All The Shots : Kings & Queens - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to kings and queens i would like us to open our bibles to the book of matthew chapter 5 verse 14 i read you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid you see i want you to remember that you are the light of the world and that is just talking and this is for christians you know the scripture says in him was the light and the light was the light of men you know and the light shines in darkness and the darkness comprehended not understand that only christians have less light because the light is christ's so if you by having christ you have the light so you cannot have the lights without christ because christ is the light now i want to address um people who think specifically christians who think that it is not necessary that the person who is ruling is a christian you see what you are doing is subscribing to foolishness it is like marrying a serial killer knowing the person is a serial killer and expecting you know to have a happy life it is like marrying a drug dealer and expecting to have a peaceful life you know a lot of things that happen in life too that people experience it could be seen from the beginning you know you you cannot

jump into quicksand and expect everything to be okay you know now if um in in the aspect of walking on water you know um you are walking by faith and god you know it's you the holy spirit actually instructs your leads you towards that you know for a purpose perhaps there is somebody that is in this quicksand that is sinking and the holy spirit led you to walk into the quicksand and pull the person out if you are sure that that is your holy spirit leading you go ahead aside from that you are going to end up killing yourself and that person is going to also die you see so certain things are very obvious you cannot expect

darkness to lead you in the right direction you see christ is light and the only reason why you are the light of the world is because you have christ if you had to turn away from christ or to reject christ or to not walk in the light you will be walking in darkness by rejecting christ you'll be rejecting light and walking in darkness when the politician when the mayor of your city when the governor or when the president or the vice presidents when they seen it are not christians what do you expect them to do they will naturally do no christian things they will naturally do the works of darkness understand that the devil is is

is very hard working in the kingdom of satan they are big proponents of hard work hard work is not a virtue that is exclusive to good people as a matter of fact if a lot of the church and a lot of christians were hard-working their lives would be greatly improved the church would be in a much better place you know if we made hard work a very good principle but understand something in satan's kingdom there are a lot of people you know there's this thing there's no honor among thieves in satan's kingdom jesus made it very clear that demons do not cast out demons there is unity in the kingdom of darkness among devils of course there is the um satan replacing demons in positions like we we read in you know you can read up on daniel the prince of peshia the demon the demon principalities and powers in high places you know the the the demonic entity that was in charge of persia at that time was cast down of course it was said that the prince of greece will come so there was a replacement but that is something that happens when a demon feels when satan assigns a demonic principality to a power towards a setting tax and that demon fails satan can now um assign a different demon to that attack so a different principality to a different part to that task but there is unity satan ensures that there is unity in the kingdom of satan among devils not of course not among um human beings who are in darkness among human beings that who are in darkness you know all of them are figuring understand that the people who are worshiping devils to humans who are worshipping devils you know or worshiping demons or you know a loyal to them to the demons themselves the demon aims to destroy them too because jesus christ died for them too so it is not like um that fellow is working for the devil and he's going to target christians and destroy christians and you know the devil has his back no the devil wants to destroy him too because he is human because you see the the blood that was shot on the cross applies to him you know and not just because of that understanding the the fact that demons were created first and everything that satan wanted everything that lucifer wanted god has given above and beyond to man

lucifer when he was in um in heaven he was never seated in heavenly places with christ jesus he didn't even have any revelation of jesus

you know even now think about all the time that has passed and all these changes satan has not have any new revelation from god the best way that satan can have revelation is to listen to a christian preacher

because he has lost that connection with the holy spirit the holy spirit is called the captain of the host he is the one in charge of all the angels and since lucifer since he fell you know since he did what he did he had loved that connection with the holy ghost so the holy ghost is no longer his captain and there is no way for him to know or get any revelation from god you know so think about the the disadvantage that he knows that he's in because of that you know that's um you have to understand um these facts in as much as devils and demons you know want to destroy anything that is human you know of course um angels were created first you know and um man has been blessed with above and beyond you know we are actually higher than angels we have been so blessed you know and we are actually created in the image of god starting from their safe angels are not created in the image of god they are not in god's image but we are you know that in itself puts us in a completely different position that i'm i'm starting from other that is a completely different position so it already showed the plans of god ahead you know what what's god taught about man and his plans for her you know but you see um the devil will destroy his sin is to kill steal and destroy he hates all of mankind so now when somebody who does not have the light the person does not need to be consciously loyal to the devil

light and darkness understand that they are not um it's not like two different forces you know anywhere that light is absence is darkness if you take away the light what is remains there is darkness christ is light when you take away christ all you have there is darkness now darkness is the breeding ground for satan and the works of darkness and you know in as much as satan um does not have um authority and right and spread ultra darkness all of darkness is his territory and his place if you are in darkness you might make some right choices until satan or a demon shows up but when a demon shows up you are in his power because you do not have the light you do not have any protection you do not have anything to fight so he will start with deceiving you so the fact that a lot of you some of you who are listening to this you know who for those of you are not christians this may sound strange to you you know um are you saying that um anyone who is not a christian is you know basically um a toy in the pockets of of satan yes you see and understand that they are more angels and demons than they are human beings on this earth understand that they are more angels and demons than humans so think about the fellow that had legion and think about the people that have who are walking around who seem them up who have like five or ten demons inside them why are they not other people for those demons to possess and think about what and jesus said that when a demon is cast out of someone that that demon will gonna find other demons that are stronger than himself and all of them will now come together to enter just one person and of course if they do not find the light they do not find christ inside that person they can enter

and this is why some people lose their healing they go to church get healed and then after some time it comes back because they do not understand that there is the keeping of your healing it is not just getting healing there is keeping of your healing just like it is not only getting anointed you know getting the blessing the impartation of the anointing there is the stirring up the gift of god in you which i was supposed talked about you know when he told he wrote the timothy he said share the gifts of god that lives in you by the laying on of hands so a great man of god may have laid hands on you but what are you doing with that anointing and have do you understand the concept of stirring it up of course you you for a lot of you do not know how to stay tuned you start by exercising your spirit since like speaking in tongues fellowshipping you know psalms hymns and spiritual songs and when you do these things you must know the spiritual thing that is happening there's some people who just go to church and worship god but they do not it is not in their consciousness that this thing i'm doing is embodying me listening i'm doing is grooming this thing i'm doing it's like think about it like a video game you are you are getting warm up so yeah you know you are getting coins you know as you are going so it that that strengthening that is strengthening your split time building you up and making you more powerful you know so these are things that you have to know that is actually happening when you listen to the word of god or when you are worshiping you have to be conscious of this if you don't know that this is happening you will probably not get the blessing from it or sometimes you know you may stumble upon it and that is why sometimes um it may work it may not work you may be having that kind of christianity where sometimes prayers work sometimes it doesn't or sometimes you get blessed you know and you know sometimes you listen to let's say you have a problem in your body sometimes you listen to a semen he heals someone and you get healed some other times you listen to it and nothing happens it is because of distance you are not conscious of distance you know you have to grow in the knowledge of god and the understanding of spirituality and what is actually happening so um these are things you have to know but in any case you know um in riding up you have to understand you know what i explained about light and darkness you see saturn is all about destroying and if you're in darkness you are you are ready his free you are already in his pocket so all politicians any politician that is not a christian it is the same thing as satan ruling over that kingdom it is same thing that central ruling over that city and the same thing has sit down ruling over that country now of course like i explained about darkness satan does not have he's not the legal owner of all of darkness but that is his domain because it does not have chrysler he can do anything with people there he cannot play them and deceive them so that is why sometimes some politicians may you know on their own they may want to do good things but satan is they are in satan's pocket so satan can lie to them deceive them manipulate them any anyhow he pleases so even though they may be doing from time to time some nice sins they do not belong to god they are not born servants of christ they are not joint heirs with christ so there are satan's pockets satan has his mandate anywhere that is not ruled by god is ruled by somebody who wants to kill steal and destroy that is why you see corruption all over the place that is why you seek corrupt politicians because all those people there are children of the one whose mission is to still kill and destroy so they are killing stealing and destroy from that political position send starting ones that are unnecessary fighting against those who do not want to aid the military-industrial complex so that they can kill people and make money from from the ones that are being fought so that they can infiltrate nations and take away their natural resources they to steal their natural resources that is what those politicians do because they belong to the devil they do not have christ so that is why it is very important for christians to get into this position because all it takes is one political one one politician to give one reason and say because of social and so reason all tragedies must be closed like during the doctor you know nightclubs were opened but shushes were closed

in the name of the churches are going to be super spreaders you know that is where the virus is spread but in the night club you know most of these politicians we still go to brothels you know that one is not spreading the virus you see so um understand this you know there are certain things that you will do that you will you would reach more people that create a greater impact for the gospel than 1 000 years of doing traditional ministry ministry the way it was traditionally done you know which which i mean who established it god did not say that you must preach the gospel in one pattern actually said go into all the world so anyway that the gospel can leave point a and get to point b the gospel should be flowing through that channel whether it is movies whether it is cartoons whether it is storybooks whether it is even products you know laptops even if it is you start a laptop company and put the bible as a book that you know as an app that is compulsory inside it's you know the same way you know microsoft puts um certain softwares you know into all your computers you know even even ones that people do not use anymore like internet explorer which is a microsoft edge or whatever you know so um the same way that um people push forth all accents and you know they have their priorities we must have this priority which is the gospel and push this gospel make sure that you know it is everywhere you know that being said make sure you check out alfred.jip and if you've not given your lives of credit go to salvation pride at alfred vip thank you and God bless you

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