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What To Do If The Company You Work For Or Country You're In Says You Must Take The Vax or Else : Alfred Speaks


What To Do If The Company You Work For Or Country You're In Says You Must Take The Vax or Else : Alfred Speaks

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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to alfred speaks now if you are in a situation where the company work for it's telling you you have to take the vaccine the solution is very simple leave the company it is their loss start your own company now obviously legislation can be made to ensure that companies hire people who you know only take the vaccine you know they only have people who take the vaccine their calls for the need for legislation and it has to be something that we are up front about and we are quick about we have to take all the positions of authority this is what i have been saying for so long because this is a disaster this is the alteration of the human genes this is an enactment of human control this is a general slavery of the world this is the transformation of the world into a prison where some people rule over others you know you cannot take the vaccine it is simple and we need to ensure that future plans by several organizations that have such nefarious and eugenic ideologies do not take root we can see for the first time

so many different factors we have politics we have business we have sports all for the same one world agenda now what's going on that umbrella social justice you know when they want to push lgbt they push it together and they have they say the same things they have the same rhetoric you look at the tv channels they are saying the same thing you you look at the schooling system you know with the t-shirts union they have the same agenda so the simple solution to this is going after every position of authority and taking it it's all about pound control so this is not the time for you to start companies and give out majority of your shares to some bank or to some secular organization we must have control the saints must have control and this calls for the need for something like our friends friends where christians unite and start conglomerates where it is just christians that are in charge of the layers of the board of directors and everything and we shift the wealth of the world to the to the church we only buy products that are made from christian companies from companies that we know have a christian agenda and sponsor the advancement of the government of the gospel you know not the government or the world the world have created a system where the boycott companies that don't support lgbt that don't support blm that don't support whatever their next new agenda is you know all the companies have to align with that you know or else they'll boycott it even going as far as you know um the new york stock exchange saying that they will not register new companies if there are no people of color in the board of directors so you have to look for somebody that you know is of a setting can call to be in the board of directors this is an intentional shift of power we need to do that for the church and it's a matter of life and death the sooner the better that is the solution and that is something we must do now because it is only going to get worse a lot of you who are getting vaccinated you may be happy with what is going on and say that well all those other people you know um because you are among the vast the people that have been vaccinated and you think it is okay you may look at it as well it's okay let them go after those who are not being vaccinated and force them to be vaccinated but sooner or later you know and it's more sooner than later your other rights will be infringed upon your disrespect for other people's rights and your and when they're coming after them you know and you're ignoring it you know if you believe in the vaccine then why do you care that somebody else doesn't take the vaccine according to you it protects you if you believe in a vaccine and you are your children have taken the vaccine why are you concerned about somebody else who didn't take the vaccine you are the same people who say that why are people concerned about other people what other people do in their bedroom you know they let and people began all of that well if you believe that the vaccine protects you from the virus then why are you concerned about other people not taking a vaccine it is their life and it is their body their choice whatever happened to my body my choice you no longer believe in that and first of all when it applies to abortion the body inside your body is not your body you know for pregnant women so you cannot actually use the my body my choice argument for um supporting abortion but you can't use it actually for for refusing to take the vaccine you know so um to do sense out there you need to understand this when the righteous rule there is rejoicing but when the evil rule there is money and there is going to be greater money if evil people continue to rule and occupy all the positions of power and they are the only ones who are the captains of industry thank you and god bless you 

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