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Vivo, Sony Pictures Animation's first-ever musical adventure featuring all-new original songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda, will take audiences on an epic adventure to gorgeous and vibrant locations never before seen in animation.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie vivo well that actually sounds like a type of phone and you know it probably you know it's a phone series but in any case this um apparently it must not be trigger marks but this is sony pictures you know animations first ever musical you know their first ever musical adventure according to them and it's very interesting they want to get in on the action of course pixar disney you know those folks are actually um doing very interesting things in that direction and since disney bought fox you know the only other studio was fox animation when it comes to big studios that was actually going in this direction but um it goes without saying that there's a lot of opportunity in this um space and we christians should take advantage of that you know it's really since that this kind of movie targets children you know who does is saying i believe from the jesuits that's um give us your child when he's seven and he'll be a just suit for life you know there is something about training a child that if you understand how to train a child they will never change you know it will be really difficult for them to change almost impossible for them to change there's a reason why jihadists you know they start training them from childhood and you know they are willing to die and explode themselves for what they believe they have been trained that way as a child you know so getting people to believe an ideology when they are children is really a market that most people are going after and you know people understand or are beginning to understand the importance of that and that's why you see the drug screen drug um queen story hour that the lgbt crowd are going hard after you know they want to indoctrinate children into lgbt and that is also what you see with the school systems and you see the lower ages you know when they are always pushing for lower areas to say oh let us teach um kids you know that are in kindergarten about sex education you know what is a child in kindergarten knowing about sex education you know recently a news reporter i believe for the new york times or so you know say that there should be a children friendly version of porn how can there be a children friendly version of porno to introduce children to porn why would you want to first of all introduce children to porn and how can you make a children like what kind of talk is that what is a children friendly version of porn there's no such thing it cannot be done you know i mean i mean why are you even thinking in that direction why would you even say that

you know it's it's it's crazy you know so but we need to um realize the importance of going after kids you know with the right ideology with ideologies that make them respect their parents if you watch movies or cartoons movie you know anything entertainment that has been made from probably 2000 the year 2000 especially like 2010 downloads you will notice that when a parent is there you know a lot of the stories the parent is either in the wrong or believe something that is terrible or there is always friction between the parents and the child and at the end of the day the child disobeyed the parents will lead the child in the right direction that is a very terrible thing you know when the child disobeys the prayer and the prayer the child lands in the correct destination at the end of the day perhaps the parents do not want the child to chase the child's dream of being this but the child wants to be that you know the child goes and then at add energy the child succeeds that is not a good thing to keep remaking and remaking and always showing flaws in parents and preparing parents as the villain

when you watch movies you will notice what i'm telling you some of you may think that know that um parents are supporting figures in movies no you know there's some times where the parents will risk life and limb to save the child in some movies but that is when they still you know the the child is still you know um below the age of 13 or 12 in the movie you know but when it comes to teenagers and older there's always friction between parents and children on what way where they will go and the answer for the children is always disobedient even in some cases where the the prayers may give some good advice you know there will always be that position for disobedience and where disobedience lands the child in the right direction this is intentional it is just like you cannot watch an american movie that puts a russian in a good light there is no american movie or sitcom or series in spite of how many are being made where a russian is putting a good light you can't find it it is intentional you know such a thing cannot be a coincidence so you have to be mindful you know of of of these things and these tricks you know this is all about mind control you know abraham lincoln once said you know that's to

you know that the mindsets of of of a classroom in one generation in the mindset of the nation in the next well there are people who are outside the educational system that you need to program to and the way to that is through entertainment true news true sports that is why sports has gone work

you see because sports is now also one of the ways to push forth messages so you now have to subscribe to the blm ideology the pro lgbt ideology and all of that even via sports they are pushing for their message they are pushing for their politics you know for your slavery and for control you know now let me just read um the description of this um vivo the vivosoni pictures animations first of a musical adventure featuring all new original songs from lee manuel miranda who take audiences on an epic adventure to gorgeous and vibrant locations never before seen in animation vivo shoes follows a one of a kind king kaju aka a rain forest honey bee who spends his days play music to crowds in a lively square with his beloved owner andres though they may not speak the same language vivo and andres are the perfect jewel through their common love of music but when tragedy strikes shortly after andres receives a letter from the famous marital scandova inviting her or partner to her favorite concerts with the hope of reconnecting it's up to vivo to deliver a message that andreas never could a love letter to mata written long ago in the form of a song yes in order to get some mata who lives a world apart vivo would need the help of gabi an energetic twin who bounces to the beat of her own off-beat drum to fulfill his owner's wishes you know this is very

interesting of course it is um

unrealistic but then again it is a cartoon you know a 3d cartoon though so what will one expect so it's also um goes without saying why can't this guy deliver the message himself you know and by the way is it now that he's old that he wants to you know tell somebody that's well 30 years ago 50 years ago i actually had feelings for you but i was never courageous enough to tell you and even now he isn't apparently you know because we are not explained why he why he did not send this message himself you know what there is specific reason why he could not go himself you know and at least we do not know all not just that even if he can still make a phone call you know no matter the time he he can still make a phone call there's no excuse for that you know if he cannot physically go and is it now you know after so many years what makes him think that she has not lived her own life had children and all of that and going on so is this really necessary and if at this stage he's still not courageous is it wise for her to be in a relationship with somebody who is a coward on this level you know who has been a card all his life you know that that is basically what it is so it is not even a good fit you know it is not wise for for the woman to actually embrace social message you know and you know there is much to be said about the um issue of giving cartoon characters animal characters human characteristics because then it puts humans and animals on the same plane you know when you put animals and humans you have to be careful what you do so you don't put it like humans and animals are equals and you can see that kind of mental problem that is affecting a lot of young people today who are in the um business of food don't eat animals and you know the people who are always calling their animals their babies you know they call their dogs their babies they think of their dogs as their family and refer to them as their babies their children and all of that that is um crazy that is dangerous and that that is bad because you are now degrading the image of god which is the image of a human you are degrading it and putting it in the same class with animals that do not work well for you that is not a good mentality or mindset to have that being said you know we christians need to take over

animation you know it's interesting that sony pictures has been in animation for how long for so many years yet this is their first ever musical and of course it's a decision made of finances interestingly in spite of how many millions of christians are out there how many christian movies will they make you know i understand that the christian studio uh made um moses the story center of moses you know called prince of egypt and of course there is um um some other movie of that but even that is dangerous for the world to be making such movies because then we have the awardee perspective and the money we go to the world which the world will now use to make secular music movies and movies that do that have their own agenda so that is not good and also gives the church you know the the the the the ones who create the entertainment for the church at the world which is terrible the church should be in charge of that and not just in charge of entertainment for the church but that for the world you know so and those are things that you have to understand and keep in mind if you would like to be a part of what we are planning to take over the entertainment um landscape griffiths and alfredo vip we are looking forward to hearing from you also if you like to give your life to christ because the salvation prayer does alfredo vip thank you and god bless you

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