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Vaccine Passport Police In France : Paris News Updates



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Vaccine Passport Police In France : Paris News Updates

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about the situation in france you know there are videos circulating online of the police in france going around asking people for their vaccine passports you know there's something that has been talked about this is something that pastor christian said will be done since last year and it was not a matter of prophecy it was a matter of league documents interestingly there are people who still do not believe the things that the christian economy said last year or even the things that alec jones have been saying for so many years you know a lot of people still don't believe it you know there are those who it's an interesting form of blindness and skills on people's eyes you know there are those who either they never had it or they were given a skewed concept of it you know like they told they said something else so all these things you know for some of us who have been listening we know that wow what these people said is not happening but to most people their eyes are still not open perhaps they were like to or they never heard about you know what what we'll see but you know you need to start looking for the truth yourself you need to understand that the media um channels especially the mainstream media channels aligned to it they are all about propaganda you know they are all about programming and how they want you to think so their owners can bring forth their will and their agenda to the world so you need to be realistic about this now this vaccine passport in spite of the fact that it is clear that

those who are giving this um

vaccine are still spreading it according to um reports which you know and this is something that was said before people attacked those who said it's on online that you know people are saying chris you know believe i believe he said that the vaccines are not you know that that um at the point he said something like that like that the vaccines are not you know um

now the media is not admitting that even if you have the vaccine you can still spread so if you still wear masks and you should still observe social distance you know in spite of that foolishness you know why are you forcing people first of all you are telling me that people who who have the vaccine are still spreading the virus so why is there a vaccine why do you still have to pay the vaccine and this shows the grip that big farmer has on politicians and on the nations of the world and on organizations like the world health organization they are making trillions of dollars from this because these vaccines are not free your nations are going into debt you know the politicians are being paid by putting their nations in debt i'm signing all kinds of conditions a lot of um african nations are giving up a lot of their natural resources and their national treasures and a lot of their companies you know that belongs to the nation you know they are giving it to these globalists so they are actually making you pay for your own debts these are the same people who you know want to depopulate the earth and you trust them with the vaccine now you see france in the situation where the vaccine passport is a kind of 666. the vaccine password is basically performing the function of the mark of the beast you see with these restrictions on travel restrictions on buying and selling and doing business and all of that you know all of these things were said since last year paso christian we talked about it now we see it's happening in france we see uh san francisco wants to bring it to um america joe biden has talked about this but he said that um um people may not like it you know he's looking at the trump crowd you know american citizens who will be against it but of course in democrats intense place places like san francisco which have the highest concentration of lgbt and that is the center of where lgbt and all the pride parade and all the gay people you know really and culminated those are the people that want to enforce

the um vaccine passports in america then how long will it be before it goes to other nations and then they start telling people show your proof of vaccination before you can enter this venue show your proof of vaccination before you can you enter the supermarket share proof of fascination before i can enter the gym before you can you know go to a concert to go and see a movie and all of that you see

if the people do not take back power

it is just mass slavery understand that the mark of the beast itself can be forced on you it is your duty to say no death is better than that remember that in the days in the editing of the church that shows death it was it was an option remain a christian and die or give up your christianity and leave but i looked at it and said no life without christ is death life without christ is empty jesus said don't be afraid of man that can only kill your body but you know god who can kill both body and soul the christians choose to remain in christ and even though they lost their physical bodies you know their fleshly bodies that is they gained life you see they actually choose a life over death but the world didn't see that we when they were being shown to lions when they been tonight's under their christians who their skins were spilled their skins were removed from their bodies that is a terrible way to die and this was done in the most painful way did the understand that people then experimented with how to kill people in in painful ways that is why it seems like the iron lungs and other um equipments were created it was not just about killing people but how can we kill people in a way that they will suffer the most and a lot of christians were used as experiments you know and they were killed in the worst way possible but they refused to be separated from the lord of god in the same way we should be ready for such things but we have an opportunity to fight now we can still fight so we must do all that we can to make sure that this government tyranny doesn't go on there are folks who are saying that there's nothing wrong with the vaccine where they serve with the um vaccine passports you know they look at it in the district help us what is a good thing understand that the devil always has a lie to tell if you're a fool if you're a fool and you you cannot you you you do not value freedom and you have no insights you do not understand history you you you are you are you are immoral you know the devil will always have a light to tell you there are people who are who are like oh well this is for the for the good of all the people this is for the safety of the people you know and um let them just get the vaccine passport so that we know everybody is fascinated the vaccines do not work then why do why does the government force you to take it what is the vaccine really about people who have the vaccines are still getting the virus and are still spreading the virus so why are you forcing people that they have to take the vaccine and they must have vaccine passports and at the same time you are now saying that ids should not be required for voting people should not have to show voter ids for them to vote you know what is wrong with you you know this kind of thing says a lot about you know um people's iq people need to be smart and learn to think otherwise you know it is nothing but trouble for people that will you know um ensue that being said you know um we must all pray and we must all take action you know do what you can pray ask god for direction on what you would do to fight against the government's authoritative narrative because this is just the starting point there are other requirements and other things that do we force and they will demand of you you know that is a fact that being said let us pray in jesus name oh lord father thank you for this he will bless your name for your love for your guidance for all you've done in our lives further we bring before you the nations of the world we pray love fire regarding these vaccine passwords we'll prove those further that they shall be brought sweet clothes they shall be brought to an end i pro laws further that christians are going to rise up and in the name of jesus christ they are going to teach for the gospel they are going to teach this word of god and people's eyes are going to be opened up they are going to see the lies of the government they are going to see the deception of the mainstream media and all these left-wing media channels they will see the lies and the propaganda of the facebook of the owners of all the social media companies that are doing what they can to fight against freedom to enslave the people in the name of jesus i promise father that this vaccine passport is not going to become law internationally in the name of jesus i pray lord father there's going to be a strong enough pushback against this vaccine possible because this is a human rights violation i prologued further that all plans of the devil all pre-arranged plans of all these globalist elites they are going to be destroyed they are going to be brought to not in the name of jesus thank you lord father in jesus name amen thanks for joining me with that prayer remember to check out and you know if you've not given your life to christ go to salvation thank you


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