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Time Is Up : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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An accident forces Vivien and Roy to come to a stop and try to reclaim their lives one minute at a time to start living in the present.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie time is up now let me just read the official description it says an accident forces vivian and roy to come to a stop and try to reclaim their lives one minute at a time to start living in the presence now this movie based on australia is somewhat of a love story and you know it is this kind of um a love story that begins with sex you know in this case just two people meet and you know uh they don't have any memory of the night before and you know is the question of the they both um um a question did they spend the night together or not you know but something developed from that and it would appear you know um based on the trailer there is a possibility that they didn't bet for some strange reason they think they did you know which obviously will be revealed in the movie the trailer has some kind of crazy concepts and you know um you know we live in a world where people believe a lot of strange things there is the new world um you know the new age folks with their doctrines and their beliefs you know which is actually speaking um stuff from different religions and belief systems and forming their own thing you know and you know there are all kinds of people there are crazy people who believe in zodiac signs and you know they believe that the alignment of the moons and the stars and when people are born determine their destinies and all kinds of things like that you know which is you know not wise you know it is not um the way to go such things um are not deciding factors to one's destinies and understand that destiny is changed you know you can change your destiny at any time you know with any choice that you make as a matter of fact every single choice that you make has an influence on your destiny you know there is your god-given destiny what god wants you to do you know but however you can choose anything you want you can choose to go with god's destiny for you and god's destiny for you is not based on fits because faith now as in fkte people um when people are referring to that they are talking about you know things just a line just meant to happen that is not the way it works that is not how god structures stuff you know when it comes to your destiny god has a plan for you which is revealed in his word

you see he has given you a mission your mission is to win source the great commission how you do it you know will depend on what the holy spirit tells you and how the holy spirit leads you you know the holy spirit will make it known to you the bible said the spirit of truth will guide you into all truths so if you do not have the holy spirit you you are not even in a position to start living there a lot of people who are living their life they have lived 20 30 years without the holy spirit they don't even have christ that is terrible so how do you even know what direction you are going how do you know that your the direction you are going is the right direction you know you are just going you know so that is unfortunate but um god does not work with faith as an fate faith is not the hand of god you know if since um if um events align in such a way that something advantageous happens to you that is not that is not the way god works

you know there are people who look at things like it's like this cannot be a coincidence so many things line up and it turns out for their good understand there's the there's god putting his hand into things that are going the wrong way and making it work together for good that is the meaning of god god you know making things work together for good for them that love god for them that are called according to his purpose that means they were not originally going in the direction for that person's good but god aimed intervened and changed that that is different from the whole thing is god it's just like people who preach about joseph you know joseph who are sold into slavery in egypt and there are people who think that part of his destiny was for him to be betrayed by his brothers and sold into slavery that is not so you see you may say that if he was not sold he would have not have become you know he would he would not have um grown in you know the house of the egyptian leader you know and if he did if that did not happen you know the encounter with the guy's wife and then going to jail and then interpreting the dream and then going to become under the forum you know becoming prime minister of egypt all of that would not have happened if it did not follow that no that is the influence of god understand something

joseph was having dreams

before he was sold into slavery god was speaking to him through dreams and also giving him the interpretation of dreams as a matter of facts

even in cases where um he did he did not give his brothers the interpretation his brothers understood the interpretation you know for example you know the the the hair binds you know to him and all of that that's you know the moon and all of that when you look at the dreams yourself did not give them a direct interpretation but they understood what it meant that it meant that they bowed to him let us say that his brothers were not jealous if his brothers were not jealous god speaking to joseph through dreams don't you think when that time of farming came it would have been joseph who had that dream

if his brothers were humble they would not have been jealous

they would be like well if it is the lord's releases the lord's will if it's not the lord's will he's wasting his time so what so why why do we even bother let's just go ahead with our life and do what is right why would we think of killing our brother selling our brother into slavery if they had gone along with it that dream understand something as a matter of fact

the the information that the um the affair of egypt had about that dream you know and that somebody should tell him what the dream was and give him the interpretation understand that god revealed that dream what the dream was to joseph so what makes you think that god will not have revealed that dream to joseph had joseph never been been um sold into slavery that dream would have been revealed to joseph you know as a matter of fact it would have been joseph because that dream came from god what will god even have to do you know talking with with pharaoh as a matter of fact that would not even really be important you know that is another matter that dream the same way god still gave it to him gave him still gave joseph that dream and gave him the interpretation in the same way he would have gotten that dream and that interpretation in israel and guess what would have happened that would have been israel's opportunity to become the greatest nation in the world because run out and egypt and pharaoh stacking up food for seven years waiting for seven years of of of lack where the whole world will not have to come to beg egypt for food which gives egypt an opportunity to rise above every other nation which is what happened there the tables would have done and that is when jacob joseph and his brothers would have been the kings of the world in that period because all right all that people that included all the egyptians the jews would have never been slaves in egypt but you see because of what the seven tr you can see because of what the tribes of israel did they sold their brother into slavery at the end of the day their descendants became slaves in that egypt and that is the funny thing about the sins that you do it comes back you know if they had not done that joseph would have had the dream and the interpretation and then his father jacob would have prepared and said okay let us stack food for seven years that will be enough for not just us but for all the people and all the nations that will come to us that would have put israel

it would have made them the greatest nation and they would have never had to leave israel and come back to israel you see a lot of the problem in this in this world when it comes to jews and israel is because of that they are leaving and coming back because when they left other people occupied that land if they had never left they would not have had to come face jericho you know after how many years of slavery they would not have come and they started all the fighting and continuous fighting for that land it would have always been theirs because right from abraham isaac jacob it would have never left so the sons of ishmael would have never entered or other people would have never entered at different points in time and say that well we were here at this time so it is our land and all that fighting would not have been and israel would have been the most powerful nation in the world at that time and if they had become the most powerful nation in the world at that time and this they had kings that are leaders that were faithful to god it would never have changed and imagine the influence of you know judeo-christian values all over the world and imagine the peace and the love and how the world would have been so this is something you have to understand you know um you need to be smart and don't think that faith you know god works with faith no don't have that mentality of whatever will be will be you know um if you want um good things to happen you have a very interesting role to play in it the bad makes it clear you know your hand and your involvement is in it um a great man of god once said that don't let anything good happen to you

you see and let me explain what that means don't let anything good happen to you because if you are letting good things happen to you it is outside of you you have no influence over it it is a good thing that happened to you something good happened to you you did not contribute something just good happened to you you do not influence what happens to you it is not you that did anything that brought that good thing a good thing happened to you in the same way bad things can happen to you and good things happening to you is based on chance in that same way but if you live by the word of god based on the word of god you know

you'll be like a tree planted by the sea whose leaves do not wither so you know that if it's based on your obeying the word of god good things are meant to happen to you so it is your obedience to the word of god that is making good things happen to you it is not good thing just randomly happening to you you are creating it your path you are in charge of the path in front of you by hanging on to the one who is greater than all by standing on the rock by building your house on the rock which is christ's you see so um it's very important that you understand um this concept but in any case back to this this movie um time is up um though the idea of romance and love that keeps on being pushed um you can see it is wrong and terrible and it will not help anybody it is very important for christians you know to be in charge of um the entertainment industry and when it comes to writing acting you know producing directing and all of that you know we must plan to take over all of hollywood because right now hollywood is a tool it is not about entertainment you know hollywood is not about entertainment do not be deceived you know hollywood is not about entertainment it is about um controlling and manipulating the minds of the masses you know television programming is about programming programming the vision of the people programming what people see and what people perceive you know they the power to make good look um evil and evil look good which is what we see with the lgbt and a whole lot of nonsense that is going on and we and and the mother look at dr farci you know somebody that's evil somebody that is so responsible falsey and bill gates have been as responsible for more debts than osama bin laden

you see these guys even kumu who his treatment you know just because of them trying to look good you know and trying to look better than um trump and you know the leftist media up held him and said oh it is an icon of leadership oh this is what the leader looks like this is what a great leader looks like now they want to attack him for um regarding you know mistreating women and you know sexually abusing women and law that they have ignored all that he did that led to the killing the deaths of many people in new york in the guise of this um coveted nonsense

this guy puts patients you know in um old people's homes you know that way um

you know that way that had a virus and had different issues you know he just created a jumble of sense you know i just put it on new york you know so much

nonsense which led to the loss of lies he is responsible in a large part for this deformed police movement he showed the police in new york no support you know he did all kinds of crazy things but yet he is considered a great man the only thing that um to the leftist extent is because of the allegations of sexual misconduct

and nowadays that we live in a world where you know an allegation of sexual misconduct is basically the same thing as rip if a woman says um this guy looked at me inappropriately or this guy touched me inappropriately that is the same thing as rape and you know his life he's ruined his career you know all of that nobody cares about proof anymore you know and even biden appointed the person that biden appointed you know to you know to be one of his or to be in um to run one of his um um arms of government you know one of the different um i would say um sub programs in his um administration you know is a lady who actually fought you know she tried to make it that if a man is accused of sexual misconduct he will not have the right to have an authority which is against the american constitution so if a woman accuses a man that this man rapes me he does not have the light the the right of legal representation this is what she wanted but apparently clearly you know for now there is enough common sense in america for that not to have gone through but that is what these people are about they live in in in a jumbled up crazy you know mixed up world and you know all of this goes to and so with the kind of media you know that is put out there what they are getting from schools what they are getting from these little racist groups that people belong to you know racist groups like black lives matter and the rest of them there are racist groups all over the place you know the the kind of things that goes into critical race theory and all kinds of feminist nonsense you know which is all about claiming that men are the problem of the world and everything you know that is wrong with this what it came from and and this is what is thought that causes people go to harvard to learn and get degrees in feminism feminism and gender stories the story of how they are a myriad of genders and now gender is based on who someone has sex with which is crazy you know to be classifying people this is um um how in the world is lesbian agenda

how in the world is gay agenda you know if a man sleeps with another man how does that not become a gender

how did who someone have sex with so okay now if someone has sex in only this position only that position or prefer this position to having sex should we not create genders out of it what relationship does who someone is sleeping with have to do with gender you see but um this is the nonsense that these people push when i well they don't even care that it is not making sense they don't even have enough resisting capacity at this point you don't know that to see this the insanity of what they teach but they keep on pushing the time see the more they push these kinds of nonsense in movies and everything else the more we are going to see ourselves moving into a a dystopia deeper and deeper and people will be drifting further and further away from the truth and away from hope and only christ is who christ in you the hope of glory you you and i have to do what we can to move as fast as possible

to take this world with the gospel take all of entertainment and every other you know um tina out there going into the world every every every aspect of the world politics educational system the different religions of the world keep in mind the lgbt and the ideology are going into different religions you know there are people who are in so many different regions that have accepted lgbt even different denominations in christianity that have embraced they are certain denominations in christianity where the pastors and the general versions of those ministries are lesbians and they are out and you know that is what they come out and that is what they now advocate the next thing when when they when the world has moved on from lesnar and said that people should worship satan i guess not justice will now take away jesus and say let us worship satan

i'm sure perhaps they will probably call him lucifer so but um um we need to be wise we need to be wise that being said if you like to be a part of what we are um planning regarding taking over the entertainment landscape all around the world you know one country is not enough the whole world and beyond you know even if um the time command starts living on other planets we will also take out we will also take control of the educational system and the entertainment system on those parts on those planets you know so um it's very important let's use all of this that being said if you're not giving a large request go to salvation and you know say the salvation prayer day you know thank you god bless you

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