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“History, drama, and passion as effervescent as the resilient LeBlanc women and the champagne that bears their name. I highly recommend!”

—Karen White, New York Times bestselling author

In this captivating story of resilience, three generations of women battle to save their family’s vineyard from the ravages of WWII.

Champagne, 1939

Gabrielle Leblanc Dupree is taking her family’s future into her hands. While she should be preparing for a lavish party to celebrate two centuries of champagne making, she secretly hides Chateau Fouchรฉ-Leblanc’s most precious vintages behind a fake wall in the cellar in preparation for the looming war. But when she joins the resistance, the coveted champagne isn’t the most dangerous secret her cellar must conceal…

A former Parisian socialite, Gabrielle’s mother, Hรฉlรจne, lost her husband to another war. Now her home has been requisitioned by the Germans, who pillage vineyards to satisfy the Third Reich’s thirst for the finest champagne. There’s even more at stake than Hรฉlรจne dares admit. She has kept her heritage a secret…and no one is safe in Nazi-occupied France.

Josephine, the family matriarch, watches as her beloved vineyard faces its most difficult harvest yet. As her daughter-in-law and granddaughters contend with the enemies and unexpected allies in their midst, Josephine’s deep faith leads to her own path of resistance.

Across years and continents, the Leblanc women will draw on their courage and wits, determined against all odds to preserve their lives, their freedom and their legacy…

A must-read novel from Love Inspired: Stories to Uplift and Inspire.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the book the widows of champagne it's written by rhys ryan let me read the official description okay history drama and passion as refresh sense as the really sensitively black women and the champion that breaks your name i feel i had okay that is just um comments from karen whitey new york times best-selling auto now to get to the description itself in this captivating story of relations three generations of women batsui to save their family's vineyard from the ravages of world war ii champion 1939 gabriel leblanc dubri dupree is taking her family's future into her hands while she should be preparing for a lavish party to celebrate two centuries of champagne making she secretly hides shatsu flaunts leblanc's most precious vintages behind a fake wall in the cellar in preparation for the looming world but when she joins the resistance the converted champion isn't the most dangerous secrets her seller must conceive the former parisian socialites gabrielle's mother helene lost her husband to another now her home has been requisitioned by the germans who pillaged vineyards to satisfy the third rights test for their for the finest champagne there is even more at stake than helene's dare admits she has kept her heritage secrets and no one is safe from nazi occupies france justifying the family matriarch washes assad beloved vineyard faces his most difficult harvest yet as her daughter and granddaughters contend with the enemies and unattended allies in the midst jeffers josephine's defeats leads to her own part of resistance

across years and continuously black women will draw on their courage rates determine blah blah blah blah blah blah look first of all let me explain something your synopsis or description should be short and it should be captivating enough you know someone said that if you cannot write your your business plan on the back of a complimentary card in one sentence then perhaps you know your business plan is too complicated you know your synopsis or your description needs to be short you know people are browsing through different books you know either in a store perhaps on a website and you know people's attention puns are shots not these you know so you must have something captivated even before people's attention spans and became shots for a description or a synopsis you know you must keep it like um at most ten sentences you know five you know it's optimal you know keep keep it short in any case this story first of all this is um

under what used to be a christian line within harley quinn you know love inspired however this story has so many issues with it so much as child is the author is trying to put so much in and tell very little there is no action there is really little nothing to be said about the plot you know do you do you want to just paint a picture of nazi germany's impact on france this is not non-fiction this is fiction so keep things about the characters you know and you know the action the the trust and the troubles they face and what they do to overcome those troubles and you know the back and forth between the what they try to do to overcome the troubles and what happens as a result of their actions or whatever people do you know as a result of their actions you know so that back and forth it has to be interesting and really engaging now the concept of women being farmers in nazi germany you know and apparently this is very interesting because three generations of women what happened to the men

you know you should have explained you know did they did they all die and what's the this is the problem with feminism feminism just destroys everything so now these women they are all they are all farmers managing a great vineyard that is you know in charge of champagne and then the they are obviously going towards fight against the dreamers who want um the finest champagne on what you know that is healing with them so what is this story about and you know um and as much as the characters may be interested in in champagne the reader is more interested in the in the characters so you see the heart string what um could be lost you know should be the people's lives when it comes to writing a novel the danger comes with death that somebody may die for example a story may be about you know someone wanting to be successful a successful wall street broker or let's like in this case you know they want to preserve wine that is old and you know they don't want the nazis to get ahold of it that may be what matters to them but what is that of any interest to a reader you know we don't have that same interest first of all you have to get the readers interested in the story and then you have to put the characters lives in danger so that is what is actually driving the story you know you did not put okay is that something for example let's say the nazis find the wine which this entire plot is about if the nazis find the wine would they kill the girls no

based on what they said they are just going to take the wine so it is not even like there is um any danger that the audience is interested in you know it is not life threatening when you watch most movies if the hero or the you know the the protagonist doesn't do certain things right he could die or he could lose a loved one so that is actually what is helping to drive the story on an emotional standpoint oh if this guy doesn't win this fight or if this guy doesn't do this or he could die or somebody could you know below so that is what actually helps to drive a story there must be the the danger aspect that has to do with you know

loss but not the character losing something that matters to only them but it would matter to people on the general on a broader level and that is human life you know so especially when you are dealing with nazis so i wonder why you did not go towards that area now you talked about um a secret about her heritage so that probably means that she's probably of jewish heritage now that is interesting that would have been more interesting you know that should have been a more centered focus that you should have also experienced on if if you are you know trying to reveal and map the plot around that you know as a matter of fact it is best if you know um you also put you know a romantic situation you know like a nazi falling in love with a jew you know that is very interesting of course in that kind of situation the perhaps they not see the spy you know because a jew is not going to with too high scope and fall in love with the nazi you know but perhaps the nazis inspired trying to find out who the jew who who are the jews and then there is now the drama of oh what is he going to do now he now finds out that you know this girl that you know in because of his spyware that he's not developing things from he's actually a jew is he now also going to include an end up you know um leading her to a date and then what happens when she finds out or a friend finds out or his sister finds out and tells her so there would have been more the the championness the of this story should have been a soft story to the main story the main story should have been on the lives of the people you know and since you want to deal with the germany and all of that and you know in this darn age where people are um open arms about anything that's that's promotes feminism because you know feminism has turned into anti-being anti-male you know writing a story about three women you know three generations of women managing a farm where there are no men and of course all the men in this story are nazis this is this is terrible you know and this is just not the way to go this this is just terrible you know this is terrible and of course this is from like i said love inspired i see no mention of god i see a mention of faith you know just finn's defeat leads to her own part of resistance but you see one thing about the christian genre is that it needs god

it needs god just like a lot of gospel music you know needs god you know a lot of people who sing and write gospel songs don't know anything about god and you when you examine the lyrics it is nonsense a lot of the lyrics insults god without knowing it without the writer knowing it it's an insult to god and you know but to keep to this particular um story this book

so many things so many issues which is so many issues with this and of course since you're writing for harley quinn um i'm not surprised and there are limitations of what you can write down what you cannot write you know but it is it is a shame especially when you are dealing with nazis and you know this is supposed to be a book that is targeted at christians what about forgiveness and all of that so that is also an a good thing like for example like in the example i gave you know um let's say that guy you know previously is actually responsible for killing the men in her family you know or killing um the patriarch or one of that or you know the the man who was in charge of the family you know like her grandfather or perhaps even her father you know and now she's now in love with him and all of that and the aspect of forgiveness and aspect of perhaps you know he made his own beliefs about god perhaps he didn't believe in god and then events you know with god and him and you know he's coming to defeat all those kinds of things and then the whole complication of all these different um contradicting issue creates a lot of conflict for a great plot and a great unfolding that we need to you know the telling of a great story you know that being said if you've not given your life to christ go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu and do that a page commander has a prayer salvation say that praying give your life to christ you know and um really have a relationship with god and puts god first let god be your teacher let him teach you how to write novels let him teach you how to tell stories let him be in church so and you know read the best books on writing and storytelling so that you would write better works of fiction and arts thank you and God bless you




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