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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the proposed new set of lockdowns with regards to the so-called delta variants of the kovid understand something you know

when this lockdown started you know actually before it's you know the signs of this coming was obvious first of all bill gates talked about a common pandemic and this was years ago and he did it during a ted talk and of course he planned for it and he was actually a part of a committee and that is what the bill gates foundation was doing the committee that will get the world ready and get to see how the world reacts and really get the world prepared for a pandemic understand that this is a man that believes that the future of the world depends on the reduction of the population he believes that there are more people in the earth than the earth can sustain of course that is a slap on the face of god because you are saying that god created an act or created a war without factoring in you know the ability of that world having enough to take care of the people in the world and of course this is what happens when people don't believe in god when people don't believe in god that is when things like this happen like the global warming issue you know the people who would think that even though they were not a part of creating this world or do not hear when this earth started they believe that it is dependent on them for them through whatever so-called scientific um levels of understanding that they have attained you know that's if they do not do this or that the world is going to fall apart they forget even the the fountains are they are the same people who talk about evolution so but they don't believe that the world can adapt and evolve and nature can adapt and evolve to the so-called changes let's when you look at the global warming um nonsense that folks have been talking about that the world will because of global warming if we are not all eco-friendly this will happen and that will happen all the dates that they set that by this time this will happen all of it has passed they said that nigeria that lagos will be under the sea by the year 2000 2000 came and went some people were like it would be like 2010 2010 came and left all the nonsense that they have been predicted that we all have to be eco-friendly and all of that you know and understand that there are corporations who are making billions from all these moves towards eco-friendliness and they are locking down patents for several things just like this vaccine has a patent and bill gates is you know enjoying the benefits of this understand that even viruses like the rockefeller foundation and they own even foreign to some of these viruses how can somebody have a patent of any virus and the records are publicly available everybody sees this you know and nobody is suspicious and also the same person you know is the one that is responsible for giving everybody vaccines now they are now saying that vaccines don't work you know or that um actually that it is the new string the delta string which time did this roll out new testing machines to test if people have delta strings you see the reality of the matter is that this entire coveting has always been a joke it has all been a scheme it has all been a scam and that is why um bill gates is um free from any repercussions you know all the companies that are producing these vaccines you know they are making deals with the government and the government is making it on behalf of the people that the people cannot sue the government is forcing you to take the vaccines and if there are negative um effects of the vaccines on you you cannot sue you can also the makers of the vaccines and you cannot sue the government who what gives the government that rights you know throughout this um entire period the government has been taking a lot of um rights and liberties that that they should not have you know they have shown their dictatorial side and this is why i keep on emphasizing the importance of christians the righteous the bible makes it clear that when the evil rule there is morning but when the right shots rule there is rejoicing and look if you are not a christian you cannot be righteous

if you are not a christian it is impossible for you to be righteous you see how can you first of all you're not being a christian

on one hand yeah let me um take it from this side first of all have you heard the gospel so you mean to tell me you rejected the gospel that in itself is a huge sin you rejected jesus christ you rejected god if you have heard the gospel and you are not a christian you have rejected christ that is where you are so how can you be righteous you have rejected righteousness itself you have rejected holiness itself for god is holy god is holiness he's not just holy he's holiness just like god doesn't just love the world god is love so if you are not in christ you know have you heard the gospel if you've heard the gospel clearly that in itself is a great you know you have chosen darkness by not responding in the affirmative to the gospel then let us say you have not heard the gospel the fact remains that god is light and god is righteousness the fact that you have been exchanged you don't understand that man you know lost that union with god and that is why the the gospel is actually the ministry of reconciliation if you have not been reconnected with god you have not been reconnected with righteousness you have not been reconnected with holiness you have not been reconnected with love so that position you are in is a position of zero righteousness so it is only a christian that should be allowed to occupy any position of power if you want to see happiness if you want the people to rejoice and when you look through history you would see that this is a fact now there are those who will bring up the inquisition and then you know the problem with that like um i heard someone once say something like when christians have um got some positions of power that is when they trust suffered most that is a lie from the pit of hell that is a lie from the enemy that is you now being confused you have you have brought a lie you are now trying to suggest that somebody who was killing people willingly but called himself a christian is therefore a christian but if you saw somebody else in church or somewhere else not leaving um um who didn't you know perhaps um they didn't care for the bible or anything but you know they are just one of the people that feel the shake my christian you would you would want to preach to that person and bring that person to christ why would you do that so you are telling me that that person that is on the streets who hasn't killed millions of people who haven't killed hundreds of people who says he's a christian but you know that he is not he's not born again and all of that used to go and preached to him because in a lot of countries you see some people you know um it is just a matter of affiliation you know people just like oh i was born into this family or perhaps my parents went to just so dear family christian it's like they just speak one you know they don't really follow it you know it's just like meeting a catholic who doesn't know what the rosary is when you meet a catholic who doesn't know what the rosary is you know how catholic can he be you know he doesn't know he he just um perhaps oh let me just pick this one this is what i pick i pick catholic you know so it is that kind of thing that is how many people are um go around saying their christians and if you go around winning source you will know this you know there are a lot of people who if if they are feeling a form there they are they are what i would call forms check mark and christians if they are feeling informed that they ask what religion are you not that christian is not a religion but in that kind of form they will take christian that is the extent of their christianity you see that is that is how it is they don't read the bible they do not care they do not know what is in the bible you know if the bible comes up it's like oh like i asked reboots to that but they are it's not really part of it's not part of their life in any way they don't know anything about it you want to win those people to christ and that is how you know in most countries you know a lot of people are you know how you lead them to christ you get to know christ then at the same time you now look at the caesars of rome or the folks during the inquisition that were killing people you know who did not believe what they believe and then you call them christians and say those are representatives in trunks of christians empire no those are not christians what part of the bible does he say if somebody does not believe in um christianity should kill them

that in itself you know it's it's it it says it says so much about how um removed from christianity that person is and how that person is after another agenda you see and that is just the facts you know the early days of the catholic church was based upon you know a whole bunch of things that had nothing to do with christianity you know it just used the christianity to pull forth a political agenda of rome and that is why you know this is actually even still called the roman catholic church you know what business does christianity have to do with specifically withdraw you know rome persecuted christians jesus was not roman history mary was not rumor you know which of the disciples you know apart from paul you know from the um and paul was not even one of the twelve jesus came for the jews so if it was even a jewish catholic church you know rather than roman catholic church it would have even made more sense but that would still not be accurate because jesus is for the whole world you know but um that even the the time jewish catholic church would have been much more um um sensible than roman catholic church you know even the the 10 roman catholic church showed you that it was a plan for colonization it was a strategy of you can't beat them join them because when you look at the person who the roman emperor that made um christianity the official quote-unquote religion of rome you would see that the guy did not live as a christian or listen to anything that that is truly christian it did not show in any any part of your life you know he killed his own son um under the topic of i believe his son slept with um one of his younger wives you know so and he also killed that wife i believe in a bathtub with hot water or something um and that same guy how he he's he had his own converse conversion story he actually stole it from apostle paul understand that apostle paul you know he wrote to look at damascus you know a bright light shone from heaven and all of that and just spoke to him so this roman emperor his own conversion story was that when he was about to conquer a a a nation that jesus appeared to him a bright light came and jesus appeared to him and told him to move forth and conquer in his name that is what he said and that is what he records to how can jesus tell anybody to conquer in his name conquer a sin going around to different nations and be conquering in the name of jesus you know going around killing people and then forcing them to to be a part of your roman empire and also converts you know forcing them to um the christians and that is actually the early fountain of the catholic church you know and of course the best way to attack an original is to create the counterfeits so when he started um doing that his counterfeit christianity which is the catholic church actually became bigger when it comes to the messaging than the original church that was still being persecuted and the persecution continued you see and that is why you you could see stories of donald isabella you know going on you know it went on and on you know a lot of christians and saints were still being persecuted and they were called heretics because they believed in the bible and when they were preaching in jesus that was different from the jesus that the catholic church was preaching so that is actually what the inquisition was about the inquisition was about the persecution of real christianity by people who created a counterfeit christianity because look at the the reality of sins and 80s has nothing to lose if if you put a gun to an ethics and say say that allah is lord or say that jesus is lord said such answer is lord and it is has not introduced they will say it you know it's nothing to them you know if if even even if um they may not be shocked that you will still let them go it means nothing but the only person that will refuse to deny jesus is somebody who is a true christian and has read in the scriptures that jesus said if you deny me before men i will deny you before my father in heaven it is only those who have read that who believe the bible and believe what jesus said there that will be willing to die because to them it is like wow what you are putting before me is you are putting me in a position where um i could either choose for you to shoot me of way to you know back then they didn't have guns you know for you to cut off my head or drag this so through my heart to send me to the iron logo whatever yeah you are giving me addition between deaths in this world versus attention hell so it is a no-brainer somebody who believes in the bible we choose death in this world over eternity in hell however fran it is the ethics does not believe it so the atheist is looking at it as i i can say you know i don't believe in jesus and leave or i can say i believe in jesus and die so they will just go to i don't believe in just or people who do not have faith in what jesus said when he said that if you deny me before me you know um um tonight before my friend heaven and when you look at the inquisition they were telling people you know to recant their blasphemy and all of that to to go back on what this what they said and what they believe it is only christians that do that will not understand that in islam deception is part of islam in islam it is actually allowed for you in such situations to lie there are saying things in islam like for example turning the other sheik is not in islam in islam if someone attacks you you you have the right under islamic law to kill that person dead that is allowed in islam so understand that it is very different from christianity so um these are things that you have to understand you know um different belief systems are quite different don't think that well all of all of its you know because there are people who think that everything is religious you know that sounds religious and saying oh all of them are so similar it is not so you know so um this is this is something that is um you have to understand a muslim under um islamic law if if you put a gun to a muslim's head and say say that jesus is otherwise i will shoot you i will cut off your neck a muslim is allowed on the islamic law to say in that situation that they uh that they believe that yours is law and it is not um wrong in islam that is how that works but in christianity that is not the case so the only people that were really casualties the only people that were killed during the inquisition was true christianity so the counterfeit christianity which is the catholic church now exploded it's hard you know um it's it's really went big and you know when when people when people are first introduced to the counterfeits you know the real thing and when you know the government and the media as of that time you know the information and all of that you know was like this is what um christianity means that is giving the catholic church definition of christianity that's what christianity is you know it became a big hint chance for the true christianity and the true christian message and it was kind of lost for a long time but due to later um due to people session and you know um god speaking to people over the years there was a resurgence starting from martin luther you know and then you see calvinists and you know other folks you know it started growing and more revelation and more revelation with the accuracy of the bible and people started you know um getting into it and of course this is why um in the early days the catholic church did not allow people to read the bible but you know all of that being said you know we have to be careful about um who we are allowed to be in power because it is all a battle at the end of the day it's a battle between good and evil so we have to be wise you know while we keep allowing the world to be in power look at how like i say that when ungone people are in power the the first people that they are attacked are christians you know then jews and of course um in most cases african-americans because of the similarity between african-americans and jews and when you look at a lot of africans understand that jews are really a mixed multitude when it comes to race you know and a lot of africans have jewish heritage you know jews are not one one race in the sense of one complexion i know that when you look at israel today it will seem that way but that is not true when you study the bible you know there are people who who want to claim that it's only people who have who are dark skinned who are the true jews no it was mixed when you look at um king david king solomon god want these people not to marry other women because not marry women that were outside you know um outside of you know who are not jewish so for the reason of those people we torn their hearts you know the hearts of davido against gold but guess what this man still did it and even after they did it do you do you think that the children they heard from social unions they abandoned them no those the children were princes

they were still taking care of god did not kill them god did not want them killed you know so when they did that and they repented apart from that you have to understand that the everyday jewish people were doing that because that instruction that god gave was just for the kings no for the king's heart not to be torn to other gods it was not you know there was you know when you read far back you see there was a general instruction like that for all the jews you see but the reality of the matter is that the same way um that the kings disobeyed it other jewish people disobeyed it and there is also the aspect of jews traveling to other nations and you know reproducing the and you know it there is also a scripture that talks about um god telling the jews to allow anyone who comes from other nations to them who converts to their judaism that that their belief to dwell with them so that is one way that people became jews also when you look at um and that means that that is different racists and all kinds of people from different tribes also when you look at joseph who was sold into slavery who did he marry joseph married the daughter of um you know so that is now egyptian blood that is now part of the lineage of the 12 tribes of israel you see he married somebody who was an egyptian

after he was sold into slavery and he you know he came out of slavery though before he reunited with his brothers who did he marry you know the daughter of the leader of you know egypt

so you can see so what race what did the skin color of their child looked like so you can see different um racist mingle even the woman in jericho that helped you know with um you know the woman um who helped with giving information to the jews you know when they were moving forth you know after they had left and israel you know they are moving forward towards the promised land you know how many you know how many people do you think from different places joined the jews as a matter of fact when you see when you read in the book of deuteronomy i believe you know the astronomy of exodus when he was talking about um um the people as they left the people as the left's egypts it says the mixed multitude caused the people to air what does that mean it means that it wasn't only the jews who left egypt you see there was a mixed monsters it meant those who were egyptians who were slaves as well as those who were of other tribes and other nations who are slaves in egypt also left because understand that um picture yourself in that situation they are comes for slaves you know and it's like okay the pharaoh has given out the word that the jewish slaves you know can go you know um after the templates you know it's like you guys can go all the people who were obviously sick of slavery and wanted to be free but were slaves they joined the jews to live see i won't be surprised if there were there was hardly any slave left in egypt after that particular um exodus you know the egypt would have had to start restocking sniffs again because everybody will just be like yeah yeah um because understand it's just a matter of you saying that even if you no matter what you look like even if people knew that perhaps your dad was egyptian all you had to say was that your mom was jewish or that your grandfather was jewish because understand that the jews were mingling you know with um everybody else

you know they're mingling with everybody else so it is not like the the jews you know even though that was what god design it's not like they all kept to only marry only jews

you know that is not the case you know most of them were you know doing their own thing because you understand that even when god gives instructions some people will still do their own sin so there were a lot of people who you know just had jewish blood you know that's you know it is a mixture of different distance that that was there but that aside you know that just helped to create an environment so everybody would be like um i am with moses mito and be jew you know and so that can be their way out of finally being set free because slavery was for life and not just for life every child that a slave has is also a slave in that system it is different from an indented servant you know every child that a slave has is also a sleeve so it's it's kind of like cattle where when you buy a cattle you know all the cattle that your cattle has is yours is increasing your wealth so um slaves with sort of natural resource um uh to say human resource of course human resource is still what we use in companies today and that says a little bit you know it was it was the natural resource of egypt there are a lot of people who want to say um like you know there are people today who like to attribute wells to certain people and say that oh because this ruler ruled over this land and this land many years ago he was the richest man in the world because of all the oil under the land no at that time nobody had any use for oil though machines had not been invented you know machines were not being used people did not know the value of oil they saw if the dog and they saw or oil you know and of course for someone to have dog in that in those days and asian to see boy that means that that place has a lot of oil when they see that dark water they'll be like oh the land this cost and they will leave it alone they didn't know the value of i didn't know what oil was so you can't add that to the world so the reality of the matter is that one of the key resources you know one of the key um national resources if you would say you know um of egypt was slavery you know so um that was um um something you have to understand a lot of people were slaves that was actually what helped with the economy so all these different people from different nations joined the jews to exodus so think about all the different colors and shapes and all of that you know so all these people are trying to pinpoint um what skin color jesus looked like when he was on it it's completely foolish and ignorant you know you have to understand that time you know there are people who want to go into debates and it's of course the black lives matter crowd and all these um um people who are so full of hate and resentment towards anybody whose skin is light you know they have to get away with this obsession over um skin tone because understand that you don't know how busy your ancestors were you know you have you don't know who your ancestors slept with and who they didn't sleep with and understand that in all this conquering you know people did not discriminate you know when it when it came to sex there was no discrimination as a matter of fact even during the height of um slavery when like i believe it was switzerland you know when they got slaves from africa they sterilized them the female slaves and they slept with them you know so it goes to to say loss a lot of the slave masters slept with they you know or i would say raped the um african women you know you know most of them so these are things that you have to realize and that is why when um even even when um you look at the african americans today and of course due to and all of that when you look at their blood and you know tests around them you see that they are not 100 africa you you see that your ancestors your ancestry is from here and there you see you see you see where they will say this person is two percent european or five percent european or five percent dorsal of that where did all these foreign races come in this into the um ancestry of an african-american it is because of all the things that you know all the different um ancestors that they have that they want to deny or at least they do not acknowledge when they talk about this nonsense of blm because all african-americans none of you are pure africans let me say that again all of you african americans especially any of you who can be traced back to the days of slavery none of you are 100 african you have whites in your ancestry you know i have said it before it's just common sense the african the african slaves the female slaves what was their use what was their purpose and who bought them and the person that was buying them is not the whites man what is his criteria why what we make him pick an african female sleeve what is he looking at so you see an african female slave who is basically then probably the is not fully included and also she does not speak the language or understand his language so and clearly she doesn't know how to cook she doesn't know how to clean at least the way the white man wants his house to be clean because you know this somebody died just fresh from africa at that time when africa you know it was just african hots you know we didn't have um there were no man there were no mansions in africa or bungalows and all of that of that of the white man standards and all of that you know you could even see videos today of people who are taking from africa by showing them cutlery they didn't even know what culinary was so what um skill sets does that african woman possess that is making the white man buy the african females live it was just the beauty and why is he the beauty of any interest to him because he planned to sleep with her so the the part of history that all the people are talking about don't focus on was that as france when it comes to the female slave slave trade it was about sex slavery and understand that many of the slaves who were brought became wives or they played the role of wives in the houses of the white men especially old white men who you know there was no longer anybody that would be who was white who was a white female that would be interested in them or want anything to do with them could simply buy um female sleeves from africa and then have their way with them also they are the children of white men you know when of course the since the africans what their property was their family property you know so the as the african families or their family property where do you think the white teenagers were doing their adults and all of that where do you think it started from you know was it with the white girl understand that in in those days and age um a woman had to be a virgin when she got married if she was not a virgin as a matter of fact on her wedding nights they could return her back to her father's house that was the way it was then so who is the escape goat for its teenager because in that kind of situation no woman wants to give it up no woman is going to no teenage girl and all of that now people don't mind as that law is um as people don't have that it was never really a lawyer so just the way things were you know um it was just um the way society was you know as that is lifted you know all the things like that that would have been restrictions to promiscuity has been lifted so that is why there's a lot of promiscuity now that wasn't there you know before if you wanted to commit adultery who would you commit adultery with you cannot commit adultery with a married woman because before at that time there were really no condoms you know so does the problem of um if this if if she gets pregnant and then also the child looking like you you know there was that problem there was also the problem of if the what if the guy is not around you know and then it's like oh she was at home and then she got pregnant and all of that then let us talk about a woman that is not my that was out of the christian because if she was not married there was no condoms what you can a married woman getting pregnant you have gotten into trouble she has brothers that will beat you up which was allowed in in that day and age and of course your own family will allow it because and you know that protection was was there because everybody understood the importance of large families at that time that was very important so there was that there was as a matter of fact if you stayed um too long let us say that a female stayed um too long like past like um past six or four he when she went to visit a man the parents would come and be like you have to marry her based on that based on that and i'm talking about in america that was how things were then you know there were a lot of things so it is like um you couldn't just um

like now where people can sleep around you know sleeping around then was was not done you know and you know a woman knew that if if you if she allowed you to sleep with her let's let's say like for example teenagers and all of that they sleep around now but back then she knew that by doing that it has ruined her chances of marriage it have this she has disgraced her family because no man will take height she is not a virgin but of course now men do not mind marrying women who have been around the world you know so um these kinds of things you know are things you have to consider and you have to put it into context when you are thinking about that error so who is the logical person that anybody can sleep with it is the slave that is the property of the white man

who has been conditioned to think of that as a privilege so those are the communities and those are the people and that is actually one of the reasons why when you look at african americans and and you check their ancestry and all of that their blood dna is always showing that they are seven percent european or ten percent european or 14 from here seven percent from here six percent from here all of that because of all of this mixing you know if africans were taken from africa and they were only and all of what i said was not true then their blood remain africa what will happen is that you may see five percent from togo six percent from ghana another european aspect will not be dead but you see um these are things that um you have to understand but back to the original points you know it's very important that we take all positions of power now they are talking about the second locta and like um i have said um before last um yeah you know i've said it even in a different broadcast last year when all this started it was though shown that there will be a new a new variant of kovid even when it was the first one was still one they're planning it because it's all part of his scheme then they were planning for the lockdown pastor christoya columbia made it clear that they want this lockdown to be permanent now they have brought back to lockdown now or they are planning to bring it back and they are planning to bring back the max mandix and saying that now that if you are vaccinated you still can spread it so you now have to wear marks you know they are just fully flopping they are going back of course it is i believe it is the prayers of the saints because you know um especially pastor chris you know he got uh members of christ's embassy and people who listen to him to pray around the clock so all child last year there was somebody praying regarding this issue around the clock but all of that has stopped this year you know and we are not seeing this resurgence of these people going back to their original plan in spite of how many times far she has been because far she's still coming back and it's looking looking like the authority and we have this um city leftist that buy into anything that the media tells them as they have given them you know any like the the the same person that has been lying to them that they have seen alas and they like they tell them they believe and you know now that trump is out of the way you know these people are just going full course you know that there are certain countries like in australia where um even in in some some companies in nigeria are telling people if you are not vaccinated you will not get paid you know in in i believe it is um it might be australia also or somewhere like that where they actually block the same cards of all the people that are unvaccinated so they are forcing people to be fascinated this changing of humanity this orchard this universal origin of the human race understand that this this nonsense has been tried before and what the god do god destroy the world with the flow when the um the fallen angels slept with the daughters of men and and now this was so rampant that they gave better abominations and the abominations sleeping with others you know it's instead of wiping out the human race and replacing it with an ultra alteration which is why you have to be careful god does not like an alteration of his creation you know don't change yourself there are people who are changing from one gender to the other stop that god does not like it god does not like it god is physically satisfied he saw what he created and said it was good it is not for you to now say that it is not good for two of you who are buying into nonsense and are saying that you are a man in a female body a female in a man body god created what he created i said it was good but you see when people don't believe in god that is when they get into all this nonsense where they believe all kinds of things you know they believe that the world is not perfect that they need to that the only way for the world to work is for them to either depopulate the heads or abide by some global warming rules or you know since there's no god you know they they can't open up their mouth and say that's well um there a man in a few body if you made any male body because you do not believe in a god a creator and a designer of everything that is why you believe in so you you can you can have that free will to believe in that nonsense if you believed in god you would have never come to that point where you would believe that creation you know does not have um um any other or i would say any any plan to it it depends on you to sustain it you know like if you were there when it was created it depends on you doing this or that for either the future of the world depends on the population yet bill gates probably looks at himself as a hero he's he to him he's saying to himself that he's probably taking the macavelian approach to saving the world you know killing me for the sake of the world survivor but he has been deceived you know of course he may just be somebody that is just plain um outright evil and doesn't even need the crush of believing that he's killing many for the sake of saving the planet you know that is um um you know these are all unfortunate and these are consequences of people not believing in god you know if we had allowed the gospel if everybody you know had embraced the gospel of the gospel was not pushed away from school from society from you know people's mentality all of this nonsense would have never happened look at all the rules you know they are still forcing people to get vaccinated even though it is not clear the same media is telling you that people who are vaccinated are spreading the virus the new um delta virus which which they don't have a test for but they are telling you they are giving you numbers of how many people have it and how they are increasing you see so this is very sad and then at the same time they are forcing people to take the vaccine why they are saying that the vaccine is not working and that you you still have to wear masks you know and then it has gone from the people who have taken first job and second job two vaccinations they now have to take their job so when will this job re-end all these jobs when is it going to end and of course all of this you know the

how like how i see the um

well you know what let me just stop here i've said so much i've seen it soon you know but we must all be active in taking positions of authority and we must resist this nonsense get lists of companies that are forcing people to um take jobs and boycott those companies start our companies replace the captains of industry the different companies that is why i'm upset with churches that are partnering with facebook facebook that is censoring now you want to give facebook the records of all your church members now you want to give facebook the records of every payment that is made to your church you even want facebook to be the one that is processing the payments of tights from your trust members to you in this your partnership with facebook and the same company that is partnering with churches is partnering with mosque and all kinds of different things these are this this is the same company that is saying love is love that supports the lgbt that is where you want to build your your church on the foundation of facebook on the real estate of facebook that is what you want to build your church for

foolishness anyway make sure you go to alfredo's vip and you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to the salvation prado alfredo vip there's a salvation prayer they say you know so you just that price the guideline you telling god you want to have god in your life you know it's important that you do that thank you god bless you and don't forget you know um to reach out you know we have to do everything that we can to take every position of authority away from the hands of evil men thank you and god bless you


- Internet ERUPTS When Psaki’s Substitute Drops Hint About New Lockdowns:

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