The Nigerian Government's Third Wave & 2021 Lockdown Plans : For Nigeria - by Alfred


The Nigerian Government's Third Wave & 2021 Lockdown Plans : For Nigeria - by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm alfred and you're listening to for nigeria i would like to talk to everyone about what the nigerian government is planning for nigeria you know they are talking about a so-called third wave you know when was a real first wave when was a real second wave now they are planning and talking about a third wave and of course it is this nigerian mainstream media outlets like the channels and and the so-called you know um nigerian news media and it's unfortunate one thing about nigeria is that nigerians have been used to being slaves for so long it is only people who have the hearts of slaves only people who have the hearts of slaves that will tolerate and will continue to tolerate being slaves being oppressed being loaded over on you have a situation where the different government administrations have stolen so much from the nigerian people have abused the nigerian people any time in nigeria and encounters a policeman over 90 percent of the interaction is armed robbery the policeman with a gun is taking money from the nigerian that is not bribery that is extortion there is a difference between bribery and extortion there are a lot of people who say that there is high bribery in nigeria and that nigerians give bribe no there's a big difference between being a victim that is being extorted and giving bribe for you to give bribe you have to have done something wrong

and then you're giving bribe now exempts you from the consequences the legal consequences of what you did wrong you have now um taking yourself out of the way of facing the consequences of what you did wrong legally what's what's the violation of the law you know that um you broke but in in the case of nigeria what happens is that the nigerian police just extorts and that is something that has become the opposite of the murders of randy even when you look at the the the abroad the towels the interactions with businessmen you know with the smallest level of business owners the markets women the taxi cab drivers every and any a brewery is taking um money from them that is extortion you know and you know they give them tickets also some of those tickets are not even government approved these are people who have made themselves slump loads and are taking taxes from the lowest classes of of of of finances and the lowest classes of society and then people want to complain and you know this is so unfortunate that the victim victimizes what themselves they and they victimize oh that's making a bringing forth a culture of victimhood where everybody is making a victim of the other person you know everyone is oppressing each other and the the government are the biggest oppressors of all you know does nonsense cannot continue especially at times such as this where you have um foreign governments the u.n paying doctors to give false false rhetoric how can you be talking about a ted with what ted wave nigerians have been moving about if the coronal virus was a killer disease and the kira virus as people are claiming it is there would have been dead bodies on the streets of africa just like benguet's wife so-called prophesied the way billy's wife was saying oh that she sees you know of course now they are divorced but the way she was saying you know that that she sees dead bodies you know or on the streets of africa that would have been the story but you know we thank her for the prayers of the saints and thanks to the prayer the the power of the virus has been rendered ineffective however the politicians and the aims of those who unleash the virus that they created in a wuhan lab still remains and they are still carrying out um their plan in spite of of an ineffective virus you know and this rhetoric the the the fear of the virus comes from the media not in real life a real pandemic and a real virus outbreak you won't need to hear about it from the media you know because you will sit around you you will see it happening around you you know what steadwave are they talking about but they will claim that there is a tell wave and start forcing people to wear masks again in nigeria and then they will now start pushing forward towards another lockdown nigerians must stand up against the tyranny nigerians have been under ternary for so long that it is it is almost like you know they have been

slaves of the government the government does whatever they want stills as much as they want and look at the value of the naira to the dollar first of all what is the nigerian economy based on the dollar the dollar is made to lose value every year

the dollar the us dollar loses value every year so why is the nigerian economy nigeria has resources africa has resources yet they base their wealth upon the western society and western civilization that do not have the natural resources the real money is natural resources the real gold is gold it's silver it's the natural resources not paper money that is printed from one um bank in america on paper which is from wood most of those wood especially the wood that is used in china some most of it is from africa do your research you see a lot of other um nations like switzerland and the rest of them a lot of them the money that they print because of paper is from wood the wood is not even gotten from their country it is cutting from africa wood and trees those are natural resources who has more trees and forests than the so-called third world nations of the world so it is funny that's everything that is taken away from africa you know and then refined and then sold back to africa and used for the enslavement and the loading over of africans as africans you people are small and benitos and and everybody just goes along with this nigerians have been um they are so used to their slavery and this is something that needs to stop and you know the answer does not lie in a political figure it is not like one particular figure right out of the dust and be the messiah or be the one that will save everybody that is not the answer that is not the answer that is part of the problem that's that is what people expect they are expecting the answer to lie in one particularly that oh when this person becomes president all the problems we go away it has ever happened and it never happened and you know what they say about trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result it is not going to happen you know there is no one leader that is going to rise up and then all the problems will be wiped away you know the people needs to rise up and there are certain changes that need to be made first of all stop refusing stop um accepting being a slave stop accepting being oppressed something needs to be done about the oppression of the police oppression of the government governors need to be held accountable and to be brought to account by the people if we are expecting the political leaders to do it they will never do it to their own colleagues they will never do it it is just um one particular party versus other political parties so it is just them going to walk with each other and say oh yeah crops they are corrupt when they get into power they steal their own money and they do their own nonsense and you know leads nigerian to greater deaths we are now in a situation where you know it is like 100 it has passed um 500 naira to a dollar at this point it's going to one day if things don't change you know sooner than later it will end up being one thousand naira equals to one dollar and keep in mind that the dollar loses value each year so in reality you know with each year that passes and you know nigeria is playing with 500 naira to a dollar and it is playing um today it is 500 naira to a dollar tomorrow it is 490 to a dollar or 480 as he's playing those games the dollar exclusion value so in reality even if for example it was 500 this year next year it remains 500 it has still lost value because then the dollar it is it is using to make those measurements have lost value so even if it is um still 500 next year the real value of that naira has dropped so it is now like actually um less processing power so it might as well be like um 600 you know so all this while that we have been looking at you know those who have been struggling and you know waiting and saying that they did not drop the perfect is the day that and one dollar one dollar will be equals to one error that is not the solution you know you cannot build a plan for success based on the pathway of failure you cannot build on a 40 foundation the dollar is a 40 foundation it is a currency that loses value every year

1 million dollars last year is different from one million dollars this year in america what's one million dollars could buy you last year in america is different from one million dollars we'll buy ugc in america what's one million dollars was 10 years ago in america is far different it's almost like 10 million dollars today in america and this is what the nigerian government wants to build the economy on and they want to keep making moves towards this direction the board administration had ban parlor a lot of people um i mean patreon a lot of people um know that um the nigerian government ban twitter but patreon is also banned why patreon does not work in nigeria without the vpn why is petra not working in nigeria you see why does the nigerian government fight against anything that will give nigerians money and power they want you to be slaves they want you to remain poor that is the fact now this move towards um talking this nonsense about the dead weave we stayed with you know look around you which dead wave are you seeing as a matter of fact when was the second wave when was the first wave during those lockdowns the first lockdown in nigeria there was less social distancing than ever because when the markets and all that were closed down people started meeting in more um shady corners and a more tighter corners to conduct business so that they'll be able to leave and there was less shallower distances than ever why didn't the virus kill them but do that common sense questions that nobody acts

you see now common sense is decided by what the government says what the americans government says or what the so-called american expert says what the so-called u.n expert says people don't have their own personal common sense you see this is slavery mental psychological slavery you know that being said for the nigerian people you have to be ready to stand up and protest and protest for the writings you know there are um those who of course you are aware of the biafra agitation and of course the um europa education movement or whatever you know they want to call the government wants to call it you know i i don't think i should call it agitation you know let me just call it the urban national movement and of course the biafra movements you know but there's something much bigger and it is you know um this madness that is you know leaking through from you know these global organizations that want to control the people look at all the details the the government now has on people and look at the ability to control you know if you're in nigeria and you have you are working in a company and they are forcing you to wear masks or they are forcing you to get vaccinated start your own company and that shows that there is demand for people who want to work for a company where they are not going to be forced to be vaccinated you know so and um be wise be wise and this um taking over on positions of authority and power and a situation where the church influences them no matter who is in office you know first of all it has to be a christian in office and when that christian is in office that christian would have to be answerable to the people especially to the church that's its situation has to be and when that is so you know that is when we can actually see rejoicing in nigeria otherwise there would not be you know these people are receiving money to tell stupid lies to lie about covered numbers to lie left right and center and say that uh ted with what dead weave what had we

how many people have lost so much because of the the first locked up now of course this third wave don't want to bring about um the talk of um a of another log down nigerians you need to pray because at this point in time the violations are getting so much and of course the government you know putting unanimous taking him to courts for the method he's trying to bring about the biafra

it is somewhat peaceful not so much it is peaceful you know he may say a lot of things people may not like what he says but the fact remains and i've said it before people need to first of all it starts with the poll what do the people want not just what one person wants but the injustice in nigeria could rise to a point where people feel like they have no choice and they pick up guns to fight for what they want and that will now be a second world war a second uh sir not a second world war is second civil war for nigeria and that is not going to be a good thing you know it's unfortunate that it is only in nigeria that the civil war is classified by a war um you know which is basically an attempt to undo colonization you know it is not a national fighting for independence from colon analysts and what colonialism created that is a civil war it is trying to seek freedom from it because nigeria was created by colonization you know and for the love the reality of matter even though a lot of people who are evil don't even know that they are evil you know and that is a fact you can do your research there are a lot of people like when you look at a lot of tribes in the south they were originally evil but they broke off and they don't know their evil but reality admitted that they were once evil and way before the white man came these different kingdoms existed so they can also exist without but you know it's it has to start it what do the people want and what is the and you know when we know what the people want you know when posts are taken what do the ebook people want you know not what does nam de carlo want so what does ibo people want you know what does the robot people want not just what the sunday bu who wants you know what are they what is it that they want and what is it that those the houses what do they want do they want people to go because apparently the reality of the matter is that there are quite a lot of nothingness that we prefer that you know if if ebos want to leave nigeria's desperately let them leave so all those things are important factors to be considered rather starting a world that doesn't need to start because this um issue is not going to end because as well this is the problems of nigerians of the nigerian government you know remains you know there is no other place where um um this kind of situation is is quite this unique in this ma in this manner you know that being said make sure you go to and you know subscribe let us pray in jesus name who knows what i would thank for this day we thank for all that you've done and we are doing our lives foreign all over the country i pray love for that that they will begin to stand up and rise up and the search is going to rise up in engineering take authority they are going to ensure that whatever plans for a third wave implementation of new max mandates independent and implementation of new um social distancing and nonsense covered rules and all the um any future look down i pray lord father that those plans will be brought to not in the name of jesus nigel is not going to follow the uk and implement a new lockdown in the name of jesus christ i pray lord for that all the uh the aspect and the idea of a vaccine passport is not going to be implemented in nigeria in the name of jesus i prove a lot further that wisdom is going to ring common sense is going to rain people are going to stop being slaves i approve that father for the niger media i approve a lot for that that the rights media is going to arise in nigeria i prologue for that the right people are going to stand up create um their radio stations their tv networks in the name of jesus i come against those laws that restrict christians from owning christian stations in nigeria in the name of jesus those laws are broken those laws are first regretting the name of jesus nigels are going to be informed with truth and with accuracy of what is really going on in the name of jesus thank you lord father in jesus name amen thanks for joining me with that prayer remember like i say to check out alfredo's vip if you haven't given life to christ go to salvation prayer adults afraid of vip god bless you


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