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The Forbidden - Heather Graham : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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She is someone's darkest desire

Playing the victim of a vampire king on an island off New Orleans is actress Avalon Morgan’s creepiest role to date. It’s also scary good fun—until the victim of a real killer is discovered on set, laid out for all to see. With production shut down, Avalon can’t stop thinking about the chilling crime scene, or Finley Stirling, the FBI agent working the case.

With a rising body count and zero leads, Fin can’t help but be impressed by Avalon’s amateur sleuthing, which takes her to the darkest corners of the internet, where killers confess their crimes. One such account is a dead ringer for the murders, but when the evidence vanishes, nobody believes Avalon—except for Fin. With no one they can trust, Avalon and Fin are determined to unbury the truth at any cost, but a return to the deadly island could be the last thing they do.

“Immediately entertaining and engrossing.” —Publishers Weekly on A Dangerous Game


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book before beating now the book is written by header greyhound let me just read the official description she someone's darkest desire playing the victim of a vampire king on an island of new orleans is actress avalon morgan's creepiest road to dates it's only scary good phone until the victim of a real killer is discovered on set laid out for all to see with production shuts down avalon can't stop thinking about the shedding crime scene or grayson avery the investigator working the case with a rising body counts and zero leads grey can't help but be impressed by avalon's armature which takes her to the darkest corners of the internet where killers confess their crimes one social account is a dead ringer for the mothers but when the evidence vanishes nobody believes avalon except for grey with no one they can trust avalon and grey are determined to unbury the truths at any cost but a return to the deadly island could be the last thing they do you know interestingly enough this actually has a good plots you know every once in a while you know perhaps a writer comes out with something that fits the mood of um you must write within this line she cannot write outside of this lens and of course there are some authors that have mastered the ability to constrain themselves to writing within certain limitations puts before them by companies or by genres and yes coming out with something creative and different even though you can see the aspect of the central nature and the sex that's you know the romance gender has clearly been dominated every time you know most people use that as the main selling factor when it comes to books you know they think that it is about that but you know the story and the plot is the primary thing you know every other thing comes after the after that and you know those other things are just um

gimmicks or

to excuse the expression spicing on the cake but you know when it comes to sex and sensuality that should not be you know because um especially since the facts you know that a lot of young people and young girls read this you know this is what helps to form their mind and their fantasies when it relates to relationships and looking for a man and you know what they desire in a man but that aside it is not just kids you know adults should not be um subject to these kinds of um displease you know of um sexuality and sex it should not be the selling point in any case interestingly you know i was expecting um a poorly conceived plot but the plot is actually substantial and you know books like this if they sell with time they eventually become movies you know it's it's it's quite interesting but that's um being said all stories would be better christian you know this story would have been much better christian there are several angles to go with you know the aspect of the you know the lady playing the victim of a vampire and then his serial killer actually um walking and then you know killing someone on that stage you know probably in the same theater you know i don't i'm quite know if it's on the same stage that the action was done but clearly in the same three time and the person starting to like really um commitment modes you know the body count increases and then she being not a professional detective you know and then she doing her own research of course she'll be interested she has to be interested you know um because she's kind of you know she just um was the staff he played on that and that's theater where she was a victim of a vampire now you know mothers are happening you know and so she does her own amateur switching and interestingly she's the only one who stumbles upon the truth but the child goes cold and she stumbles upon it on a on a believable location but also a location that the police will not take it seriously because she she you know traced it to the um she found a the killer apparently was telling his stories in a community you know based on what i understand from his noses you know and his stories his fantasies of the mother rhymes with the real life events you know so um that's true and eventually when school but it was it's clearly substantial and it's very realistic because most killers and serial killers you know they have that push to share their story you know they want um

it's kind of like they want people to know what they have done you know and at the same time it would seem like they don't want to get caught but those two things will work against each other and it is actually common in real life um serial killers it's it's time and time again you know they kind of saw sabotage you know themselves you know but it's part of what um drives them you know that's teasing or from this is what i did you know that there are some key syracuse that have intentionally left clues to the police you know but that is a completely different topic in any case this something this story would have been moderated as a christian story and we must understand that as christians it is up to us to write create and distribute christian novels entertainment movies video games everything until you know there is no such thing as worldly entertainment anywhere you look it has to be christian entertainment that should be your vision there should be something that you are determined to do because it's important how can we be the light of the world you know we have all this money but we don't use it we have the intelligence to make money we have god you know understand that the same way abraham was the richest man in his time so was solomon so was you know anybody that walked with god they were the richest man in their time in the bible you know for for the majority when it comes to not just the patriarchs you know when god when god was pleased with someone he gave them money and this is something that people should need to know because there are a lot of people who think that holiness and poverty go together they criticize christians and say um what happens to you know camel going through the eye of a needle and all that you misunderstand that you see what happens to camel going through the eye of your need what did jesus say what is impossible with man is possible with god and since you have god what does it matter understand what when jesus said that what the disciples see who then shall be saved because the disciples did not look at themselves as poor there are a lot of people who like to talk nonsense and think that jesus was poor and jesus was you know um and they they linked the it's like humility and poverty go together no jesus does not people want to talk about the um closer said that preachers wear tailored suits that um what about jesus don't bring jesus into that matter jesus clothes were so expensive that's when he went to the cross

the clothes that he was you know that is the the garments that he wore when he was taken at the garden of gethsemane which is obviously because he was not given any opportunity to change you know clothes it was so expensive the material was of such high quality that they cast lots for his garments it was not like today's day and age where people buy paintings and it's like with time the value increase because of um people admiring it they did not these roman soldiers were not jews they did not value jesus at all they did not know that jesus was the messiah or that jesus would in the future you know um be revered but they valued the clothes more than jesus himself they those roman soldiers they valued the garment so much that they cast lots for it for the pieces of the gametes not the full clothing to show you how special the dress was and to also show you how expensive and special the disciples dressed they needed judas to identify who jesus was because all the disciples were performing miracles and all the disciples were wearing similar clothing the same similar quality of gluten when you look at groups of people like somebody who has bodyguards most people you can see who is the boss and who is the bodyguards because of the difference in dressing but in the case of jesus these men who are who are military men people who belong to a time where such things are important it's important to look and understand what is happening they could not separate jesus from his the disciples because he looked like them acted like them and he dress like them so if the quality of jesus clothing was that way that is also the same with the quality of the clothing or from the disciples so you want to have to understand that um wealth goes with christianity look at solomon when god was pleased with solomon god asked solomon ask me for every anything i will give you solomon asks for wisdom then what did god do god out of being pleasing he said i will make you the richest man that ever lived and unto jesus solomon was the richest man that ever lived when god is pleased with you he gives you money trust the bible from the beginning to the end so why is it now that people are are foolish and and they want to um condemn or attack like for example a pastor who has money a person having money that is actually god's sign of authentication on that pastor it is the pastors that don't have money that should trouble you

it is a pastor that doesn't have money that should trouble you when a person does not have limousines and private jets that is the pastor that should trouble you not the one that has

you see because when god is pleased with you he gives you money even when you don't ask for for money he will still give you the money like in the case of solomon that is true the bible so um that is something that um goes without saying and with all this money that we have the blessing to attract you know we must use this money for the gospel and to change the entire atmosphere look at the lockdowns and all the problems that happened just because christians were not in positions of authority if goodmans were in positions of authority even now look at dr falshay and bill gates it has been seen that it's that not only was the virus from the wuhan lab that it was them that provided the money they gave money to that lab and at the same time the people who have who are responsible for creating the virus are the people that the world is looking up to for a vaccine and understand that it is not only um you know the hydrochloroxycracin that was condemned all the other drugs that can be used to kill covet they have all been condemned and ignored everybody wants the vaccine and then the pharmaceutical companies they select pharmaceutical company because not all of them are you know allowed those select pharmaceutical companies to johnson and johnson you know the astrazeneca and all those folks these select companies remember that they rejected russia russia created their own vocal vaccine but they rejected it because they want all the all the money to this particular the same pharmaceutical companies that is responsible for the creation and the spread of the virus and the lockdowns and all the money they have made who even timed it and planned on how they will shift their investments because clearly during the lockdown the only select companies were allowed to run so they shifted their money from companies that they knew would be shut down to companies that will be allowed to run like the amazons amazon was amazon face zero lockdown and that is why it's increased over it made well over a hundred billion you know for jeff bezos so how much did the company itself make during this period because everybody all these small businesses the people that would patronize more businesses how to buy from amazon you say so and in different companies do i sell in different countries sorry do i select um businesses and companies that we are allowed to run what else we just showed up very people who organized these things planned beforehand and they shifted their money and now they have made a killing and they will use their money for more evil if christians were in these positions of authority all of this would not have happened if honest people were in dispositions of authority if an honest man was in the position of foul [ __ ] this first of all the funding for the virus would have never happened and there would have been no virus in the first place you see so um this is unfortunate the more christians you know it even was when a christian is ignorant you know and apparently there are a lot of christians who don't even um listen to the holy ghost but you see all these issues you know creates a much troubled world for us for everybody who knows so that being said if you've not given your life to christ go to alfredo vip click on the salvation prayer link in the menu page accommodate your prayer service and say sailor and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you



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