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Tempting The Rancher - Brenda Jackson & Reese Ryan : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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These irresistible ranchers are guaranteed to heat up the summer!

Breaking Bailey's Rules by Brenda Jackson

Rule number one for Bailey Westmoreland: Never fall for a man who would take her away from her tight-knit family’s Colorado home. So why is she following rancher Walker Rafferty all the way to Alaska? Bailey tells herself she owes the sexy loner an apology, and once she gets there, it’s only right to stay and help him when he’s injured…isn’t it?

His Until Midnight by Reese Ryan

When Tessa Noble takes the stage at a charity auction after a sexy makeover, her best friend, Ryan Bateman, must place the winning bid. It’s definitely not because he’s jealous. Their weekend getaway is a ploy for positive press…or so the rancher tells himself. But soon things take an unexpected turn from platonic to passionate, catapulting the couple far beyond the friend zone…

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book tempting the rancher it is written by


jackson you know and ryan rhys or i should say reese ryan let's just read the official

synopsis these irresistible ranchers uh guaranteed to hit up the summer

breaking bally's rules by brenda jackson rule 1

that's very interesting it will seem like there might be two books in one you know in this so let me just go on breaking bailey's rules by brenda jackson rule number one for bailey westmoreland never fall for a man who will take her away from her tight-knit family school called radho home so why is she following rancher walker raffelty all the way to alaska billy tells herself she owes the sexy luna an apology and once she gets there it's only right to stand help him when he's injured isn't it then another um it will seem another story within the same book or i would say another book within the book you know let me just check that out he's until midnight by rhys ryan you know and that says when tessa noble takes the stage as the charity option after a sexy makeover her best friend ryo ryan bates man must place the winning bid it's definitely not because he's jealous their weekend getaway is a ploy for positive press also the russia tells himself but soon things take an unexpected tone from the platonic to passion it's cut to putting the couple far beyond the friend zone you know first of all let me start with that scene apparently these are two books in one you know the book is tempting the rancher but it appears there are two various different stories by two different authors in the same book one is breaking beliefs rules by brenda jackson and another is he's he's on to midnight by ryan reese you know let's start from there even the name he's until midnight so after midnight she's not his you know basically a one-night stand thing and you know this is the kind of thing that i promoted to young girls that will encourage them to be promised cross and to have this mentality of oh i'm just having fun you know and of course these are the same girls that will end up getting pregnant and going to planned parenthood you know this is very unfortunate but the story itself

it has nothing to offer you know then most stories like this have nothing to offer because um at the end of the day it is basically about how well written or basically the sex scenes that are written within the book and the that kind of personal energy being maintained you know on the other pages of the book you know it would seem you know or perhaps you know that is just what it is you know beyond being beyond just what it was the same you know this the story in itself is crazy basically about a platonic relationship that turns into something serious because of sex you know this um idea that's lost can lead to paradise or sing kanito paradise is very dangerous and this is what we see repeated over and over again all these kinds of stories you know people are not being educated correctly tell the truth about relationships apart from the fact that you know in reality people who are zoned don't normally make it out of the friend zone you know so even the story is very crazy but of course some people who are in that situation for those of you who don't understand it's kind of like a man you know likes a female he wants to be in a relationship with her you know he's crazy about her but she sees him as a friend and technically their relationship is friendship she does not have any feelings for him in that direction or any attraction to him and she just um basically sees him as a friend but he is trying to get it out of there you know there's no intercourse or anything happening between them no attraction from her side but on his side it's a different story so that's basically the concept of fred being in the friend zone you know being friend zoned but you see in this story this is you know sex leads to getting out of the french zone

this is very dangerous and it's also not realistic you know that is just a fact and let us understand something also that is terrible in this case what inspires this guy to get out of the friend zone is her having a makeover you see it says when tessa nobody takes the stage as a charity option after a sexy makeover you know her best friend so before he viewed her as a friend in this case of the story he viewed her as a friend perhaps she might have had feelings for him but after she you know because of course when most women let's say they they are properly dressed or they wear clothes that may not be in fashion may not be stylistic but it covers their body and perhaps they wear glasses so they look a certain way they may not attract as much male attention as someone who is showing more skin so in this case she is herbie him seeing her dress sexy you know according to them a sexy makeover after she had done whatever changes exist to her body that is when he his interest in her started and apparently he slept with her and this is somebody that was his best friend but because for the first time he have seen her perhaps she used to dress like a tomboy or in a way that he did not find sexually enticing but now because of that he now thinks it's a good idea for relationship now this is a terrible formula because you are saying that he is actually only interested in her because of how she looked because of hard dressing in this setting manner he had known her all his life you know or for a long time and he did not care about how look at him that way but all of a sudden because for the first time he's seen her dress in a sexy outfit according to them you know dressing showing skin or whatever and after the so-called sexy makeover he's interested so this is what the relationship is based on it is after lost if he sees another woman dressed in a sexy outfit because that is what he is after he will go after that it is not based on anything um terrible or substantial it is not it has nothing to do with love the man himself is basically technically in this storyline he is an idiot and so is she you know because it is crazy what happens if later she goes back to dressing the way she used to dress

you know because i'm thinking that she had decided to change us to switch over to go to this side what if she decides to dress in a way that's um she has always been dressed so what happens to their relationship then and the attraction it has gone will it stay how can it stay if it stays why wasn't it there all the time that she was his best friend so you can see this foolishness you know there's a lot of promotion of lost you know which is terrible loss will never lead you to paradise you know it is never going to lead you to a fruitful long-lasting relationship because that is not what loss is about loss is about a temporary urge that once it is suited it is suited end of story that is what lust is about so um this is terrible when it comes to his he's he's until midnight by ryan reese you know

let's look at the breaking bailey's rules by brenda jackson you know so this woman the plot has nothing to offer she for some strange reason has made her mind that she's going to stay humble close to family in colorado but she missed this guy that takes her you know all the way to alaska you know why she followed him to alaska and then um perhaps he gets an injury or whatever so she has to take care of him now there are many things to go that that should have been explored here which i know it wouldn't be exposed apart from the fact that the story in itself is it has not much to offer you know so yeah basically writing a story about you know the conflict is oh she wants to stay close to family you know and clearly this is probably written by an old woman you know because that kind of thing that most old white women would be um would consider a priority they want to live in the same city with their children and with their grandkids and they see um their grandkids going far or their kids going to a different city or moving away as an issue you know but if you see that is not the story that is not the plot what is the conflict that so you know um there's really nothing there on on the plot in itself the plot has nothing to offer you know so this is her big decision whether she she has to stay and of course is starring it has a a mentality and an interest and a desire that is normally common with elderly women not young women but is the character here is a young woman young women do not mind leaving their city or the city that they have always grown up in as a matter of fact many young people that is one of the first things they want to do when they finish college as a matter of fact they don't even even before they finish college when they finish high school they want to go to a college that is far away that is not in the same city or states for a reason they want to move some most people want to travel and see the world that is the way it is now you know sadly of course due to the people who are obsessed with lockdowns i want to bring down lockdowns you know they are you know like there are those who are talking about a second um strain you know they are talking about the delta strain of the you know virus even though there is no machine to test for for for the delta so how does the delta exist and this is um a problem that arises from people not believing all the people who talked about the scam of the pandemic now they want to reboot it spite of all the vaccines that they have sold and got some money from gotten trillions trillions of dollars from the vaccines you know and africa has foolishly sold their souls and their financial futures because the vaccines that are being received for free integral countries have conditions understandably several countries have um raw materials third world countries that do not have raw materials and natural resources have been eliminated from existence and the and the few people who are survivors have moved to other places that have natural resources and those are the facts of life there are countries that suck that prosper without natural resources or with little like switzerland or you know arabia you can see um dubai and things like that but they are surviving on ingenuity on investor you know on you know understanding systems and being the creators and the bosses of systems you know by or you know their financial knowledge and the application of their financial knowledge as you know as a national as as a people you know so that is what is actually making them a lot of times ten times over richer than those who actually have the natural resources but the people who have the national resources that have value you know are the africans and the folks in terror countries that are super poor then it is those that are printing money who invented money you know paper money because paper money was the invention of man paper money is not the invention of gold it is not gold you know it is not silver it is printed from paper and the value is given to it by the government by people you know it is the creation of some people to enslave other people but that is a different topic you know but when you understand money you know how to manipulate to use it and and actually increase the money but you see back to this story you know this story offers nothing and like i said you know it is young people want to travel and see the world that in itself trades the wrench in the entire story i would advise you otto you know brenda jackson to hang out with people and listen to people you know study people as an author one big mistake that others make is that they don't live their life they don't live life or learn from life itself they don't read autobiographies or

move out of their comfort zone to meet people and experience lively people as they used to do you know and sadly with the locked house it's worse because now people have to sit down in one place at home and you know he doesn't want to bring such things back but you know the point of the matter is that you see um you have to understand what people are going through and how people think because this story is terrible in itself you know and it it you know she is meant to if you find someone you know you want to build a future with that person you follow that person and of course a woman should be submissive and a man should be willing to lay his life down for you know his wife and that is the bible that is scripture you know so um that is that's you know the story the plot is it doesn't even have anything to offer and it's it's that's in itself you know there is no pool there's no pull away from you know what's it is there's really no conflict you see as the author thoughts there will be you know the other things there is the conflict of interest in the case of the woman has approved to stay with family and then the the man wants her to stay you know go away with him to alaska and all of that you know and that also could and you know from the direction it's going on the fact that it's um harley quinn they are not going to build on it properly and of course that could have been his subplot to something much bigger because there's nothing in it you know her desire to stay with her from that is actually a liability you know she should have a priority street you know a man should leave his parents and cliff to his wife and the wife should leave her parents a cliff to our husband you know so that is um something you should keep in mind that being said um if you like to be a part of um what we plan to do regarding the entertainment industry you know changing entertainment with the gospel reach out to us on africa vip we are looking forward to hearing from you you know so if you've not given a life to christ also check out salvation prayer alfredo vip a prayer of salvation will come up say that prayer asking god that you know you want to have god in your life begin your work on your journey with god thank you and God bless you



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