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Summer Days, Summer Nights : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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It's the summer of 1982 on Long Island. JJ is working for his dad, when he falls for Debbie. Frankie reconnects with a long lost love. But as temperatures cool, so do their relationships, leaving the young men to accept summer is ending.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie summer days summer nights let me just read the official description on the south shore of long island in the summer of 1983 a group of working-class teenagers and 20-somethings work their summer jobs fall in and out of love and wrestle with what the future holds when the summer ends and the real world backwards now based on the trailer you know um it's a jumble of different things you know and deals with relationships you know um infatuation and of course you know there was this um gentleman who proposed to his girlfriend on prom light and you know um she apparently it seems she obviously she said no but it seems that she um

actually left the town and you know broke off with him also but you know

there are so many things that in this movie would form shape people's minds especially young people and you know it's kind of like an interesting situation where the media and the movies sh is actually from the caution what is happening and at the same time it's free is feeding the culture you know it's giving content it's like um it draws the art scope is real life but then real life now completes the arts but when the arts is actually withdrawing only out um terrible things and things just for entertainment value and things that are just negative what's the culture we get back from the act it's just negativity you know and lies and wrong things now obviously um the concept of proposing to someone on prom nights once upon a time that was um usual a lot of people got married to their high school sweethearts and you know they stayed married forever but that was then interestingly this movie set in um 1983 but i believe it was you know it was made quite recently you know um like perhaps 2018 or and you know there seems to be a re boot or feet or i would say you know a real release of it or more marketing for it in 2021 but that being said these um concepts that are being fed are not helpful and a lot of them uh you know when the world gives the opinions obviously it is worldly it is does not have the word of god therefore it does not have future does not have light and it lacks wisdom it is advised that when you follow you end up you know in a very unfortunate situation you know blessed is the man who could not in the counsel of the ungodly people walk in the council of the ungodly when they watch movies because you are letting ungodly words and perceptions about life and how to deal with situations from your mindsets you know they are

actually giving you um

a new way of thinking they are influencing you there are a lot of people who say that you know movies or video games don't influence them that is nonsense whatever you tolerate whatever you put into your mind you are putting it into your mind that is a fact you know you cannot um it's garbage and say that well it has nothing to do with you know your body you know now in the case of um a christian for example who even if he takes poison it doesn't happen understand that it is still poison but the life of god in that world

counteracts the natural effects of poison in that person you see it is still poison that person is taken now also there is the aspects of it changing which is unlikely normally it's still poison you know like for example jesus turning what time to why the aspect of the poison turning into something else that is ineffective it changing properties but understand that this is based on the effects of the anointing and a miracle you know something is still changing it but you see the putting in of poison was still there wouldn't it have been better if poison was not putting you know in the first place you know so avoid them putting yourself in a furnace situations apostle paul was bitten by a snake a poisonous snake he should get into the fire nothing happened to him apostle paul still didn't go about you know going to where poisonous snakes where to put his hands and for them to bite him or he did not even go about saying and let me show people um something about the life of christ in me and then big carry one big pocket of snakes and put his hand inside you know he didn't do that so you see um you have to understand the little spirit and what god wants you to do you know there are people who may start you know a version of their own version of church where do we put they want to put to test most of these things you know you are not in the business of testing god of course yes you can heal the sick but it is not for you to now start drinking poison and trust services to prove that the word of god works you know even in your privacy you don't go ahead and do that however if for some reason poisoning that's your body perhaps you drink it's um unknowingly or somebody injects it into you it is not going to affect you even if it is drugs even if it is cocaine you know but you you are not you want to put it in your body yourself so um these are things that um you have to understand and of course you know it goes without saying this is also part of the reason why when it comes to freedom from drugs and addictions a lot of people who get free from drugs hard drugs a lot of them they follow the christian routes they convert to christianity you know it and you know the bible talks about um

like i talked about poison you know cocaine and hard drugs are a form of poison to your for for your body so you see um that is actually when it comes to um freedom from drugs when you look at the large percentage of people who get free but the world does not recognize that you know but this is a fact you know the large percentage like over 90 percent on the people who get free from drugs it is from christianity and you know church you know that is where the help came from you know so um that being said um these kinds of movies you know that deal with love romance and all these ideas on relationship it needs to be taken over but completely by christians as well as every other thing because when the world keeps making these kinds of movies it fits the culture with the wrong mindsets of relationships look at where we have come we have come through 180 we went from people condemning polygamy to now um polyandry you know we see will smith's daughter not just have so many people now say oh you can be in love with many people who you can be in a relationship with many people so it has gone you people were dissing um groups that you know that believed in poli polygamy you know where one man we married 50 wives and of course feminists insulted that but now it has gone you know to the point where in also in the inclusivity of the lgbtness now we now have people saying that you can be in a relationship with five different people at the same time is that not still polygamy you know and just like um the irony of it you you see men dressing up as women and performing in female sports you know winning awards so what happens to feminism you know so feminism put themselves in the same boats with people that are heading to a direction that leads to the complete elimination of women so it's worse than we found the feminists are going along with it just like black lives matter are going along with the lgbt that is eliminating and destroying the african-american community you know on one hand they have african-americans unanimous blm supporting planned parenthood which is responsible for the murder of so many african-americans so many african-americans have been killed in the womb if there was no planned parenthood america will be largely african-american you know and that is the direction that it should be going they will not it will be ridiculous to call them a minority you know it would be radical so call african-americans with minorities but you see an organization that migrates singer you know started with the goal of eliminating african americans in their weeds planned parenthood is the organization african-americans are all for you know these kinds of things um we as christians need to come out stand against what uh the devil is doing and we need to take charge and take over all of entertainment you know that being said if you're not giving your life to christ go to africa click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu if you come out that has a prayer savage and say that prayer and give your life to christ and if you like to be part of what you plan to do to um take over the entertainment industry and you know do much more richardson alfredo vip we are looking forward to hearing from you you know if you want to start your own movie company your own crystal movie company entertainment company you know just start you know just take the first step when you take the first step you see you can take a second and it did an effort and you know you can reach out to us we'll help you along the way and of course you have god you know god with you you know what can stand against you successfully nothing so that's that thank you and god bless you

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