Stop Being The Brand, Create A Corporation & Brand It To Continually Express You Forever Even When You're Gone : Celebrity Management - by Alfred


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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to celebrity management i like to tell you to stop building a brand on yourself stop building a brand about you stop being the brand rather build a corporation that is an avatar of you a company that is the totality of how you want to be remembered and let that company have a brand you have to understand the difference between these two things and that's what i'll need to clarify if you are building a brand about yourself then let's say you are a basketball player like a michael jordan one iverson that is you the person that is the brand

but let's say you are building a company one or a corporation that is and then you are giving that a branch that is an avatar of yourself that is now what elio mosque did with tesla

you see the difference it is better to be the iliomox w tesla or be the jp morgan that created the jpmorgan bank or the rockefeller that created the rockefeller you know group of companies you know the empire with shell and all the other companies it's better to be that to build yourself in that way and for you to build yourself to be just a brand and that is what a lot of celebrities do so when people don't like them or when their popularity or their audience is no longer interested in them like you see that's a lot of times with hollywood a lot of hollywood's super celebrities you know when you need an agent to represent you you are the products you see you are offering um your celebrity it's your celebrity that is for sale your celebrity your fame and your um your fan base coupled with what you do what skill that you have you know what skill you're offering whether it is acting or music you need to stop that look at for example musicians why is it that a lot of musicians of old at are broke today and it was because they themselves were the brand so when people stopped listening to their music

or when you know times changed and people are not as instructed with them or new generations were not um able to be put onto their music but which was just the old generation you know which um like their music they were not able to grow because all that they had was they themselves they themselves were the products you have to know how to create an organization a company look at for example um um it is um somewhat of a an interesting idea when it comes to music look at what shampoo combs did you know the companies that he creates represents him and they echo his beliefs but that is how he will remember and that is something he can pass down you cannot pass down yourself if you yourself are the products if you yourself are the brand that is being marketed so you have to move past being the products being the guy who is the highest paying actor you know so it is not about um you are somebody who people want to see at the box office or in movies so bad and you know your movies do very well and companies are willing to pay you this to be in their movies that versus being tyler parry look at what tyler perry did you know when it comes to the business aspects he's a good example of what i'm explaining because he built a company that is basically how he is going to be remembered and it echoes you know um what what um um he stands for it's an avatar of him but it's a company it's bigger than him it has employees which is what every corporation should have but when you are the product yourself it is all about you you know look at um donald trump for example what he did with the trump name you know he built companies that are avatars of trump before he ran for presidency and you could see how big it was there is no way you could go to a trump tower or a trump whatever without thinking donald trump so the companies represented him it is just like you cannot think any of the virgin companies without thinking richard branson you know the companies at the avatar the virgin group the virgin radio the virgin airlines you know the virgin mobile the virgin rocket so the virgin trains all that that's virgin line of products from richard branson they represent him those are his habitat and that is something that he can pass down if you are not building something that you can pass down to your children your children can pass down to their children and also that is protected that can be protected in such that if any of your children are idiots as a matter of fact if for the next five generations all your children are financial idiots when it comes to financial matters your the wealth that you created will still be preserved look at the johnson and johnson family even if all the future generations are idiots they will all still be billionaires or even chileans because the world should keep increasing because of how it is protected but some people do not offer that kind of protection for example let us say that the original um johnson and johnson the fellow that one of the founding brothers of johnson and johnson just gave control and you know everything about the company you know to make certain um protections legal protections you know around the company i'm actually building properly he just passed it down to his song if any of his songs were were idiots that's john cena johnson nobody will be talking about it today nobody knows because there are pharmaceutical companies there but you see it is those protections and thinking cooperation and this is why also you must consider taking your company you know your company cannot be a sole proprietorship you have to think of making it an incorporation incorporated or llc and eventually a publicly traded company you know publicly trade companies often last forever and of course when they are locked down because that is what the politicians will invest in you know so they have an um an exempt status for a lot of things there are a lot of things that publicly traded companies can do and get away with and their owners are now privy to that ordinary people you know can't if you are on this planet and you don't own your own company you have not started because you need to own your own company and do things through your company because we live in a world just like we live in a financial world we live in a world where there are a lot of things you cannot do as an individual but you can do as a company or as an organization you see if for example you want to lobby a politician or you want to change laws you are just one individual what about if you owned or you were in charge of let us say an lgbt organization you know or like a blm and this is why i'm serious smart people are understanding this and they are beginning to find all kinds of organizations because they know that by having this organization they can claim they are a voice of all the people who have this opinion just like black lives matter has claimed to be the voice of everybody who is african-american of african descent who appointed them into that position this is something that somebody created it's just like a lot of the lgbt organizations it is not like all the people who are gay actually ascribe to or or believe or agree with the way they carry out things or even everything they allow because for example they are now you know allowing pedophilia which is something that was there at the beginning they removed it for so that and people will accept them now they are bringing it that back under a different name you know they are now calling it a minor attracted person but it's still pedophilia that is not included in the lgbt you know and they are trying to um detent this sensitize people to make people more accepting of um um old people that want to sleep with children you know so that is um another move but um you have to understand the world that we live in and you know when you have that protection of a corporation and the protection of um charities you know you should have your company and also try to like look at what bill gates did with microsoft and the bill gates foundation there are a lot of things that bill gates is doing i can get away with that he could never do as as just the ceo of microsoft but as the ceo of a charity organization now he doesn't pay taxes now he can you know with the money that he puts there but he decides what that money is useful you know so it is just um it is a different ballgame you know you have to understand the way the world changes a lot of times people make laws but with every law that is made there are a set of laws to protect people who play the game a different way you so so um these are things you have to understand and you need to start your corporations and your charity organizations and do it um in a way that your mission your mission statement should be the great commission the great commission should be expressed in the mission statement of all your companies and all your charity organizations whether um it is seen or unseen in the clearly you know in the mission statements it should be there and it should be something that everyone who is on the board of directors you know anyone who is um has their hands on the rings can see that it is there that the great commission is the actual mission just like um the new world order is the actual mission of a lot of worldly charities trying to bring about a new world order is the actual mission even though it is not written on the mission statement of a lot of all these so-called non-christian um charity organizations that is what it is and it's also the mission of a lot of companies and you can see that by you know by their fruits you shall know them so um these are things that you have to realize so stop building yourself as the the brand for those of you who are on instagram you are always posting pictures of yourself rather than that create a company that is an avatar a total representation of what you stand for and what you believe and let it represent you and that will be what is going to remain and last time you can pass on and pass on and pass on and never be forgotten and what your mission statement is will still be carried out in the world just like the rush shouts or the founders and you know the the people like albert pike who is um the um one of the um he's considered one of the fathers of freemasonry you know which is like i talked about non-profit organizations that is what freemasonry is you see but his vision even though that man died long ago his vision is still being carried out by the existing members of the freemasons and the new freemasons that are getting on board with what their plan is you see that secret society this man albert park he has died a long time ago but his plans for the world are still being ruled out the same thing with um people like um the founder of um the church of satan you know and all this you know a lot of the people well not all some people in the world understand this things it's time that the church and christians understand this and we start building up those kinds of systems that will preach the gospel imagine if let us look at the lockdown imagine if you had spent so much time going from house to house winning so you know that is your strategy and you've you you've built your church from like two members to 12 members to like let's say you had two 200 members and then they lock down hits what happens to all that you did imagine if the government makes it um like it was the original plan to make the new the new normal a new normal that means that you cannot have a church that has 200 members you have to gather in groups of 10 or 5 and all of you vaccinated and wearing masks that was the original plan but it's because of prayer that things are not working out how those globalized planets you see so imagine that situation somebody used politics to destroy all the work you did for god somebody use politics to destroy your entire trust group strategy it's not time for us to start changing strategy and multiplying and spreading out our strategies not just going to people one-on-one take over the educational system take over the schools start planting schools as a as a strategy to increase christianity as a strategy to win source the schools that a lot of people are going to look at what has happened in the donald trump era it has showed you that a lot of all these schools are all about propaganda look at how all of them are leftists look at how old a lot of the white people who go to school you know that there is not an argument of them being torturity these are things that alex jones and you know the candice owens and the um um paul joseph actions of the world have been talking about but people have been calling them conspiracy tourists and have not been listening but now that you know parents are able to see for themselves that children were staying at home they're able to see what they were learning and of course um due to president trump's brief presidency people were able to open their eyes to see what is really happening there are a lot of kids white kids from white parents they go to school and they come back hitting their ancestors and their entire lineage that is what they are taught in the same way the african-american goes to school and is thoughts that he can never succeed because of white supremacy he can never advance that it is only by the government it's only by him joining the blm mindset fighting against white people and hating white people and you know getting on that bloodshed that his hope is in changing the decision that unless laws are made he can never be rich or be successful or he is always underprivileged all of this in the school system what about the church taking over the school systems what about christians writing the books on chemistry biology physics and everything we need to take all this just the same way we are talking about um common core and you know how socialists are getting into mass like what is communist mass you know what is socialist mass um why are they trying to change mathematics and even bringing a new way of calculating mathematics and even the way that people talk to themselves they want to change all the pronouns they are doing it intentionally it is just the same way the nazis were putting their flags everywhere they are symbol when you put your symbol everywhere yeah you are showing domini um um domination yeah you are marking your territory that is what some animals do when some animals go to a certain place that they want to claim that this is their territory they start urinating on certain areas around it so that any other animal that smells you know that this is their domain and that is what those people are doing by changing everything even things that don't need to change like how mathematical equations are solved it is not about that it is about their domination they want everything to be a reflection of what they stand for that is why you you see lgbt mixed with um mcdonald's you know they want to wrap the hamburger in rainbow colors and give props to lgbt what about wrapping the burgers with bible scriptures or instead of fortune cookies scripture cookies put scriptures into the cookies these are all ways that people are making their territory and trying to expand it is intentional and it shows domination you know different groups want to be the loudest voice we must make sure that the gospel is the loudest voice and it grows and it can never be stopped you know so um that is that make sure you check out if you haven't given life to christ go to salvation i'm looking forward to hearing from you thank you and God bless you


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