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A snowbound single mom

And her reluctant rescuer!

When bachelor tycoon Red Brannigan rescues single mom Ronnie during a snowstorm, they’re forced to spend the night together in front of a crackling fire to keep warm. It’s the perfect romantic setting, but Red has sworn never to open his heart to a family again. Ronnie is determined to put her little boy first, but can she risk losing the one man who truly makes her heart dance?

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about a book rescued by the guided tycoon is written by rosanna buddy gilly the synopsis of the book let me just read that it says a snowbound single mom and a reluctant rescuer when bachelor tycoon read banigan rescue single mom ronnie during a snowstorm they are forced to spend a night together in front of a cracking fire to keep warm it's the perfect romantic setting but red has sworn never to open his heart to a family again ronnie is determined to put her little boy first but can she risk losing the woman who truly makes her heart dance you see this is very interesting and it's explains a lot about why the world act the way they do and you know why they are always ending up in divorce first of all two wrongs do not make a right sin can never lead to paradise you know sin is never going to lead to paradise so what you are trying to tell me from what i understand here is that one night of lost and passion you know from basically people who have no self-control you know because you are in front of a fire a crackling fire with somebody you know because the setting is romantic that now means you must give into and you know first of all have um central of or json giving to them you know this lack of self-control if this is the way that these people are they have no planning they have no vision for their life you know they can have spontaneous you know sex like this what that makes it you know logical in anyone's mind that's if they were married or the these two people got married that if they were in front of recording fire with somebody else that they found or was physically attractive why wouldn't the same thing happen you see this idea and it is i guess it's a hollywood thing that's um i would say has a lot to do with bad writing but it has become the mom when there's a romantic setting it is like romance most bloom of course when you look at the old

classic movies anytime a man saves a woman's life in basically almost any movie it automatically means that the relationship more stats you know especially in actual movies iman saves the most life you know in the old movies they got married you know now it means that they start their whatever boyfriend or girlfriend whatever but this is crazy and this is not how life works you see and like i said sin can never lead to paradise this was based on lost how can an outburst of lusts lead to a lasting meaningful relationship you know a relationship is um someone says something very important if you were to take a trip you know from one part of the country to another you know or you had to drive to a far um distance you know to take a long journey you know you would first of all make sure that you have all that is required you know you've packed your bags you would ask yourself you know can the car the vehicle take you that far you know will you need to stop for gas this that there are a lot of questions you have to ask there are a lot of things that you know most you must consider and that is just for taking a trip how much more relationship you cannot start a relationship just on spontaneity in that way because it will end up in disaster because you see the same way if you are taking a trip they are already pre preconditions you have to number one have enough money to last you on that trip you have to know if you are using your own car can your car not go that far and you know you have to be sure of the what route are you taking there are some people who don't do any research and so when they go on a trip they are always asking for direction they are always stuck they don't have any plan they never thought that far ahead because they were not planned we're not prepared if you go into a relationship that way that is an issue you should already just the same way you must know that you must pack your toothbrush in the same way there are certain things that you must know that have to be there if you want to get into a relationship let's say that um you are business minded and you know that is important to you and you are trying to build a dynasty so automatically that means that if you are getting into a relationship with somebody you cannot get into a relationship with a girl that wants to spend money left right and center you know you have to get into a relation that's in itself just the fact that you are you know of an economic mindset you know you you care about your finances and you know you um you are financially educated that alone means that you cannot it has already defined what will work for you and any female that does not have that property of financial education and is increasing in knowledge of financial education is completely out of the way for you so if you are just a person who just based on attraction based on oh this person is beautiful oh this person looks good you don't jump into a relationship what about all the other properties that you yourself knowingly on unknowingly it has already been pre-written by by the fact that you are on a journey you have your own vision you have your own destiny you have what you want to become there are things about you that you like you don't like and that's where you are right now you know when it comes to your group that in itself has created you know like a jigsaw what would be the best other half to fit into um the life that would work for you so you cannot just surprisingly get into a relationship you should know yourself enough to know the properties that will best fit for somebody who wants to be the other half of the jigsaw of the puzzle of the life that you are building or the family that you plan to have in the future so when you meet such a person you know it is those properties you would that you would see you know you you by meeting somebody you would know whether that person will work or not it is not based on um sensual feelings to anything of that nature you already know because this person has the property so this person does not have these properties so you already know based on that whether that person is a good fit or not and understand that we live in a different world where beauty can be brought and soul you know so the days of when a man should care about how beautiful a woman is has gone those days do not matter because majority of the beautiful women today majority of the women that we see or are super models you know they went under the surgeon's knife they are a mixture of all kinds of things you know now it is like um cosmetic you know women putting on makeup has now turned into women putting on disguises you know women are going through sherlock holmes with their disguise you know they are transforming into a different creature altogether by the time they put on makeup or this modern day makeup which is basically a disguise so any woman can look beautiful if she understands the modern day methods of makeup or if she decides to go under the social knife as a matter of fact you know it has been revealed you know that and in the case of like sports illustrated they put a transgender woman on the cover of the magazine and there are some men who don't know and for for that that for those of you who don't know what that means i'm talking about somebody who was born a man the person took all the hormones whatever you know and did all the multiple surgeries and transformed into a woman um you know was put on the cover of you know sports illustrator you know and this is what and some people think it is funny especially some lgbt people so we have men who are lusting after what they think are women but that is not a woman that is a man that has done multiple soldiers and i've taken all kinds of you know hormone changing or altering drugs and by the way if you do that you see you have to rewind what you have done you know you have to rewind what you have done if you have gone in that direction and you have altered your body that's we you see the same way when jonah you know who was swallowed by a will when jonah decided to disobey god and go in the direction that god did not tell him to do when he after repenting and all of that you know and being followed by will and all that he changed his direction and went back to where you know god wanted him to be so if you have gone in that direction of changing your gender you have to rewind what you have done go back to being a man if you were born a man if you're born a woman go back to being a woman you have to go back all under the surgeon's knife and remove all those fake breasts and all of that and undrew the drugs that you have taken you have to go back you know you have to transition so that is something you have to do because you are not going to be accepted

in heaven if you come if if god made you a man and then you you show up as a female if god created a female and you show up as similar just to tell you i do not know you and that is the fact i'm just telling you now you see um perhaps an exception could be if you did not have the chance to detransition perhaps you died after you repented you know so um the day you know before you started the process of the transitioning you something happened that you died you know but apart from that you have to understand that um um the direction that you are going when satan is leading you in a direction don't expect that you will find heaven at the other end there are people who ask questions like if somebody commits suicide will they go to heaven how can you go to heaven satan is the one who is leading you in the direction of committing suicide if satan knows that you are going to heaven do you think he will want you to commit suicide do you think he will inspire you to commit suicide satan can never lead you in a direction where the end of it is heaven or your own benefits or you getting closer to god satan leads you away from god not towards god you see so be wise also for people who are saying things like they are going through depression you go through depression because you this you you decided to disobey the book of philippians you know philippians 4 8 whatsoever is good whatever is lovely whatever is of good report think on distance you disobey that scripture that is why you are in depression if you are depressed what is in your mind jesus said that we should not worry

jesus said he medically be anxious for nothing but yet what you you decided to take on the burdens and the troubles of the world and the things that are the circumstances around you you have magnified the troubles and the problems more than god you have chosen to disobey god god said do not be anxious you have chosen to be anxious now your anxiousness is actually the father of your depression depression is your fault depression is a choice but of course the world won't tell you this these kinds of things they will tell you nonsense and then make you believe all kinds of foolish things that will make you weaker and you know tell you mental health this and um trauma this and oh because you saw this you would um you must have lifelong trauma there are people who they say who they tell um stupid things like oh because you saw um because your your father mistreated you or your mother mistreated you as a child so as an adult the trauma is still there and it's hand around you or it is part of the reason why um some people do not turn out to be good people or not and since uh there is nonsense do you know how many people have seen wars do you know how many people have seen their friends dying their arms do you know how many people who have seen all kinds of things yeah they turned out right do you can you actually pick up a book and see you know nowadays a lot of books are lies you know people are trying to change history and their historical accounts uh you know people are writing modern day books about history that are full of lies you know but when you get books that were actually written back then to really get a comprehension of what people went through you see when you think about the romance and all of that why didn't the people who experienced all that error of or of of chaos why did they why did they um end up growing up right look at jews for example do you know that all the jews all the jews that came out of those concentration camps they all ended up being successful understand that i'm not saying that the the concentration camp because some people like to take things out of context some i'm not saying that the concentration camp um made them stronger or it's beautiful i trained them and helped them succeed no that is something that should have broken them down that concentration camp should have broken and killed their spirits completely

but in spite of all that they saw in those nazi concentration camps those people understood the importance of moving on they understood the importance of not letting the past and events from the past be a news around your neck that pulls you down but we have african-americans who are trying to pull off slavery from many years ago and say that oh most of the people who are talking about slavery don't even know that their parents a lot of the people who are complaining a lot of the african americans who have complained about slavery their ancestors were never slaves some of them if they do their research they found out that their ancestors were among the african americans who owned slaves or their ancestors had also had relations in africa who owned slaves some of them their ancestors have always owned slaves right from other you know right from abraham right from you know way back it goes way back you see bets they have they have chosen to use this as a noose around their neck that oh because of this there is um post drama post slavery drama because um the my ancestors answered answers to ancestor you know probably you know working for one white man as he sleeve blah blah blah blah blah so therefore um it is affecting my ability to succeed it is it has a psychological reprocussion on me that is you what about the the jews that went through the compton concentration camp the nazi consecutive cup themselves i'm not talking about their descendants they themselves when they left there show me a jew who went through the concentration camp system that isn't that ended up not being successful they were able to in spite of such an experience because you know that time people did not believe in current um bad experiences as an excuse for them not performing

you see but in this damn age we have people who who are trained to be to to be useless to be to be soft you have the naomi osaka and the simon bars at least that's when when they feel uneasy they complain and say oh mental health issue or i cannot do an interview or mental health issue i'm dropping out of the olympics you know in in the middle of the olympics competition i am dropping out you know because of my mental health and and then people are clapping oh you are so brave you are so courageous shy you know this is so sad but you know we we need to be wise we need to be wise we need to be wise in in any case you know i hope that as time goes on you know people will get on board with wisdom you know when you create arts when you create books whatever you do make sure that it has truth and make sure that it advances the gospel you know write books that actually tell the truth and you know jesus is truth so put that in there you know this um prison of writing cliches and doing crazy things and expecting different results needs to stop that being said make sure you check out you know and you know if you like to be a part of transforming the world you know in creating christian entertainment books movies you know all of that you know our goal is to ensure that everywhere you look there's no such thing as non-christian entertainment you know that is what we want and that is what we will do you know it is something that has to be done so if you like to be a part of our plans you know reach out to us on alfred dodge vip also if you like to start your own christian company go ahead you know and just do it you want to start your own christian entertainment company whether it's movies video games books whatever go ahead and read you know the lord is which you pray and with if the holy spirit if you receive the holy spirit you know make him truly a senior partner which is what he is therefore you know and you succeed nothing can stop you thank you and god bless you if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer. alfredo vip have a nice day



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