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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk about rip culture in south africa you know

apparently there's such a great increase of rape you know raping of women in south africa and it goes without saying it's a matter of light and darkness when the lights is being hanged at when people attack the lights all that is going to be is darkness and that is what people make room for when they fight against the church you know there has been a strong fight against um pastors and you know basically against the church because when you are attacking pastors you know and you are like um there are a lot of people who hate televangelists or any person that is wealthy or any pastor that has a large congregation understand that by doing that you are fighting against the church those are the pastors that are making the most impact you see when you are you know in a war against oh this pastor has money let us attack him when you are against the message when you are turning people against pastors especially the biggest of them you are in fact also turning people against the message in general now south africa is a nation where you know obviously um there's a lot of racism against white people you know racism against um people whose skin color is not dark and this is just the other side of appetite you know it is still an appetite appetite you know because once upon a time it was discrimination against those who are dark skinned intense persecution now the tables have done when you turn the table of of racism you know there's still racism you know you may not be on the other end of the table when it comes to turning the tables on racism but you have still allowed racism to flourish so in that spirit of hate i am not surprised that there is an increase of rape you know when you encourage people to hate another group when you promote darkness in the aim of you know let me use this evil weapon or allow an evil weapon to be used for the destruction of someone that is against you that evil weapon is evil so it will still be used eventually to walk against you to fight against you you cannot use the devil's tools to bring forth godly results

that same spirit of unfairness and wickedness that is used to fight against the church fight against you know oh this um light-skinned person this white person is is prosperous let us make laws to make it that they can never be giving jobs in spite of the fact that they are the ones that are most qualified

now we now have this issue where rip is on the rise you know and um

the answer is quite simple stop restricting the gospel stop attacking man of god stop at attacking pastors let there be crusades let there be meetings crusades you see if there are crusades christian crusades look at the um the status of unrest in those nations look at the riots and all of that it doesn't exist nations that have large um healing crusades like the billy graham crusades or like the paso chris or academy crusades during such periods what happens to unrest nobody is going there nobody has that kind of anger painted anger you know people are more calm people are basically pacified by these kinds of things you see if there were crusades in south africa those they wouldn't have been riots but of course people want to fight against the church people want to attack christianity people want to attack um anyone who stands up to to to preach the gospel on a large scale you see when you do that you fight against yourself when man rises up to fight against god or fight against the church he's fighting against himself and it is himself that we suffer not god god god is god you know god is god is not the one who is going to suffer it is man that is going to suffer you know god god will not suffer it is man so um that is a simple situation you know you want to stop the increase of rape and the um injustice against women which is being ignored in a large part because they are carried out by dark-skinned people which is the same thing we see in america when african americans shoot and rob other african-americans it is not talked about that is ignored they want to focus on the george floyd they don't want to focus on the tens of thousands of african americans that have been shot

and get killed every year by either planned parenthood you know the the the hundreds of millions that get killed by planned parenthood or the ones who get killed by gang violence because it is african-americans shooting at another african-american you know there are people who who come up and say things like um black on black violence you know it's it's a it's a fad you know it's a scheme it's what white supremacist races say you know they want to focus on the less than one percent of african americans who are shot by police and many of these african-americans are criminals and criminals who did not cooperate at the point of their arrests if you do not cooperate with the police somebody can be a serial killer but the fact that they cooperate with the police at the point of the arrest they will not end up killed there are people who want to bring up and say oh this white person was a mass murderer yet he was not killed at the point of his arrest how did it go down when somebody kills 200 people the police come and say put your guns down and he puts it down the police now has no cause to shoot him they can't shoot him it now becomes illegal for the police to shoot him because he has complied and has gone along with it but an african-american who wants to rob a shop he has not killed anybody but the police show up and say put your guns down then the african-american gets into a shootout to the police or he or he refuses to put the gun down and you know he's they're brandishing the weapon he will end up getting shots then there are crazy people who will now say oh look at how they treated the white person no the white person complied what about the white people who do not comply they get shots nobody talks about you know the white george floyds there are many of them there are many white george floyds there are many people who have been killed by the police but because they are white you know

no one talks about it you know now it is that same thing you know that and you know the more people keep quiet about it the more it increase the more you keep silent about african-americans killing african-americans and no legislation nothing is done towards that it will increase there will be more gun violence in the same way the more you keep quiet about south african men reaping south african women because you are more focused on making all africana i mean all south africans look like victims victims of the white man because of that there will be more rapes and it will keep on getting worse and you are the cause of it you are you are a great enabler of it you know so um that is that people need to open up their hearts and their nations to the gospel you know countries should actually be an area facto countries should actually bring for preachers and say and and tell people tell christians you know and tell these christian leaders go into these communities you know open the doors recommend you people you know the government should walk with the church and say that it's the church that will bring um shotgun and i'm not talking about the catholic church you know especially with this pope that is you know a leftist and all of that and is so political i'm talking about you know um those who actually love god and you can see the results by their fruits you shall know them they're actually changing people they're actually bringing people out of violence they're actually converting people nobody talks about all the people who are who used to be violence who used to being gangs so who used to be on drugs that went to church and then they are transformed and they are now useful members of society nobody talks about that because they want to attack the church so they keep quiet about that so they are decreasing the rich of the trust of effectively reaching people because they want to make the church look like an enemy oh the church is against lgbt or the church against progressive oh the church is against this new new age this and this new age that oh the church is this the church is that that is what they want to paint the church us so it's that same spirits that is actually because of this thing that's in spirit that is making them oh let us ignore the bad things that that africans or people of african descent do to other africans let us ignore that and let us focus on what the white man is doing to um or has or did in the past you know to people of african descent many years ago let us focus on that you see so it is your your your thinking and what you are doing is actually creating a situation where there is more pain there is more suffering africans and people of african descent

from america to south africa and every other place you know where where where this um spirit you know is apparently allowed because people want to push for their rhetoric their rhetoric is more important their their passion to demonize whites men you know and of course you cannot make african people look like aggressors or predators or people who are bringing about the pain of other african-americans you you need to make it look like it's one of the wise man so it is that kind of hatred that and that kind of your devotion to that rhetoric that has created such situations and there are going to be worse situations that will arise if there is no change if people keep putting the rhetoric they want to push the angle of the news they want to push if people keep putting that before the truth there will be more issues and more crimes will be covered up in the name of um social justice well that being said remember to check out alfred.vip if you have not given your life to christ go to salvation prayer alfredo vip thank you and God bless you


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