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1 Peter 2:9 KJV

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:


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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to one america let's open our bibles to the book of first peter chapter 2 verse 9 i'm reading from the king james version of the bible i read boris chosen generation a royal priesthood an holy nation a peculiar people that you should show for the praise of him who had called it out of darkness into his mouth lost lights praise the lord today i want to tell you that you know pro-blackness could lead you to hell now of course i've explained many times why you should not call yourself black or use that word black because you know when you open up the dictionary you see the meaning of black you know it means darkness you know it represents evil it represents that which is unclean you know it represents that which is dirty you know that is what black means you know it's as a as a color it actually means colorless you know now the um there are people who refer to themselves as people of color and that's you know primarily are the people who love to call themselves black bets black by the dictionary definition means colonists and of course by calling a group of people a people of color you are seeing another group the other people don't have color in their life you know understand the meaning of words you know and um do not fall prey to saying things that mean terrible things or referring to yourself by something that is very terrible or actually puts also putting orders you know um in setting boxes you know don't do that that being said you know there's of course the people who love to refer to themselves as the pro black you know folks all these um blm types black panther types you know nation of islam types you know they are everywhere you know but you see this pro-blackness could lead you to hell it's a guarantee that a lot of you you know who are quote-unquote pro-black you know are going to go to hell and the reason is because

christianity is a race

being a christian you are part of a new race the scripture i just read to you makes you clear but you are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people that you should show for the the praise of him who has called out of darkness into his marvelous life now when you look at that portion of the scriptures in the amplified version of the bible it actually expansions on it more you know the amplified version doesn't add since that wasn't there it just amplifies it just like you know when someone uses a microphone you know it amplifies their voice it doesn't change the message it just amplifies what they are saying now you know when you look at that personal scripture it's in the amplified version it says but you are a chosen race a royal priesthood this is not talking about jews this is talking about christians but you are a chosen race real priestly consecrated nation a peculiar people the nation here is zion not israel if peculiar especially people for god's own possession that you may proclaim the excellencies and wonderful deeds and virtues and perfections of him who has caught out of darkness into his mouth lights that is a christian called out of darkness now in lights you know so um understand this powerful fact christianity is a race now when you are there proclaiming that you are part of you know the black wrists no quote unquote black or white wrists or asian wrists you are separating yourself from the christian race you are acknowledging a race other than the risk that you have been born into in christ and understand something in christianity what you believe in what you say is very powerful because for you to even become a christian it is based on what you believed and what you see romans 10 10 the kingdom veterans said forward their hearts man believe it unto righteousness and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation so for you to be saved you first of all have to believe with your hearts believing with your heart is not enough

with your heart you know man believe it or not righteousness your belief your faith will yes get you that righteousness you know but for you to be saved the words have to come out of your mouth for with the mouth confession is made unto salvation so if you believe in jesus but you have not confessed his lordship you know or you go around saying things that are inconsistent with his lordship within being lord of your life there's your problem your heart and your mouth have to be on the same page forever for eternity on the so on this subject of the lordship of jesus

you see it should be clear who is your master who is your lord you see so these two things are very important now when you are supposed to also believe that you are now a part of a new race and to confess that you are part of this christian race yet you are believing that you are part of the black wrist or you are part of the white race and you are confessing and you are always oh as a black man oh black this black that's who i stand for black let us we are black people and all of that you're opening your mouth and saying all of that you know in addition to the fact that the word black is an insult and if you had any sense you would know that it's a racial slow and it was created to be a racial law but in any case you are now dropping the race of christianity you are not confessing or believing that you are a chosen generation a chosen race you are now believing that you are part of the black race not part of this new race this is something you have to understand when you become a christian you see your parents now you know technically you have one parent and that parent now is the holy ghost and that is the revelation behind what um jesus said when he um spoke um so the people as they said and your mother and your your your sisters and brothers you know want to see you and just say these are my family you know these are my mother brothers sisters you see you have to understand that concepts being born again is a very serious thing your second best the best as a christian being born of the spirit is more powerful than the first bits understand that we walk by feet not by sights and that does not mean that you are in an emperor nuclear situation you know we are in a physical world but we are connecting and tapping into a spiritual world we are aligning ourselves with spiritual realities by which this physical world was created the physical realities are true but the spiritual realities you know are permanent you know the the the things of this the physical realities the laws of nature you know these physical principles they are temporary you know they will pass away and they always bow to spiritual laws that is why someone can speak in the name of jesus the blind iron it opens that is a spiritual principle over writing physical principles the physical principle about to the spiritual principle that is why you can use the name of jesus and miracles will happen and greetings will happen you see so you have to um understand this it is very important that you jump off that through black bandwagon when they say all the black people they are talking about black people or white people all of that you must understand that you are not a part of it you are not a monk if you want to help those people okay but you are exempted and you are trying to put yourself there that you are a part of the black race or you are part of the white race you are negating

the reality that god says that you are that you know christianity is a new risk and that is what you have become you have joined the new race understand that you are actually a different creature than human beings

let me say that again you are different from human beings second corinthians 5 17 makes it clear if any man being christ is a new creature you're a new species you're a new type yes you are still in the image of god but you are not like that man that was born of adam you are now born after the second adam which is christ so both are in the image of god jesus is in the image of god that's that that that's species of a creature that you now are that a christian is that the church is is in the image of god adam also is in the image of god but you are not of other you are now of christ so you have to understand this reality you are no longer a nigerian an american a ghanaian you are now a citizen of zion that is where you belong and that is who you are now we live in a world where people do not understand these things so of course you know um

the cannon man does not understand spiritual sins you know because they are spirituality said but it doesn't take away from it this spiritual true self a spiritual truth you know don't try to mix it up we function in a physical world where people understand physicality so yes perhaps on your passport it may still have nigerian or american or all of that but that is not the truth

that is not the truth the truth is that they are now a season of zion the truth is that you are no longer a human being the human beings are those who are born after other that species now you a new creature a completely different type of man you are the kind of man that

this science should follow then that belief

poison is poured into your body or injected into your body or when i accidentally drink it it doesn't affect you you lay hands on the sick they recover it did not say you lay hands on the sick and you pray for the sick and they recover it says you lay hands on the sick there's something about you there's something about anything you touch the bible says hank has ships and aprons from the body of paul heal the sick that is also something that applies to you it is your choice but if you do not believe it you cannot walk in it you know there is something that is available to you so this is the kind of person that you are you shall raise the dead that is not humans humans live die you never see the fall of adam now you are is not just it's one thing for you to be immortal but it's another thing for you now to be violating physical principles and the laws of mortality and be raising other people back from the dead that is a totally different topic and that is a power that you have you see one of the problems with um a lot of christians and why they do not move in all these great reigns of power is because they do not believe it and sometimes they find a certain situations where they listen to pastors and ministers who are babies you know who have their own issues you know and because of their lack of faith they build on the world's understanding of things so the world basically calls the church the shorts on the on the framework and on the mindsets of how they understand the bible that they read that is unfortunate so you know the point is that stop seeing yourself as a citizen of the of the earthly country that you belong to

understand there is a difference between this physical world and truth

in truth a christian is season of zeal ensures you are no longer a human being you are joined as with christ

if you are joined as with christ you can no longer be human you are now divine because if you are joint head with christ and you are human then god is also human then that means that there is no god that being said make sure you check out and if you haven't given your life to christ you know go to salvation thank you and god bless you

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