Police In Nigeria Resume Extortion Culture That Led To End SARS Protests : Nigerian News Updates



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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the resumption of the police extortion culture that's resulted in the answers protests you know then again it's actually the shooting of um you know cent um protesters that is um a big marking point of that um era you know of that time but you see what started the answers protests is i would say um an extreme version of what has always been which is police extortion unfortunately nigeria is a country where over 90 percent over 95 of the interaction between the nigerian police and the nigerian people is the nigerian police extorting money from the nigerian people the nigerian police are all armed robbers you know they are they are the the chief armed robbers when it comes to not in the amounts per and robert you know that each individual under ball nigerian policeman gets from their armed robbery bets when it comes to the reach

of any organization well as it relates to armed robbery the nigerian police are the greatest because you have to understand that there are people who call it bribery and say that um it's proof of corruption it is not bribery because for you to give a bribe you have to do something wrong then you are giving a bribe so that you would not face the consequence of what you did wrong

when the police meet you and you have to give them money or they start making obstacles or start looking for something to hold you like oh you're okay your driver's license is up to date do you have a fire extinguisher if you have a fire extinguisher oh do you have a spare tire well if you have a spare tire or do you have this sort of document where's your this kind of insurance well if you have the insurance documents okay what about this okay what about that okay why is this you know when they are constantly and you know that it's all about money and when you give them the money all these questions will stop and as a matter of fact if they can't think of anything

to ask you if you have because they have seen you have you have everything if they can't think of any new thing then they will keep you there you are packed your car you stand there and then they are asking other people and when the people give their money they go later it will then dawn on you that you have to give them money and then we go that is extortion that is not bribe and that is the interaction that is the kind of introduction that nigerian police has with the people as a matter of fact if for example someone comes you know an ab driver comes with guns to your house and you know um robs you if you go to the police you have to pay the police money this is one thing that many people don't know you know especially those outside of nigeria you have to pay the police money and number one is that first of all the police is not going to make any attempts to retrieve any item that was stolen

as a matter of fact the place is anywhere where in nigeria you see the police garden whether it's a bank or anything the police was paid the police department's heads you know and the the head of the dpos all those guys they were paid for that to happen the police in nigeria acts as a private entity and a private entity that doesn't even care about you you have to pay them for their individual services

if you needed trouble and you went to the police you need to pay the police money for him to actually intervene

you see so um this nonsense you know has always been there but before the end such protests the police and you know the the so-called anti-kidnapping and anti-robbery squad took it to the next level in such that they would take people and their eight and their atm cards like yeah like let us go to an atm withdraw ten thousand or twenty thousand and give it to me that is what they were doing it reached a different level oh you have a cell phone how do you have the expensive cell phone you must be doing something in bigger that is what the police was doing apparently after all the ends house protests and all they talk here and talk there and the disbanding of sars and they bring it back upstairs now the police are now doing the same thing in lagos there are now videos um circulating online you know specifically one video where the police you know showed up to someone's doorstep to arrest them you know and they planted the drugs saying that the person was selling drugs in front of you know in his own house you know the way and it is um two um drugs which is you know allegedly planted you know the whole situation is is funny you know that the person was um so-called selling in their hand this person but look at what the police did in addition to you know the question of whether the police planted that on the individual or not is one matter they beat him up his mother came out his father came out they beat up the mother they beat up the father they beat up the father's younger brother and they took all of them to jail to prison where they continued beating them now when one of the boys started bleeding from his nose and from his mouth this is what the police said that the father you know you know um should take the boy home and treats him you've brought all these people you've beaten them no no law no nothing no no lawyer involved in any of this process after all this heavy beating take the boy and treat him and the police are still holding you know apparently it was the younger brother it was seemed like it was the younger brother that took the boy home and it's actually a poor um section of lagos they don't have money so it's like the boy is in the house you know and he his line they're sick you know they don't have money they don't understand the police is asking for five thousand naira for the parents to go to be let's go

so where do they want the 5000 naira to come from and and in you know this is the kind of thing that nigerians are used to nigerians are used to being abused in this at this level so you know it is in business as usual and of course you know the wealthiest you know the political class don't care about all this you know they are they they go to their meetings they travel outside you know frequently and then they feel that they are big that they want to be treated as african royalty and all of that but the people are suffering these everyday people with one day pick up guns and they will take out their anger society and as innocent people and eventually they will take that violence to the politicians and to the wealthy people and this will now lead to increase in a hatred towards the rich and of course you know in a nation that doesn't have rich people there isn't much for that nation so when the rich are persecuted it is only going to lead to more suffering for the people so what these people are going to eventually do what the everyday nigerian who you know who um is continuously pushed to the wall pushed to the wall pushed to the wall many of the people that are in gangs you know in nigeria most of them it would have been more difficult for them to join if nigeria was actually functioning there will be no leverage for them to join such groups but you see it is these kinds of things that push people in that direction let us assume that the boy that that's in their hand was not planted that the boy was selling in their him so the police problem is that they sh that's that he should pay the police five thousand for his rights for or for the allowance or for the permission to send in their hands is that what they are saying that is if the the that's uh in their hand was not planted so you see um this is crazy at the end of the day it leads to a field nation and who benefits certain foreigners who we love to see africa for the people who are going to be happy to see africa fall because nigeria is the is is basically the most populous nation in africa and it's you know a nation that will is on par against china it will soon be the second largest populous um nation in the world you know there is um china india and then there's nigeria nigeria will soon right and when there is all these kinds of poverty and all these kinds of situations all this kind of oppression also understand common sense nigeria as a piece of land is not um powerful enough or strong enough to um occupy or to bear the

such a great population except for a set images which i would not um talk about in this broadcast bit what is going to happen is that a lot of nigerians naturally have to leave nigeria it is just common sense with such a booming population and these people who are being cultured to have this kind of violence as a way of life and this kind of mentality as above lies being spread across the world is not going to be good for everybody in this world that being said

we need to ensure that the people um are able to bring um the police and politicians to account whether it is to start websites you know there are people back when twitter was allowed um there was a the the so-called anti-corruption organization you know that was um posting people's um pictures i believe efcc efcc's twitter page was posting pictures of innocent nigerians people who were allegedly involved in um um the yahoo business you know as in not yahoo the company but has seen um indigo operations online allegedly these people have not faced trials but they were already posted on the internet as criminals we should start doing that for the police the nigerian policemen and you know policemen should have a badge number and a name that is easily identifiable and that we can see that they are brought to accounts when a policeman um illegally stops money which the person should be able to report it and that policeman should be able to be brought to account you know should be um charged and put in prison you know taking his birth should be stripped from him you know that needs that measure needs to be made that protection needs to be made the people need to be empowered if that is not done extortion will continue and the more you extract people the more you will make monsters out of them you see because they will see this is the only way they will have the mentality of this the only way for me to survive and then who is suffer it is your society and it is a nation and it is the world that will not end up suffering you know so that needs to be done that being said you know we can start obviously by independently you know creating situations where we can do our own whistle blowing you know perhaps nigerians need to start individual nigerians that's really why you move in a location where you know you will meet the police wear body cameras start wearing body cameras you know buy body cameras wear them so that you can record the police when they are doing their nonsense and then you post it on the internet let the whole world see because apparently this is unfortunately what it has come to and you know politicians we we need to have bodies where we can address politicians and bring um politicians you need to bring all this policemen to account these people needs to be charged because the more the police see that they have been getting away with it for decades upon decades upon decades why wouldn't they continue why wouldn't they be tell people take me to um let us go to an atm bring out your atm card i want fifty thousand you know as a matter of fact they can even tell the person let me see how much is in your accounts and they stand behind the person at the eight year man this is a policeman we performing a robbery that even kidnappers cannot do

no kidnapper is powerful enough to carry somebody to the atm in that manner and i'll be doing it in broad daylight with multiple people there's no kidnapper that does that but the nigerian police is doing that the nigerian police are a greater kidnappers than the kidnappers the nigerian police are greater and robust than the and robbers

that being said make sure you go to alfred.vip and you know um subscribe you know and you know if you've not given life to christ go to alfredo vip click the salvation prayer link in the main menu when do they page your commander has a prayer salvation you know say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you


-  Extortion: Police In Lagos Resume Illegal Raid, Arrest People In Sight For N5k Each ‘Bail’ Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5Jz_1mrJLA


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