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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the album outs here on a friday where it began now this is an album from hillsong you know specifically hillsong young and free you know of course there are different um groups on that the hill song banner when it comes to the music that hillsong pulls out this is from hillsong younger free and you know this album out here on a friday where it began it only has seven tracks but these are seven awesome tracks these tracks you know this is positively and absolutely the best collection of music i've listened to what i've heard in years you know that is what they have put together in this album you need to listen to it yourself you know it's amazing and you know i'm really impressed now hill song is you know a church that has its own um

he's through his controversy but then again you know that goes with the territory when it comes to churches when it comes to now the accuracy of revelation within the songs you know that is another topic and of course um it's a bit different for different people you know because people are in different places when it comes to their revelation on their understanding of christ but based on what i see on what i've heard so far you know i've not really gotten down into the album you know i've not really

dived into the album properly you know and i'm sure going to do that and onwards because of course you know i am not someone who goes with a chance or listens to something because other people are listening to it which is sad you know a lot of people are programmed to like a song for a week or two you know once it is no longer popular all of a sudden they don't like it anymore you know they go with the trends you know other people's opinions and what the radio plays influence what they say they like you know so i am not that way you know and of course based on the generation i'm from because i was born in the in 1887 1987 you know we don't think the way that a lot of these um um kids of this generation think you know have have been programmed when it comes to their music they easily get bored of music of course there's something that it'll be difficult for you to get bored of but you know habits can be programmed into people you know so that is why you see a lot of people um actually they love this song so much but in a couple of days they they no longer can listen to the song they can't stand the song you know and one has to program themselves that way unconsciously of course but those people who are that were programmed that way and that is not good you know because you are robbing yourself from enjoying life you know you are the kind of person who can't relax and smell the roses and enjoy it you know but anyway back to this album especially the track phenomena you know it's awesome you know the way everything is put together the the music rivals anything that the world puts out you know hill song needs to in addition to putting out the kind of videos they do because it's kind of like their style of church service which i believe it's awesome and you know it is kind of like a concerts you know um kind of thing and this particular um

one is kind of like a smaller group than we are used to seeing hillsong you know perform for perform in front of this is the the music everything is um awesome and you know they need to make standard um videos by standard videos i mean you know the kind of videos that the world makes you know in addition but in addition to this i'm not saying they should stop making these kinds of videos you know because this actually helps to show how the actual service is and how their choice is and you know how um the it it redefines and it attracts young people and makes them want to come like oh the church is built like a concert because of course they will also hear the world and that is another thing a lot of people you know hillsong it would seem emphasize this the music because that is what people want more from hillsong but other aspects of um what hillsong council over should be highlighted like there should be huge song movies you know and of course the sermons should actually be um also um um be a focal point and it should have ring so if it's on a wall of its own you know when people think hillsong they don't think the church or the music you know first of all the music comes first that is what most people might go to bed the different packages needs to be taught about and when it comes to the preaching they have to you know they have done a great job in you know putting out different pastors but of course they need to um work on due to what happened um previously they need to work on that discipleship system and the training system for the pastors themselves and also for the members you know that would be of great help like for example justin bieber to have been a member of hillsong him and ariana grande to be a member of hillsong or to some degree and to even minister on stage at hillsong and still be so ignorant that he feels that god was owes him or god needs him you know for the church to do well or for the gospel to go for you know he's so sad and for him to not um have the priority that the church comes first and pushing the gospel out there comes first that says a lot about the training within hillsong you know that needs to be worked on because you know for example there are some churches where um the pastors um complain that the people don't give you know it is because of how you train the people you did not train the people well you know if you train the congressional rights there will be a congregation of givers you know don't look at the other church and say oh in that church they give us they are always giving and that is why they are able to do so many things for the kingdom but also we are not you know it is how you train them you know so for people like justin bieber to have that kind of my mentality and to you know this mindset of oh the pastor did this so i'm going to leave the church that is wrong you know are you dead because of the pastor is it god that told you to be dead you should be in a choice because the holy spirit directed you to be there and if the holy spirit directed it to be there whether a pastor means behaves or not and he is kicked out or whatever you remain there because the holy spirit is the one who told you to go there it is not the pastor your relationship with you're benefiting from the church is not based on a pastor you know it's based on what god has for you in that church if god has put you there god has put you there and that is where you will grow and if you like you can run away like jonah you your prosperity and your advancements your spiritual growth in particular is linked to your being where god wants you to be so you have to be back in that church so um why do you even choose a church these things need to be taught and the people need to be um the growth the disciple aspect the discipleship aspect should be there and this does not just apply to hillsong this goes abroad throughout every single church because um the discipleship in a lot of churches is not there that is why during the lord dance a lot of churches close down because there is no discipleship the people the pastors and the leaders did not know who their congregation was because the congregation did not have any um relationship with the church you know they did not have any contact there were not there was no relationship you know the people were not placed within the trust the people just came to church on sundays or on service days or whenever they had time so when there was a lockdown the pastors did not know who their congregation members were to reach out to and the people did not feel any obligation or anything you know they had no relationship they had no point it's not like they are friends and you know they they had a built um structure or relationship with the church so they did not feel to they had to connect with the church online some churches were not even online until the first lockdown that is when they started thinking of oh we need to be online that in itself is a total um different disaster but you see a lot of churches needs to um work out on these issues especially you know when it comes to the discipleship of the pastors and ensure that is not just one person preaching you know a lot of churches are built in the way that is the general overseer push other people understand something it is just like um for example um there are certain things a teacher can explain to you in school you may not understand it and you ask his fellow students like you who you know understands it who got what he just said and that student to explain it in a in a way that you would understand it yeah the teacher who is a teacher who has been teaching that subject for how many years could not pass that message across to you but yet a fellow student was able to a fellow student like you who probably that was just the first time they had it but he not he knew how to put in some words you know there are people who who can reach people that you cannot reach just because they are them perhaps because of the way they look perhaps because of the way they speak of perhaps the way they understand something so they will explain it in a way that to you may be childish but that is what will pass the message across so you have to understand this and you know um ensure that in your ministry you give everybody a platform don't be afraid that if you give them a platform they will break out and start their own search i'll give them a platform so that those who want to break out and start their own trust regard and break out and start their own trust let those who are with you let you let you be 100 percent sure that they are loyal that even though they have the opportunity to break out and start they don't trust that you that know they are with you because that is where god wants them to be so it is about god you know they are in that position you know so um this is very important you know a lot of every church should do this you know not just um hillsong and you know that's um habits of people stopping to go to church because they see that perhaps the choir is somebody in choir is sleeping around you know or the pastor misbehaves you know then they leave the church what do you believe where is your faith then you know is it not god that told you to be there so why are you living you know so um these are things that um you have to um understand be spiritually minded don't be carnally minded you know don't be carnally minded when you leave now where will you live very soon you will end up in the world or not going to church at all which is a dangerous situation for a lot of people now if you are somebody who god has instructed you you know and you know how to manage yourself when you are not actually physically going to a church but perhaps you have house fellowship so you have your own fellowship system and you know because quite frankly about support and certain people you know for a long portion of time there are a lot of christians who did not go to church regularly but they were still growing in the faith but that is the situation that they were in or in the instruction that the holy spirit gave them you know it is not for everybody that will destroy most people especially in the early stages of your christianity you know for example when if someone is in prison no that is a situation there is no church that person is dead a lot of people have been in prison just because of their beliefs you know there are people who god may instruct to stay aside that is between you and god but understand that if it is not god you are in shoot because you have put yourself in a very vulnerable situation you know so um this habit of leaving church for this reason or that reason or going to start your own church because of this thing happened or that thing happened not because god told you to it is not because the holy spirit led you and instructed you and said this is what you have to do not because of prophecy you are going on your own because of this happened that happened so let me start my own joshua let me start my own ministry that is going to lead you into trouble so you know don't do that now a lot of churches need to follow hillsong's model like what they are doing with the with um their music their choir is is very um amazing of course and when they they do it they should ensure that for example hillstrom is a church that has a lot of members but you know the hill song itself should be like a record label where you know kind of like um um universal music group and all of that you know where um the members have the opportunity to you know groom and grow and develop them their musical skills because that is one thing that church does josh gives people to the opportunity to grow and sing in the choir to sing in front of an audience to master their skills to learn the basics of singing and that is why a lot of singers start in the church because church is a free music lesson and a free prizeless musical experience where you can get to perform in front of hundreds or sometimes thousands of in case in some cases millions of people depending on the church you are in you know for free you get to learn and then gets um school by different people who have actually studied music and then you are in the choir and you are studying music also you know and you are you are taught by so many different people so it is a free and priceless experience for a musician you know so that is actually why a lot of singers actually started in the church you know the church they they they they harness their skill in the trust then instead of them to use that they are built up skill to push the gospel and because the church itself does not have a system to ensure that singers get record labels and start making albums the world catches up these people oh you are talented you a talented singer you'll be amazed some people got to trust some music some record label you know back in the day they go to christian events to hear singers and then meet them and tell them give them record deals to be singing worldly songs this is serious but if the church had that sister also with the drama department you know because um making movies i'm making music music albums this is something that's easy to do you know even even not just movies you know shots you can make a shot like a 10 minutes shots or perhaps a five minute shots you know a short film you know very a very very short film and anybody can do that any church can do that any trust can produce a high quality thing that is 10 minutes you know and that could go a long way in preaching the gospel and you know pushing the message of the gospel out there especially to an audience that would not otherwise hear the gospel remember that you know when you put summons on television the world are not listening to it they are not attracted to it you know i've said this before do you know that they are muslim tv channels where they preach from the quran where they teach from the quran 24 7. do you know about it no if you are browsing the channel and you saw one will you stay there no and i'm talking to christians especially or even people in the world you wouldn't but you want to watch movies or want to watch music so all these different things that are um universal that more people just gravitate to they are more important they are very important when it comes to winning souls look at jesus jesus told stories and performed miracles basically you could say over 99 percent or perhaps 95 percent over 99 90 maybe over 99 of the people who listen to jesus did not understand what he was saying they did not get the sermon in what he was saying otherwise they would not have crucified him

and if if they have gotten it remember that he spoke in parables and the disciples who we letter the disciples will later ask him what is the meaning of the parable and then he will explain you see even the beatitudes there are a lot of people to today who do not understand the sermon on their mouths to today as it is as is right about the revelation there are a lot of people that do not understand anything in the sermon on their mouths then is it then that those people understood it you know jesus read the scriptures and the way he read it the atmosphere changed you know when he went to the temple and he read the scriptures you know the pharisees the services they were looking like ah just from the way he read it he did not say that as he read the god received understanding but there was a power with the way he read it there was a power you know which is reading so you have to understand that the understanding you know of the sermons that jesus taught you know the sermon the people the attraction of jesus was not the the understanding between the same as well not the revelation between the semes because they did not get that you know the attraction what people um what brought people to jesus you know before his um crucifixion was the power the miracles the healing ministry you know and of course the the five lots of bread and two fishes that he turned into um a food fest for the people you know those kinds of things that is what attracted people and brought people so you have to be wise some people um wonder say ah why is it that this church um now they give people coffee and bread you know they are trying to do this gimmick and this gave me to bring people jesus did

you see that five lots of bread and two features that even though you know the point was it was not like let let me do this to attract more people you know they were hungry but that attracted people and the bible clearly states it that's after that it it increased the number of people who showed up you know people love jesus more ah this guy gave us free delicious bread this is heavenly bread i'm sure i tasted the bread and the fish tasted more delicious than any bread and fish that they had ever eaten so it was like ah this this guy um the miracles is not just for people who are lame or people who are blind you know you you can get to eat free food that is so delicious that's you know it is one of a kind the kind of food that you eat and you'll be talking about 10 10 years later about about how delicious the food is you know so um you have to understand all these kinds of um things all these aspects of things should be included you know in the in the churches you know to grow the churches and to expand the choices you know it's easy you know the church you already have cameras you already have software for editing videos use the editing for movies for the for for music you know group people within your church the everyday members give them jobs let every church have be a music

company some of you you would have to change the format of your choice some of you you will have to also register like i know some churches have a business aspect for example christ embassy um is you know christ embassy there's christ embassy the ministry and then there's believers love world incorporated which is a business and registered as a corporation

you know so you have to do these things so that number one you get into legal trouble number two there are things that you cannot do without a business structure you know the the extent of um preaching the gospel that you can never get to build on charity alone you would need industry you will need companies you need corporations so your church cannot just be a 501 c tree you know tax exempts non-profits you also have to have the the profit part of your church you know you you have the like the foundation and you know the charity foundation you know and then the um um corporation the empire a christian based empire that is aimed at expanding the gospel otherwise how would you register your own tv channel you know how do you have your own radio channel all these things you know where these are very important things that need to be done for the gospel to be advanced so all these things when um they are looked into you would see that in in in no time the gospel will be the the the order of the day the gospel will call the shots the world will be run by judeo christian values imagine if all the singers in the world all those actors in the world stayed in the church they never had to leave the church because in the trust the way groomed were developed and then the church also had its movie studios or its music studios or you know his record label and all of that it gave them record deals and and of course with the platform of the church and all of that you know they were making great records and all that and even with that structure the church will not need to be begging for money or asking for money or having 30 offerings in one sunday service when you do all these things so be wise that being said you know if you would like to be a part of what we are doing to take the world for jesus reach out to us on we are looking forward to hear from you if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation or go to and you will see a salvation pride thank you and god bless you


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We are a youth ministry by name, but by identity we are a people who have found hope, salvation, joy, forgiveness and a future in Jesus Christ. Our songs are the overflow of our hearts and a reflection of life in Jesus.

More than a label, Young & Free is also our message and mission. This is a generation called to stand strong in their youth and in their freedom, refusing to allow others to dismiss them for their age, and not allowing the chains of their history to leave them shackled. This is a generation awakened to their purpose in Jesus and empowered to step out into their calling.

Through the decades, God has called, graced and anointed us to create praise and worship music that would be a blessing to the global church.

In this thirty year story, we have seen generations of people serving, leading and pioneering movements that have ushered in the presence of our great God, and have helped the human heart connect with Jesus Christ. Today is no exception with the groundswell that is Hillsong Young & Free. 

Songs arising from Young & Free are unlike anything that we have ever done before and we believe that through them young people will find life and deep, unending joy in Jesus. We believe that through these songs, hearts will awaken to the light of Christ, captives will be set free and the name of Jesus will be made known.

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