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My Thoughts On Michael & Angela From 90 Day Finance : American News Updates


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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

 hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk about the

uh the movie that is you know angela michael you know from 90 days fiasco i mean 90 day fiance you know it's it's so it's such

a jumbled up mess you know it is a big fiasco i actually think that the situation between michael and angela is that angela wants to break it off with michael but she you know doesn't see an opportunity to do so and i'm thinking that that is the main motivation behind why she's acting the way she's acting because you know there is nobody that can wash that shoe and after a while not come up with the conclusion that she is intentionally self-sabotaging her relationship she wants a divorce from michael you know that is the situation she wants she cannot figure out she's trying to give michael a reason to break off with her that is what she is looking for and michael is not giving her that reason and there is a possibility that michael knows or secretly suspects that that is what she really wants but michael is not doing that and you know michael is seeing her as a ticket to leave nigeria and go to america and the funny thing is that what michael does not realize is that the nigerian government and immigration is not going to give michael that's um visa because first of all that their relationship is super publicized he is a young man marrying a woman that is probably almost twice his age so that he's going to go to america you know so that he will get that visa a marriage visa if the nigerian government and you know the immigration services allows that to go through what is going to happen is that many nigerians are going to start writing love letters and emails trying to romanticize white women so that they two will do the same thing and that is something that the nigerian government is considering and you know the immigration services they know it is going to create a catastrophe a lot of nigerians in lagos you know they are really those who are doing the um of course there's the nigerian prince come and of course there are so many different scams you know and the bro the brunt of the accusations of a lot of online fraud is for nigeria even though places like india does a lot more online fraud than india than nigeria but a lot of that accusation is on nigeria if they allow michael to get that visa and it is so publicized the whole world is watching the internet is rushing many nigerians will go into it and that will create a big catastrophe so based on that alone they are not going to give michael a visa if the nigerian government has anything to say about it they are not going to give micah the visa a marriage visa the way that my account should go is to try to get an investor visa or a student visa the way he goes there as a student he keeps upgrading or reading more courses you know and then as a student you know he um ends up staying there long enough to apply for citizenship that is what he should do you know he can use student visa or investor visa other kinds of these are but those are the two key ways the easiest to get a student visa you know if michael already has a college degree he can apply for a master's course in a university and then that is how you you go and of course even though that might be publicized that's the nigerian government and you know the immigration services will allow that but immigration services are not going to allow michael to go with that kind of publicity based on marriage visa because let's face the facts everybody believes that first of all that that is not real law that woman is too old and woman is too insultive she has insulted him insulted his aunts insulting everybody every the everybody including all the white people in america who are commenting on it are complaining about that kind of relationship you know everybody is unhappy with it so a lot of people are looking at it as well this guy is going to all manners of length for a visa for that green card you know it is it is uh interesting and it goes to say with the situation in nigeria how um the government has made nigeria so terrible that we have people like michael going through what he's going through you know all in the name of let him go to america you know without due respect you know someone like michael that is willing to do that kind of you know people who are willing to you know um volunteer to be the lovers and marry women white women that are two times their age just so that they can go to america if those kinds of people are paid money uh us or or i even said we'll kill this person and kill this person and then we go to america do we do it do we do it you know if they are willing to um go to the essence of marrying somebody you know to go to the u.s um you know the question is um will michael's attitude change if he actually is in us you know his attitude towards angela you know the whole thing is such a fiasco it's so crazy you know but i believe that you know at this point he has invested so much he has endured so much that you know it is like i know yeah yeah you're trying to break it off with me and then go and you know go into someone else's bets i've invested so much so much already i've seen this thing today and perhaps that is michael's you know behind the scenes um reasoning behind why he's still staying in that kind of relationship and then she's trying to um come up with you know she's making it look um she's just doing all kinds of things to sabotage the entire relationship you know and people are thinking that she's a terrible person and this is what uh being a relationship with her means but it's probably because she's just trying to invent reason and she can't figure out why michael is still staying with her so she's even amplifying the terrible behavior and treatment of michael you know their own apart so that being said um that's my opinion on that entire matter you know and i hope that those who are trying to leave certain countries or third world countries or developing countries or on certain kinds of visas understand how the immigration services think and the governments of their nation think you know so um understand that that being said if you haven't given your life to christ go to click the salvation prayer link in the main menu and when you do that

the page will come out that has a prayer service consider that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you



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