Monday Strikes In Igboland Until Nnamdi Kanu Is Released : Nigerian News Updates


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 hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the monday strikes you know in ebola and you know in igbo regions you know that is um being carried out until on the co that is he's been carried out with the condition that unnam de carlo has to be released before it stops what i have to tell um eboos is that you know me both my parents are eboo and i i need to um tell you something what's on this planet has shown you that buhari or the buhari administration cares about hebrews or anybody as a matter of fact he just cares about himself and his family

this man is willing to find ram de kalu and sunday buhu no matter where they run to in any part of the world but he cannot find boko haram in the bush in nigeria he cannot find any of the kidnapped people when someone is kidnapped in the north he cannot find them but he is willing to find hunam dekalu we need to go to the ends of the edge to find unanimous no matter where they run to it shows you his priorities so first of all your monday strike is making buhari happy because first of all buhari's wealth is not based on the nigerian economy let me say that again bohari's wealth and his children's wealth is not based on the nigerian economy if the nigerian economy falls he doesn't care because his what is not based here paris a lot of these politicians have foreign bank accounts their children their legacy is not in africa it is outside africa is just a place where they where they steal money from where they get money from and then they send to their children and their children invest their own their children don't even invest their children just spend it and keep on buying houses and all of that and buying liabilities it's not even like their children are in most cases buying assets that will even make them rich you know their children are spending it on liabilities in in other countries so buhari's world is not based on the nigerian economy let the nigerian economy fall as it wants but he does not care it does not affect him he's not looking at the nigerian economy as oh this is what is i i need

his children are secure in other nations um economy that is what um he's looking at so um people striking on monday you know on in imo state anambra state you know in abba you know all these um places this um where nobody's going to go to work on monday that um people are doing in the name of biafra all this it's actually you are helping buhari is very happy because it is helping you know very serious as well so these people are going to actually become poorer from this thing this is going to affect their finances so now his people are he's really people and and the people that are on his end you know all the market and all the business that you guys have been doing on monday that market share is now going to um worries people of course this kind of thing at the end of the day will affect everybody and pull down nigeria but like i said buari does not care he is not interested in the economy of nigeria he doesn't he does not bother him so um that is something you have to know and like i have addressed with the issue of biafra now you are forcing people who are able to join their biafra movement now you are forcing anybody that is in emo emo state or anambra states that they have to for they have to um fall under what you are saying so you are creating authoritative realism on your own how can you be the solution when you are becoming an authoritarian at this at the very own set of your movements the very onset of you are trying to create your own nation you have already started becoming an authoritarian all of you because you are evil all of you are there for biafra all of you on this piece of land are there for biafra that mentality you know this you're forcing your will i have seen it before first of all they have to be pause taken honest let us know what is it that evils want the evils want to break away or the evils want to stay then what is it that the rest of nigerians want for evil so they want evils to break away or do they want not able to stay then what is it that they not on us wants do they want ebooks to break away and or do they want you know people to stay these posts need to be taken and people need to know let us know what the majority what is it that the people actually want right now we are just seeing people with loud voices saying different things and of course contradicting voices because it's so easy for the baha'i administration to pay a group of evil people in this area and say that oh we are the evil use of this area where we are the evil use of imo we are the evil use of that and no biafra is a french movement and then they say oh we after these people who have been paid we now say oh we are all foreign administration all of that is very easy to do and he and he's been done so um polls need to be taken let people be clear understand that buhari has made up his mind on what he's going to do he hates hebrews and this is somebody that was involved in the first biafra and he's using language like will we speak to them in the language they understand he would like nothing better than to kill more evils he would like to finish what he started in the first biafra he will like a second biafra and he will like to kill a lot of evils and understand that if there is a war the world is going to support the not because it is going to be all these people are terrorists because it is the same thing that happened before one of those who said they were biafra before we were marketed and we were broadcast and the nigerian government were asking the the um the the president of nigeria at the time you know was also given that rhetoric of um oh these are just terrorists that is what is going to happen now you know if there is um a second be afraid though everyone that says this biafra will be called a terrorist and of course for the biafra movement to kick up you are going to have to force people to join your movements and that will be a an authoritarianism and you know it's sort of terrorism oh you have to um join us and fight with us you know so that in itself is is a disaster so you need to first of all let let everybody know what is it that every person wants then we move forward from there if we are going forward with the dividing with with separating um ebola from the rest of nigeria you know it has to be done peacefully at the table and there's nothing wrong with you know people still doing business across across the border you know if it is established that ibo is broken away and then there's igbo land and then there is the rest of nigeria you can still do business across the border and the same way there are people in nigeria who own houses in america you can be in igbo land and own houses in nigeria and you can be nigerian houses in ebola and this all of that so this can be done diplomatically over a table

all of this can be done diplomatically but war is not an option because if there is war everybody will lose the only people that will win are the globalists the only people that win are they bill gates and friends and all those who want to see africa depopulated because so many people will die so many people will die and so many people will run away from nigeria and in their running away from nigeria they will end up being slaves or second-class humans in other countries for those of you in nigeria i'm sure you have seen some kind of um arab looking people that are beggars in nigeria that is going to be you in other countries soon if there is a war

there is going to be you in other countries soon in other african nations soon if there is a war you know so you need to think about it and the women are children going to pick up guns and start fighting each other too are all the men going to be on board with this fight the the priority of it of of a normal man is you know a lot of times is his family or his children so that is what he's going to go for a lot of people are going to leave nigeria and that is not good and you know they are not living on the best of them andreas will end up becoming second classical citizens and slaves in other nations that is not good you know ebola as well so i have said it before multiplications this stats has to start with the pool let us know what people want and then let us if if it is decided that people want the separation let it be done over a table and i would advise the ebooks that you know you could end up creating a smaller nation that we still have the same problems because it is not the same criminals that are running hebrew states that will be running that's biafra let us say that biafra happens it's not the same criminals that are going to be running what measures are you going to make to prevent such criminals from running be afraid biafra is created so that is another topic for another discussion but it starts with let there be post let us know what everybody wants not what unanimous wants or what these people who are in who have already signed up for the biafra movement the fact that they have signed up doesn't mean that every other ebooks have signed up i'm going to force them to not be a part of it if they're not authoritarianism what are you fighting against if you are going to become an authoritarian towards the people that you say you you love your people

and you are trying to create a future for and that you are angry that nigeria doesn't have a future for evil so therefore you have to create you know your own behavior and of course there are other reasons why people want to be afraid you know there's also the most logical of which is nigeria was a creation of colonialism you know so therefore if how can that which was created by colonialism and an era of slavery be you know sustainable in an era that claims to be free of colonialism and free of slavery you know so that being said um make sure you check out and you know if you've not given your lives to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of vip or just go to salvation prior to alfredo vip thank you and god bless you



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