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Marriage Deal With The Devilish Duke - Millie Adams : Book Reviews - by Alfred


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Risking her reputation…

To reclaim her life!

Lady Beatrice finally has a plan to escape her controlling brother by compromising herself with a gentleman friend so they are forced to wed. But things go awry when she accidentally throws herself at the wrong man! Now she is honor bound to marry the Duke of Brigham, her brother’s outrageous best friend. It’s not the safe, secure match she’d planned on—for he has sparked something in her untouched soul that explodes into flame!

From Harlequin Historical: Your romantic escape to the past.

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred i would like to talk to you about the book

marriage deal with the devilish duke is written by miley adams let me read the official description risking her reputation to reclaim her life lady breeches finally has a plan to escape her controlling brother by compromising herself with a gentleman friend so they are forced to wait but since go hori when she accidentally chose herself at the wrong man now she is honor bound to marry the duke of bring her her brothers outrageous best friend it's not the safe secure match she's planned on for she has secured something in her own torsos that explodes into flame you know this kind of plot is not a plot you know it is not a plot it's it's

how will i put this you know it is just a situation it is it is it is a situation that is marked you know towards probably selling um the sex scenes within the novel you know it is kind of like the plot of pawn you know this is not the plot you know there is really nothing here at all and that being said you know it is typical this kind of things is what is typical for a lot of you know romance novels and this is what a lot of people read and have gotten accustomed to you know it is so unfortunate there are so many things that could have been done to improve this situation and of course the unnecessary feminist angle you know it's unfortunate how a lot of people who write historical romances and historical fiction don't know anything about history you know and it's also terrible how they do not care you should at least know the basis or at the very least could you at least watch setting old movies if you want to write historical novels try to watch some old movies at the very least and unfortunately a lot of the old movies focus on feminism you know a lot of them we focus on feminism and things that are just crazy because understand that there is more to the world and that period than feminism and not many people were feminists a lot of women were not feminists and you know the rhetoric of men have been oppressing women is very stupid because understand that women has been in charge of education it is the woman that did the education the man did the fighting they're going to fight they're going out to bring the beacon they're going out to work a lot of fathers you know did not spend a lot of time with their sons or their daughters talking to them short history especially then oh i should say especially now you know but you know it is the woman that did the education so when you are talking nonsense about feminism in my families in my films and like if men were oppressing women no the concept of a woman's place of syndication was created by women it is not men that say that a woman's place is indication it is women that said it these are truths that are never dealt with and of course it was to the advantage of the woman because all the woman had to do was to you know cook and that is if she was poor if her husband had some money they had maids

in the case of the slavery era they had slaves they were slaves they were made they were butlers so the woman just sat at home and organized since and that is where gossiping really prospered because now she has nothing to do

you know all a woman had to do was to be beautiful and then she would get a good husband and you know keep her virginity because that was very important you know so she would marry us a vision you know that was very important and in that society so if she did not sleep around she had class it is just like the people of course the members of courts um in the days of the kings when you think about king louis era and you know all those um the kings the early kings of um britain the members of courts all they had to do was to learn good manners and etiquette and to learn multiple languages for diplomatic reasons

they did not have to learn any professional field as a matter of fact like for example now we look at um actors as celebrity but back then the celebrity were the members of courts the members of cult were the early celebrities it was not the actors as a matter of fact being an actor was looked down on and a lot of actors you know were not really making money they were sponsored by certain families it was the wealthy families that sponsored them and you know um gave them even leonardo da vinci was sponsored by wealthy family so the artists and the people that in today's society you know we consider celebrities the painters you know the popular painters the popular artists the popular musicians the actors back then it was not so you know people were famous for just being born in a certain family now we have a 360 you know um like during the price hilton um time when she re um she first came out people are saying that she was famous for just being famous but understand that that is how it started in the days of the you know those people were just um famous though those were the ones that actually when it comes to pictures because understand that when pictures started coming out you know it was not easy it was very expensive to get your own picture you know and before that people drew portraits or sculpted you know it's either you had drone you had someone a very good talented painter to draw you and that was how you preserve them for your future generations to know what you look like you know like napoleons and the rest of them or you know you have somebody sculpture you so you are either drunk or sculptural and some painters you know that is where they got them really renowned you know the better they are and you know um of course since it's a painting some people will exaggerate certain features and make themselves look more um beautiful and hides some flaws you know i believe it was napoleon that's for example there was a painting of a certain event that he he said that his mother should be painted and i believe that his mother had passed on but they painted his mother inside the picture like if she was at that event you know whether it was his coronation or something of that nature so there is that um aspect of things you know but it was later that pictures came out and only the welding and members of you know the leftover members of court you know when pictures you know people were able to take photographs could have photographs you know so um though they were the ones that were in the first set of gossip magazines you know the gossip columns within the magazines it was about the members of god lord this is doing this oh lord this is going to get married to this or um countess this is going to get married to this that was how the first um gossip columns or celebrity gossip columns started so it was it was actually with those guys but you see there's so much about that era that is never explored anytime you see a historic um work of art of fiction it ain't a movie or anything it has to do with feminism and it has gotten boring it is always about you know the idea of oh this woman was not allowed to do this women could do a lot especially when she was wealthy and understood understand that we women could bend men to their will very well especially their fathers and when a woman had a wealthy father if she wanted to do anything who could stop her nobody could you know because a lot of times the father was stepping and understand that you know when people talk about feminism you are looking at only one culture you are trying to look at only european culture understand there are different parts of the world look at amina of mina of notre nigeria she was female but she was ruling northern nigeria and killing people you know she was a conqueror she conquered not when the the area of london is currently called nigeria you know the northern area amina of mina was in charge of it this is a female

and she was a warrior and killing left right and center so what does that say about feminism when you look at other african tribes there there's there are african tribes where all the warriors were women

you know they say but king you know um who was actually the inspiration for you know when you look at the women in the movie black panther those women are modeled after that african tribe it's actually a real african tribe the king did not trust men because he felt like men wanted to take his position you know every time you know because it's like there were a lot of crews so he um had a a group of warrior women trained so the the highest group of warriors were all women and those were the ones that you know that ran things and we are killing people and all of that during his era so when people are talking nonsense about feminism you are leaving people like um jezebel you are leaving people like um you know cleopatra all these women that ruled kingdoms mighty kingdoms and we were killing and where some even killed modern men and conquered the their armies went into different lands killed people conquered took their land and all of that so what is the nonsense you are talking about feminism you know so there is that um falsely falsehood in it now in this air um concepts you know the this particular story that is claiming that a lady understand that to be a lady in that time in this um era that is this historical novel is talking about that is a lot of power and that there's a lot of respect that comes with this you cannot act you cannot duplicate copy and paste the way human beings relate today with them brothers were trained then to be protective as a matter of fact even if they did not like their sister it was a matter of it was an insult to them for you to violate or insult their sister or their mother and they would be willing to die and kill is not even like it was a matter of they loved their sister but their own and their reputation was tied to that so somebody insulted your sister somebody insulted your mother and you allowed it so these kinds of things you know you it's just like um

but what people call cool and what is acceptable you know it differs so because the characteristics that they are posing on this bra that made that forced the woman to gun you know marry so that she can get out of the house and you know trying to paint this picture of she did not have power that is nonsense you see in that era the fact that this woman was a lady understood understand that anybody else that is not a lady that was a hierarchical society everybody that was not a lady or a lord was beneath her in this society and then you want to make her a victim of her brother with all the people that she can command that is crazy you see that is crazy she she she has too much power to be in this situation and then you you want to put it that you know marriage understand also the connections that come with this then the people who are who want to have that title her title of lady makes anyone that marries her of good standing a lord so that is a coveted position so it attracts rich people even if she does not she may not have money but in this setting a lot of ladies had money anybody that had that title you know this was not the debt of that era this was not was the debt of that era so they still had money so now you are dealing with somebody that has all this power she will have a lot of suitors who wants her number one for her beauty number two for her position i will as you should say first of all for her position and because of that title that is an upgrade in a hierarchical society you know it it's all about who you know and who you are born of so it's a great advantage for you to marry someone who is of that level so creating this kind of disadvantaged position for a lady somebody who has the title of lady is ridiculous and it shows ignorance and craziness about the times and then putting these kinds of um idea of being promiscuous people in that era did not understand that this was the era of high etiquettes and high class being promised course you know was was not um the way to go it was not advisable there are rumors and gossip but understand that this was also the era where the catholic church had a lot of power you cannot have a reputation of sleeping around when the dukes you know and you know the bishops and the archbishops had the authority to influence the king to kill you for committing adultery

you know or to um base basically banish your sins of that nature you know it was not um wise i know that there are a lot of documentaries that want to put the way people think now into those situations so that some of the rhetoric and some of the nonsense that they see would would make sense but it is not so like for example when you watch historical novels you will see women wearing clothes that their cleavage is showing how crazy is that in that era how can a woman or a lady wear something that her cleavage is showing in that era she will be killed she wouldn't even dream understand have you seen an underwear in that era they underwear that people were in that era for men of even much more for women covers more that is it it has it's covered more of your body than what pastors and preachers wear today

then you want to all the movies basically so many of them over 99 of all old historical moves they always show the the women you know with their um the cinderella girls you know and all of that and they are shrinking leverage in that era women do not show cleavage and understood that that was a that was a completely different type even in katrin kumar's era katrin kumar was criticized because people could see the you know the her uncle you know she was get you know this is a long gown but people could see her uncle she was criticized for that you know that you know why why are people seeing you know your uncle then you want to tell me that you want to now go back to the victorian age and tell me that women were wearing clothes that had cl that would show cleavage it should not happen you know so um this inside put on some notes and you should be realistic and consider um um being truthful when you tell the story and this is why christians need to really uh take the lead when it comes to writing you know stories fiction movies and all of that you know so that will tell the truth and let's um the world really learn there's no point in changing things and then telling lies now if you've not given life to christ go to click on the salvation prayer link in the main menu when you are the pager commander has a prayer of salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you




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