How More Schools & More Education Is Destroying Africa : Africa Arise - by Alfred


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Psalm 1:1-4 KJV

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. [2] But his delight is in the law of the Lord ; and in his law doth he meditate day and night. [3] And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. [4] The ungodly are not so: but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away. 

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to africa arise let's open our bibles to the book of psalms chapter one i'm reading from verse one to verse four using the king james version of the bible i read blessed is the man that's walking not in the counsel of the ungodly not standard in the way of sinners not seated in the seat of the scum full but his delight is the law of the lord and in this law dossier meditate their nights and he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water the bringeth forth his fruits in his season his leaf also shall not sweden and whatsoever he does shall prosper the ungodly are not so but i like the shelf which the wind drive it away now this is very important africa needs to be the blessed man africa needs to be the black like the blessed man as a matter of fact any continent any country any city that wants to be wise you know that wants to make the decision that will be for its advantage it needs to be like the blessed man in this picture for it to be the blessed man he needs to not walk in the counsel of the ungodly you know it needs to not stand in the way of sinners he needs to not sit in the seat of this comfort now the problem with africa you know one key problem you know is you know education a lot of people are talk about education but the education that they propose what is it the education is a bigger problem the kind of education that africa receives is part of the problem that africa has you know it is not about where the education is from you know there are those who are like know that it is western education and you know it is um knowledge from the western world that you know there needs to be a pro you know those are the people who love to use the word black in a pro black whatever kind of education no that is not the issue the issue is that the education that africans have is ungodly it is not education by the world it's not education from the world so they are trying to solve the problems in africa using suggestions of the word not suggestions by the word of god not suggestions from the bible they are not using the approach of the word of god for example in africa you have people like paso christo yakulumi who has the healing school now the hidden school on record have no failed case of anybody walking into the hearing school who needed healing who left the healing school without being healed no matter the problem and we have videos and records this is something that is public yet africa turns you know the african leadership does that in do they incorporate this you see banks giving um autism you know they follow the world strategy of you know autism awareness gt bank for example is always doing autism awareness or this disease awareness you know they do hiv awareness what about the awareness of something like the healing school or other churches where you know people pray for the sick and they are healed why don't you um promote that you believe that it is wrong it is the western man's um style of um solution that you want to apply and this is why a lot of businesses feel in africa because the african situation is different the way africa is structured without infrastructure you see it's different from the way the white mass world is so when you read the books of the white man on success applying it in africa is a completely different story because africa is structured differently and that is why a lot of um white folks you know when they come to africa their business is fair because africa is different the cultures are different the way of thinking is different everything is different so you cannot apply um their suggestions and solutions from the western world um and hold it above things that are already working in africa you know i do not want to build on that you see it is very unfortunate this is one problem look at um for example the lack of unity in africa and you know like let's look at um for example um anam de carlo you know he was tortured this is somebody that is fighting for a group within africa and he was tortured like a criminal in the country he ran away to and then brought back to nigeria to now live in torso and under a kangaroo courts that we know will not work in favor because he should not be in court on for any reason has no business in court he has the right to do whatever he is doing whether you disagree or agree is not the point you know there is no right for him to be treated as a criminal the boko haram are still allowed to go out to go free boko haram is still kidnapping people they are still kidnapping people and paying them ransom but the sooner they call that the buhari administration looks at as a threat can you imagine you see and look at the the situation with sunday boohoo

hopefully the information is accurate but obasanjo the former president had to travel to beni republic because he actually um one of the leaders there his wife died you know so using excuse and excuse so he went to one country traveled to another country you know um it was a an interesting zigzag motion he went to make sure that um sunday boho was not extradited it was not for the influence of a bassandra which is something that many people do not know sunday boho would have been extradited to come and face a kangaroo court so you see this problem of um africa killing africans this is not new the biggest problem of dark skinned people is dusting people look at america all the black lives matter hypocrites they ignore the outstanding number of dark skinned people killing dutch king people look at all the people that have died they complain george floyd george floyd george floyd drug floyd was a criminal who killed himself by putting other drugs in his system by not cooperating with police by being a terrible criminal in at you know he's a very terrible criminal he puts himself in absolute but that that is not even the point how many african americans were killed by other african-american chicago you know there are more people that are dying in syria during war time then i mean i mean there are less people that are dying in syria in during what time done in chicago during this um during the period of the george floyd and even now you know the the gangs have have run amok the killings are ridiculous the numbers of debts just keep rising and the democrats solution is to stop mentioning it you know demanding played people with wars just like now when it comes to kovid if you notice they are not talking about covey debts anymore they are not talking about the people um they are not talking about number of cases the number of cases even in nigeria they say oh there are now 300 cases the reality of the matter is that all the people who are getting covered they are living many people who get these viruses their immune system kills it and they never even know that they once had had it that is how it affected the viruses but yet this plant from the united kingdom africa just kind of thoughts buhari traveled to france to receive instructions on how he should help the people that he is allowing boko haram to kill and kidnap you know it is one day to receive instruction on how he will follow and implement covet 19 measures that is why the only talk about the virus in nigeria is when you listen to certain media you do not see it around you what kind of pandemic do you need to be told about when you are supposed to be in the midst of it beware of people who who who needs who need to um sit you down and talk to you for hours and send you to school to get a phd to know that there are chains around your risk your wrists you know perhaps clearly they are notions you know the impression includes that is the situation and that is what you can see with um black lives matter and all this nonsense of um white supremacy is holding you back why you need to be educated that you are oppressed you are clearly not oppressed you know if you are truly oppressed nobody will need to sit you down and um give you a lecture for hours and hours every day for five years to teach you that you are oppressed you will know that you are oppressed nobody will need to tell you in the same way in a true pandemic nobody will need to tell you that there is a pandemic when there is war if you are in a nation where there is war do you need to put on the news to know that there is war you will know you know you will need to put on the news there will be there will be no television for you to wash in the first place but yet we know you know because because of the bullets that will be flying left right and center over your head you know and the bullets that you have to be dodging so nobody will need to tell you that there is war so um this is very interesting the bible says that in the last day there will be wars and rumors of wars there are different kinds of wars there are biological warfare you know and all kinds of things and of course that is telling us of lies we can see the precursor of all the devil plans for in the last days being revealed and of course when these prophecies are coming to pass christians who have read the bible has seen all this and we know what is happening but the word have been lied to they have been told all kinds of things so when the prophecies are being fulfilled they are pointing out oh they trusted it so so oh the church are against gays or oh they trust our back data you know they have been fed certain lies so they do not see the truth and they did not see how um the bible that was that contains books that were written at different times in history many many many centuries ago how a lot of what it says is coming to pass now and how we should be careful because of where um since we'll go if we allow things to go in a certain direction you know christians are reading the bible are seeing it people are asking silly questions about god how do you believe there's a god how do you believe that your biological mother the person you have been calling mother is your mother did you take any blood tests how do you believe that your father is your father you see um these are these are things that you know people need to understand you cannot make arguments about the bible you know the christian does not believe in christianity because of a book that is called the bible and somebody said this book was written by god technically um the bible itself never claims to be written by god when you read any book is it the book of acts is it the book of john that is named after the writer you know is it the book of um math you see the book of revelation you know the the people who wrote it are written there that this is who wrote it you know the bible is written by the inspiration of god not directly by god you know so these are things that um are obvious but the world likes to get into silly arguments that don't make sense a crystal is not a christian because of the bible you know do you have you walked in that christianity do you know how many times that christian has prayed and god has answered that prayer do you know how many conversations that christian has had with god can you erase all that you know you you have to erase all of that before you if you if you are interested in trying to discourage people from being christians it is not by attacking the bible that is business by saying that social scientists say this or so so is it the same scientists that are saying that everybody should wear masks you know and then they are saying take vaccine and then now they are saying the the people who are taking vaccine you two are spreading it even more so you should keep wearing masks is it those people the people that are lying to you in your face changing everything they are saying from left to right left right you know for example all the things that are happening but the christian economy talked about it last year that this is what they are planning it was not even a matter of prophecy all these things a lot of these things were being leaked for example the vaccine was was created since 2018. the virus was was was released in late 2019 and it was 2020 that the lockdowns and the average and all of that started but the vaccine itself was ready since 2018 and there are documents that prove that there are documents that prove that bypass by taking a vaccine you are participating in an experiment all of this was clear all these documents are there you you have child swab you know of a world economic forum writing books called a great research and he's saying that you all must not be happy talking about trying to buy up countries and nations sending people the dream of socialism that you know nobody should own anything the government should provide for everybody you know that and to stop the situation of house and have not you know some people having some people not having um let us take away from those let us take away from the rich and give to the poor mind us them there they will have their own but it's for other rich people that uh they see as their competition to take their spots they want to take away everything that everybody has a world where nobody has or owns anything that means that obviously it is the government that you own anything everything and that means that whoever is the head of the government owns everything everybody is his property

you know so these are these are common senses it's unfortunate that people don't understand economies it's just like people who talk about free schooling there's nothing like free schooling you see free schooling is paid for by someone else the fact that you go to a party for example you go to someone's business party and eat free food and drink free soft drink it doesn't mean that it was free it it was not free for the person who bought it somebody had to pay money to buy that soft drink that you're drinking for free somebody had to pay money for that food that you are eating all these vaccines that are being distributed the nations are signing contracts and they are going and they are paying for it you see the pharmaceutical companies look at the stocks of johnson and johnson try this pandemic look at the stocks of all the vaccine companies look at what what is happening to them they're exploding they're exploding you see they're making a lot of money look at um um this is just common sense when when somebody for example tells you that free schooling you know tax payer money what do you think what do you think that is going to and of course they are increasing your taxes on one hand and telling you they are giving you free schooling and free health care if they did not increase your taxes you would have had money plus health care that you will be paying for directly for yourself now you are paying for the the health care indirectly the government is paying on your behalf but it's still you paying for it so free health care is still you paying for it and then the times that you are not sick for example i have not been to a hospital since i've received a revelation you know that christian don't get sick i have not been had nothing concerns me with hospital you know so imagine now on a c on a system where the government now forces me you know i have to pay um taxes so the the the taxes now are now me paying for the health care of others

you see so i'm still paying even like for example let us say free schooling when you graduate in a situation where there's no free schooling you have stopped paying school fees but when there is free education by the government you will keep on paying school fees after you have graduated even if you have children or you don't have children in the taxes that you are paying that is the school fees that other people are getting their so-called free education from and they have the free education will now be nonsense because there is nowhere in the world where you see a private service a private company providing a service and the government providing a service and the government owns better even though the government has much money it is never in any part of the world even if the a poor a middle-class person starts their own school their school for some strange reason we offer better services it will be more beautiful if you have better teachers and the students will perform better than a public school in spite of the fact that the public school is owned by the government and the government has far more money than that private individual it is the way it is all over the world and people want to buy into socialism you see so the the point that i'm making is that the education has to be from the world the education that is passed around don't say that oh i'm sponsoring education i am sponsoring the existing school systems look at nigeria for example there are a lot of graduates who have graduated from school who are looking at going around looking for a job or joining calls or going into kidnapping there are some people who now look at kidnapping as a business you know they have been educated how has helped education help them they have gone to school and they are getting their degrees there are so many people who have degrees all around the world what are they doing with this has has it helped them so the education itself is a problem the type of education that that is already being spread is a problem because the the education is not helping it is just occurring cost the person has gone to school to spend their parents money on school fees or if it's so-called free then is the parents the taxes of the nation of all the people those who are walking you know their money has not been used to so-called educate this person that have not translated into any value in that person's life you do not even help the person it was just the wastes you know and of course it has is also you know even in the cases where the person still gets a job the person is applying um worldly strategies and solutions to solve the problems in the world

which is terrible that is why a lot of the billionaires in this world are college dropouts and high school dropouts the richest people in the world are college dropouts why you know but those are college dropouts who kept in most cases they kept learning they kept reading you know they kept studying but from life that is where you hear the difference between street smart and book smarts it is unfortunate that the books are not full of smarts that can help you in real life so what is the use of the books the book is now a fairy tale teaching you nonsense since you you can't apply it and it can't help you in real life if if if smarts that can actually help you in the real world cannot be put in book form then all books should be banned there's no need to at least they should just be ignored not bad but ignored there's no points to a book you know if if what you are reading in that book cannot translate into helping you or adding any value to your life what is the point of reading the book is a waste of time you know so um the education needs to change remember blessed is the man that worked not in the council of the ungodly africa is working in the council of the ungodly from what they are learning in schools from what they are learning from the media from what people are picking up from society africa as well as every um continent in the world they must change there must be a new wave we christians must stand up and create our own new educational system to educate what people are learning from the media what are people learning from life you know is it based on the water from the world and by the wisdom of god because it's only those who are walking by wisdom that you have the fruit of wisdom those who have the wisdom of god you know that should be like the tree planted by the rivers of water blood that bring a false fruit in his season who sees whose leaf also shall not prosper and whatever he does shall prosper this can be the story of africa if africa is educated by the world by the word of god not by the world you know so that's that make sure you go to alfredo's vip and you know subscribe if you've not given life to christ go to so sorry go to salvation selectionprayer.alfredo vip God bless you

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