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House Of Gucci : Movie Reviews - by Alfred


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Spanning three decades of love, betrayal, decadence, revenge, and ultimately murder, we see what a name means, what it's worth, and how far a family will go for control. 

{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the movie house of goshi you know this is basically a biopic about the life of goshian it's clearly going to be filled with a lot of

exaggerations and a lot of stuff for you know making it more pleasant to watch us a movie you know but that being said it's interesting how

there are not enough biopics or if any about great leaders of the faith you know people like cartoon comma people like i know i'm someone like that you you may even know but what about um like the lady who started the foursquare um gospel church you know what about um folks who have actually done a great deal for christianity and has actually done a great deal for um transforming the world like for example um the founders of the salvation army you know those guys don't get the credit that they deserve because you know the world controls the media that they own and they don't want to give christians the credit that they deserve it's just like the same way they look at one or two um catholic priests that's abused altar boys you know sexually abuse other boys and then they use that to want to throw a huge blanket over all the clergy in all denominations you know it's even an injustice to try to trade blankets over the actions of one or two people on an establishment like the catholic church that has been on for years you now want to paint all priests as abusers and pedophiles which is what the world does and it's obviously the so-called toronto left and the leftists and the antifa folks that are all for that that is what they push you know nobody talks about all the good and all that has been added to the world by you know the catholic church you know by priests by clergy members you know by leaders you know um people who have done great things for the faith and the impact they have had on on folks nobody wants to shoot that you know because we want to push this rhetoric that we push christianity and faith out of the way and you know as well as other um belief systems and so the government will just control and you can call the shots on what is right and what is wrong can actually control what is moral and not and of course only chaos um results from that look at planned parenthood all the people that believed that it was morally okay to for a woman to commit abortion for a woman to kill a baby these are the same people that will later turn aside and say that oh that if you eat meat that you're a cannibal that is something wrong with you that i have to be a vegan that oh you are a barbarian oh you're such a terrible person why would you eat animals you know or why would you wear clothes that are made from animal skin oh you are you are such a terrible individual and all of that those are the same people who champion the killing of babies human babies and they don't see how crazy that is you see but when morales is decided by men you know especially men who have their own agenda and their own mission to control this is the nonsense that takes place and no one should be surprised you know as it's that being said you know we need to start putting forth biopics about people who have actually done good things for the gospel people who have changed this world you know people who are on head gushy does not you know he's already popular people wear his clothes left right and center even his fake clothes make money you know what about the unknowns you know what about the unknown soldiers you know of the world you know the people who have sacrificed and have done so much to save the world to save millions of people that nobody would ever get to celebrate rather we have people who want to pull them down people want to celebrate failure like you know people who want to celebrate simon bars for quitting on her team in the belly of the olympics you know people who want to celebrate um so-called they will call it black achievement which is just basically you know a result of creating quotas quotas and rewarding people based on the color of their skill not on the content of their character or the work that he puts in you know it's no longer based on merit it's not based on oh you have the skin color let's give you um admission into this university or let's give you um a position in this office so all of that to meet quota system and then we celebrate those people in those positions are successful no you are a charity case

you know it's like putting someone who is fat and you know undesirable on the cover of a magazine in the name of inclusion that is actually an insult you know the person whose picture is there they should take it as an insult because that is what it is it's telling you you know that your own beauty is it's a case of shy it's like someone telling you you're beautiful you know just to make you feel good or just as an actor shy so you know it's like oh it's it's kind of like what people do when they pander and they hang out with um people who are not quite tall they're like people who are um [ __ ] in some way because of um a so-called medical issue and the same people who will want to do that and take photo ops with with people who have celebrate policy or whatever issue the same people who do that are the same people you know who we fight against hilly ministers it's part of the fact that you know when you look into healing ministers and the people that they healed it's clear that those people are healed but rather the so-called scientists we come up with oh the person fought against this and and you know um it was healed there are people who go as far as seeing that faith to go a long way but they will remove jesus from the equation you know when they see a situation where he means i pray for somebody a person gets healed they will remove jesus from the question and if i thought they were they would they had to you know after all the looking into it they will say that oh it is fit that it is just believing all the person for that's why they say things like oh social force cancer and won the battery cancer if that is so tell everybody else who has cancer to get out of the hospitals don't take chemotherapy or whatever just fight the cancer and let's see how it's how things work and tell all the people who have other diseases don't go to hospital just start them and fight it you know and let's see what happens next you see this is the hypocrisy that we see so it's important for us as um christians to take charge you know if we do not put our message out there no one else will and if we rely on the platforms of the world that is foolishness that is like expecting satan to build a vehicle for you to take the gospel to the end of the ed the devil is not going to do that he's only going to put forth a corrupt stead message you see just like for example facebook which is notorious for censoring christians and censoring political opinions it does not like just like the rest of um social media you know these the same um people that have been censoring all kinds of things about the virus and you know they went as far as you know anybody who suggested he came from a lab in one hand you know they they followed them they took down their their contents even those who stole files on on the cloud with amazon it was taken down it shows you that already since they are saving to the cloud with all these um media companies all these um internet companies they are looking into those documents you know and when you read the terms of use they actually have the right to do that because if you are part of a modal investigation all those things you are storing to the cloud i know every phone call that you have will be sent to the government now the reality of the matter is that there are certain aspects of the government where without your permission that information is already with them and look at um something like google becoming alphabet you know when it's called alphabet who else owns it understand that if the cia and the fbi and all the other organizations nefariously are part of that alphabet they automatically own your data because you know they are part of the company that you are making a deal with to share your data with so they are not a third party you see so your information when you create a google account your information going to the fbi is not um a an issue of google sharing its information with the third party because the fbi is probably part of the alphabet and then being part of the alphabet in alphabet you know alphabet inc which ones google you know that means that you are actually uploading your information to the fbi when you are going about your business and doing all that of course there are silly people who say why would anybody be afraid of sending their information with the fbi to the fbi why would they allow an organization have that much power and how can you not see the bad that comes out of it and the power that is giving you know it has been said that power crossed with absolute power corrupts absolutely have you ever seen a situation where a man was given absolute power that he did not abuse it or a woman was given absolute power that should not abuse it or even a little bit of power a lot of people you see you have to be built for power you have to be built for any amount of power that is given to you and that is why humility comes into place you know and you know you have to care about people you know being a king is not about doing whatever you want but apparently some people think it's that and when they a lot of people get power they will abuse it and one of if okay you may say that person will not abuse it then i assume that the person wasn't that busy what about a person who feels he sits after him you know let's say the current fbi director does not want to abuse his power in certain ways what about the person who fails to sit after him the ability to abuse that power is still there so whoever feels to sit after him that is too much power in one location and that is how um slavery is brought about and a lot of people don't know you know when i talk about slavery the whole world is actually under the tomb of the globalist right now and that's why we see them talking about the second rock down and they have brought about that they say delta strings you see and they are saying that um it doesn't matter if you're vaccinated that's even um vaccinated it's part of the fact that there have been no tests there is no machine that can test for the delta string which test was taken for the data stream yeah they are already giving you numbers of how many people have the delta strain and how many people are dying of it because that down those numbering that they are giving that oh these people did this all these people died i don't know about this is manipulated and lies

then there are people who are dying of flu who they are including us um being killed by the virus and all those kinds of things so you have to be wise and realize what is happening and if we do not stand up and create a situation where the government is not more powerful than the people where the government doesn't does does not stay and do whatever they want which is what it is as a matter of fact if you need to protest you have no power protesting for the for the people to be angry enough to stand up and protest it shows how powerless the people are and that is the status quo you know they don't need to even really build concentration camps because your own house is a concentration camp a lot of people don't know that their house do not belong to them and when people like um grant cardone talks about things like don't buy a house people don't see it when um rich that product robert kiyosaki is complaining about money people don't cease you know when he complains that money is worthless you know people don't see it people don't see the importance of donald trump and the the damage that's taken away donald trump has done you see donald trump stood in between mankind and a catastrophe now he has been taken out of the way the catastrophe is upon us you know and and it's unfortunate these people are making a lot of money and getting more power and control because at this point it is not about money it's about power control that's why they have the knife to be suggesting a second lockdown based on also not facts based on lies that anybody would have a brain can say that is a lie but since you all believe the first group of lies why won't you believe this wrong the government opens their mouth and tells you anything the world health organization opens their mouth and says anything they want and people just swallow it up and believe the nonsense

this is this this is unfortunate this is sad you see this is too much power in um concentrated with an evil few

you know and when when people say things like this you know people want to bring about oh are you talking illuminati and all of that first of all there are government documents proving that the illuminati existed you know um when people when that is brought up and that is shown because you know even um some old um any presents of america you know referenced it you know when you when you bring that up they say oh that means that perhaps it existed but it don't exist to you that is not the point the point is that the desire for man to rule the world never ended and it is it is not like there is only one organization different organizations want to acquire power and they want to grab my power as a matter of fact if you put together the presidents and world leaders of every nation in the world what do you have in that organization you have by definition an illuminati then what about a behind the scenes organization that has the power to select or even the the power of the un who are all full of unelected officials who are just wealthy people who claim to be a charity or the power of the world health organization which is also a so-called charity which is making a lot of money you know who elected the is not the who elected the the members of the world health organization who elected the members of the world economic forum these are just a bunch of rich people doing what they want to the world they are more powerful than the individual presidents they are calling shots so these little groups and the power they control and their goals and their aims to expand the money that they are making you know the first lockdown had been said to add you know that every billionaire group grew by many many more billions you know that that's the total um amount of billionaires in this world you know it's it's they they grow you know the total growth you know the gdp of just billionaires grew by trillions within the first lockdown think about how much you should grow by second lockdown this is all about money they are enjoying it and they don't care about how many casualties and how many people are killed in the process and think about the shifts that has to take place with the the first online screening and look at all the lives that are being told and people are going along with it as long as you refuse to stand for what you believe in as long as you refuse to stand for your right and you are you are a fool that believes whatever the government tells you you will end up a slave like the africans who ended up slaves for so many years in america you will end up a slave and in a concentration camp you should be your house you know which is the the same the same consequence that was faced to the jews when the consecration comes the jews that found themselves in that constitution comes they went there believing that there was no concentration camp the way that believing that those of concentration camp was a fallacy was fiction that he did not exist that the german army was not trying to estimate exterminate all jews there are some people that their eyes are only going to be open when they are inside hell it is when they have entered into hell that they will know that jesus is lord but the problem is that there is no repentance after the grave once you once you leave once when someone dies there is no more calling on jesus just save me i now want to repent no no no it does not work that way all the seconds that you were alive on it you never chose anyone to have a change of heart and to you know pray to god you know the salvation prayer and come to god and begin your work with god you never did that all that while you were on x then you want to repent in the grave there is no repentance in hell

there's no there is there's no such thing there's no i want i now want to give my life to christ in hell it's too late and unfortunately that some people are that way is only when they are in hell when it is too late that their eyes are open

you see this one emphasize the importance of christians being active in politics being active in lobbying the lgbt to be lobby tell people if you do not make this law if you don't make this law that is pre-lgbt if you do not make it in liga if you do not put in prison anybody that says homosexuality is wrong we will not vote for you and that is what they have done because they have not included lgbt as you know a protected group so it's protected by so-called civil rights which was actually originally created for african americans and you know um this industrial slaves it is now a protection for the lgbt community for the lesbians gays and transgenders and all those weird people you know this um people that are making surama and gomorrah look like um a bunch of good people by their own extent of of evil that this modern day um lgbt crowd is doing you know look at the the craziness and look at how influential they are over governments all around the world they broadly come out and they give themselves a word and you know they they have so geared the world towards this um direction that anyone is afraid of criticizing them they have made it illegal it's considered they hate crime to criticize gays in some in some parts of the world if someone says that if someone was born male and says that he's a female and you refer to him as a male you will go to jail in some parts of the world these are laws that these gay people passed the lobby to pass but what has christians ever lobbied to pass our job is to keep on increasingly getting persecuted and praying and god is looking at us these people have the right to vote why don't they vote use their votes why don't they lobby everybody else is his lobby everybody else is making requests from politicians if you want that support do this everybody else is actively going into politics for for their own group but christians do not christians do not as a matter of fact when you listen to a christian preacher a lot of the leading christian preachers even among those whose eyes are open though they will say that um it does not matter um whoever is ruling that anybody there are those who in spite of all the nonsense that have happened they are opening their mouths to say that it doesn't matter if it's a christian or anybody you know that that is ruling you know that that we need somebody that will represent all of us okay for all of us it will never happen how stupid can you get there is nobody that will represent everybody can you represent adolf hitler the nazis and at the same time represent jews you cannot you know you cannot represent nazis and you cannot represent jews at the same time you cannot represent islam and at the same time represent lgbt those two things do not work you also by by let's say you represent islam you cannot represent islam and impress everybody in islam and at the same time represent christianity because everybody in islam does not want anything good for christians a lot of people do know there are certain segments of islam they are certain sex in islam you know there are those who want to get along with everybody and there are those who believes that everybody that is not a muslim like them is an infidel you see you have to be smart and the same thing with christians in christianity you know how those who call themselves christian there's real christianity where you know jesus knows them you know but they are on the denominational scale you know on what it has become you know with there's so many different denominations you cannot please christians and be pleasing everybody else so you have to be smart and you cannot think that there is somebody that is going to come and please everybody especially when you remove your hand from choosing the person while everybody else is speaking so basically it is like um everybody can put their hand in a in a in a port and pick who they think will be the leader everybody else is doing but kristin is saying don't worry let us not put our hand in it let us wait um let us pray somebody will pick somebody that represents all of us including us that refuse to put our hand why everybody else is putting their hand to try to select their leader this is crazy and this is even among those who are uh uh uh wealth most of these things there there's the the a lot of the churches that are so ignorant that that are actually most so satanic it is ridiculous so they are so worldly that would be the the market way to put it is is ridiculous you know this nonsense has to change and chris has need to stand up you know we need to um take over everything every time and leave nothing you see that is in fact the great commission going on to go into all the world and preach the good news go into the world of entertainment going to is not just countries and nations going to the world of entertainment going to the schools of politics the world of politics go into the world of business go everywhere and preach the gospel the gospel should be the conflict the manual on which politics is is built the government should be the manual on which entertainment the entertainment industry is built the golf the gospel should be the manual the bible should be the manual on which business principles and the business industry is built and every single thing else in this world understand that god created this world it is his we cannot let it to be run by the devil and expect us to have a godly outcome the church system is this is the representation of christ on the 8th we cannot allow or expect the church to take his hands off things and expect god to walk how when god walks through the church if the church folds his arms it has automatically given you know the world over to the devil to run amok understand that the devil is not the law of this world regardless of what you know you may have been told the devil is not in charge of this world this world this world belongs to god the earth is the lord and the fullness thereof and jesus opened his mouth to say that all power all authority has been given to me in heaven and in hearts go he therefore he has delegated us with the authority god is in charge satan is no longer the prince of the power of the air he has been cast down he is no longer the prince of the power of the air the devils have no they have no authority he's not written that he has seated us in heavenly places with him far both principalities and paths far above the rulers of the darkness of this world so how can the devil be the uh and his meanings be the princes of the powers of the air you know he's not he had been demoted he was there before the cross he was there but he is no longer there man lost his authority when he fell with adam but after jesus christ's death burial and resurrection that authority now was transferred to the church it was given to jesus and jesus gave delegated his authority to the church and we are co-heirs with him god share us of this power of this authority the devil have no place over us you know he can still mess around with non-christians he has power over non-christians but even that that still doesn't make him the prince of the power of the over them no he is not he has been demoted he had been demoted the keys of heaven the kill of the kings of hell and of the grave have been taken by jesus and we are called sharers with him so we are co-owners of the keys of death and hell that is why debt is a choice for a christian but christians we die when they do not believe that that is a choice when they look down on the healing ministry when they do not understand the hidden anointing and they do not grow and increase and exercise their faith with the healing ministry and also in the ministry of religion the dead don't be afraid of raising the dead when see when you see the dead lay hands on the dead and say get up in the name of jesus that is all and if any man believes he shall have whatsoever he said that is all that is all that is all so you know that being said you know really need to do much this um biopic you know there are so many more stories you know sony so many stories of sense and testimonies even that we're here in church beautiful testimonies we could tell those stories we could turn some of the testimonies we hear and trust some of the experiences that perhaps even you have had or a friend of yours have had or perhaps somebody you don't even know have had but you know you can testify up the miracle make movies out of it some of all these people that we see on that this is your day outside for miracles and you know all the healing meetings a lot of them they they have an interesting story before they got to that point where the hilly minister prayed for them laid hands on them or you know they attended the christendom by their men being in their christian they got healed did not touch them during the prayer or even perhaps even during the worship well you know so that is something that is very important that being said

you know make sure you check out you know and also if you haven't given life to christ go to salvation prayer dot alfred vip you know we are looking forward to hearing from you thank you and god bless you

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