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Don’t miss the first book in New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter’s sexy, heart-pounding new Immortal Enemies series about a ruthless fae king hellbent on revenge, the woman determined to thwart him at every turn, and the desire that threatens to consume them in Heartless.

"One of the premier authors of paranormal romance. Gena Showalter delivers an utterly spellbinding story!"

—Kresley Cole, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Vengeance is irresistible…

Kaysar the Unhinged One, fae King of Midnight, can drive anyone to madness with his song. A ruthless warrior forged in hate, he lives to force his enemies to their knees. He will stop at nothing to succeed—even abducting and seducing his foe’s beloved bride to ensure his own child one day sits on the male’s throne. Except, his prize escapes to the mortal realm before the first kiss, her heart transplanted into a human beauty with dangerous secrets… 

Chantel “Cookie” Bardot is a professional gamer girl great at trash-talking, bad at peopling. After a long-awaited surgery, she begins to morph into a powerful fae princess. Catapulted into a strange land ruled by a cruel but seductive villain, she must battle flesh-and-blood monsters and navigate royal intrigues. But the true danger is Kaysar, whose every wicked touch tempts her beyond reason. Should she run…or descend into the darkness with him? 

Immortal Enemies

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book heartless it is written by gina show water

let me just read the official synopsis

don't miss the first book in new york times brazilian auto generation sexy heart pounding new immortal enemy series about a ruthless warrior hell bent my revenge the fair princess determined to taught him at every turn and the desire that threatens to consume them in heartless one of the premier autos of paranormal romance gina show water delivers some utterly spellbound story now that's um by chrissy ko

from the new york times you know that is uh an opinion but let's get to the synopsis itself vengeance is irresistible kaiser the unhinged one faking of midnight can drive anyone's madness with his song a ruthless warrior forced in hates he leaves to force his enemies to their knees he will stop at nothing to succeed even adopting and seducing his fool's beloved bride to ensure his own child one day sits on the male strong except his prize escapes to the mother realm before the first kiss her heart transplanted into a human beauty with dangerous secrets chantal cookie bardot is a professional gamer girl great at trash talking bad at people in after a long awaited surgery she begins to move into a powerful fee princess catapulted into a strange round ruled by a crowbar seductive villain battle flesh and blood monsters and navigates royal intrigues but but the true danger is kisa who's every weekend terms her beyond reason should she run or descend into darkness with him now this is um something that is quite terrible because you see this is the trivializing of spiritual things and promoting satanism and you know demons and you know evil basically kind of what um the harry potter series those you know using fiction to promote the dark side and you know these are people who would say that well they don't that such things are not real that you know evil is not real demons are not real magic is not sure and all of that apart from the fact that most of those people although there are some who may genuinely believe that um such things are not real but most of the people who write this believe it and the audience for this genre believe it and whether or not you believe it or not you are dabbling in something that is created to by satan to promote and normalize satanism and satanic ideologies you know now the story itself when you look at it and the choices you know that the writer writes along we basically see demon possession because now this fair princess you know from another world is actually going into you know it says except his price escapes to the motor realm before the first keeps her heart transplanted into human beauty with dangerous secrets so this here it is put as the hearts been transplanted so we are saying in a different world in this in a in a in an other world you know basically a spirits world the heart of a fair princess or whatever you know which is you know of course that word is made up you know but it is actually reference to demons you know the heart is transplanted into a human female you know that is demon possession and this is um the kind of thing that is trivialized and of course it also promotes sex and which is one issue that i always have with the romance industry when they when it comes to romance entertainment whether it's romantic movies or so-called or romantic books it is not about rumors it is about sex you know attraction that is based on sexual desires and sensuality and loss is not attraction you cannot build a relationship on loss anybody can have lost with anyone anyone can have loss with any prostitute but loss and love are two different things you know um sexual desires and love are two very different things so you see these kinds of things being taught is very unfortunate and you know the the genre you know that deals with the paranormal and the supernatural always lends itself to this it never lends itself towards dealing with supernatural in a way that makes christianity look good or that makes god look good or make jesus the savior you know but when it comes to supernatural in this world what is the largest base than christianity when it comes to those who believe in the supernatural or you know um you know when it comes to the audience right now you could see it is christianity when it comes to the largest bits there are never stories like that as a matter of fact the same harlequin that is behind you know um most of those um romance novels they have a rule that you cannot write a story you know and this is for the the ones um christian prince lines that they had like um love inspired you know harry queen love inspired and love inspired um um suspense you know you know which they have now they have not tried to change into um from love inspired to halloween heart warming i believe you know and they have removed the god out of it but when the do we allow people to talk about god it was said that you cannot write a story that includes angels divining for intervention from angels but that is one thing that christians believe why do you want to remove that so christian supernatural you know it's good things happening from the christian aspects is is not shown even when you look at a series like um supernatural when they featured a christian a christian priest his own casting out of demons or dealing with the supernatural did not walk but when it is the world that is trying to use satanism and you know witchcraft to save the day it works so people need to be mindful of that you know that being said um we need to change the world and transform um the entertainment industry with the gospel make sure you check out and you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation God bless you



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