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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the music album getting kids hymn now hymns from home now this is from kids and christian getty you know their favorites of mine and this is very interesting it says kids and christine getty and the getty girls you know they brought their daughters their kid daughters along you know for the ride when it comes to the making of the album you know there it's kind of um you know a broad trap family singers kind of thing you know that has been done here you know not with the character cause of that kind of um dancing and performance but what i mean is the entire family you know of different ages you know um in one music group so they have is basically revealing something very interesting it means they want one group they are already not showing their children to be christian musicians even though um they look like none of them is above the age of 13 yet or even above the perhaps at most 12 but you know there are um four little girls here you know on the album cover you know so it's like the group will be called the getty girls for the kids but of course the parents kitten christine getty has always been there so now this is an interesting combination kitten christine getzi and the ghetto girls in any case this um gospel album is quite good it is it is amazing and impressive and you know one thing that really helps if you are making gospel music is to sing the word of god that's where you can't go wrong you know especially when you also let people know what's the verses what bible verses are referencing and don't change too much you know that's where you will create a classic and this is what's wrong can only used to do you know in the days of early days of ron cannoli and you know domin you know that formula of singing bible verses as it is you know you you you you turn the bible verses into songs that is perfect you know and one of the reasons why that is you know is that there are different denominations in christianity they are different teachings there are different levels of understanding and people are in different worlds of revelations or people understand things on in diff at different levels

most people are inaccurate when you stick to the word of god if you fall into a category where you would actually be in a position where nobody who is a christian no matter what denomination they are in they cannot disagree with what you are saying

but when you are not singing the scripture now i'm not trying to create a law i'm just giving advice you know when you are not singing the scripture you are most likely going to be singing based on your current level of revelation which for which as a matter of fact might change tomorrow or in the future you know what you are saying may not be quite accurate revelation wise but not something that as long as it is not um a reflection or a copy and paste of the scripture that you are singing

there are already denominations that are already positioned against what you are saying and that is in your target audience when you are making gospel music your audience your first audience is the church or people who profess to be christians you know those who are churchgoers you know so that is your first audience and you know it's unfortunate that a lot of people in those audience listen to the world they listen to musical of the world and the world is getting

a lot of what they are saying and of course sadly the world does not push gospel music or wants to propagate gospel music so they will want to um they they promote their nonsense music look at the music especially when you look at any song that has an african-american on it on the cover or is by an african-american that is being promoted in the mainstream media already and all of that when listening to the content it is nonsense these are intentional it is always about drugs disrespecting women or being a gangster you know and these people are not even these are these are fake gangsters you know they are not really gangsters but it is promoting crime disrespecting women saying all kinds of things and explicit things about sex or drugs that is what it is about you know and that is what the world always pushes but when you come with your positive message because because it had jesus in it you know and it is not even because of that because the truth of the matter is that they don't even play conscious music you know if you play if you if you push music that does not have jesus but it's positive no matter how good it sounds it is not going to get that much early on radio because the people who owns the media they are using it for a particular purpose they know what they want to do they want to know how to they have their plan or destroying society destroying morality making people more um corrupt and immoral that is a fact that is why you can use the same beats and the same quality of beats of songs from the world sing something positive on it you know even if it is um everything is cleared it is not going to play even even if you know a lot of gospel songs a lot of songs in the christian markets are way better than anything you would ever hear in the world and i'm talking about there are millions of gospel songs in different genres whether it is the rock genre like baloo girl or whether it is you know in the rap you know gyara you know or it is you know whatever genre of music it is when you listen to a lot of what is put out in the christian markets it is much better than anything in the world but it's not getting promoted the world will not do that and of course there even when it comes to the markets and there are people who are who make recent music that have got some record deals with the world but they still play them on sundays only on radio so what's the point like i know kik franklin you know he's he's been with um a label that is under um a secular label you know and that is how it is with a lot of gospel music acts you know they have their manual label which is under a so-called christian labor which is owned by either universal music group or sony music group or something so it's still under the world but they do not still get that promotion they play them only on sundays that is only when they they get exposure you know and some um and people have not attributed it to oh these people are boring you know um it's not even that's good that is why they they force people to play it on sundays only so some real estate chances even skip that so on sundays they play the regular stuff you know apparently people who do not want that short feeling or do not want anything to do with the gospel so this is something that you know we must take we must take the media we must start buying up secular radio stations terrestrial radio stations terrestrial tv stations and satellites god bless power crash and tbm for what they started you know but we should follow a business model not a charity model you know being full of the charity mother but perhaps that is what god told them to do but you know the instruction that god has given me and the instruction for this time you know if you want to come if you want to take over the world you cannot do it on a charity model you have to do it on a business model we must start christian businesses businesses that are businesses companies that's a great go against the world you know we cannot um um expect to take over the world on a charity model it is not going to work you know it is it is ineffective you know it is not twice so um that being said this album it's um phenomenal it's quite good you know um the quality is really good and impressive they did a great work and you know it's interesting that you know the getty family you know the getty parents are already training their kids their girls in the way that they will go when it comes to the career that they want for them but you know um there is nothing like serving god and and working for god so it is good you know and we thank god for that now if you like to be a part of what we are doing to take over the entertainment industry if you like to be a part of it richard's also an alfredo vip you know if you have not given your life to christ you go to starvation or just go to alfredo vip you'll find the salvation prayer day you know say that salvation prayer to begin your journey with god you know so that's it for today thank you god bless you have a nice day

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Keith and Kristyn Getty are pre-eminent modern hymn writers in the world today, with a venerable catalog of songs sung around the world including the renowned hymn, "In Christ Alone".  Born in Northern Ireland and based in Nashville, they are multi award-winning artists with Keith being the first musician of the modern era to be awarded the OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for service to music and hymn writing. With a desire to help teach the Christian faith, their music intertwines deep theology with a unique musical genre, drawing from both inside and outside the classical church form, to reinvent the hymn. According to CCLI, they have written more than 30 of the top 500 songs sung in USA & UK churches, and Integrity Music estimates that more than 100 million people in the world sing their music each year in all forms of churches and Christian gatherings. Learn more about the Gettys at

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