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Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In Africa : Nigerian News Updates



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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about you know genetically modified mosquitoes in africa you know there's been a lot of talk about that and you know i wouldn't put it past the globalist to actually do that you know it would make a lot of sense they are actually disappointed that in spite of their prophecies and their expectations you know melinda gates came out and said that she see dead bodies all across africa you know when these same people who sponsored the the creation of the um wuhan virus you know the same people who sponsor the creation of the uh kovid 19 who are looked upon as heroes today for so-called giving the world the solution of the vaccine which does not work but they are creating vaccine passports demands you know left right and center the same people that wanted africa depopulated i will not put it past them that they will have genetically modified mosquitoes to carry um the the

new strains of the virus you know and people need to ask themselves where do these new strains come from if the original covet has been said that it came from a lab what makes you think that the new strains didn't come from a lab and who is still making them who actually is there more defined and creating new strains of the virus you know these are not mutations these are not natural mutations the virus is not naturally mutating a virus that is so weak that people's immune systems are killing it off that is not it is not mutating into new strains and people are so and and the government is predicting oh by this year there will be this virus oh this is the vertebrate oh there will be this virus oh there will be this virus they have already planned and outlined and showed oh by this time there will be these variants also there will be need for this measure and that measure oh there'll be need for this kind of enforcement of force they they need for this kind of enforcement of vaccines and all those all those kinds of nonsense you see um we need to stand um strong on common sense and not be victims otherwise you know we have ourselves to blame the concept of genetically modified mosquitoes it goes it's first of all um what stops it from being possible but you know in any case when it comes to the solutions of things like this number one africa needs to be stopped being dependent on foreign nations the more africa is geared to be dependent on foreign nations and the more african leaders are putting themselves in that situation no nation expertly foreign nation is going to put itself in a position where africa will be greater than them so why are you always building your economy on the generosity or so-called generosity of other nations

why are you getting into debt at the hands of these other nations and globalist organizations like the world bank and the united nations the more you do such things the more you jeopardize africa you know and why is it that the medical community in spite of the fact that you know

the same brains you know god gave the white man one brain god also gave the app the africa won't bring why is it that you always need um medical help from outside look at the nigerian president he just recently returned from i believe uk again in the name of medical visits he's spending so much time in uk with taxpayers money than it he is in nigeria he doesn't know that that's the that that it's a shame it is a shame in spite of all the nigerians that have gone um overseas and have lent and have studied and told me that it is impossible for any of them to build a hospital that functions within nigeria you see why the nigerian president is busy flying to uk for medical attention there are medical strikes hospitals in nigeria are going on strike you know governments either you know um not private hospitals but um mostly government-run hospitals because of the mismanagement and a lot of nonsense that is happening the government still does not want to listen to what's the ma what the doctors are saying

with regards to whether it is vaccine covered of them being paid properly the government does not listen to the people and the and the leader of the government is like well if all the nigerians die he doesn't care he's going to the uk for his own health care this is a man that is up there in years and all he's concerned about his bully himself and as far as he's concerned his children are citizens of foreign nations and they are doing well with nigerian money living off of nigeria money nigeria taxpayers money so um these kinds of nonsense the kind of leaders look at um south africa you know they wanted to bring the the ex-president sorry the former president to just to stand regarding corruption but you see america is also corrupt their government is also corrupt as well as in many nations but africa you know the corruption is something else and the corruption of the leaders is a big motivating factor to all these kinds of things i will not be surprised you know when everything in africa is running on the engine of the charity and the so-called benevolence and generosity of the united nations and the world bank why wouldn't africa be a mess when africans who have the national resources of the world refuse to stand up they will kill you and take your natural resources so as long as you remain an idiot this is what your your future holds you know so um this matter of the genetically modified mosquitoes you know there's also the talk because i once saw an article you know i can't find it anymore where there was talks about you know genetically motive modifying meat so that people would get vaccinated so they wanted to put a vaccine in meat so when people go to the market they're buying meats you know the vaccine will be inside the meat in the name of health regulation and you know making it safer because all these ingredients that they put in food that there are different government and health so-called health organizations keep in mind that the world health organization is the biggest of them these people can mandate and say oh this has to be in the midst this has to be it is for the safety is going to help but they are including all kinds of things that are modifying the bodies of the individuals when human beings are now eating food that is genetically modified most of which is sent to africa africa is the testing ground for all experiments all human experiments in mass africa is the testing ground and africa still has leaders that wants to operate on the the benevolence and the generosity of of the u.n and all these globalist nations so that they can be coming to africa and and putting all kinds of nonsense in the food and using africans for experiments from ebola to zika virus and every other thing it is africa that is a testing ground for all these man-made viruses including hiv hiv is not a natural occurrence hiv was not created naturally he did not come naturally into existence and of course these kinds of things are deployed in africa because they want to decrease the populations of africa so you can be doing all your blm nonsense but what is the point of blm when they are killing many of you thanks to blm how many african americans have been killed so they are on one hand they are like oh we support african americans we support people of african descent oh we support africa but they are doing things you know they don't mind so-called giving you um a so-called platform and a so-called voice when they are killing you you know it's like signing a treaty with somebody who you know you have already poisoned and it's about to die when you're about to when you have already poisoned somebody who you are signing a peace treaty one of the points you know that the peace city is is just for sure because you have already poisoned that personal person is about to die so our heart they are saying oh we are all for blm oh we are all for um black lives oh we are all for africans i won't even go into the topic of calling people black right now but you know that they're like we're all for this all this but at the same time you would see that what they are doing is leading to more debts of people of african descent of africans they know what they are doing so you know you need to be wise you know you need to be wise that is just the fact you need to be wise you know um i won't put it past anybody the genetically modified mosquito there's a lot of genetically modified um food already so why not mosquitoes and then release it in africa and then um see what happens next but of course we are going to pray and we are going to preach the gospel and the same god that heals the sick you know is going to work and keep us safe from whatever these people are planning in that area and in addition to that we are going to make sure that africa has autonomy africa has real freedom and independence from the world because africa does not have independence africa is not economically independent the economy of africa is based on the world bank

and we have um foolish people running the central banks of so-called african um currencies and and you know look at look at look at nigeria the nigerian naira is based on the dollar which is losing value every blessed day why would you base your currency on dollar instead of natural resources which you have why are you so stupid you see so um all of this nonsense just keeps on going on you know africa is owned by globalists africa is not independent

africa is not you know so africa the people of africa need to realize um what is really happening and africans need to stand up and truly become independent and free that being said make sure you check out afraid of vip if you have not given a life to christ go to salvation thank you and god bless you


- Oxitec’s failed GM mosquito releases: Forewarnings for Africa and the Target Malaria Project:


- Genetically Modified Mosquitoes? Death on Our Streets!:

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