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A real man puts his child's needs first in USA TODAY bestselling author Stella Bagwell's contribution to the Montana Mavericks: The Real Cowboys of Bronco Heights continuity

The Cowboy's Second Chance 

Single dad Tyler Abernathy has vowed to devote himself completely to his little girl, Maeve. The widowed rancher’s belief that he wasn’t a present-enough father or husband pushes him to turn down the locals’ well-meaning attempts to fix him up. But when he meets Callie Sheldrick, she disarms him in ways he can’t explain…or ignore. Walking away would be the right thing to do. Yet doing the “right” thing might end up breaking all three of their hearts…

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the book for his daughter sick now i like the name of the book you know it's very interesting and it's quite good you know that's a good name for his daughter's sick lem read the official synopsis

i should say description you know because it's i'll be reading modern justice synopsis a real man puts his child's needs first in usa today's best-selling auto stellar bagwell's contribution to the montana marvel mavericks the real cowboys of bronco heights continuity the cowboy's second chance single dad tyler abernathy has vowed to devote himself completely to his little girl mavi the widowed rancher believed that he wasn't a prisoner of father or husband pushes him to turn down the local 12 million attempts to fix him up but when he meets kaylee shedrick she disarms him in ways he can't explain or ignore working away would be the right thing to do yet doing the right thing might end up breaking all three of their hearts this is very interesting

you know it's it's also very cliche you know let me just read uh the bottom portion the widowed russia belief that he wasn't a pleasant enough father or husband pushes him to melt pushes him to torn down the local swordman attempts to fix him up but when he meets kaylee shadrick hit his arms she disarms him in which he can't explain or you know walking away will be the right thing to do yet doing the right thing might end up breaking out three of their hearts you know this is so cliche and this is like writing on with synopsis and plot lines you know um that have been done so many times before and it really doesn't offer much when it comes to conflict and opposition you know it is it is so simple you know this is a guy that clearly is insecure and believes that he is not capable of being a good father you know the aspect of him being making a good husband you know um is also an issue and because of that you know there are folks that are trying to play matchmaker and when he meets someone apparently he begins to get feelings for now he wants to walk away and run away from you know commitments basically you know and that is all that this story is about that is so unfortunate that you can write a novel just based on that these kinds of things you know there is no space for danger in trigger of that you know so in this story we know there is a protagonist but who is the antagonist you know his insecurity you know is that the antagonist and how okay if you want to make his antagonist not a human being but his insecurity you know which is an interesting thing and you know it's it's something i'm cool with allowing you know um people making the antagonists um a fraud that the individual has but would i make a good enough antagonist let's say you made a a superman movie where there was no legs loaded there was no villain it was just his insecurity supervised insecurity of um fitting it or being accepted you know how would that movie look you know how that superman movie look and it's not just about the genre of course superman is a completely different genre even though it deals with the romance aspect with um the lana i'm sorry not the la la land it should be louis lane issue you know but you see the thing about this is that

this this whole issue this whole thing you know does not bring forth a good enough um issue to tackle with and it helps to make for a boring over and a novel that we only appeal to a select group of people if there was more intrigue to it and if you want to do something where no one is trying to kill anybody you still have to understand that you must add much to it that will deliver the danger risk you know um put people at the edge of their seats on every page because there's a way that you know you can sell people on an idea of what's um um do we want for the character and then stumbling blocks come in the way you know especially when those stumbling blocks are not predictable they're not obvious they're not cliche but they are organic or it will seem to be organic it makes sense you know the more you throw that into the mix of the story and the advancement of the plot you know the series of events the same reaction from cause and effects that's really helped to build a solid story but this is you know from the synopsis alone if your synopsis doesn't drag people to read the book or curious about the book that in itself is bad then you are just reali relying on established audiences for the genre and for the marketing ability of the company that publishes the book to actually be the wings that your book flies on and that is unfortunate you know there's not much to be said about you know this this is just a guy struggling with insecurities that is what this book is about you know and also what is the thing that actually made him realize that um kylie shadrick was a good fit is it like all the i don't know just based on the sexual experience then he wants to you know consider building a life on that you know so there are so many things that could be dealt with and of course since this book is written by a female there are a lot of things from a man's perspective that should be dealt with that i know that it will not be dealt with i'm 100 certain that it will not be dealt with but a mass perspective is more needed because it is about a man and his insecurities so there's a lot of things to be explored and i know that if those things are explored it's no longer be a book for women because a lot of women would not want to pick it up and read about certain honesties because it will bring out a lot of flaws that from that man's perspective he sees in women they may not be right he may not be right but that is part of why he feels those stance you know but it's done in a way that the issue is from him and it has nothing to do with women you know and of course this is a book by women written for women you know and a woman of a certain age you know so um clearly the crowd the um probably the families crowd you know a lot of feminists you know um even though harley quinn kind of um backdates this crazy um age of modern feminism you know harley quinn did his part in promoting this um era of crazy feminism you know even though you know it is not explicitly for that you know it lent itself and it's obviously going to accustom itself to more of it it's going to be um moving away from what is called or what may be seen as a traditional um stance on content that is published to a more work stance keep in mind that even though it is called um that it was seen as traditional now it wasn't before and that eating about pushing the envelope and being rancher and trying and trying to try newton's you try new things and soon you become old when that is all that you are chasing and you are you don't have such substance you don't stand for anything you know so it's like you have chasing trends you know or you're trying to create certain trends in the direction of um over the top um pushing the envelope and all of that you know so whatever you are doing is what is best to stick to something solid and something that you can stand on and there is nothing solid and more um more sustainable to stand on than the rock which is christ the word of god you know so um that being said if you like to be a part of transforming the entertainment landscape and you know

putting out you know christian entertainment making sure that all entertainment is christian keep in mind that the world is dead trying to make sure that all entertainment is work all companies are work all ideologies are woke all religions are work we have something better we have the gospel let us push and make sure that all entertainment is christian all ideologies are christian you know all thoughts are christian you know let us push for righteousness in all these areas that the world is pushing for wokeness and foolishness and feminism and stupidity that being said reach out to us on alfredo's vip you know if you like to be a part of what we are planning on for if you like to be part of our future class we are looking forward to hearing from you if you haven't given a live surprise go to salvation prayer dot alfredo vip you know it probably pop up showing you you know um basically guiding you it's the prayer that will guide you in what to say you know and you're telling god you want to have god in your life you know you know some people put down the church and pray a bit it should not be put down the salvation prayer is just a guideline you know you it's you telling god i want to have god in my life you know you have to get it up and where you say that i'm beginning your journey with god it takes nothing from you you know so just do that thank you and God bless you




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