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A father lives a double life as a counterfeiter, bank robber and con man in order to provide for his daughter.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie flag day then just read the official synopsis jennifer vogel's father john is larger than life as a child she marvels as his magnetizing energy and ability to make everything feel like a grand adventure jean teaches her so much about love and joy but he also happens to be the most notorious counterfeiter in u.s history jennifer now struggles to rise above the wreck of the past while reconciling the inescapable bond between a daughter and her father now you see this is supposed to be based on a true life story apparently there's a lot of exaggerations and i don't get why they called it flag d you know because that suggests patriotism you would think something patriotic something you do heroic something that has to do with america especially at times like this with trump and you know um the so-called insurrection and of course the actual insurrection of the blm um and the antifa riots you know and how the media covers that up so that's a lot of things to talk about and get into you know the fact that the left now says that the american flag is a symbol of the the symbol of racism a symbol of the kkk you know that in itself that that should be a a key topic not the story of a counterfeiter for a movie that is called flag d you know also this movie shows the problem you know it is funny this is what they do in this case this is a relationship with a father and a daughter but apparently even though the things were good in the sights of the doctor you know grain of the father you know was provided i wanted to spend time with the daughter and all of that but apparently he was living a lie and he was actually a counterfeiter so it goes back to this issue of the father and you know the parents and the children you know all these movies you know you always see a situation where the father is bad or the father or the mother is a villain you know there's always this um friction between the parents and the child and it's in the best interest for the child to go their own way apart from the father to believe in something else or to you know abandon the father or the mother's belief system which is basically what this is about you know that is what is actually shown in this movie because you know the father still believes you know and he's saying all kinds of um um kingpins type stuff you know and he's saying you know that he's innocent on to proven guilty and saying that you haven't worked um you have to walk in a mile in my shoes to understand where i'm coming from and all those kind of things so um it is in the best interest for the girl to land in a better position she has to disastrous herself from her father she has to reject or turn away her father and his beliefs because you know that is just the the way that is best for us to lead her to paradise so it is this situation where it is in the best interest or things will work out well for the child if they go away from what their parents trained them to be for what their prayers told them or from loving their prayers or maintain relationships with their parents you know so there is that conflict and that is what um is in this move you know um there are so many things to be said about this but this is what hollywood does and this is what a lot of movies are all about you know and that's why we christians we must take our place you know and go into the entertainment industry and take it to the gospel you know it doesn't matter how much money you have just start from where you are take the first step when you take a step you will see you can take a second one and then you can take a third one and it falls on and on and on but you need to move forward and take over this world with the gospel it's very important that we do so because this is the nonsense that they put out there when children are constantly giving messages of these sorts what do you think they will think they would think that is normal and is expected to always be at sports and disagree with your parents and go their own way go your own way when your prayer gives you advice in this direction you go in this other direction you know now in this case because of the setting where the father is a counterfeiter it will seem that oh yes the child has to go his own way you know has to um disassociate and all of that but it this is terrible and this is all part of a bigger scheme because now it wants the government to be the father it's one's um political correctness to be the father and the guiding force to be you know political correctness is not the father and the mother the deciding factor of morals and the way that children are being raised it is it is sad and we christians must move ahead of this and stop it and flood the world with our content and our information let it be that when you look to the left or to the right you will not be able to see any entertainment from the world just from the church that being said remember to go to alfredo's vip you know be a part of what we are doing to take over the entertainment industry if you haven't given your life to christ and go to salvation prayer with alfredo vip thank you and God bless you

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