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A life-changing assignment...

...with a brooding billionaire

Writer Ella Ross's new assignment--to interview reclusive billionaire Baron Massimo DiLuca --is a career high and a chance to discover her Sardinian roots. But from the moment she meets the baron, who has shut himself away on his luxurious private island since losing his wife, Ella is drawn to the man behind the mask. She'd hoped to find herself in beautiful Sardinia... What happens if she finds love, too?

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about the book falling for this cardinian baron it is written by

you know it looks italian i can't quite you know get the pronunciation you know rather than portia the name you know it's

you know so let's just look at the official synopsis

a life-changing assignment with a brooding billionaire

writer ella ross's new assignments to interview ex reclusive billionaire baron baucimo is a career high and a chance to discover her scadelian roots but from the moment she meets the baron who has shot himself away on his luxurious private island since losing his wife eli is drawn to the man behind the marks she is hoped to find herself in beautiful sir dania what happens if she finds love too now this is so cliche one interesting thing about harley quinn is like you know and when it comes to romance novels and a lot of publishing companies it's almost like if they give every genre a series of synopsis like you have to write to this synopsis you have to write to this plotline you have and you can't put in this kind of content you can put in this kind of content you have you know you um have to stick within just a limited parts and that restricts creativity and what the customer gets at the end of the day and there's much to be said about this genre of encouraging women to dream about rich men you know one day marrying a rich man let's face it multi millionaires and billionaires do not look like you know the fellow on the cover of this book you know before a man you know a lot of times before a man becomes you know gets to that level where he is now a billionaire he is actually elderly because it is years of making wise financial investment decisions it is not a one-day thing so by the time the man becomes a millionaire a multi-millionaire or a billionaire he is already obtained in in the years and the reality of the matter is that those kinds of men they are either already in relationships that they would not preach for anything or if they are not principles then they are the kind of men that are always switching young girls so they may be in their 80s or 70s but you will see the girl on their arm is younger than they are than all his children from his first marriage you know and when that girl starts approaching 25 he changes her for another girl so that is the kind of life that those kinds of men live you see if they are not principled and if their principle they would have already been taken because they would have married much younger and they would have married somebody that actually supported them and helped them to become as worthy as they are you know this um obsession with promoting this um fantasy of a woman meeting and falling in love with the world the guy is dangerous and the ones that are young that have billions or multi-millions a lot of those inherited it and they do not have in many cases the discipline or the class to actually respect people it is like women who you know uh supermodels or very beautiful when a woman or a female is very beautiful and from a young age men fall over themselves for her like think about this um words somebody gave an interesting example if you're a man you know men go after women it is not the other even though um it can be done the other way around but the appropriate way will be for it to be done softly you know as in the woman going after me but it's normally men who go after women you know if the man who proposes is the man who does the truth and all of that but due to that and the way that things have always been men do not get complemented or you know do not get a lot of affirmation when it comes to their looks and a lot of people you know a lot of men you know go into because of that lack of um affirmation which is wrong for you to be so dependent on that kind of affirmation you know most men go into the area of you know trying to hit the many women to get them or take many women to bed so as they are increasing the their scores on how many hit and runs they have pulled off successfully you know and you know how many bodies they have you know i think how many women they have slept with it is helping their ego that is their own way of you know that is um what they are using to make themselves feel good that oh i'm good looking oh i'm attractive and wanted you know so but for the case of a woman let's look at a a a woman in today's dang age on instagram she posts one video of her or one picture of her in her bikini on instagram and it gets 10 000 likes from men and in the comment section there are like hundreds of men going at hand telling her oh you are the most most beautiful man in the world you have this you are that you are that then only god knows the kind of message she's getting on her dms so imagine a life where you know a modern day woman

on a daily basis she's getting 10 000 or 20 000 messages from different men in different parts of the world telling her that she's beautiful and telling her all kinds of things so that do you know stupid habits that's kind of attention creates is a a a situation where people get you know it's like why would they work hard to be nice why would they work hard to actually improve their character you know people are falling over them from a young age so somebody growing in in that way you know that is part of the reason why you see a lot of the um really beautiful women have bad character bad attitude is because their beauty covers that up you know it is when you get to know them you see that this is actually a terrible human being it's just like people talk about celebrities that's when he gets to know some celebrities they're actually terrible people well their female fortune covers is at the beginning you know it's until you get to know them that you you get to see the reality like look at amber head everybody loved amber hair until they got underneath the surface and saw what she did with with johnny depp you know and they listened to the recordings you know and they saw you know the kind of human being that she is you know if those recordings were never released johnny depp will still be condemned as oh he's he beats his wife he's this he's terrible look at what he did but now you can see the elaborate you know scheme that she pulled off just for attention and to follow her career everything she said about johnny depp was the life she was the one that was abusive and was actually physically beating him in the relationship you know but um this is the way the world is even till now imagine if a man had did had done what amber had did that man will be in jail you know bill kozi you know is out of jail today because of several reasons one of them is that let's face the facts if it was a woman that did what because he did with the fact that there was basically no evidence you know the little evidence that stock was based on a testimony that was under a deal that he did with you know the authorities at the time the legal authorities at the time and of course this new fellow who replaced the old guy you know kicked that out the window and put bill cosby in jail but there was a mis miscarriage of justice to the legal process and of course that understand that situation i have always made it clear that is a transaction if someone in authority says sleep with me so that you will get a job or sleep with me i am the director i will make you an actor or i will give you the lead room that is a transaction that is not reap that is a transaction it is immoral yes but this the two people agreed and you can there is no way you can say that the woman is innocent she agreed with it look if somebody tells you yeah man let's say another man tells you that you should have sex with him and then he will he will give you a job are you going to agree if you agree then it says what you are you're a male who you're a male prostitute that is what you are if you agree so the same standard should be applied to women but apparently it is not you know they are a married of things that women get away with that men cannot if harvey weinstein was female he would get the will you know with all of all those things you know and people should not ignore the fact you know like in the case of having weinstein all those women having one thing was paying them off it was when he decided to stop paying them that they went to the authorities and reported him so what about that aspect of the of the entire situation and those women were not veterans and part of the reason why they were targeted because you have to understand that a predator goes after the most vulnerable prey it goes over it goes after the most likely prey nobody is going to meet mother teresa and tell her sleep with me and i will give you money it won't come come across anybody's mind for somebody to come to you and make you that kind of offer there's a way you are carrying yourself there's a way you are acting and there's a kind of information around you that the person feels safe to tell you that it's just like if somebody tells you that i'm in a secret society and i'd like you to join how is it that the person is comfortable to tell you that or somebody coming to tell you that i sell drugs and i would like you to be a part of what i'm doing what is it about you you can't carry that kind of information to any and anybody it is so crazy because that is a ticket to you know if you tell the wrong person that is you going straight to jail so what is it about you that among others that was possible you see so those are the things even when you look at the girl that went to his hotel room that was on video look at what she wore is that how you dress for a business meeting and why is it that people are so stupid that they do not realize when a man invites you to a hotel room what do you think he wants to do is that a place to meet someone invites you to a hotel a married man invites a woman to a hotel room just like also with the case with um bill cosby you know the women that were saying or all kinds of things that um because they put susan so in their drink but they have no evidence and they don't recall the event but you know they they all they know is that when they went into the room you know that um they drank and they can't really remember what happened next you know first of all what were you doing in that room and even second of all you have no evidence in what you are talking about and another thing is that a lot of those women liked this is a um an ongoing thing when somebody accuses somebody of um sexual misconduct next thing women left right and center now rise up why didn't you talk before why didn't you say anything before and all these things is without evidence and when you know a lot of times majority of the times over 99 percent of the times when a police investigator find out that the woman's theory cannot be proven in any way what happens what happens is that the woman is allowed to go for she's not she has no um accountability no punishment so it just goes on like that you know but if it was a man doing that kind of thing the story will be different you know so um that is just how it is people need to be careful about how women are being nurtured or trained you know because all of this will now climax and we can see the effects of these kinds of things in the manuscript you know and you know all the people who are making videos the men who are talking about relationships online and i'm talking about non-christian men you know and um people who don't live by the word of god and this is actually a large volume of people and it is a huge problem this is something that seriously will backfire on women and of course people don't know this is part of why you know a lot of people you know they don't know but they have the the the all of this ties in together there was a reason for the push of the lgbt and lesbianism and that has actually been something that has helped this war between men and women when it comes to relationship you know where women are online you know in their numbers same men are trash and then men are on the other side same men going their own way you know and all kinds of things then they're determined um aspect to it and the high payment you know theories and all of that you know so um this is unfortunate people should go back to the word of god and you know stories like this basically a lot of all the um information that is being given to young girls does not help them in building character or building a situation that will be advantage to mankind understand that men need women and women need men you know it is crazy for there to be a war or a situation where women are saying all men are church and their men are seeing men going their own way that women are all about um money and decent control and all of that you know this nonsense and you have to be aware of evil things evil ideology evil packages of ideologies like feminism you know feminism is one of the greatest evils of this day and age of this time you know it is such a great evil and it must be stopped you know so that being said you know this particular book you know it is so cliche and uh and you know it's basically what's a lot of these folks do you know in a sense i can't really blame the writer because i guess if the writer came up with something creative the publisher will reject it you know everyone sticks to formula they have created the formula for the romance genre so it is just basically nonsense you know and that is what everyone wants to has to seem to write but that is not even compulsory because you can self-publish your book you know especially when you have a recognized name when your name is recognized you know you you can self-publish that is the best thing to do you know and rather than you know the money that goes into recouping because all this um the book publishing industry is pretty much like the music industry you know it is better for you to meet an investor or or somebody you know a hedge fund manager you might as well go to a hedge fund manager borrow money from perhaps a venture capital you know even though there is not someone that does that but the point is that it is just a matter of um getting loan to promote your book and then paying back the loan because either way that is the same thing that is happening with the book publisher a book publisher just gives you a loan to push your book forward and you have to pay back the loan and by the way the book publisher since they they are the ones who publish the book they will have to pay off themselves for that loan and you know the percentage increase the interest on the loan and all of that they will take that phase before you start seeing um realities in full then again you will you will never get realities in food you always get it in part so what is the point you know rather just get the loan and you know um self-publish your own books you know or start your own publishing company so that's it thank you god bless you make sure you go to and you know read up and check out um what's there you know so that's it if you've not given your life to christ go to salvation prayer dot alfredo vip have a nice day




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