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Galatians 2:11 AMP

Now when Cephas (Peter) came to Antioch, I opposed him face to face [about his conduct there], because he stood condemned [by his own actions].

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hello everybody i'm alfred and yeah listening to pastor's corner

i would like to talk to you about you know sounds very important you know today i'd like to tell you that you know don't attack other pastors you know don't attack other christians in the body now we live in a damn age of social media and you know there are those who have even before the day of social media they've given themselves the ministry of rebuking you know admonishing and rebuking is part of christianity but you must understand order and you must understand the leading of the spirits you see otherwise you could be digging a grave for yourself in spite of how anointed you are you know your anointing does not mean that oh because you are disappointed or because god loves you this much in your eyes you know for whatever reason you know um because you should not be basing your love that god loves you based on the anointing that um you are walking in or based on the miracles that is accompanying what you are doing you know your um understanding on god's love your belief that god loves you should be based on the fact that he said that he does that is all you know so even if you are going through situations like job or you are going through um situations where um like pope was in prison and all of that it is not the circumstances around you for the things the good things happening around you that will be the judge and the deciding factor of whether god loves you or not god says he loves you that is it and you know this is part of the reason why the world can never fully comprehend god and they are always having trouble because they want to approach god on their terms you know you want to um have relationship with god you have to have it on his terms you know the world and the people of the world will look around them and say well if there is a god or if god loves me why is all this happening and you know some weak christians are that's we you know those things happening those storms in your life god wants you to take care of them haven't you read the bible god wants you to use what you have learned in the scripture what he has taught us you know what has been written you know um revelations on how to deal with these issues deal with them it is not like you look at yourself and say uh you have eviction notice your kids school fees are not paid this problem and that problem i say if god loves me ah that is not the way to think what about all the scriptures that that that are there

you want to hold on to the scripture of god is my provider i shall not want what about the scripture of if you do not walk you will not eat what about the scripture you know on wisdom on continuous learning what about the scriptures on keeping abreast of the facts of earthly knowledge of things of this world of your field of your profession the bible makes it clear in the book of proverbs that you should keep abreast of the facts you know that that is how a an enterprise is built you know how about that what about that scripture you would remember the scripture of um yeah i walked through the valley of the shadow of that time you know the the um god leads me you know in green pastures you know he is my shepherd you know all those kinds of things and then you are believing that based on that god will provide for you what about the scriptures on investing look at the parable of the um sure sorry not the parable of the sword the parable of the talents you know look at what um um is there and that reveals god's might that any amount of money that comes to your hand you should multiply it the money itself it is not you that should work the money should work and multiply itself so the concept of um the rich don't work for money they make money work for them it's in the bible it's started in the bible it is written there that is what is in the parable of the talents god gave one thing god gave one this time and gave one one time and the guy who had won buried it you know and gave it back to um the master and the master was like you are yeah you are wicked and say that couldn't you have given it to you know somewhere you know where it would have occurred on interest and you could have given me back my money with interest you see the other people multiply their money it is the money it is not they are working they use their money to motivate to to they put their money they invested their money and it grew what about that scripture why don't you obey it you know and this is the problem with many people they hold on to one scripture but they do not have the complete understanding what does the word of god the totality of the word of god say about dealing with this situation there is no problem that you face in this life that the answer is not in the bible there is no problem that you can face in this life that the holy ghost with you cannot handle it is small it is small you see there is nothing um that is too big for christ in you

nothing you know you can do way more you can do way more far far above and beyond any issue that comes your way now to get back to the topic you know which is um don't attack other pastors you know let us first of all go to um in galatians chapter 2 verse 11 i'm reading from the amplified classic version of the bible you know i read and when she fast peter came to antioch i opposed him face to face above about his conduct's day because he stood condemned by his own actions now in this situation paul confronted peter an admon and rebuked him to his face understand that this is something that you know he was led by the spirit to do and clearly um apostle peter you know was in a position where he was humble to receive it to learn and to change he did not take his personal understand how anointed and powerful that peter was this is the person that a christian lied to you know um remember anayas and safaris and by lying to him he said man you didn't just lie to me you lied to the holy ghost and those those guys died over that and that also shows you something about early christians and what apostle paul said you know when it comes to when you read the scripture and it talks about um um the things that christians face the persecution um the christians faced do it do it showing to lions so it turner sunder and all of that all the issues all these different ways that um so many people were persecuted and killed for the neighbor just you know and apostles say nothing would separate us from the love of god you see i was what made it clear that these people do they were too good for the earth you know basically you know and that um the shoes

the shoes um that's real they choose to you know check out of this world that's way it's very interesting because the reality of the matter is the same um peter who could talk to ananias affairs talk to people and defer them and die what about the world let us say that they came to arrest peter or you know they they come to kill peter can i send peter open his mouth and see all of you fall down and die

but you see in the same way stephen was praying that god would forgive the people that were stoning him that is the same heart that a lot of those early christians in spite of that great anointing that they had they went along with it in the minds of the people that were killing them they had the upper hands they were the powerful ones in the room but the truth was that it was that christian that was allowing himself to go through that that was the most powerful one in the room remember the words of jesus was saying that couldn't i talk to my father and he would send hosts and host of angels to come and fight for me you know so understand this reality however you know that is what those scents choose to do we are basically um we are going to follow their footsteps i'm not killing anybody or declare that people will die you know there are people who have ministries where they are declaring that people will die and nobody is dying and part of the reason is because they are not they are not in the spirit and they are not working in love remember god is love and when you are led by the spirit you are led of love so um you are actually in that situation you know you have to understand when god is leading and when god is not leading you like apostle peter why he did what he did with ananias and suffer he said that you have lied against the holy spirit if they had just lied again um against him you know the lie was just stood you know if it was just between him and then he would have let it pass but it was because of the involvement of the holy spirit you know those people were humble and you know if you are not humble and if you are not willing to um allow people think that they have the upper hand when they are persecuting you you know um if you are not humble in the right situations um you will not move in certain realms of the anointing and the glory of god that power will be will not um um

be present and permanent when it comes to its activation and it's working you know but the reality of the matter is that that being said we are not going to this generational sense that we are we are not going to give into persecution but we are not going to um kill the people that we are supposed to be leading to christ you see so we are going to move ahead of time and lead people to christ and circumvent navigation um situations to make sure that it works in such a way that we don't have to be persecuted you know we'll do our best to ensure that we don't have to be persecuted or we at least greatly decrees the persecution especially when it comes to the killing of christians we have to fight against that and stop that you know make sure that the world don't do that you know but at the same time we are not going to um go around killing people you know that being said there is the leading of the spirit and when it comes to um addressing um pastors or leaders who are going the wrong way you have to

make sure that it is what god tells you to do and also you have to understand you know in this day and age you have to understand we're the person listening to you peter in this in this case was spoken to by paul and clearly paul knew that peter was humble enough do not take it as an insult like who are you paul you just became a christian yesterday i walked with jesus i was one of his two disciples in fact jesus stood and look at all the other disciples their weaknesses jesus said that me i should take care of this sheep who are you to open your mouth and be ambition me on anything you know and as a matter of fact i won't be surprised if you know especially in the early um time of their um of of paul's work a lot of the revelations he had came from peter but now you can see paul teaching peter this hierarchy of pastor here bishop here at bishop here and the discharge organizational structure of hierarchy our ranking was not in the early church

paul did not consider himself a pope peter did not consider himself a pope timothy and all these folks never consider themselves poop or as i am here i am bigger than you and bigger than all this one it was never done we are all brothers you know and we need to go back to that because this hierarchy structure is actually something that you know has come from the pit of hell and it's a great way to this destroy and attack the church we now have situations where for example now governments leaders are now partnering with general overseers of different ministries and they are now saying take the vaccine so you might have a hierarchy where since um some people don't think christianity has to be with you know if you are over here or you are over here or you are led to christ here and this is where you grew so you have to listen to the guy at this top of this hierarchy the geo over here did you overheal all of that so now it has created a system to control a lot of christians to control the church where the government can easily do that

you see look at the preachers when the time for the taking of the mark of the beast comes there will be preachers and pastors and general vasyas who said that this is not the mark of the beast tickets read the bible the mark of the beast when when satan gives anybody something is there any point in time where satan was talking to anybody where satan told the truth satan never tells the truth the bible says that he's a native liar he's the father of lies so when he's giving people the mark of the beast he's not going to call it the mark of the beast

that is not what he's going to call it and those who will realize that it is the mark of the beast you know they will be called conspiracy theories and all of that now of course this current vaccine is not the mark of the beast because first of all is there any mark on the forehead of those who are taking the vaccine or is there any mark on the right hand of those who are taking the vaccine you know um you can see that first of all the the mark of the beast are microstrips small very small microchips that are put in the forehead or hand and that will be used as health passports they'll be used for tracking they'll be used for regulating safety of the individuals you know by the government they'll be used for payments you know processing payments you no longer need your card you don't need your cell phone all you all you have is your hand you know if you have health problems if you stop breathing if there are spikes in fear the police can't come so let us see if somebody wants to rape a woman and she has the mark of the beast in her because of her heart race her heart beats raising even though she has not died 9-1-1 there will be an alert for the police departments that is close by and they will know whether to call her or to check on it you know to come by fast just like you know people who use um alarm systems in their homes so there are a lot of so-called advantages that the devil will promote but it is not going to be called the mark of the beast it's going to be called you know this is for safety it is for you know imagine kidnapping for example let's say someone kidnapped someone and it's a world where everybody has the mark of the beast how are you going to transfer money from one person to another because there are no bank accounts that are not linked to the mark of the beast your mark is the is the link to your bank accounts is there's no longer physical money physical money is now referred to as evil it is not referred to as a means of um aiding an abetting drug dealer drug dealing women trafficking and all kinds of evil that it is makes it difficult to regulate that let everybody use online money digital money and everybody smack of the beast will be um linked to their bank accounts think about what the bible says nobody will be able to buy or sell without a mac money is money people have greed if physical money was still alive well still we'll still be around in that day people will still buy and sell which is common but for physical money for but for it to be a situation where nobody can buy or sell without the mark it means that the mark is the only access to finances and it creates a there are a lot of great advantage that satan will sell but he will said it as oh this is the good thing this the and people will look at all the crime retail drops nobody's kidnapping anybody anymore because what is the point of kidnapping if you kidnap someone and ask for ransom how do you take the ransom you know it's not be for somebody to um send it to um your account which is linked to your ship and of course the government's regulating we find out why did this money enter this account what what are the purpose so all of it is stressable you know you they and the you no longer have to file your taxes the government is taking tax taking the taxes directly when it likes because it is now the owner of the of the accounts and of course there will be um unions you know the bible talks about you know the different heads and you can see the united nations being that you know trying to be that you know when the different nations join together you know and of course the antichrist the antichrist is going to be the head of the united nations type of organizations it might actually be the united nations but that is where the antichrist will be and the presidents will be the delegates who answer to the united nations whether it's going to be the united nations or a different organization that follow the format of the united nations but it is that kind of organization that the antichrist will be the head of and this is something that is written in the bible it is clear you know now it is very much clearer than ever for anybody to see you know because this is a book that was written so many years ago but now that we see what people are doing we can now see wow the book of revelation is being unraveled in our before our very eyes so you see um we must be careful on what's on on what we do and how we live we must be very careful you know there is um um great need for urgency and unity when it comes to you know the church they have we have to pray for unity and um that doesn't mean that for the sake of unity you will now join yourself with somebody that um um you don't really know you know somebody that you end up um selling out to the developer to politicians for money you know which is another problem this structure this hierarchical structure of the church let us see like for example some preachers that are supporting the vox let us say that the government tells them that they have to support the works you know if they don't the government takes away their license to be churches what gives the government the right to take away a minister's rights to minister that is a huge problem you you have places like china where the government closes down churches left right and center bounds bibles in today's day and age you know you have um those who are moving for oh this person of the bible is saying um homosexuality is wrong cancel the whole bible

you see so um we must be wise and we need to um understand the um situations that we are in and we must act wisely you know that being said remember what i said you know um to round up with um the topic on don't attack other pastors when paul spoke to peter you see he knew that peter would receive the message a lot of times people do not understand you know what is the point of your admin admonishing somebody if somebody would not listen the bible actually says that you know do not you know he says speaks to a fool less he he thinks he's wise and don't speak to a fool because um your words will be wasted and you know those are two different things but it depends on the situation how that person receive it you know so these are things you have to understand you'll say cast not your pearl before swine in this case paul rebuked and admonished peter but look at what um apostle paul wrote later when he was talking about some people are preaching to add to my shames why didn't paul admonish those people and rebuke them because he knew that they would not receive it it was pointless they wanted to add to his strengths but he was saying that at least they are still spreading the message of the gospel you see but he did not bother with rebuking and admonishing them because they would not listen so in the same way a lot of times when people give themselves the ministry of you are saying this pastor did this or pastor did that you know you are preaching against other apostles what is your motive and with the other person listening to are you trying to admonish the person or disgrace or um make um turn people against that person what is your goal and that is that that is a very big deciding factor if it's somebody that you know like for example

um christoya kulumi has been in a situation where a lot of pastors have been attacking him pastors who have his contacts pastors who we have seen previously in some of his meetings have been attacking him regarding the vaccine that's why is he telling people not to take the vaccine but they attacking him publicly when they have his private contacts if you really believe something you know why wouldn't you since it is somebody that you know and you have their private contacts why don't you contact the person privately and talk it out to the person privately why would you go in front of a congregation in front of cameras and all of that and then states it shows your true motive you know somebody actually went to the essence of saying how can you preach a whole seminar vaccine if you don't have anything to stop preaching how can you tell somebody like pastor chris to stop preaching why would as a matter of fact why would you tell anybody at all to stop preaching even if someone gave their lives to christ today start preaching why would you tell that person to stop preaching i think that is the spirit of god working in you why would you tell now paulo created somebody that has he has done far more by the grace of god when it comes to miracles you know this is not something that is going to be a surprise to anybody you know when we get to heaven and you know god is really blessing some people you know and giving sending people many crowns we should not come as a surprise to a lot of people when it comes to miracles you know leading um miracles in the name of jesus on this earth the people who have really done uh you know

and we have history records of history i would say pastor benihin pastor chris and evangelist rambonki these three people throughout history now there are people um in the past like um um for example

who was healing it was kind of like um what paso chris did with the hearing school but her own was quite different it was not like the healing school in the sense of the go tree schooling program of their thoughts the word class one they they learn this class through the language then later they now come to meet uh with pastor christian he prays for them no it was healing services where she would stay and pray for people until she was sweating there are times where she even fainted but she was praying for people and people were getting healed and she would go hours and hours and hours and during her time that um area of california was the healthiest city in america

it was the healthiest city in america however you see she was not at and did not have the rich

of um television and the internet you know like pastor benny he has like a puzzle chris had so all these things change matters he just like um handkerchief and aprons were taken from the body of paul he'll be sick but imagine if apostle paul had television in his time how many miracles would he have been would have been done by his hand or by his ministry you know but now we have people in this day and age that have um television um on their own tv channels you know own their own um um websites and internet ministries and all of that so the reach is far more so they are actually reaching millions and millions more so it is not a surprise and then how can somebody now tell somebody like pastor chris with all the miracles and all the world all the lives that he has changed all the god members that are now in church all the court members that were killing people all the kidnappers that are now interested telling him to stop preaching because he preached one semen about vaccine to you he just wants them you know he has talked about vaccines for more than once do you because he preached one semen you now say that he should stop preaching at all how can that be by the end of this praise and how is that wonder rebuking and admonition it is not and you did not even listen to what he was saying about the vaccines because if you listen to what he was saying you will see that he was making sense and he was actually showing you proof not just from the scriptures but he was showing a lot of video clips and news clips i'll show you how the the the the world health organization is contradicting itself how the cdc in america you know center for disease control is contradicting itself how doctor fashion is contradicting himself what um bill gates is saying you know and how all he what his plans you know even went into free mystery and explained a lot of things about freemasonry you know pastor chris addressed a lot of things about different cults understand that as a pastor pastors meet so many chord members and different kinds of club members that you will not even begin to imagine so his knowledge about this matter is is something else so um it's funny how people think that this person is a pastor so they don't know anything because that is what they have learnt in school that it is people that have phds who do not even have enough money in spite of how much they love education to start their own school they do not even have enough money to start their own to to build their own university how many people who have degrees who went to school that to have degrees in teaching or or a phd have the money to start their own school or their own university

universities are started by businessmen and governments

that is a fact look at all the universities around the world how many a lot of the the universities around the world are started by uneducated people according to the schooling system a lot of people who founded universities don't have any degree the the person who started the university does not have a degree look around you no matter where you are all around the world just look at what i'm saying there is no person that you know this is a college professor you know he read books read books and then now he started his own university you know it has never happened they don't have the money so so um what is use of all the all the books and all the knowledge it shows you the faults within the type of knowledge that they are reading because if they had the true knowledge it would have helped them and empower them because if truly knowledge is power why is their own knowledge not power what is their own knowledge not able to enable them to to have enough money to even start one university there is no one university in this world that was started by a college professor not one since the history of time so be wise you know and you know when it comes to this issue of um addressing passwords like i said it matters you know let us say that you have you had a um problem with what pastor chris said and you have this personal contact you address you know you you call him and then you talk to him not that you you try to turn people away from his ministry so that they come to your ministry you know because that is exactly what you are trying to do when you are saying you should stop preaching you should not preach at all he should just close down his church and of course everybody goes to your own church what is that and the world is looking at this and laughing look at what these people are doing and of course that is what satan you want to put in people say that ah look at it this is about money you know this is business you know so you you need to be wise how would a person receive it in the case of um peter paul knew peter is going to listen if you're you're you're giving someone advice it's only going to cost more problem don't give it pray for the person and sometimes you can go through another person let us say that um a woman for example

is married to a very famous popular pastor and she's having problems in their who in their in their in their marriage and let us say that everybody respects him and she doesn't know how you know she can get her words across to her husband what she should do is to go through the mother if the mother of the father are still alive that is the way look for somebody that he respects if the mother or father are not alive who was his pastor understand that hierarchy so you can go through someone else personal face to face you see what apostle paul did apostle paul was a master of writing letters he did not rebuke peter in a letter he waited till he was face to face with him before he said what he said he waited so you go face to face and then go to either his mother or his father or you know um a pastor or a minister that he respects and admires and then used that to bring him in and you know to talk to him that look look at this and look at that situation that is the way to do it you know so understand spiritual authority you know there is um a situation in the bible where um moses you know you know moses did something and you know someone actually rebuked him who had no business rebuking him and you know god actually took it out on the person that rebuked moses you know and read about you know the ground opening up and swelling of folks don't don't be silly understand spiritual authority you know so don't um do things that you will end up regretting understand with the person receiving giving someone i am trying to rebuke somebody over social media the internet never works even if the person is humble enough to listen to you wait till you get that person's personal contact or you can meet a person face to face if you cannot just pray for the person and leave it alone if you must address the issue you know um or let's say that you are afraid that the person will talk and lead so many people are straight you know when you have prayed about it if god gives you to go ahead you preach without calling names you just preach the right message you don't have to condemn his message or attack him or talk about what he said let us say that the pastor says that um

all human beings are going to turn into angels in the last day now that is not what the bible says but let's say that the pastor says that and you hear it you know and it's on your heart or and all of that you pray about you don't go and start your youtube chat um video and like ah this person said that this is this let me explain to you why all of this is wrong let us open the bible this and then you are no no no what you should do just preach about you know you can pray about it and then you preach is someone about you know the beauty of you know what lies um next after uh you know after eruption all of that you know and you are you are preaching the truth you don't have to they can't try to decode deconstruct um darkness or deconstruct lies just present the truth you know so um um that is it and you make sure you pray for people if you are praying for people you will not be telling them to stop preaching if you are praying for people you would not be um going after them on the internets and you know trying to get people to leave their ministry and not subscribe to your ministry you know and even if that may not be what you are you are you think you are doing that is how it is perceived and it's very important because that is how it is perceived that is how it will be perceived by the world and by the church and that is not good so what is the end result of what you have done you have done more damage than good by doing what you have just done you know so that being said make sure you go to you know and you know check it out also if you've not given your life to christ go to salvation thank you and god bless you

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