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Dialogue & Panels In PSD Files First : Let's Talk Comics - by Alfred


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Click Here To Download: Dialogue & Panels In PSD Files First : Let's Talk Comics - by Alfred

Scriptures Referenced In This Broadcast:

Proverbs 24:3 TLB

Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense, and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts.


{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

hello everybody i'm alfred and listening to let's talk comics let's go back to the book of proverbs chapter 2 verse 3 i'm reading from the living bible translation any enterprise is built by wise planning becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts you see you must always keep up to date with the facts about your industry about the business that you're in and about your profession is very important and this is christianity and this is what the bible is telling you that you have to do there are some people that never bother to keep abreast of the facts about what they do you know they are engineers that are never subscribed to any engineering blog or any authority on the profession or the field within engineering that they are into you know they are never up to date they never know anybody you you know that is um making changes and therefore they don't know even um what steps they took and you know what therefore they don't have information on what steps they should take to actually advance them in that field they go by what they see around them or you know they take life as it comes you see that is why you can walk around in the streets you can see somebody that owns a shop they have owned that shop 10 years ago it's still that same size and that is where they will soon grow old and die and have children that is just that shop that is where their shop began and ended it is that is justice you know it never grew did they ever bother to read more and learn about retail or about that particular type of business that that shop is in you know have they lent have they advanced you know there are many people who in in the world where a lot of people are on facebook even in third world countries there are a lot of people who have never taken their business online they've never advertised online you know they've never thought about having their own websites they have never thought about buying ads you know and targeting customers they've never thought about expanding their business they've never read the books about other people who had small shops or kiosks and how they turned that their kiosk into a supermarket or into a mall or into a franchise bet they are up to date with all the gossip about king kardashian and other celebrities and this celebrity and that celebrity did this and all of that or gossip about who this politician slept into allegedly you know is feeling around with that is what they know they keep up to dates with the gossip but information about it i feel they do not know now when it comes to comics you know one thing that um most people do to actually gain an advantage is you know because of the the way um making a comic book is um it will seem like a liberal stacks but one strategy some people use to make things easier is to actually create dialogues and panels first so in other words you first of all after you write down the scripts you know the storyline you know you break it down um what um each character you say to the older then you just um create pdf files you know you have um pdf files with different panel you know you panel templates comic book panel templates then you just fill in the words don't bother about the artwork don't bother about the characters don't worry about the background just feeling the words and by doing that you have you feel like you have gone a long way now all that is remaining in the characters now of course you can use um stick figure drawing on a different layer especially if you are working with pdf files you know so perhaps each page of the comic book is a different pdf file and of course you arrange things properly in your computer perhaps you're using a different um comic book software you know and then later you put in the images you know you draw in the pictures you know so that strategy um actually helps to speed up the process you know it really helps you know to speed up the process and actually make things easier you know and it also um puts you in a position where it's difficult to have an um analysis paralysis because you have already done the paneling and you have already put in the world so it's not let me just put in the pictures you know let me just join the characters and then you could do it on at different times you know let me just focus on characters now or you could do it together with the backgrounds you know some people depend on your style and since you you are using a software that you can draw in layers you know you can draw on top of another drain and later clean what is behind or just um paint over it so um or hide layers and all of that so with this differences and including layer masking with these different things it'll make the whole process easier so in a little time you can really finish a comic as a matter of fact if you are somebody who has um perhaps you are just a writer this is perfect for you then you now send the um the panels with the words in its you know to the pencil that let the pencil fill in the artwork then you know if the pencil is also the anchor which is um what i recommend especially in this darn age of digital you know why should there be a different pencil and a different inca you know you save money let the pencil also be the inca so he does that then let somebody else be the calories if that is what you want to do if you want the same person to be the colorist or perhaps yeah somebody that does all three you know by doing things this way you know you'll make things easier and smoother it's a strategy that most people do especially those who do web comics you know that they have to post daily daily daily and you know make sure that it's not just on website but it's indicated to different websites that are posting their web comics so um that is a good strategy for you to try you know so that's that thank you god bless you if you're not giving your life to christ go to salvation prayer at alfredo vip you know just go to alfredo vip you see a salvation prayer day it's important you say that prayer for you to start your journey with god and you know work with god thank you and God bless you

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