DHS Declares Christmas & Easter Now A Terror Threat Under Biden's Administration : Alfred's American News Updates


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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about what is now considered terrorism under

joe biden's administration you know the so-called distance and now potential territories you know these are now what are classified as potential territories opposition to coveted metros so if you oppose any of the

hoax majors that are forced on the people by the cdc and all this world health organization and this evil people if you oppose it that is a terror threat you see then there is claims of election fraud belief that trump can be reinstated those are terror threats if you have these beliefs you eternal traits then this is very important 9 11 anniversary and religious holidays you see americans are blind to the fact that they have already been conquered they have been taken over from the inside by their enemies america has already fallen you see america has already followed so now 9 11 anniversaries if if you are having any 9 11 adversary that is now a terror threat

do people actually realize when all this uh so-called world turrets started it started because of 9 11. you know the planes flying into the twin twills of course you know a lot of that had to do with influence from these same people within the government i have said it before it is like we're in a growth there is a governments within the government you know there every nation has its own um secret societies and secret cabals and you know um its own elites which have their own control and influence over the government and they use the government to do things so at the end of the day it is what they want that they do because they have a lot of the money and they have a lot of the control now we see in this situation now 9 11 anniversaries in america you know is now a terror traits and religious holidays what does that mean christmas is now a territories easter is now a tour church if you are celebrating easter of course this is what we want to use there we say that um if you are celebrating christmas if you want to celebrate christmas so you want to celebrate easter you are going to be violating covet measures you are not going to be helping out with the safety you know you are going to not be doing such a distance and all of that that is safer for everybody that will not celebrate christmas but people just celebrated pride months they want an entire month for homosexuality and lgbt and pseudome you know for their nonsense but they are burning other people's things this is what is happening now under byron and americans are so blind you fought against trump i hope you enjoy where this is going because it's only going to get worse it's only going to get worse i've talked about the problem in afghanistan you cannot be so foolish to think that it is just the withdrawal of the american troops that have given the taliban this momentum where did this new such of weapons come from where did this new energy come from it was supported you see when you sponsor organizations and and countries you know you lift out um you lift all the restrictions and all the um regulations from countries that sponsor terrorism and you are doing it in the name of oh it is racist or trump was racist that is why he's putting this restriction here this restriction here oh allow them the people behind the scenes like i said those secret cabals the people who are for the new world order the government behind the government they know that these moves end wars and they need these walls because they need to create this stability in the middle east and other parts of the world think about the fact america is in debt and the debt is still increasing ask yourself why would a rational person not care because debt is dependent on who you are owing if you kill the person you are earning money if you are owing someone a million dollars and you kill them you don't put them anything if you kill them and kill their entire family you don't have anybody anything so you just made millions of dollars so when you are printing money out of points like the us is doing and you know you are siphoning all kinds of funds the day that you have to pay back you know when pay back you know and give to other nations what happens when you are at war with those nations or you have destabilized those nations such that they need you to survive the people in that nation need you for them to feed therefore you don't owe anybody anything as a matter of fact they now owe you so you borrow money from someone you destroy everything they have and then they are not dependent on begging from you for them to survive so you see there is that's and so many other things that these people are planning they have even opened their mouth and revealed the great resets and i've told you they want you to own nothing of course that means they own everything they are saying you will not be happy that is the psychology and the philosophy for the philosophy they want to push and of course antifa and all these leftist organizations the aocs and all these um silly um communist and evil socialists are pushing this agenda you know there are many of them who unknowingly are doing it because at the end of the day that is what you are doing where when you are pushing for stealing from the reach and giving to the ball and at the same time you are pushing for people to be paid a wish you know just for existing then at the same time you know you are pushing for all kinds of policies to make sure that people can live in in houses for free they don't have to pay rent it is not illegal to collect friends that is what this extension of you know it's illegal to collect trend because nobody because of the lockdowns and all of that you know so by the time that happens the land is not your own the buildings are not your own so who owns it now the government so at the end of the day it's moving towards a society where everything is owned by the government so whoever is the head of the government is ruling it and whoever is the secret person behind the sins or the secret cabal organization behind the scenes that is controlling the government it's controlling its own we have organizations like the united nations who are unelected officials who control so much they control all of africa which african president can go against what the united nations says which african president goes against what the world bank says which african president goes against what this secrets um organizations and their open counterparts look at the bill gates foundation so much power so much influence giving people vaccines that nations are signing on behalf of the people that if anything happens to the people nobody will be held to accounts so if people in in the nation take the vaccines and the government is of those nations are forcing people to take it and on behalf of the people without the people's without telling the people or inform the people they are signing they are signing agreements that if anything happens to the people the people who give them the vaccines will not be held accountable will not be liable to anything and this is the fact that it's on record

then people are not waking up you know the time has come for the people of the world to understand the the importance of them having the power over their lives the world needs to have real democracy where the people have power not the politicians not a select group of people as long as this system of a few ruling over the many are making the decisions for the many continues we are going to keep seeing disaster look at this situation where religious holidays are now it terror threats in america how did things get is by sooner celebrating christmas is now you you are now a terrorist this is what these people plan and this is not something that they started planning today and this is what they want to build a new normal they don't want it to stop it is not like oh for this season no they don't want you to ever have christmas easter you know other holidays right now they will not attack the muslim holidays you know they will not attack muslim holidays right now but they will eventually get there they will want only their own things to be celebrated only they are lgbt look at pride month the u.s embassy is flying the fight the the the gay um flag in different um nations all around the world that is colonialism that is ideological colonialism they are forcing their ideology on the nations of the world the same people who are saying that they are against criminalizing all colonists and racists and all of that they are the ones pushing for their social justice criminalism on other nations that such things are against their culture they are going to nigeria ghana philippines all are different parts of the world and are pushing for their own ideology on what they think is right they put it under the guise of its civil rights and for fighting for people's rights you know once when somebody wants to do something even nowadays they'll look for a way to you know paint it as good somebody wants to kill innocent children in people's womb they call it a women's rights what's relationship does killing a baby in a woman's room have to do with the woman's rights

if if you want to play that game then pulling out the gun and shooting somebody is men's rights

you know just pulling out the gun or shooting any random person for no reason at all it's it's it's it's down issue it's a human rights for men and women to do also you know since people want to um strike connections with things that basically have no connection what connection does killing a baby in a woman's room have to do with women's rights you know

this is crazy you know so um

things are only going to get worse so it's only going to get worse if nothing is done you know there needs to be a complete over true of governments all around the world replacing the evil men and women incompetent men and women and all these new other men and women we good men and all these secret societies as well as their physical representations that we are aware of organizations like the united nations organizations like the eu organizations like the world health organization organizations like the bill gates foundation this evil organizations the world health economic forum and all their different counterparts all these organizations by so-called um um philanthropists you know who are giving instructions to world leaders and are controlling world leaders those people need to be put down and i've said it before when you study the bible the antichrist is the leader of an eu-like organization because you see all the different heads will bow to him what other framework have we seen for that it is this kind of eu and all these african union type of organizations when people start organizations that's all the presence of all these different nations come together and they make decisions and plan and all of that that is the deciding factor so the real person that is ruling is that unelected person

who is controlling governments by doing it in plain sight as you know we are we are the eu you know we care about people you know why is it that for there to be peace in nations people need to call on the eu look at nigeria for example when the nigerian government takes place for example buhari took place and i was shooting um ipob members and people you know who are um um on agreements with biafra people who have not killed anybody he went there to kill them with fighter jets how many jets have buhari sent to the notes to find boko haram how many jets has he has he sent to the not to release or to find any of the girls that are kidnapped no that one is not his concern but it is to go and find kulam dekalu or sunday boho no matter where they are in the world where daughter wherever they run to that is where he will find them locate them and bring them to stand trial at the kangaroo courts and then to be fighting ipob and the rest of them who have not killed or kidnapped anybody who has high probe kidnaps that is that is the ones that bohari is going after but he leaves the people in the notes to be kidnapping it hasn't is no longer news people have not gotten used to it just recently there were there was a killing of um quite a number of people in plato states you know the killings and the kidnappings have gone hair wire it's no longer news when people see this story you just ignore it it's no longer considered news but this kind of thing this is terrible because you know it is actually getting worse and it is going to eventually slowly calm down and engulf all of nigeria all because of one evil leader and of course if a solution is going to come it is to be looking to the u.n now there that gives the u.n a lot of power because why is it that the the presidents and the leaders of all these individual nations are always terrorizing their people and then they will have to look to the u.n and then whoever is the head of the un is now in a position to basically be the antichrist because there he cannot control everything he is the one that is actually ruling everything and somebody that is not elected and he was not voted to that position and he is not voted out the eu are started by human beings individuals you see and these are the ones that will now be the safety that everybody will not have to look up to to save them from their own governments

so when you have all these um amnesty international all these organizations and most of these organizations you will see that they have the same patrons when you look into it the same people that are sponsoring them look at bill gates the number the second largest sponsor of the world health organization one human being and you see who he who pays the piper determines the tune so they are doing his bidding so when such people even the the so-called um hope for people is in the hands of people that have negative agendas what do you expect bill gates is somebody that thinks that the food in the world is not enough for the people in the world the resources of the world are not enough and if the population keeps growing we will the the east will be dreamed of all his resources because of course he doesn't believe in god you know he doesn't believe in in god so he doesn't see that you know god has created this world in such a way that he replenishes itself

this is the way in china they had one child policy and they were killing everybody that had any any any family that gave birth to more than one child they would kill them and leave only one child china was afraid that their population was too big now it is their overpopulation it is their numbers that is their their greatest strengths and if there are numbers that is giving them to the next to do all kinds of crazy things it is their number that is giving them the nerve to be the ones who that unleash this wuhan virus on the wall and yet became a victim and not consider any kind of recompense or restitution that they have to do to the world for this nonsense that they have helped great and then other governments are taking advantage of it to get rich and to oppress their people you see if nothing is done we are going to be living in a tribulation period before the official tribulation period

you see this is very terrible we have for so long allowed evil people to be the only ones that have money and to have power they are still people who are against pastors who preach about prosperity you see if money was in the hands of good men if political positions were in the hands of good men things will never be this bad even a fake christian even a baby christian is better than the satans that we have now that are running the world

you see that is the fact even a lukewarm christian at this point is better than the kind of devils that are running the world and are rushing towards this antichrist direction we have the bible to warn us about these kinds of things yet that is what we see the government's running towards this mass oppression of people the mass enslavement of everybody this obsession that some men have with power and they want to make themselves the gods of everybody now they are coming after christmas

you know christmas easter they say religious holidays is now a terror threats and the nation that is doing this is there being used you know as as as the groove to to wreck havoc all through the world people fought against trump i hope you are not happy with what biden is doing and interestingly there are some christians who are still blind majority of the churches a lot of the churches this period has shown you how fake they are especially when they do not address these issues what are you preaching when the government is killing people then you are preaching someone that does not address this what are you preaching

what message are you preaching when you see the the problems with these vaccines the problem with what the government is planning you see evil evil men taking over all the positions of authority are not pressing people in different ways yes you are not addressing it what are you preaching

what are you preaching

you you you go to a lot of preachers they are page it has nothing to do with the reality of anything that is happening today they are just living in a fictional world in their mind they are preaching the bible when you preach the bible in a way that does not have talk about anything that people are experiencing if you are preaching the bible to somebody that is in a peace a snake is about to bite that person you cannot throw a rope there you cannot perhaps throw a stone or shoot the snake or do something to help the person you are there preaching what what are you preaching what are you preaching that is not the gospel that is not the gospel at all you can't be a pastor and you know all of this is just you know you you look at it as um no we are not talking about this but if it is to stand for buying like most pastors who have never talked about politics before all of a sudden who have preached against politics and said that christian pastor should not talk about politics which is satanic read the bible the entire bible you see man of god what political decision was made without the a man of god speaking

you see the man of god gave the the the direction gave the mind of god on the issue in all your ways acknowledge him that includes politics politics is even above or if in all your ways that means even in little things things like brushing your teeth you know things like putting on your shoes you know you can't put on shoes that glorifies the devil if it has a symbol that glorifies satan you see you cannot put it on you should not put it on in all your ways you acknowledge god you know you do things that acknowledge god even if if it's in little things like what you are wearing whether you are brushing your teeth and all of that god wants you to be clean so you brush your teeth you take care of yourself you see you're acknowledging god in that area then is it in something like politics that he's responsible and that has been used for so many things the death the killing of jesus was politics jesus being taken to the cross you see the process who did he stand before pontus pilot all of that was politics all the christians were imprisoned politics apostle paul when he was so going around killing christians that was politics he had legal backing and all of that that was politics all the christians that have been killed politics future persecution politics the antichrist politics and then we have pastors who are saying that you know you shouldn't talk politics

this is terrible you know we have to be smart we have to be smart we have to be smart and do everything that we can we have little time to take all these patients of authority all the positions of power from evil people otherwise social nonsense we continue this burning of christmas in america will extend this is not the same organizations that are behind the scenes that are controlling this um kind of policy there are also people who have their footholds in different nations all around the world they'll soon extend it and ban christmas in other other parts of the world they'll also burn churches and then they'll also be the fear of well like they're trying to push a rhetoric that um clergymen are pedophiles you know that um because we found these priests engaging pedophilia all of them are all pastors and operators all others of the sudden they are now pedophiles you know and there's this fear of oh they might start a court all these things very soon pastors we need governments you know they need to have government appointed pastors churches we need to have government appointed pastors which they have tried to do several times in nigeria for example governments appointed pastors and government appointed general overseers

very soon do we want um the the pastors to be submitting summons to the government and the government will approve it the government will now start writing outlines the minister of information will not be writing outlines for what he wants the pastor to preach and some of these pastors who who do not know what christianity is we agree to such nonsense

this is unfortunate and we i'd like you to go to alfredo's vip reach out to us yeah since we have to plan and there since we have to carry out they are very urgent you know and if you haven't given your life to christ click the salvation brother link in the main menu of alfredo's vip you know my prayer salvation come out see that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and God bless you. 



- DHS Says Refusing To Wear A Mask Makes You A TERROR Threat?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5dGyfmLRvw 

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