Cultivate A Heart Of Intercession : For UAE - by Alfred


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1 Timothy 2:1 AMP

First of all, then, I urge that petitions (specific requests), prayers, intercessions (prayers for others) and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all people,

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to for uae let's open our bibles to the book of first timothy chapter 2 verse 1. i'm reading from the amplified version of the bible i read first of all then i urge that petitions specific requests prayers intercessions prayers for others and thanksgivings be offered on behalf of all people

today i'd like to talk to you about cultivating a heart of intercession now for those of you in the united arab emirates you have to have this ministry you see this is technically a ministry for every believer this is um something that every believer should do it is our responsibilities as priests the bible tells us that we are a royal people you know a holy nation if you know we are a chosen generation a royal priesthood and that's um in first peter 2 9 but you're a chosen generation real priesthood and holy nation a peculiar people you know we're a royal priesthood and part of our priesthood ministry is the ministry of intercession and as we pray our prayer as well as our praise you know our praise basically goes up to heaven and sweets incense to god we must offer our prayer the bible says that the prayers you know um the the prayers of god when you look at the book of revelation it talks about the incense you know and the incest in heaven being the prayers of the sins we need to pray prayer is our ministry and when we are praying we are not praying for ourselves we are not praying that god will give us this and god will do that for us so god will open this down that door no that is not what we are praying we are praying for other people you know we need to have that ministry pray for others be concerned about others and there is no greater prayer that i can pray for another person than for that person to find jesus you know the uae he has a lot of muslims as well as do a lot of middle eastern um countries and you know several countries all around the world even outside of that those regions you know islam is um has quite an interesting population a tastes you know agnostics these groups are growing you know the educational system of the west has been the propelling factor for the growth of the atheists hollywood has been the preparing factor for the growth of the 80s because if the western schooling systems you know we're not anti-gold and untied jesus the numbers of 88s will be very small the numbers of lgbt will be very small because without the promotion of there is no god and a promotion of a disrespect for the bible and for the teachings of jesus the lgbt community would never have grown to what it was and it will to what it actually has become you know and it will never have um the kind of legal backing of strength that it does now as to other movements you know there will be no antifa there will be no burning of u.s flags a lot of other things will not have happened you know that is why you can see in the non-western style of education where christianity is being respected for some and for for others you know islam and all of that you don't see large numbers of atheists in the population but when this cooling system that the people go through kicks the god out of them knocks the god out of them knocks the believing god out of them tells them that science and god don't mix tell them that reality and god don't mix tell them that you know their intelligence you know part of their intelligence is based on they are not believing in god

or things that the bible says you know if you think that you are trying to apply what the bible says you know you are old fashioned you are not smart you are not thinking you are not scientific you know that is what the western style of education does and that is what it teaches i mean that is actually um a catalyst for the growth of the number of atheists in america a lot of people don't even know that for majority of human existence there was no such thing as it is you know rome vikings you know in the days of the buccaneers of europe you know um the days of the paris raiding disease you know um the medieval ages you know before that the days of napoleon and all of that though i know it tastes when i look at the days of alexander the greats alexander the great believed in zeus he actually believed that he was a son of zeus a half son of zeus there was that um theory and some people believed it too you know they believed all kinds of things they they worshipped all so many different kinds of gods there was no group of people that came out and said ah there's no god that's what i've been stupid and it's actually still stupid today but few people realize because they have been brainwashed by school they have been programmed by what they have learned in western schools you know so their thinking process is um limited you know so um you have to understand the importance of praying for people as well as you know praying that there will be a free flow of the gospel because the more other non-christian ideology spread trouble follows a lot of the troubles that people experience even like in in people's personal lives when it comes to the dating scene look at what americans are going to look at the chaos online look at the chaos and relationships people's marriage for their marriage to last five years in america it is a miracle

people are coming up with all kinds of theories now the thing is now open marriages you know then you have people like kevin sandwell saying that um rich men don't cheat high value men don't [ __ ] that they exercise their options so when a man who has married a woman is going around and laying eggs left right and center you know um sleeping with women right to the left and center leaving his seat you know whether he's impregnating them or whatever when he's doing that it is exercising options you know that is what the world is now teaching you see it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse you know and we must understand that the solution the world may not want to admit it but the solution is bringing back christ bring back christ into schools bring back christ into society bring back christ into the the the synonyms into the houses of law into law making bring christ into entertainment bring christ into the movies into music into schools bring the bible back when you bring judeo-christian bibles they deliver christian teachings into the the the life and into culture you will see a great change and you see a great improvement but when this is removed it just sets people out of for things getting worse and worse you know look at the lgbt and how things keep getting worse with them you know now they are in the business of um men saying they are women and performing in women's sports now what happened to female athletes that is how female athletes you know that's that's error has died because now any man can say that he's a woman and then play female sports and win all their words and beat up all the women you know even i guess now in female boxing you can imagine a man saying that he's a woman then getting into the ring with female boxers and giving them the beatings of their life you know there was a man in america who raped his mother and the man this man who raped his mother said that he identifies as a woman and guess where the geniuses puts him they put him in a female prison somebody a rapist is this is this is this is somebody that we are not even talking about raping women on the streets he raped his own mother and this is facts you put him in prison you know he says that no that he identifies as a woman of course in male prisons they do not like rapists and child molesters and i'm talking about other criminals you know drug dealers and you know most madras they hate rapists when you put a rapist or a child molester somebody who are busy children in a prison the male prisoners we give him the beating of it it is they often always put them when they put them in a meal plan they often put them in um a different um sector you know that they i believe they now call one section and general population and then they have them solitary confinement or whatever you know so they put them separate where they don't mix with the other prisoners because the other prisoners do not it's like even though they are criminals they have their own standards they really hate rapists or and child molesters you know and this is something that is all across american prisons so you know part of also him avoiding what is going to happen to him if they put him in a male prison for raping his mother you know because he is not going to last long they are going to by the time they are finished beating him you know and it is everyday better you know and by the time even though the the the wardrobes may come to separate there's a lot of space for a lot of beating before the wardens come to separate them and the beating you know a lot of people you know we end up getting he may survive the first round the second round the terror and by the time they have they have beaten him you know the theta he they beat him to death so i guess part of that is part of the reason why he went with the topic of let me use this as way of escape you know of course even if they put in prison death he there is him saying that you know getting into a place where they will put him separately or put him with other rapists so that they separate them from the general population of people in the prison so that's you know but it because of the fact that you know he's not just a rapist but he's a rapist who made his mother perhaps other rapists will join and beat him so he's not really safe anywhere but this genius decided to say that he's he had been fight as a woman as you know he i believe he has started even going ahead with um taking homos but now they have put a male rapist in a female prison just an ordinary somebody who who raped his own mother and that is on record that's his fact and that he admitted it and disclaim

you know that is who they want to put in a female prison and the lgbt you know this lgbt transgender i um thinks that the people believe it you know because they don't want to violate what they have been preaching that any man can say he's a woman or the lgbt nonsense this is what people are doing we have men now going into women's bathrooms something that president trump you know made lost to stop now briden has put it out and said that no it is transphobic you know so when a man can now go into a female direction as long as you dress like a woman you know you can go even if you don't dress like a woman you know like recently there was a report of a guy who actually walked into a spa you know where women were you know without toils he walked in naked and said that he was a woman and of course though even a small child is like a 12 year old girl was there and he sat down beside the girl the parents of course got angry and was shouting and all of that and the owners of this power were like well that is transphobic to complain this and that and all of that you know this is what the society is getting to i need to keep on getting worse it doesn't stop here this is what happens when a society turns his back on god on judeo-christian values we've seen it before we've seen it before look at human history before judeo-christian values it was always war on fighting and killing killing was normal it was normal to kill other people look through your history books look at the medieval ages you know look at the days before room people are just killing willy-nilly even with um the advent of the catholic church the calgary church um and it's um its version of judeo-christian influence you know really piped things down and with time it really brought in the concept of civilization and you know people actually being more civilized but before that you know if someone insults your wife you carry a gun he carries a gun you so if you walk you know find a place where you you know this person comes around these pencils around you walk how many steps and turn and the first person to shoot and kill each other you know that is just because somebody insulted your wife now somebody is dead now if it is you that is dead now the other person can go to your wife and do whatever you know so the whole thing is just um um it is plain to see where things are going but you know the world are blind they have skills on that they will not see that ah the more we fight against christians the more we fight against christianity the more we fight against christ the more we fight against god but what situations become since we keep on getting worse and worse so you know you you need to have a shadow for praying and not pray for yourself pray for our people pray for the countries of the world pray for the nations of the world you know and never stop praying as long as you're on this earth this is part of your christian ministry as a believer that being said make sure you check out africa's vip and you know if you've not given your life to christ go to salvation once again thank you and god bless you


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