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A one-time rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder takes a job to bring a man's young son home and away from his alcoholic mom. On their journey, the horseman finds redemption through teaching the boy what it means to be a good man.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie cry marshall now this movie is an abomination in so many ways you know hollywood is so about propaganda for some of you who have been you know listening to or watching my movie reviews you know it's perhaps um few among you may be wondering why is alfred always you know

emphasizing you know taking over the entertainment industry why doesn't he allow people to watch what they want to watch i think why does he want to allow you know people to watch those who are lgbt let them create their own stuff and watch what they want um this or that group create their own stuff you know or let people do um their own most everything be christian well guess what hollywood is about making everything what they want it to be hollywood is about making everything work now um clint eastwood is the star of this movie for those of you who do not know clint eastwood is the one behind you know a lot of uh martial films a lot of um tough guy kind of things from especially in the cowboy days when um a lot of cowboy moves were made for example the goody bad and the ugly clint eastwood is the good in the movie you know the guy you know who was the good in the good the bad and the ugly dolls cleaned his food and of course he has a an interesting career of quite a large number of movies to his name and he's a meme for what it means to be tough especially during the trump era you know people use him as a mean for like look at what um um men used to be back then versus now you know so he was used as the meme for what men used to be back then which was tough now he's starting a movie which glorifies men being weak that is the whole point of this movie that's you know being martial is is not right and of course this is the teaching of um toxic masculinity they are teaching men that when a man is masculine it is toxic masculinity you know but that they are teaching women to be masculine and to be alphas and to actually be the bosses but they are promoting better male nonsense you know they want men to be more feminine you know think like a woman talk like a woman act like a woman dress like a woman that is what they want for men and of course this is what they are pushed understand that these are part of an agenda that has an end game and like just like if you work for the cia or if you are part of a lot of great organizations you do not see all the parts of the organizations you do not see on the pieces of the puzzle so you can be building something without knowing what you are actually building you know you could be a part of an organization that is building bombs and not noise because one side is building only this part of the bomb the other side is building only this part the other side is building really this part and most of these individual components could be things that could be used to produce or create something else so you could be thinking oh of course the company might even have a front that it is creating that something else or it will if might even have a product line of that you know of those attractions but behind the scenes the little components that they are putting together you know is doing something else and it's the same thing with organizations like the cia and the fbi and all of that many of the people in those organizations don't see the full scope of it just like a lot of people who also join secret societies like freemasons and all of that they don't see the full scope of what is actually going on you know a lot of people who are even in the catholic church there are people who do not um understand the concept of the black mass there are many catholics who do not even know about the jewish suits they don't understand that and there are some who have heard about it but they do not know or they cannot see the link between the jesus and the catholic church some people don't see it you know there are different organizations you know the first um cia was actually the jesuits you know the first official when it comes to the oldest group of people that actually do the same thing that the cia does spine and infiltrating organizations these are the jesuits and it goes back to the inquisition and you know before that when it comes to an organization a carefully built organization for grouping and training people of course they have always been spies in in war and of course you can read about that in um um the art of war so even in asia and china and all of that um spice has always been but when it comes to creating an institution for spies building and grooming people to to specifically infiltrate other groups so that you can get information and also you can transform what those groups become you know so there's a lot that people don't know you know and um so many things that are called conspiracy theories are just the truth when people want to hide nefarious things they call it conspiracy theory are they branded that way you know but the same way many people who are part of organizations that they do not understand a full scope of you know that is same way a lot of people in blm don't understand how that and lgbt groups and a lot of all these other groups what it is combined together what they are going towards they they in the groups may have their individual goals and beliefs of what they are going but

they are going to be restricted from doing certain things for example during president trump's presidency antifa was given free reign

ativa could do so much they could walk up to anybody and burn their businesses and do it so much when trump got out of office that ended you know he started winning because first of all the sponsorship for antifa started winning and secondly they started arresting antifa and the people within antifa stated they know they decrease their activities even though antifa is still active and is still doing a lot of things then in addition social media is censoring a lot of what antifa is doing so even though antifa is still active you cannot compare it but you see that the point of the matter is that these groups they may not know their vision still remains there that they have to destroy everything and rebuild but to somebody that was sponsoring them during trump's presidency that person was just giving them millions to disable and to disrupt trump's you know presidency and for other things and will also use them in the future for other things so it is they feel that they have a full scope of we are going to we have this vision and all of that but there is a guiding hand above them and the flow of finances and legalities because antifa is getting away with a lot of things like who can take a blocks of a city who can say that from this part of the city to this part of the city belongs to us and the people that are doing it do not have guns they don't have guns but they are taking over blocks of cities and saying that this is autonomous zone and the government the press the the leadership you know of course the president does not act alone but the entire system of um all the politicians and all of that do nothing and allow it to happen you see the the silly people who are the antifa think that they are so powerful it is not powerful it is not like they are powerful it is that the people who have um the power see what they are doing as useful so they are allowing them in in other circumstances if they try that it will not work let them go to a rich neighborhood let them go to a wealthy neighborhood and say that this block is ours and let us see what will happen to the same antifa let them go to bill gates um compound and say that this block is us let us see what will happen let them go to the houses of the senators you know the homes of the senators and say that this entire neighborhood is ours and let us see what happens next but you see those particular things that they are doing they think that they are powerful and that the world is listening to them just like a lot of things that blm is doing it is the world is not listening to you you are allowed to do that that is why after you have done all that noise that you made what has changed rather things have gotten worse and now the ratio divide is now more pronounced than ever what demand did you make you didn't even make any reasonable demand but among the demands that you have made what was done

nothing so it showed you that you do not have power but your protesting was actually something that someone wanted to use for a different purpose so you have to understand you know this concept of when people are manipulated better get back to this uh movie you know it is so fortunate now you are using somebody who is um somewhat of an icon of being tough and now pushing the message that you know people have to be soft you know be much overrated be masculine it's overrated when you are trying to tell people that they should not be tough they should not be made what do you expect of society and that is what is helping to create such a weak western civilization you know the western world today is so weak and they will easily be destroyed you know if they meet anyone who is serious enough and you know strong enough you know obviously they are much weaker for example if it was this modern day america that faced out of hitler our fiddler would destroy america in three days or less if we take out of hitler that the second world war will be very short

you know because america is full of lesbians and of course people who are pushing for women in the military you know and it's like oh that's um um the military needs more women and of course women should take more rules now now um women now have to be drafted you know women cannot be drafted like men you know when if there's a war women have to be forced to you know fight you know this is foolishness this is foolishness workness you know

nature does not bow to walkness out of walnuts for example you may refuse to shoot a lion that is attacking you even though you have a gone with you but you see your workness is not going to be respected by the lion in the same way out of wokeness you may you may choose that to believe that you know um two plus two is equals to eight you know because um according to some people now they now say that mathematics is racists you know um that's um the reason that mathematics they say it is racist is that it is based on you know it was created by lively white people and it is based on how white people think you know definite answers and all of that that is what the um the group of crazy people who say that mathematics is racist you know and that um african-americans and people of

the afghanistan you know um answers are not definitely contents are more spiritual with them so um when you look at um even the leaders you know you know just a bunch of nonsense you know that um blah blah blah is so crazy you know it's difficult for me to even repeat and it still doesn't even make sense if there's no there's there's no ground somebody should make sense but you know nowadays it's like let's make everything resistant you know the white man is the enemy and the devil and suddenly there are a lot of white people that support this they do not fully understand all they know is that oh i'm on the side of supporting anything that this they hear is pro-black oh they are all voiced but they never look into it otherwise you know um that we have to really insane to still stand by it you know but you know that is um unfortunate now this movie um is going to be and it also saw something the influence of peer pressure because this is a guy that probably when he was younger or he would not have done something like this you know there is somebody that you know will be the last person that would um try to um or one would think that would be against um men being tough for men being mutual you know you have to understand that let us let us do this reality life is tough you know and in life you will meet obstacles and challenges if you become a cc that expects um your grooming yourself to be soft or you are expecting the government to come and save you you know everything offends you you will not survive

you know you will not survive there used to be sayings like when the going gets stopped the tough guys going but now of course that same would be considered sexist racist and anti-feminist and all kinds of things you know it's not be discriminatory oh what are you saying you know what about those who are not strong who are you i are you your friend in the lgbt community have your offending gay people are offending of a feminist man and all of that and oh um you are by many to be emotional there are even people who put that in the trust and they are um encouraged and i say men need to be more emotional and all of that you see men have always been emotional but we have not been rude by our emotions because throughout time that has been disadvantageous the men who have been ruled by emotions have died in wars previously living up to now so now just because we have um a more relaxed society compared to the medieval days when you know you you wouldn't know you know any day an opposing army could come and you just have to pick up your soul and start fighting to defend yourself and your family you know as opposed to that you know or like in the days of the night where someone could toss a goblet in front of you you know anyone could challenge you you know depending on um setting principles and laws you know um you could be challenged to fight to the debts you know in most societies you know that is not the way it is now but you see if this weakness and this effeminate um let me be feminist and let women be masculine if it was done then people would have all died you see this is the formula that does not work you know this is a formula that does not work it is so important it's what i'll tell you is that you have to understand that you um you should be tough and being tough is a conscious decision it may be a struggle but you know is the concept of um to be a man is not in this job and you know um boys becoming men you know it's something you have to and something you have to grow into you know those though the concept of coming into manhood and you know all of that of course the time change and people start referring to that as when somebody was this vegan you know when a man had sex you know for the first time you know he has now become a man no that is that is foolishness you know it's um being a man is um you are you are now accountable you are not responsible you are not reasonable you know you have end your way you know you are now looking out to people there are now people that depend on you you know that was a lot of times in most cultures was being a man becoming a man a boy becoming a man that is what it meant you know so um these things are very important you know when america and west is pushing for this nonsense of being martial is bad imagining an entire movie made about you know um saying you don't have to you like that you shouldn't be much you know you you that's um it's not good and all of that you know um based it on this character be is being the guy who took who plays zero of course not that i believe clint eastwood lives near ellen the generals you know ellen did the whatever you know who i believe has been counseled but in any case that let's be an alien when you have such company and you fellowship with software because i understand based on what has been said they hang out you know and of course they are next door neighbors so when you live with when you allow such people influence you what do you expect you know it's so unfortunate that clint eastwood is um a part of this disaster this is actually an abomination you know and you know men need to be men now more than ever you know when they are pushing all this nonsense so if it is wrong to be masculine you know it is wrong to be tough you know stop that and stop being tough you know all of this attack and this promotion of um effeminates men and better meals to push that lgbt nonsense you know to create an lgbt environment to make men gay you know um no we have to fight against it and we have to stop it that being said you know look at the the measures they go to to push the ideologies we must be relentless to push our ideology and our message our gospel the gospel of jesus you know the the message of the gospel which has been given to us we must push it relentlessly and we must ensure that others the messages of the devil are not pushed or advanced in any way shape or form that being said um i'd like you to go to check out those sites and um if you've not given a life to christ go to salvation prayer doctor alfredo vip you know if you would like to start your own christian entertainment company or christian movie company video game company music company just starts you know that's it's you don't need money to start a company what she need is to take the first step you know especially when you're a christian the money is going to come you know god is with you just take the first step when i take the first step you'll see that i can take the second step when you take the second step you see that you can take this step when you take the step you will see that you know on and on you can take another step so um it is that simple start something today start it now you know for some of you just stop now as you know at the end of this broadcast register a company you know you can go online register a company you have started you know start making start contacting making the right contacts you know start um writing scripts if you write or you know or getting cameras you know there are movies that have been shot with cell phones you know award winning winning movie you know there's an award-winning movie that was that was shot with an iphone you know so you you you can you know get friends get people around you you know to to make make your first movie you know make your first video game make your first um song or music album start something but do it for christ you know it has to be crystalline have this mindset of taking over the entire entertainment landscape because it's necessary this compulsory you know the world is a stick you know now imagine the the millions that have been put into bringing uh an icon and someone who has been used as a meme for being tough you know bringing him out of um basically um semi-retirement to make this anti-martial film you know anti-tough you know anti-masculine film it's it's an anti-male theme you know the same man should be basically saying men should be feminine you know no no no no that is an abomination there is an abomination any case thank you god bless you i'm looking forward to hearing from you on alfredo vip

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