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CNN Promotes Fake African American Mom Struggling To Make Rent Scam : American News Updates



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{Automated Transcript. Contains Typos. Not Yet Edited By A Human}:

 hey everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the you know stuff that happened recently you know siena recently promoted you know and of course they are all about rhetoric they promoted um a video they pushed like this woman who was um allegedly struggling to make rent you know an african-american woman you know and she had kids and you know it was difficult for her you know she was you know allegedly a single mom of these girls and if the government does not push the or extend this hold on rent collection you know which is an infringement on the rights of american citizens you know if the government does not do it that means that she's going to get evicted it turns out that though it's it's an it's a scam the woman those were that was not her children i know interestingly cnn came back and you know like you know interestingly enough you know obviously after everyone has roasted them on the internet you know they came and they put it like well that is not their fault that the woman did not reach out to them that is them direction to the woman after seeing um the woman's um gofundme profile and that they actually saw that um what happened was that um the woman babysits the children you know that she was taking care of the children for the weekend and you know when they asked them and the woman said that well she said that um she feels like a mother to the children she did not say that she was the mother of the children you know that when she was saying she was the mother you know that she feels like the mother of the children because she takes care of the children you know so it is all very funny and interestingly gofundme did not take down the woman's page so the woman has received over half a million dollars in donations thanks to the free advertisement on cnn and of course because cnn wants to promote that narrative of african americans and victims and all of that and they want to push that the extension of that bill you know um to make sure that people cannot um landlords cannot um get rent money because it's going to so-called push people out of their homes this is all part of his socialist plan because now first of all the landlords no longer own the buildings you know because now the government is telling you that it's illegal for you to ask for rent because of the extended lockdowns and all of that however these landlords have to pay mortgage they have to pay to the bank they have to make the payments to the bank a lot of people who are landlords in america are still um making mortgage payments you know they have they bought they are making instrumental payments to the bank but while they are making instrumental payments to the bank for that property you know they need rent to help you know so that they can make those instrumental payments and you know if they don't the bank will repossess the the property and that is part of the buying plan they were depending on the on the rent to help them pay for the mortgages and all of that so the banks are not forced the banks are not commanded that they cannot force the landlords to pay this money you know i think the the landlord i mean the banks are not putting the position where it is like um since the landlords cannot take rent from the people because of the lockdowns you know the banks cannot also force the landlords to pay the mortgage no that provision is not there and of course the banks sponsor the the politicians but you know what is not happening is that a lot of these homes we end up being repossessed by the banks so the banks are getting way way richer and of course the the landlords who cannot make make the payments you know what happens to them are they are they not people to you know this is the problem with society so they are incentivizing being lazy yeah they're intensified advising not working you know in a society where the more money you make the more taxes you pay and then it is given to the poor or the one that does not work at all then the richest person becomes the person who is not working at all because now your input is zero but your output is now high because the government is giving you free is giving you this and this and that from the people who are working hard why people who are working hard and are making money are having what they they are making tax the more money they make the more taxes they pay on a percentage basis the more percentage so it's like what is the point of working harder making more money so that is a strategy to to make a nation poor and other nations who do not follow that um system are becoming rich as well as nations like china where the government takes everything it makes the government of china it makes the the leadership of china way richer than every other nation especially the nations that have this system because it's a system that leads to poverty because there's no point on making money there's no point of increasing because the more money you make the more percentages you enter a different percentage before because you were you were making hundreds you are paying let's say 20 20 taxes now you have increased how much you are making are not paying 50 taxes if you grow even more you will not get to like 80 taxes so it's like what is the point

you know what is the point of making more money the more money you make the more the poorer you become you know so you are basically making money for the government or for the poor so it's not better for you to just chill at home and be poor and then be taking handouts from the government so social nation is built for failure and of course it's it's interesting this is what elc supports you know this is the kind of knowledge he supports and in the name of helping people now the more you do this everybody ends up becoming poor because like when you tax the rich the rich you know cannot employ more people and the more they cannot employ people the less money people will have to spend so at the end of the day everybody becomes poorer and that is what happens the more people have this mentality and this mindset and of course cnn wants him to push the promotion of oh african-americans are poor of course you know african-americans you know it is systematic racism oh they are they are the disenfranchised they are the um people who are too stupid to learn how to make money on their own they need help you know that that is the the picture they want to permanently paint of every african-american and the african-americans who think that it is okay even like this lady who is taking advantage of such situations her goal for me has not been taken down they have just addicted it to her that the children are not her own but she's still raising money she has already crossed half a million when you have crossed half a million what is the rent of that place and she's not even paying rent thanks to the extension of the law so what is the point now she has made half a million by by line and by claiming that she's under privileged with children that are not her own and you know the the socialists social media companies are helping so the more this happens you know this this is terrible this is terrible you know when we have a future where white people now starts um going back to like really hating um dark skinned people and they now take it further than it was before because clearly right now the way african americans hate white people is more than white people have ever hated african americans or people of african descent you know but there's going to be emotion and when that day comes i will just keep quiet and just fold my arms and look around and concern myself with all that since now i'm talking on that day i will not talk i will just ignore right now i'm talking i'm telling african americans so that they can change all this hating of white people is not going to lead you anywhere the day that white people start hitting you back and starts doing their own thing towards you i will just keep quiet okay we are we're not talking because my time have talking has has expired i will just leave it alone you are on your own the word is enough for the wise that being said make sure you go to and if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the memory of alfredo vip and a page come out um you know giving you um guidelines we pray our guideline on what to say to give your lives to christ so that's it for today thank you and god bless you



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