Christians Need To Take Control Of The Legal System & Governments To Stop Increasing Christian Persecution & To Preserve Freedom : Laws Of The Land - by Alfred


Christians Need To Take Control Of The Legal System & Governments To Stop Increasing Christian Persecution & To Preserve Freedom : Laws Of The Land - by Alfred

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hello everybody i'm alfred i am listening to laws of the land you see ever since the um whole plandemic you know [ __ ] you know ever since this whole so-called pandemic nonsense started in you know to be after upon in 2020 you see a lot of laws have been passed that has given the government so much power and you see it is important for you in whatever country you are to know the laws that have been passed in your country and as a matter of fact in your city because of course there are laws on the national level and there are laws on local levels you have to know these laws find out what they are and also pick out and list out the laws that infringe on on christianity the laws that force people to take the vaccines the laws that force people you know into situations where their businesses have taken losses and other businesses has been given advantages like obviously the government has allowed certain companies like the amazons which most of them and their families have invested in to continue running trial lockdowns while other small businesses were shut down you know and you know they wanted a situation where the government should keep on giving them it of course since the government prints money because you understand that money is no longer money money you know paper money um the strength the true strength of paper money you know it's in economic activity but now that doesn't mean that people cannot just print us money as they want that is what the government does that is what the government has always done and the easy to manipulate so money is not an issue it is just a tool for them to manipulate

you know money is a tool for manipulating um the masses that is what money has become as far as paper money and you know um financial account that is why it's important for you to be wise you know and not go after money you know understand the difference between assets and money acquire assets not money but that being said you need to know all these laws that have been passed and then also know your place and how you can influence those change laws and add laws you have heard the phrase that nobody is above the law that is a lie the person who is writing the law is obviously above the law the laws are written by humans not god god's laws the ten commandments and of course which have which have not given um or grown into the commandment of love basically love your neighbors yourself and love god above all else you know that is the commandments you know that is it love your neighbor as yourself you know and love and obey god are both or else that is the commandments that is just god's command that is it one commandment you know that is all however that law if you break it you don't go to prison but if you break man's laws you go to prison that is what people are punished for people don't people who kill people don't go to prison because they offended god or because they have done something that god says thou shalt not kill they go to prison because the government says do not kill

you see even though god also doesn't want you to kill the punishment of going to prison is not because of god it is because of a man that is why man has on the other end legalize killing under certain situations like it's okay to kill somebody if it's self-defense in most places it is okay to kill somebody if it is war it is okay to kill somebody in most places if it is um if the person is still in your womb and your woman you know so um those laws are mass laws under those consequences the consequence of going to prison are not god's consequence so if you kill somebody you may go to prison but god has his own consequence for you going to prison has nothing to do with god's consequence for your own of killing you know and that is why if for example if you kill someone and become a christian don't go to um the courthouse or the police and confess and say you kill somebody don't be an idiot it is be sick that is mass we understand that it is also man who made the law that once upon a time the african-american so people of african descent should not be taught to read and write would that does that not make that law righteous it was passed by man you you can now see that that law is wrong so what makes you think that the other things that man makes up and says that our laws are right understand that government is about some people making laws and ruling over others governments some people are governments and the other people are the governed that is government some people are on one side governing the other people that are on the other side and that is what money is used largely for now it is all about manipulation using it to rule over the masses using it to manipulate is a tool for the manipulation of the masses you know so um you need to understand you know the concept of of um money and you have to understand that you need to fight for your freedom freedom um is is not free it might have the word free in it but freedom is never free you know and they'll always be someone who is trying to take away your freedom from you you know so just um to close what i uh started saying you know if you killed someone you know it's between you and god don't go to the court or go to illegal system to confess what you have to do is between you and god you tell god you're sorry you god should forgive you and then you look for a way to carry out restitution like perhaps you could send gifts you know or look for a way to be a blessing you know that's a way that will make you look suspicious you know perhaps you could just um um give everybody that perhaps that person's son or that person's child when that person's kin is in a certain area then you bless everybody in that area but your real target is that's them personal sound so that is a way you have to do some sort of restitution is between you and god and that still doesn't mean that you are off the hook just the same with um seven x number of years or y number of years means that you are off the hook for mother if you if you are um in the court system because in god's eyes is one thing you know if for example you you go to a court system you kill somebody you go to a court system and you have a good lawyer and you are let off with five months or you know as opposed to life a lifetime in prison or opposed to 20 years if you are lit up with um five months in prison you know does that mean justice has been saved you know so you have to be wise you know so um don't be a fool and be cr i'm believing in the system that many that men created and thinking that that is um god's will that is the all and all and that is the final absolute you know so be wise now about all these laws that are being created left and right you have to understand that we must override these laws with god's laws make a list of the laws that infringe on christianity infringe on people's liberties get people around you to rise up and you have to change these laws you must do practical steps beyond just um shouting on the internet or making your voice heard what can you do as an individual to get into politics what can you do as an individual to ensure that future politicians bow to the will of the people specifically to the will of the church those are the kinds of moves that you should be making it is more important and more powerful than making a lot of noise sometimes you know the one who wins is not the one who screams the loudest but the one who does what is most effective so that is that make sure you um go to alfred vip and um let us pray in jesus name you for this what bless your hearing and for what you've done in our lives further bring before you the nations of the world we pray lord for that the christians will rise up and influence and change the laws in the land for we know that it is those laws that govern the future of christians and they are being persecuted whether they will be persecuted or not lies in the in those laws right now we are able to change those laws and alter those laws i pronounce further that christians will understand that a big part of pushing this gospel is an influencing laws what is the point of spending money on churches and on tv programs when one following the world can simply pass one law and say that christianity should no longer be aired on television or christianity should no longer be um put on the internet because he's suggesting that some people will go to heaven and some people go to hell which makes it discriminatory you know i pray lawfully that christians will begin to see that certain things that they have long ignored are actually more effective means of pushing for the message and changing the world a much little time than trying to stick to old methods of doing things that the devil already has established strategies from prevention thank you lord father in jesus name amen thank you for joining me with that prayer remember to check out alfredo's vip god bless you 

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