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A year after the loss of his father, Ridley and his mother, Gloria, move to Western Australian to live with Ridley's estranged grandfather Spencer. Once there Spencer tries to connect with Ridley but all efforts usually lead to conflict. Ridley ends up lost deep in the outback on a quest to try to get home. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gloria search the outback for Ridley. Spencer tries to reassure Gloria that her son will be OK, all the while trying to come to terms with the loss of his only child. While suffering the elements of the Australian outback (especially for a kid from New York), Ridley manages to save a dingo, Buckley, from a leg trap. The two develop a bond and both boy and dog try to survive the elements to get Ridley back home.

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hello everybody i'm alfred and i'd like to talk to you about the movie buckley's chance let me just read the official description

after the loss of his father a young boy is forced to move to the australian outback to live with his estranged grandfather during his adventures he becomes lost and befriends a dingo that has been excluded from its own park you know now based on the trailer you know because i saw the trailer this guy lost his dad you know and now according to this synopsis is saying that he was forced to live with his estranged grandfather that already puts the grandfather in the position of a villain which is crazy by saying a strange grandfather the father the grandfather did not want anything to do with him but let's look at the fact that the grandfather still accepted him accepted to be his guide and the grandfather could have rejected so why are you adding the exchange grandfather what is the explanation for that you see and now he has to live in the australian outback and from the um trailer the boy because the grandfather is trying to teach him setting um principles you know trying to raise him the way he knows how to be based on um his own error you know and um just um principles for discipline and all of that because the voice seems to be considered problematic and all of that but you see the father's approach the grandfathers are pretty sorry it's being vilified it's looked down upon for example you know taking the grandson hunting and and the grandson you know the grandfather wanted to shoot a dingo now understand a jingle is a wild animal they may look like dogs but they are not dogs you know and you know that is something that is very important and is a fact but now it's like this boys woke you know he's obviously this generation will caution he's like oh don't kill animals blah blah blah blah blah blah and he actually ends up um saving a dingo that was um causing a trap and now in real life if you see a dingo in a trap and save his life the dingo would still attack you that is a fact you see it's just like if you see a personal snake in a trap and you can't save this snake thinking that the snake will not be your friend it still bites you you see understand that what animals are wild animals if you see a crocodile that is caught in some sort of trap and say oh let me set this free to understand and be my friend it is going to kill you it is a wild animal you see so um in this case they made the dingo actually became you know um ended up being his companion when this kid ran away from his grandfather and now he's now out there in the in the um australian outback and then this dingo is he's he's basically you know the dingo comes back saves him when his snake is about to bite him and all of that you know so many unrealistic things but the problem you know there you know they put the mother now the mother is at sports with the grandfather and he's blaming the grandfather for the sun riding away and now this dingo that's previously you know um would have been like oh we are supposed to kill dingos you know um it's a wild animal it's now the boy's friend and companion and helps him find his way back to his park you know and the park is probably back to family you know so um this is basically wokeness influencing a plot and pushing for the foolish narrative i've always said you see this friction between parents and children you know it has become normalized when every movie and cartoon or book shows friction and disagreement and misunderstanding that oh the older generation cannot relate with the younger generation or they cannot understand each other you know that parents don't understand parents can't just understand mentality and you know the appearance is like why back in my day um we didn't act like this so kids didn't do this you know so there's that's constant friction this is unfortunate and in reality you see that is not the way it is in real life but with this kind of thing um being controlling me it does something to people's psyche and they condition themselves and you know their relationships begin to begin to look this way because they start they have brought into their ideology that you know as a young person they have their own set of beliefs and values that are different from the old people's own old people have their own old school um beliefs and values and there's always these sports you know and it's like it has been normalized that oh yeah supposed to have just like there are people who believe it is normal for you to date one million people before you finally get married you know they say they say i have to go through all the bad ones to find the right one no it is it is a function of foolishness it is because you are not wise that you can make so many wrong choices and then expect that with each wrong choice you have been perfected to make a better choice no with each wrong choice you are being put at words to make an even worse choice there's a result there's a reason why you know the people that gets divorced once you know the percentage of people who get divorced you know the first time in western society is around half the percentage of people who get divorced twice if they marry again if that person that have divorced marries again the percentage of those people who who gets um divorced goes to over 70 percent and by the third time the person who gets married at that time you see the the odds of those who are on that ted mary getting divorced is higher than those who are on their first marriage getting divorced so with each time they marry and get divorced the odds that the next time they marry and they get divorced actually increases

in western society you see so um it is not like the more you make wrong choices you are perfecting yourself and you now make the right choice you see it's actually the other way around especially in the in in this um case so it is very unfortunate we need to change things like this as long as the world keep making movies that have these kinds of things because you have to understand that um as a storyteller you have a responsibility with the message that you put now down what's direction what thoughts you are putting in people's minds what ideology are passing people's minds what um your storyline is selling this is selling nonsense you know in real life this boy would die because it it let us assume that it was not even a dingo it was a dog or for some reason this jingle was acting like a dog which is not possible but let us assume that this dingo acted like a dog a boy in the outback you know if you go into a a dangerous situation like a forest or like the outback you know and it is you have wild animals and all you have is a dog and a child that dog is not going to keep that child alive this is not a matter of jungle book you know of course we all know how unrealistic jungle book is nobody needs to tell you that drug book is super unrealistic if you put a baby in the jungle that baby is not going to be adopted by gorillas or monkeys or and then make friends with lions and tigers and they will protect the child and make this and the children grow that child will be killed and eaten as a baby the child will not live to see the next the next day you see you cannot put a baby in the jungle and expect a jungle book or a tarzan to happen it's not going to happen you know so um those are things you have to um keep in mind and realize that being said we need to do all we can to actually change the entertainment landscape so that the emergencies that are put out there are christian messages godly messages you know it's very important that this is done if you would like to be a part of changing the entertainment landscape reach out to us on alfred.vip you know we are looking forward to hearing from you you know if you haven't given your life to christ go to salvation prayer afraid of vip thank you and God bless you

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