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hello everybody i'm alfred and i would like to talk to you about joe biden blaming president trump for the

situation in afghanistan for those of you who do not know the taliban has resurfaced and it is now you know it has basically taken up a very large chunk of afghanistan now when president trump was there all of this was basically you know put to rest all of this was squashed when it comes to terrorism especially in the middle east because of the moves that president trump made now the reality of the mata it is not a matter of um president trump is competent and dividing his incompetence that is not what it is it is about the establishment once this conflicts you know it's a chess move that leads to an end game it is necessary for this conflict to remain for certain globalist organizations who are using america as a growth because a lot of people now look at what is being done in these neutrals and say it is america's fault let us call it let us call it what it is are not falling to the god because it is actually the globally secret societies that are using america as a group and control american politics and politicians that are using it for their own aims this is about the oil in afghanistan if america just retracts itself from afghanistan and from the middle east what happens to all the oil what happens to the natural resources of the middle east and africa for example you know when it comes to africa it then belongs to those people and then they will rise up which is not what certain globalist organizations want because they do not have a hand in growth presence in those nations like they do in america so in america where they where they have it they use america you know as their two as their instruments for expanding their reach and doing things that lead to um

their end game the situation in afghanistan people should ask themselves where is the taliban getting weapons from those people are not intelligent enough to manufacture guns you have to understand what it goes what goes into manufacturing guns you need a factory to manufacture a good gun you actually need several factories to manufacture guns enough to fight the war for you to take over a country you have to have a lot of weapons a lot of ammunitions from the bullet aspect to the guns themselves these takes factories where are these factories are they in afghanistan no the middle eastern nations don't have the resources and the factories to manufacture these guns where these guns coming from you see there are those who are in the market of um illegal guns trade you know but the these kingpins they are all known by the fbi and the cie and these organizations you know use these people intentionally not directly but by allowing them to do certain things and there are a lot of things that are predictable a guns dealer is going to take advantage of an opportunity to sell guns when he sees an opportunity an illegal arms dealer and where does the illegal amzilla get the guns from the illegal arms dealer is a dealer he is not the manufacturer if you look at the guns that are with the taliban a lot of that were manufactured in the united states all with united states dollars in other countries that is the manufacturer of those guns president trump put things in place to put restrictions on nations that are known to sponsor terrorism you know you could see for the first time you know there was it was like going towards peace in israel you know or i would say a kind of calm in israel you know jews from israel you know planes from israel were allowed to fly over certain middle eastern nations that had never happened before under trump and after that treaty that abraham accord now the abraham accord is out of the table because president trump is gone and the biden administration has made it clear that you know when they came they said we are going to revisit this why are you going to revisit something that you know has actually brought fought peace you see the people who are fighting those wars you know a lot of those people don't see the big picture the taliban and the folks who are pro-muslim in all these groups they don't know they have been used for financial gain the people who are actually sponsoring them do not care about islam they do not care about jihad the fighters on ground may care about jihad and that might be the reason for some of them but the people who are sponsoring them are using them as a tool to create the stability which will end up putting more money in their pockets when they offer the solutions you know and of course you have to understand the battle of nations if

there are let's say that there are there are 12 nations a is number one b nation is number one nation b is number two and nation c is number three when it comes to greatness if there is a war between nation a and nation b by c not being involved c then becomes the greatest c then becomes number one so you have to understand that politics where it can be to a nation's advantage to destabilize other nations

it's not getting involved it's not directly involved in any way but the fact that they are fighting has now made it the greatest nation so you have to understand that politics of this ability of you know destabilizing nations look at what happened in uh and look at how it is all happening at the same time look at what happened in haiti with the assassination of the president and then look at what happened in south africa and look at what it just happened look at what's just happening af afghanistan all we've seen the same months you know just um the same couple of months all these things all jumbled what else are these people plan it's a great destabilization they know which com which country you know that certain people certain secret governments organizations like um osama bin laden once said that in america there is a government behind the government so that government behind the government these globalist organizations these secret societies that decide who is the politician who have um a hold in their nation people like the un or the world economic forum these are a bunch of billionaires that are telling you the way the world is going to go and these are not elected officials and yet they invite presidents and give presidents advice tell presidents what to do they sponsor since bill gates is the is this is the um second largest sponsor of the world health organization and bill gates is not a country he is just one individual this world health organization is sponsored by countries and it is this organization that has lied to people and have taken advantage of people who have been the reason behind the death of so many people yet the medical community is still listening to them and thinking that they are an authority just like vouching you see so when you look at all those um things going on you know these things you know should be plain to see but of course there are people who want to live in their safety nets of beliefs and you know they just throw it all this has always conspiracy theory when the world wants to hide the truth the evil things that they do and when somebody speaks about about it they call it conspiracy theory and then they start burning people and all of that but these things are realities this is the foolishness you see this is the foolishness of of of mankind you know so many people have chosen to be blind to this now biden is blaming president trump for the situation in afghanistan this is something that he and his team created not just the weakness you know it is not just about the weakness it is about the sponsorship and the lifting of sanctions when you leave certain sanctions when you have not allowed certain people to now sponsor keep in mind that even as a matter of fact during the the last stimulus bill that was passed majority of the money didn't go to americans it went outside of america and a lot of that money for example when you give a muslim nation money a muslim imagination that the leader is on twitter saying debts to americans and he's always tweeting about how all americans should die and that he hates americans then the biting administration gives them billions of dollars and say use this to promote lgbt and all of that or use this for this course and all of that use this to buy blankets so use it to buy mattresses so use it to buy beds what do you think the leader of that nation is going to do with that money they are going to use it for guns to come for america at the end of the day you know they are going to use it for guns to occur to buy to buy ammunition for illegal arm dealers and who are who are indirectly legal because the fbi knows them the the secret service of the united kingdom and russia and all these folks they know they know who the who the biggest indigo arms dealers are and the indigo arms healers have their link with legal gun manufacturers because that is where it is coming from and i'm not saying this to be against um people um manufacturing goals or people having um the right to own guns it is common sense that people should have guns you know if everybody had a gun or if you know you opened it you know it it it will it's a great situation where a lot of tyranny will not be possible you know if you were a robber heaven forbid but let's say that you know a robber went out and there were two neighborhoods there was one neighborhood that you know had american flags and you know they are patriots they're they're all they are pro-trump you know they are gone they are i have the right to have my gone you know first amendment second amendment type of folks then there is another neighborhood that says it's a gun free zone that nobody has has a gun you know that and you and they have all have [ __ ] hats you know the people are offended by the american flag and all of that you know they burned the american flag in that neighborhood which of these two neighborhoods is safest to rob if you go to the neighborhood where the trump supporters are with everybody saying they have the right to bear arms why would you want to you you don't make it anyway you wouldn't you won't make to two steps you will get shot to death but the safest place to go is the place where they believe you know that it is wrong for people to have guns i say gun free zone nobody has guns here then you can go there with your gun and then do whatever you want because yes it's a gun gun-free zone you know so um do that is that um should be common sense but for some strange reason i'm not now when it comes to the solution to this issue it is quite simple first of all people need to stop voting for leaders and thinking that that is the way people should stop you know giving up their power by saying that you know the power is in voting for leaders now that trump is out you can now see a situation where the democrats and the republicans are doing basically the same thing they are saying two different things but they are doing the same thing i have said it before name something that obama did that judge bush did not start and then something that george bush did that obama did not continue those two people may have been campaigning like they're on two different sides of the eye but look at their fruits by their fruits you shall know them they are doing the same thing there are a lot of people who want to say that um democrat party is the party for lesbians and lgbt and they're all for it but who opened that door it was george bush a republican

there are people who want to see um that um george bush and all of that he's all about a military and invading of other countries but who increased the military presence of america in afghanistan and other countries obama now they have conveniently created this situation under biden which will mean that they will not have to deploy more u.s troops into afghanistan which is what um trump was actually doing the opposite of and there was actually peace and relaxation because it was done in such a way that the powerful forces were the afghan governments it was the afghan government and the afghan military that had the power but why is there now a shift that with the moving out of troops understand that the moving out of troops was always on ground you know it was always a complaint and it was always a campaign point you know that let the american troops return home right from you know the ending of obama's you know second term you know so the the military presence of america in afghanistan was already decreasing so you cannot say that the taking over of um afghanistan by the taliban is by it's because of the us moving out no they want to use this the u.s wants to use this as an excuse so that they will go back in and you know they will send more troops in because you see they want more wars because for those who do not know wars are money for certain people you know those who are invested in setting um companies and certain corporations most of these corporations are private entities that are licensed to work with countries so it is not even open on the stock market for everybody to invest in you see and the more wars the more people you know the more money they make and the more fear you know the more money they make there are some companies on the stock market the more fear of war if there is a fear of war those are the companies to invest in look at their stock prices they start gaining momentum you see because war is money understand that so um there are people who who want that people need to stop voting for leaders because the leader can say anything you want they will say whatever you you um they think you want to hear but when they go in it's a different story people need to start voting for policies no presidents no leader in any country should be able to take a move without taking a vote on what the people want should i do it this way the person the leader should present the options and let the people vote or speak let the people have their voice you know and let their suggestions be heard the brightest suggestions on how to create themselves be done that is how it has to be because when you are always these are the people who are running this uh like for example in america with all the so-called diversity there are only two political parties so it means to tell me that america is as diverse as it can be yet this diversity can only be expressed two different ways either as a republican or as a democrat how stupid is that but in any case you see whether you are voting for republican or democrat they will end up doing the same thing

what you have to do for you to really be powerful in any for the people to have the power is for the people to to vote for the policies is for anything to become law it should not be the politicians you are voting for politicians who who vote for what will become law no the people should vote for what should become law the people should vote for the policies the people should decide the steps that should be taken and every country should have a test of patriotism and it is those who have passed that test whether the test is going to be serving in the military or serving the country in one way or the other like you know perhaps like in nigeria nysc or whatever you know i um of course the nysc would have to be updated and changed radically but you know it doesn't have to be seven in the military but you have to save your country one way or the other you know there used to be a time that um parents used to give their children you know to the church like you will save the church for one year and this is something that was also done in the catholic church you know you would serve as a volunteer for the in in the church for one year you know after graduation that was it saying that most christians used to do back in the day you know so there needs to be a a test of service it's a test of patriotism and loyalty and it is those people that should be privy to what is happening you know it is not everything that has to be on that you know the government we want to use um on that um this is confidential this is only need to know it is not safe for everybody to know so let us elect people who when they get into positions of power we now make the choices no they're the choices being the hand of the people until that happens the people are always going to remain slaves and subject to the people who are going to be voting and understand that the people who are going to be voted are based on those who have money if you don't have money you are not going to win an election you need millions to do to running elections even in nations like nigeria which is in africa you need millions to run in an election for it to even be seen because the other people are using millions so first of all that already has put a situation where it is only um those who who have the backing of millions those who are the backing of the richest people the billionaires and the multi-millionaires that's that actually um get to decide the cause of nations which is a problem because everybody who you know is not um in that group of that collective group of super wealthy people have no say you're just deceiving yourself that you have a seat look at black lives matter all the african-americans running around thinking they have any sea what has changed nothing now that the democrats are in power what have your black lives matter doing your black lives matter has only puts mansions and wealth in the hands of the black lives matter called nato it hasn't helped any african-american it hasn't put any grain of syrup into the mouth of any african-american it hasn't changed anything it hasn't brought any um useful policy that will actually help everybody or even help any african american but it has fulfilled its purpose of kicking president trump out of the way and putting um abiding in who is a puppet for the globalists you know biden doesn't even know what day of the month it is you know this is the the worst president in history when it comes to profits and you know incompetence you know who needs handlers for anything you know this uh you know well but in any case remember what i said about you know policies and about you know the tests of patriotism you know these are things that need to be done also the media needs to be brought to account when it is discovered that the media lies or lies intentionally that media station or that um media company should be shut down and the people should be put in jail project veritas has revealed so much about folk news fox news and cnn expected cnn and fox news so much has been revealed about how they are all about propaganda and how they choose narrative and how they are biased but yet they are never brought to accounts when people can do evil and they can get away with it they will look at riots a lot of people who um steal and you know go into shops and take things during riots they will never do that on any other occasion everyday people that we never shoplift on a normal day when they see it it's a riots and there are people running left right and center you know taking things look at what happened in the blm riots look at what happened in south africa recently you know these are everyday people they automatically you know their morals just um is kicked to the side because there are no repercussions and that shows you you know the strength of their morals it was not really dead you know it was not that if you faint in death adversity your strength is weak you know if the repercussions being taken out now gives you an um now now makes you someone who is now committing crimes you know even though you would have never committed it before when those repercussions were there when those systems were there you know it shows what kind of hats you really have you know a good person right or no riot is not going to now run into shops and start taking stuff because everybody else is doing it and it's clear that there will be no repercussions you know because the police is not available or there's no way the police can apprehend everybody and all of that you know so um people need to think you know these things need to be done if these things are not done um the globalists and those who are using america as a group which is part of their skin because nothing is going to be blamed on them you know because nobody even knows the cluster of which organization you know is really behind the scenes because most of these organizations have actually become fronts like even the world economic forum could probably you know and it's probably a front for another organization behind the scenes you know so the these um societies and most of these key people might belong to different secret societies at the same time they could have a hand in the bill gates foundation they could be on that board at the same time be in the world economic forum at the same time being the united nations you know the u.n and you know all these kinds of things you know so how do you think at this people you know and if you are thinking that organizations like the fbi and the cia have not been infiltrated by these people think again for example there is big we stand for blacks in government which is across all government organizations and all um military organizations in america is that legal what if there was a whites in government people would now say that it is kkk that's um why is there an organization just for the interests of white people within the cia and the fbi but why is there an organization for this so-called interest of dark-skinned people you know called big um big blacks in government why is there such an organization and that is the one that they openly told us about what about the other organizations that are for other interest groups you know like for other things like the lgbt or things that you know at the ones that are that for the sake of national security and um confidential need to know basis are actually secrets and are the ones that are creating all these organic organizations that if if a tall people go against the secret societies they will go after these ones like who is behind the freemasons the freemasonry is now is now you know a front who there are other organizations that are not controlling it so what is that organization you know there has to be a

transparency a transparency such that you know anything that is done is seen by the panhandle on the streets anything that is done in the government you know the power handling this on the streets can be able to have will be offered enough transparency to see at the end that this is the will of the people there is no secret society at the end of the day that is sponsoring these petitions you know someone said that politicians needs to start wearing their sponsor on their back like race car drivers because that is true like i said you cannot win an election without money behind you and the sponsors want something in return and this is part of the reason why nations like nigeria is the way it is because people will will will spend billions companies will spend billions supporting one candidate when that candidate gets into power this is a company a company is made for profits so that's billions that the the company has spent on supporting that one pollution needs to be paid back it needs to show up on the balance sheets you have spent this money on getting this person elected so how is it going to translate into profits and the way that is going to translate into profits will be at the detriment of nigerians and which will be at the loss of nigerians and that is one thing that is killing nigerians so they also need to be lost around nations to make sure that first of all everybody can run for presidents everybody can run for leadership positions you know unless of course you are a serial killer you know you're a felon or something you know and and you have not been acquitted um acquitted you know it has not been proven that you are falsely accused you know but because of obviously there are political criminal um political prisoners and all of that you know they may say well because they have been in prison you know they shouldn't run and of course there are people who are falsely accused of things but that aside you know those criminals and you know certain people should be disqualified by you know but it should be available for everybody and one of the ways for everybody to be available it means that whether you know people or whether you have connections or whether you have money should not be a factor so every election should be run by if you want to donate you have to donate to a universal pool people want to talk about equity but not in this kind of importance thing you know

it has to be given to a universal pool where every candidate takes to run money to run their campaign from that pool the same amounts so the same amount should be made available to every candidate to run as long as there is a possibility that people can have the um um different you know funding you know different source of funding and you know there is no cap on how much can be spent on a campaign on a political campaign then the person who is going to win the campaign is the one who has the most money and the one who has the um the most owners of media supporting them look at president trump in the last election when facebook is banning you when twitter is censoring all your posts and shadow banning your supporters what are the odds for you to win and when they are promoting others if you log in let's say you are creating an account on instagram on facebook there are people that they give you as a recommended follow they recommend that you follow these people what kind of free advertising is that

you see pastors and preachers say follow me on facebook follow me on instagram but when people follow you when or when they create their accounts instagram has their their lists of people who they always recommend like the rihanna and beyonce and of course they put people like obama during election time you know hillary clinton was one of them when everybody who logs in to instagram is giving you know um is exposed to free advertising by instagram itself of hillary clinton and yes you the opponents you know you are being censored and banned what does that mean you see so if the media is on your side because the media companies are few the owners of the media companies when you look at every nation you will see that it is the same people that own the various media companies and we actually in some nations see only one conglomerate in charge of every single media company all the news all the information is controlled by one person if that person says this is who i failed to win he can make everybody else look like sitter and make the person he wants to win even though that person might be an actual devil make that person look like jesus you know make that person look like ah this is the front of people this is the best option so this um things need to be put in place otherwise it is a joke you know so um that being said make sure you check out um you know and take to heart what i said and pray to god and you know don't wait for somebody else to do it ask god in prayer what do i do to make these things come true what do i do to ensure that you know the people now vote for policies this is not about voting for somebody and then we will trust that person to vote and make the right decisions for the nation because that has never worked look at the situations we are in you know and what can we do to make sure that it is not a matter of who has the most money that will be controlling the nation because they are going to be the ones who decide who gets elected and who gets impeached because those people who control the media and control you know i have the most money to support candidates you know and give candidates money which they want back you know how do we create a situation where it is not based on money you know what can i do you have to be involved in doing something and you know um move into also organizations you know think about either starting your own organizations or moving into other organizations and influence another organization bring it for distance you know because until the people have power the people are just disillusioned they're slaves if you look at the old days of um slavery the best slaves you know were the slaves who didn't know that they were slaves it was the slaves that thought that they were privileged to be in the situation that they were in those are the people who make the best lives and now we have been facing a day where um there is clearly a plan to make the whole world slaves

and setting globalists we own everything and then everybody else is supposed to be to own nothing and be happy so anyway thank you and god bless you in fact let us pray in jesus name lord father thank you for this deal bless your name for your love for your kindness for what you've done in our lives father will prove us for that in the name of jesus christ that's the words that have been spoken we touch the hearts of everyone people's hearts are going to be touched and transformed in the name of jesus christ they are going to do all that is in their power to make sure that the people are free to make sure that people have a voice in the name of jesus christ people are not going to buy into this lie of they have to vote for somebody and then it is whoever they vote for when that person gets into power we now vote for policies or will now make the choices that would be for their good no the people are going to have their eyes open from that lie and from that deception and they will know that they should be the ones voting for the policies they should be the ones deciding the direction that the nation goes in not electing somebody who will who they will not have to trust will make the right decisions on their behalf which have never worked and yet people are still doing the same thing and expecting a different result i prove a lot for that people's eyes are going to be open to these truths in the name of jesus and this mission that i've said here today is going to spread and it's going to be said by various people and in different leaves and people are going to see the wisdom in it and are going to act on it in the name of jesus there is going to be freedom in this world in jesus name amen thank you for joining me with that prayer remember to check out God bless you



- Mike Pompeo calls out Biden's 'pathetic blame shifting' on Afghanistan:

- Donald Trump fires back at Joe Biden after Biden tried to blame Trump for Afghanistan collapse:

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