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 hello everybody yeah listening to alfred i'd like to talk to you about you know the

black rifle company you know you know you need to be aware of companies like that companies that claim to be pro trump and pro conservatives but they swish when underneath little amount of pressure this is the same thing that chick-fil-a did now chick-fil-a does not um support um salvation army anymore the salvation army are one of the four front organizations when it comes to charity you cannot take it away from them and they have the greatest rich and you know the greatest passion for people but because of their affiliation with christianity you know the lgbt and all those folks want to do everything to fight against it they ignore every good thing that the church does or christian organization does they don't care about the hungry people that it feeds they want the money to go to the blf so that the the founders can be buying mansions and the democratic party can have funding you know and all kinds of nonsense you know none of that money ever helps anybody but they will want to defund and pressurize companies to to stop giving to salvation army bets they will also be pressuring companies to be given to um scams like blm and you know scams like lgbt like i've said before if all the times that facebook donates billions to lgbt organizations what are you using the money for are you paying people to be gay when they get before so so what exactly is the money for

you see when someone gives millions to a gay organization what are they using the money for it is not for propaganda for more lobbying of politicians and for lobbying of movie studios you see what need are you are you meeting when you give money to someone who is gay to a gay organization for example you know specifically or even if you want to say you want to help only gay people isn't that racist isn't that terrible isn't that bigotry what about other people let us say that a gay person is poor an organization i mean helped everybody that was poor including gay people now you want an organization that only helps gay people who are poor like so if you want to be helped you have to be poor and gay is that what it is about now so people need to think about um all these kinds of things now organizations like chick-fil-a and um black rifle coffee company you know um black rifle coffee coffee company is is clearly um propaganda now they are going on um um damage control runs trying to give themselves excuse and all of that attacking people like alex johnson you know trying to give this excuse and that excuse this is crazy and it's unacceptable clearly all the major corporations the facebook the the twitters the um pinterest the microsoft the googles they are all for leftists they all give to leftist courses they all um care about pushing the left they all want to ban donald trump you know they are trump supporters who have been banned from banks you are no longer allowed to use this back just because you are pro donald trump you see now accusations are so powerful look at aaron kelly arcane is now blamed for a lot of things that he had nothing to do there are people who are saying that our kelly you know was holding women kidnapping women and holding them away and against their will in business how stupid is that you know now we live in a culture where an allegation is very powerful and we have people like amber head saying who we believe you because and she knows that people are going to believe women when a woman says something a woman just says oh that guy raped me proof does not matter look at bill cosby a lot of women understand that it was only one woman among all the women that accused bill cosby it was only one woman that actually had a grounds after all the investigations by all the different organizations all the investigations only one of those women out of the over 100 women that accused will call bill cosby you know of um sexual assault only one was proven

why weren't the other ones held to account for what they did for their lives any woman can just come out and claim that this guy raped me she is either she wins the the cut which is um over 80 percent of the time what happens proof of no proof if she loses she does not face any repercussions it's okay if she loses she just goes away free

this world that is being built that is against men that is against white men that is against white people this is not this is not a good war and then you not have to be you know um on you have to score depression points or you know based on what you allow yourself it's like either african-american then at the same time gay or this and all of that the more points the more you have chances and then people are also using these people as selling points to sell concepts you know to gain charity points you know when people want to run for president they will elect a vice president that is of a setting color and that is probably gear and all of that and that is one of the things that i killed some places like san francisco you know because of all this madness but christians are the only ones that don't believe in voting for somebody because the person is christian or because the president have christian values they are the only ones who say it doesn't matter and that is why when persecution starts the the christians are are going to be surely persecuted because when you had the opportunity to put yourself in politics you know and to put yourself for instance of authority you ignored i allowed satan and evil people to keep on taking positions of political authority and power now you are not persecuted it is only on that christianity that we created a world where everybody had a right to believe what they wanted to believe at least that was america where it was built by christians now they have allowed the people who believe anybody has the right to believe what they believe to come up with all kinds of ideology and now those people have come into power they want christianity not to have the right to believe christianity and to any other group that dissents they are killing them off they are asking they are killing off their voice burning them from social media shadow burning them saying oh you cannot talk about this but you cannot say this that is the water they are building this this is more censorship than nazi germany more this is more censorship than nazi germany in its early days we are heading toward that same direction you know people need to be careful about companies like this and politicians like this this these people who creates with charles we need to start our own companies you know when you when you put yourself out there as oh this is black rifle coffee company you know we are the alternative for starbucks that says they don't want trump supporters working for them or we don't we don't want some supporters coming to buy our coffee which is starbucks stance now you you put yourself like oh we are um we actually allow people you know um we we support trump and you know if you're drunk supply can come here we allow all kinds of people perhaps we should start considering um copying the word in the sense of sensory we give other people platforms when we are at the top we give the sentence videos platforms we give the centers those who do not agree with those platforms but when they have their platform or when they go up this shuts us down perhaps we should start shutting them down perhaps if you start giving them a taste of their own medicine and treating them how they treat us perhaps you know it may not be the most um

outright of christian approach on an individual basis of dealing with humans but when it comes to a mass and politics it becomes a strategy because it is like we are operating on a series of rules that will make us lose because they are allowed to ban us if they are on top but if we are on top they will still have a voice because we will allow them but we are as we have is like playing again with somebody who is allowed to cheat but you are not allowed to [ __ ] you put yourself as a disadvantage

you see you will either say no cheating or both people are allowed to play by the same set of rules

that other party have to stop shooting or we have to both play by the same set of rules so if they want to play by the set of rules of we are going to ban you from our platforms we are not going to give you a voice we need to start doing that if they are going to be going on social media and start marking down our posts remove this this is from oh this is hateful this is offensive we need to start doing it to them and start calling everything they say offensive and hateful and racist we need to start doing it to them what they do to us we need to play by the same rules you know so um that that is very important and you you need to be aware of companies like black rifle coffee company and you know um chick-fil-a we can start our own you know um i'll be looking into coffee you know coffee companies and of course you know um food companies you know there's something restaurants and all of that you know with all these rules and all these lockdowns it's very difficult for a small business to know how to navigate things and to run things especially since there are all of these restrictions that are being in place that being said remember to check out and don't forget you know um if you've not given your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu a page come out that has a prayer salvation say that prayer and give your life to christ thank you and god bless you



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